oh gawd just look at his face


Okay so like Im still dying. But I have people asking me about this concert. 

Where do I even start? This is about to be a mess. 

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i know you already have two soulmate aus going but i was thinking about AUs where your soulmate can be any type of love, not just romantic, and if that's the case then Rita and Juno as platonic/familial soulmates is now all i live and breathe

Only two? Let me check.

I’m actually surprised that there aren’t more than that.

So let’s add one more, shall we?

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NCT Dream reaction when their crush or gf tries out a hoverboard and falls.

Requested: by anonymous
Members: NCT Dream
Genre: Normal
Rating: U
A/N: This is my first reaction for you guys so i’m really excited about it. It was really fun to do and i hope you enjoy reading it as much as i enjoyed writing it!

Mark: I think he would be so sweet and caring. He would giggle a bit at first but try and contain his laughter as he helped you up.  He wouldn’t laugh too much as he was terrible at it when he first tried it. Trying to make you feel better about yourself, he would tell you ‘Don’t worry y/n, I couldn’t do it at first either’.   After he helped you up he would ask you if you hurt yourself anywhere and if you need any medical help. Mark would be really concerned if you got hurt on his watch. He would hold your hand constantly, and a little too tightly, when you got back on as he wouldn’t want to see you fall again.

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Jeno: Sweet and precious, Jeno would be so supportive and kind. He would pick you right up, dust you off and help you back on, all without breaking a smile.  He would be really worried about you not wanting to get back on the hoverboard. ‘Its fine y/n, you can do it! I’m right here to catch you when you fall again’ He would do everything to make sure you didn’t feel embarrassed in front of him, even going to the lengths of fake falling off just so you could laugh at him. He wouldn’t want to lose a new partner to do tricks with!

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Renjun: Similar to Mark, he would be really kind and worried for your safety. He wouldn’t want you to get back on the hoverboard without making sure that were 100% okay. He might be a bit dramatic but it’s only because he cares so much about you. ‘You’re bleeding y/n! I’m never letting you back on that thing again’. After a lot of pleading and maybe a bit of aegyo, he would finally give in and let your try again, but not without knee pads!

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Haechan: Oh Haechan would just be on the floor laughing. He would immediately start poking fun at you and getting a real kick out of it. But eventually he would calm down to make sure you weren’t too hurt, or if you were offended by his laughter. He would tell you how cute you looked when you fell. ‘Oh y/n, the way you fall is so chic!’ Even after you got back on you would still hear stifled giggles coming from him as he replays the moment over and over in his head.

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Jaemin: He wouldn’t be able to stop smiling at how cute and clumsy you are. He would giggle a little, but not too much to make you feel embarrassed. Like gentleman, he would offer you his hand to help you up all while giving you encouraging words. ‘Hey y/n, at least you’re not as bad as Mark!’ He would always stand close just in case you fell again and smile at you whenever you looked to him for help.

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Chenle: Like the little savage he is, Chenle would not stop laughing for the rest of the day. As soon as you fell you would hear his classic ‘Oh Mai Gawd!’ After about 5 minutes of laughing he would finally help you, noticing the little scowl on your face. He would be too busy laughing though to teach you again so eventually you would just give up with him and go ask Jaemin to help instead.  He would still text you afterwards, from time to time, reminding you of the day you fell in front of him.

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Jisung: Poor Jisung would be so nervous around you! As soon as you fell he would feel so guilty for letting you hurt yourself, but he would also be too nervous to hold your hand to help you up. He’d let out a nervous giggle as he finally summons up the courage to take your hand. ‘Are you okay y/n? Did you get hurt?’ He would sneak nervous glances afterwards, not believing that he actually held your hand, and start blushing when you smile at him.

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Hoseok as Your Boyfriend

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Request: 😏😏it’s me again… Hoseok as ur boyfriend?

A/N: I am prepared to die, just warning you.

  • You guys would just be the fluffiest little sunshine couple to ever exist
  • Constant pda
  • Cuddles 24/7
  • Dates would be any place that could make you laugh
  • Because damn he loves your smile
  • Karaoke places know you both by name
  • And everyone else knows that when you show up, they better leave
  • Because they will probably go deaf if they stay too close to your room
  • Hand kisses
  • Forehead kisses
  • Falling asleep while facing each other while he runs his hand through your hair and rubs his nose against yours
  • Shy hobi when you surprise him at the studio or an m/v shoot
  • Suddenly really confident hobi when you compliment him
  • Forehead hobi
  • someone kill me
  • Fantasizing about getting a dog together
  • The members saying no
  • Getting a dog anyway
  • Long video chats while he’s away and falling asleep in front of your computers
  • Hand-written notes set up in a scavenger hunt all to ask you on a date
  • Random dance offs at 3 in the morning
  • Girl group song dance offs while you constantly try to outdo each other
  • Off-key singing
  • Rap battles
  • Literally screaming at the top of your lungs to see who is louder
  • Laughing at the stupidest of things at 2 am
  • Movie marathons that last all night with hot coco and junk food
  • Being literal best friends with all of the members
  • But he is the best best friend
  • Him lowkey being a mom to you
  • “Y/n, be sure to eat healthily and drink lots of water while I’m gone!”
  • “Don’t forget to go to sleep early!”
  • That kind of stuff
  • Him checking in on you a lot, even if he’s only been gone a few hours
  • Casually protective
  • Like, a hand always on your waist, wedging himself between you and the guy who is just a tad too close for his liking
  • His phone being completely filled with your selfies, random pictures he’s taken of you, and videos of him zooming the camera really close to your face and cutting off the second you look at him
  • Constant reassurance on both ends
  • Late nights spent cuddling and nothing more
  • Late nights spent cuddling and doing other things
  • Okay let’s just get it over with
  • Probably really dominant in bed
  • Like have you seen the way his hips move?????
  • Oh gawd dancer hips
  • Incredibly fluffy aftercare
  • Especially when he thinks he went too rough
  • Random snapchats throughout the day just to fill you in on what he’s up to
  • Always, and I mean always, letting you know if he will be late or early when coming home
  • He never wants you to worry about him
  • And although he seems like he’s always crazy and screaming
  • Which he is, for the most part
  • He has an actual heart of gold and would take care of you like no other
  • Because you’re his angel
  • And he’s yours

A/N: I’m gonna go die now, goodbye.

-Admin Yeonie

Chanbaek during the exo bowling broadcast

This had to be one of my favorite live broadcast because of the amount of Chanbaek in here (and the adorableness of the nine boys), I mean, I was practically in tears at the sight of the huge amount of moments. *sigh* they just keep getting more and more obvious~

Now enough of that and het your spazz on

For one, LOOK AT THE GOSH HANG HEIGHT DIFFERERNCE!!!! OMAGAWD!! The sight of a smol Baekhyun saying something to a tol Chanyeol just melts my heart~

More height difference plus Baekhyun touching Chanyeol while he’s about to bowl ;~; (He’s like bro you gotta hit those two pins the right way while tenderly touching his arm) AND THROUGHOUT HIS ENTIRE EXPLANATION OF HOW HE’S GONNA DO IT BAEKHYUN JUST STAYS BY HIS SIDEEEE AHHH

(Gif version)

Chanyeol hasn’t even thrown the ball and these two were just in their little worlds about how in the world Chanyeol should throw it. Xiumin’s like….bro just throw the ball.

Lol they’re just like a couple teasing each other, I love it.

Chanyeol had to do the punishment of eating a pepper while getting shocked and Baekhyun kept asking if he was ok and it’s so sweet and OMG LOOK AT HOW PUPPY LIKE CHANYEOL IS WHILE LOOKING AT BAEKHYUN!! I can’t these two are just too adorable, I mean usually Chanyeol’s the caring boyfie but I love it when Baekhyun is like that too~ (Baekhyun is verbally caring while Chanyeol is physically)

When Chanyeol’s suffering you just hafta low-key put your arm around him, and it’ll be all better

*sniff* Oh ma gawd I absolutely love it when they look at each other and smile, I love the happy look in their eyes, the fondness on their faces and don’t get me started on Chanyeol’s huge, dorky, toothy grin. And I love how they seem to only have eyes on each other…I can’t

And talking about having eyes only for each other… look at how sweet Baekhyun’s face is, that adorable smile while watching Chanyeol, and Chanyeol practically just talking to him, their eye contact and stuffz, ma lawd it’s as if Baekhyun can’t get enough of watching him

Chanyeol being so excited for his hubby being so amazing friend getting a stroke he’s the only that stands up and then he, being the sweet boyfie person he is he gets Baekhyun’s prize for him #supportiveboyfriend

Baekhyun’s been unusually touchy during this broadcast, what gives? I don’t think he was really all that touchy with other members (like Sehun for example) and he was practically hovering over Chanyeol he’s probably trying to give more obvious hints. Hey if Chanyeol was my boyfriend I would definitely be all over him. (lol Baek was probably even Chanyeol’s talking about him with some adorable skinship)

(Some of my thoughts while looking at the moments XD) But why you take off your hand Baekhyun :(

And that’s all the moments I could manage~ And if you made it without dying that congratulations! 

Let’s look to more Chanbaek in the future~ (They’ve been getting real strong lately)

Arachnophuck You

Please enjoy my H2OVanoss Fanfic :)

The house was relatively quiet as Evan edited a video and Jonathan took a nap. Evan gave a happy sigh. It was rarely quiet anymore. He had a light smile on his face as he rewatched a funny moment from his video. He saved his progress when his stomach growled. As he scooted his chair back he stretched his arms above his head.

Evan stood up and headed out of his recording room and downstairs. Once in the kitchen he opened the fridge and stared inside for about a minute looking for something to eat.

“Ah ha!” He mumbled to himself as he grabbed Jon’s package of chocolate chip cookies. An evil grin spread across his face as he opened the package. He was mid bite when a high pitched scream rang throughout the house.

“Del?!” Evan yelled and dropped the cookies on the counter.

“Evan! Help mee!” Delirious cried from their room. Evan bolted up the stairs. He pushed open their bedroom door.

“Be careful! It’s over there!” Delirious was standing on top of his nightstand and shaking like a leaf.

“What? What’s there?” Evan stepped in and his eyes were darting around.

“In the corner…” Fear drenched Jon’s voice. Evan looked to the corner and was immediately overtaken in laughter.

“Really Delirious? Ahahaha! A spider? That’s what you’re freaking out about? And that scream? I didn’t even know your voice could go that high.” He laughed.

“Shut up, Evan! And kill it!”

    The spider moved slightly and Delirious yelped. The fear in Jonathan’s eyes is what finally brought Evan to stop laughing and moved towards the spider.

“Toss me a shoe.” Evan demanded.

“I CAN’T.” Delirious’ voice had taken on a high pitch due to fear.

Evan glanced at him, “Why not?”

“All the shoes are over there!” Jon made a wild hand gesture to the pile of shoes near the closet. Getting one meant leaving his safe place.

Evan groaned, “Seriously? You are closer to them than I am.”

Jon placed a hand on his chest, “If I move, I’ll die, Evan.”

Evan rolled his eyes and moved over to the shoes. “Hurry! Before it moves again!” He sighed as he sauntered back over to the spiders living quarters. He proceeded to creep up on it like some sort of ninja.

With one swift move the eight legged creature was no more. Evan grimaced at the squishing sound it made.

“Oh my gawd, thank you!” Delirious’ voice was back to normal and he sat on the bed in relief. A grin crept onto Evan’s face. He slowly turned around.

“Oh you are you are super welcome, babe.”

Jon frowned, “What’s that look for?”

Evan said nothing and just walked towards the bed, bottom of his weapon faced up.

“Don’t.” It was just one word but it was laced with true fear.

“Don’t what, Del?” Evan chuckled to himself.

“Don’t come over here with that thing.” Delirious scooted to the top of the bed.

“But it’s dead. It can’t hurt you.”

“Ev, please.”

Evan just got closer. Jon’s eyes were as wide as golf balls.


“Yes?” Evan blinked innocently at him. Then he reached Delirious’ spider boundary and he shot off the bed and out the door, “Fuck you!”

Evan was bent over in laughter as his voice rang throughout the house. He stood up and whipped the tears from his eyes. Once the corpse was disposed of he tossed the shoe back with the others.

“Del?” He laughed, “Where’d you go?”

“No.” His voice carried from downstairs. Evan treked down the stairs with a smile. Jon sat on the couch, hugging his knees to his chest.

“Jon?” Evan walked up behind him. Jon turned his head, eyes slightly red.

“Are you…are you crying?” Evan’s voice instantly grew gentle. “Babe. I’m sorry.”

Delirious turned away. Evan flipped over the back of the couch and gently grasped his chin.

“Jonathan. I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you were that afraid. Please don’t be mad.” Evan tried to search his eyes for confirmation but they were cast down.

“Bae?” He couldn’t take the silence anymore. He tilted Jon’s head up and crashed their lips together. He smiled when he felt Delirious respond. They battled for dominance for a moment until Delirious pulled away, a small smile on his lips. Evan kissed to rogue tears away.

“You’re a bitch, Vanoss.” Delirious laughed lightly.

“You’re the one who’s scared of spiders.”

“Whatever.” Delirious pushed Evan backwards, “I know you ate my cookies, bitch. I could taste ‘em.”

Evan laughed outright and Jon silenced him with a kiss that had both of them melting into the couch, all thought of cookies and gross spiders vanished.

(Read the title like arachnophobia)
So yea…idk…hope y'all like it…

EXO getting ready for a first date.


“I should really do something funny. Maybe…when she will reach for my hand I should do this…Yaeh! That’s funny! …right?!”


“Calm down. You are funny. You are cute. Chanyeol-ah, keep it together! She will love you!”


*practising his excuse for being late* “Hey, young lady, why did you came so early?!”


“Dear Lord, please let me… just this one time… get laid….I mean…I wish we would have some fun….Like fun-fun! Ohh…forget it!”


*really really nervous* “Is it just me or is it really hot in here?! Like man…I’m sweating like a pig!”


“Nope. Not gonna happen. I’m not going. I’ll just lay here. Just like this. Yep. That’s good.”


“Should I take her to that nice restaurant…or maybe just go to movies and then invite her to my place for a dinner? That’s the question…”


“Should I try out my new check-out-that-ass technique on her?!”


“I should send her a cute selca, so she would know how lucky she is meeting this guy!”


*practising his greeting* “There is a beautiful rose for a beautiful girl…Oh gawd…I’m so cheesy…I’ll just buy her one thousand roses and write a smiley face on a card…”


*whistling like a pro* “No worries, Taozi, you look perfect. She will fall for you in 3 seconds. Should I bring my make-up with me? My hair is so short…Arghh…Still fabulous!”


*sooo relaxed* “It will be an awesome first date…Should I bring her to see coffee making ceremony?!”

Don't take is seriously

Sarcasm on:

Hey guys, I’m an ASS. I totally love NaruSaku and SasuKarin because they are so much better than NaruHina and SasuSaku. And I can give you so many reasons for that! I don’t give a shit that Kishi make them canon!

I mean it’s so obvious that NaruSaku belong together. Best friends have to fuck! That’s a fact. And I don’t care for that stalker Hinata. I don’t care that she’s in love with Naruto since she’s a little girl. And I don’t care that Naruto found love in Hinata. Kakamoto (lol I’m funny) is so stupid. He ruined everything with the end.

Hinata did nothing for Naruto. They so not made for each other. And Naruto never felt anything for Hinata!

I mean look at how cute Naruto and Sakura are. It’s soooo obvious that they are more than just friends.

And Sasuke never liked Sakura anyway. Just look at him. He’s so like “Oh my gawd. I hate this biatch.”

And now please look at Sasuke’s face when Karin’s hugging him. I mean, he’s so in love with her. Seriously!

The end was soooo terrible! EVERYONE is unhappy! I mean, yeah… Sasuke got his clan revived and can live in peace, Sakura became a strong medic ninja and married her love sasuke and of course Naruto became Hokage. BUT ANYWAY! I’m not happy so nobody else is happy!

And it’s so obvious that Naruto’s kids are from Sakura!

And Sakura is only a housewife and Sasuke betrayed her with Karin! So yeah, Sarada is Karin’s child. Because she has glasses. I have glasses too. So i’m obviously Karins child! And that’s a fact! Sakura and Sarada don’t even look alike.

Sarcasm off.


Sooooo…. this totally happened…. <3

I don’t have any amazing stories to tell other than these men are

  1. So much more beautiful than I ever expected.
  2. They are all such sweethearts. Like ugh. Melt my heart sweet.

I was in such a haze when taking these pictures that I don’t remember really what happened.

I do remember though

In our Jensen solo, as we walked up to him he said, “Hey girls.” in his SUPER sexy deep voice. (I was just like… can I get pregnant from this?)

In our Jared photo, he looked at me like I was an idiot because instead of saying “Can you rest your elbows on our shoulders.” I fucked up and said “Can you rest your shoulders on our shoulders.” lol you could see him trying to process what I said and trying to figure out how to do that. But then I corrected myself.

Misha, oh MishMish… I asked him if he could do something funny… He looked at me for like 5 seconds straight and then finally said “Sure.” (btw his leg is wrapped around my friend but the photographer didn’t get it in the picture… it’s still an amazing photo though, so i really dont care.)

And then J2M. Oh. My. GAWD. So first I had to ask them to put MishMish in the middle. Then I just asked for a really tight group hug. Jared, took this WAY too literally and was crushing me so hard into MishMish. It was awesome. You can see it in his face how hard he was squeezing me… you can see it in mine too. lol Also, right before the photo was taken I was like… Shit where do I put my hand? That is, until I found Jared’s forearm. Sweet jesus. It felt so strong! I would also like to point out that I have now officially been spooned by Jared Padalecki.

So, overall?

I’m basically dead.

Halloween with BTS


“Oh, no that’s too scary Y/N!”

“No, no, to much sugar.”

“One piece of candy per each okay?”

“And what are you pose to be?”

“You’re not getting any candy until you say trick or treat.”


“Did you see that little girl dressed up as a princess she was so cute!!”

Handfuls of candy

Waiting at the door 

Only the best candy 

Dressing up to give out candy 


“You got some really lame candy.”

Scaring people as they come to the door.

Being one of those houses that went all out


“Okay most of the kids went home lets go take a nap.”


“No! Y/N if you keep passing out like that there’s going to no left overs.”

*Starts decorating in September*

A bunch a horror movies before Halloween

“No Y/N that isn’t scary enough.”

Wondering if he’s a little too excited for Halloween


Getting really excited when trick or treaters comes to the door

Scaring him

“Oh my gawd, my heart is, oh my gawd.” “Hope..Its a cartoon witch calm down”

Dressing up as an angel

Going to the store the next day to get discount candy


Breaking all the decorations

Squishes the candy when he’s giving out by accident

Giving out Jams 

Halloween facts all day

“You know what Namjoon, I’ll just pass out the candy.”


“Don’t I look hot in this costume?”

Going to Rapmonsters place to get some jams. “I got yes jams!”

Passing out cookies

Blasting Halloween music

Having the dorkeish smile on his face when he’s passing out the cookies

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Do you think Hyesung is gay? He's so girly.

He may lean over on the feminine side, but he’s definitely not gay. 

1) He hates it when people says he’s pretty. even though he is

2) He likes girls. Look at him when he thought it was the girl hugging him, his     face tells it all.

3) He may be shy around girls, but he’s one hell of a gentleman. (He took           tissues for Lee Sooyoung and wiped her tears while she was crying when           she won daesang.)

4) And he’s freakin manly when he does these oh gawd <3

5) He might be more ero-minded than Erowan tbh

To me, a guy can be soft and feminine, but that doesn’t mean he’s gay. Just like how a girl can be tough and manly, but that doesn’t mean she’s gay :)

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idk if you have done this but can you do one when you see them cry for the first time ongBd cute okay ily bye

omg I don’t think I can do this just imagine seeing their faces with tear stains on their cheeks and red puffy eyes. I would break down but I’ll try do this just for you guys.

Where to start? Okay Michael. Cute and cuddly little Mikey. His hair would be even more messy because he’d been pulling at it. He was crying because he was frustrated with the fans and his life. “What’s wrong baby, speak to me.” “I’m just sick of it. Of it all! They need to think about what they are saying!” You were more concerned about making him feel better to even acknowledge the fact that he was crying. “It’s okay Mikey. We’re waaayyyy better than those people anyway.” You laugh, trying to make him happy again. It works because the corner of his mouth perks up into a half smile. “I know but it’s just annoying.” He wipes his face and looks you in the eye. His eyes were still glossy and thats when it hit you. He had been crying. Your boyfriend, your beautiful boy that was affected by nothing had been crying. “Come on Mike. You’re too punk rock to cry.” You grab his chin and pull him closer to your face. His smile is squished due to your grip but it makes the situation that much cuter. Laughter now fills the air, “I love you so much.” He mumbles before kissing you.


Oh MY GAWD CALUM. Just imagine his teary big brown eyes. I would cry straight away. No matter what he was crying about I would cry too and he’d be like, “Baby, why are you crying?” while cupping my face and trying to kiss the tears away but he would just leave really sloppy kisses all over my face because he was crying too. “I think it’s because you’re crying, I know it stupid but-” “Don’t be stupid.” He chuckles causing some more tears to escape. “Why are you crying Cal?” I finally asked after about a minute of him hugging me. “One of my family members died.” (I don’t want to name one because I don’t want to jinx it haha) My heart dropped. I didn’t know what to do. Constant tears were falling down his face. “Oh Cal.” I pull him into me. I had to comfort him and this was the only way I knew how. Listening to my heartbeat always calmed him. “I’m so sorry. What can I do for you? What do you want me to do?” I asked. I was so lost and confused and I just wanted to do everything at once. “Can you just hold me for a bit?” I pull him closer and let him sit on my lap. “And maybe you could love me better tonight?” …let’s be honest he would totally say something like that because he’s just so cheeky and he wouldn’t want you to know how much it had actually effected him.


Little Ashy. He wouldn’t want you to know he was crying. He’d want to be the big strong man you always thought he was. He’d lock himself in a room and wouldn’t let you in. That’s what he’d usually do anyway but you decided to surprise him. He didn’t know you were coming to visit him on tour. The boys knew though and left Ash by himself on the bus. They told you he was there so that’s where you went. As soon as you stepping onto the bus you knew something was wrong. It was too quiet. Music wasn’t playing. The telly wasn’t on. When you can half way down the bus you heard a soft sob. “Ash?” You ask. “Babe? What are you doing here? Don’t come in!” His voice was shaky and worried. “Why? Is everything alright?” “Yeah…I’m just naked that’s all.” He tries to laugh it off but it confused you even more. “It’s not like I’ve not seen it all before.” You opened the door that separated the two of you. You saw him, helplessly wiping his face. You whisper his name. “Don’t look at me. Go watch some telly, I’ll be out soon.” He’d been crying. You knew he had. “What’s wrong?” You wrap your arms around his waist, “Talk to me Ashy.” “I don’t want you to see me so weak. Please.” “Ashton Fletcher Irwin, you are the strongest man I know. You’re my superman and nothing can change that!”


BUT OMG LUUUKKEEEE IF I SAW HIM CRY I WOULD CRY MY EYES OUT…but I did that for Calum’s sooo….he was sat on the edge of the bed, his blonde hair flat for once. He’d look up at me and I’d see his teary blue eyes straight away. They were always the first things I looked at. Once I saw the excess water tumble from his eyes I would rush over to his side, basically jumping on him. He would chuckle because he would nearly fall back from the impact. “Don’t cry Lukey, I’ll start crying soon!” I’d mumble into his neck, breathing lighter than usually because I knew it tickled him. “Baby, don’t try to make me feel better. I’ve done something really bad.” “Whatever it is I’ll sort it out for you. Just stop crying, please.” His tear would fall down the side of his face and onto mine. “Stop being so nice,” he’d add and try to sit up again. I would kiss along his jaw and wipe his tears away with my thumb. He’d been crying for a while because some tracks couldn’t be wiped away. “I love you no matter what.” He’d sigh and hold me closer to his body.

Sorry but I didn’t know how to end them, I could of carried on writing for years. And I just realised there isn’t much to do with the first time of them crying but yeah. It invovles them crying so that good enough for me. This was so hard to do though so sorry if you think its shit :( x

Ch 8. - The Distraction

AU Vigilante Tom Fan Fiction by Elfpunk

A/N: I know you guys have been waiting for this… enjoy :)

Her name was Lucy. She’d died six times, two of which in the last week. And she talked too fast. All her words rammed into the last before my brain could fully process anything. But if I was being honest I wasn’t really listening. I was watching her plump red lips move with each syllable. My eyes followed her long delicate fingers as they flailed about in intricate patterns, weaving a different silent story all their own. Her blue eyes shimmered in the light of the bar, reflecting everything like a two way mirror.

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