oh gawd no please no

Is it bad I’m still hopeful for seeing that “scruff burn” kiss?

From the kisses we’ve seen so far —unless they shot those scenes many, MANY times (in which case we better get that footage on a S2 DVD or something)— none of them have been lengthy/passionate enough to warrant a swollen mouth and a reddened upper lip.


I’m thinking that must mean we’re getting a Malec makeout session soon. Oh gawd, please, please let me be right on that. Either way, I’ll probably die.

Yeah, these are the things I sit around and think of. I’m such trash.

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He died for out sins

Shrek is in our hearts always

Shrek is love

Shrek is life


Clif is all smiles as he finishes cooking.  He’s never heard his wife sounding so lively and talkative.  They’ll have to make it a point of inviting her family over more often. 

Once the food is done…Clif calls everyone to the table.  Craig and Toni go into stories about growing up in Newcrest. 

Craig:  Zee…you remember Wyatt? 

Zeton:  Oh Gawd…please don’t mention him.

Teresa:  Who’s Wyatt?

Craig:  He was my neighbor.  He had such a big crush on your mother that he would harass me every single day, just for a chance to meet her. 

Clifton:  Who could blame him?

Hollis: *amused* What happened then?

Craig:  I introduced them and Wyatt finally stopped bothering me. What ever happened with that Zee?

Zeton:   *uneasy* I’d rather not go into that. 

Toni is grateful when Craig moves on to less embarrassing stories. 

Okay but can you imagine Calum being the subtle jealous type. Like you’re watching a movie with you’re fave male actor. “He’s so beautiful” you’d mumble and Calum gets annoyed cause you keep praising him. So he like wraps an arm around you and holds you closer. And he’d kiss your cheek or mumble something like he’s not that great. And then there’s a shirtless scene and you literally die saying stuff like" He’s a sex god" “oh fuck” and probably even “he should fuck me”.And that’s the last straw and Calum turns the movie off and pins you down on the couch . He’d kiss you hard and whisper “you’re mine never forget that"and like kiss your neck leaving hickies aND OH MY GAWD I JUST DIED IM DEAD PLEASE TAKE THIS PHONE AWAY FROM ME.

  • Friend: Hm.
  • Friend: *cups hands around mouth to form a megaphone*
  • Me: *somewhere in the distance* *cries and moans* Oh gaawwwd noooo, why?!! WHY!?! Someone please, PLEASE put me out of this misery and kill me right away!! OH GAWD PLEASE I can't, I'm not ready for more tears and sorrow... *lies on the ground*
  • Friend: ah, there she is, that piece of trash