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The Fourth Musketeer (Part 4)

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Requests: Dangit i cried so hard after reading part 3 of 4musketeers, you gotta write another part i dont think my heart can take an ending this harsh bc archie loves her so much and it breaks my heart pleaseeee

There’s gonna be a part 4 right? Oh god please don’t leave it like that 😭

Please do part 4

Do a part 4 please

In a day that started in me Bing reading Jughead images, I found and read all 4 parts of musketeers. And now I need more!!!!

Oh my gawd😱 can you please do another part in 4 Musketeers?! My mood swings bro! My mood swings have been permanently damaged.. lmao

Part four of musketeers please I’m dyeing here 😭😭

Please do a part 4 of “Four Mouseketeers”😭😭😭

I need a 4th part for the 4th musketeer its not a want its a necessity maybe can you add me to the tag list for this series. x

Pairing: Archie x Reader

Description: Reconciliations between (Y/N) and Archie don’t mean happy endings.

Warnings: none

Word count: 1,469

A/N: I’m so thankful for all of your positive feedback for this series, enjoy!

Archie spent as much time as he could at Pop’s, choosing to sit in a booth that faced the entrance. He would sit there for hours and stare at the door.  Everyone knew why he was doing that, but no one wanted to mention it.  He didn’t need them to tell him; he knew it was hopeless. (Y/N) was not going to return to Pop’s.

Veronica Lodge felt extremely guilty.  She realized that maybe she shouldn’t have told Archie to go to Pop’s, even though he needed to confront her about his feelings.  Archie may have been ready, but it seemed like (Y/N) wasn’t.  That’s how Veronica found herself headed to the diner on a Tuesday night, knowing who she would find sitting in the same booth.

“Archiekins,” she cooed, settling onto the seat across from him, “you gotta snap out of this.  It’s my fault, I know, but you can’t let this destroy you.”

“Why not, Ronnie?” he questioned, and she saw his tear-clouded eyes.  “This is what I have to do to make up for being a horrible friend to (Y/N).  I don’t deserve to be her best friend, so why should I have expected her to want to be more?”

“You didn’t even know she was back,” Veronica comforted him.  “If I hadn’t told you to go to Pop’s, this wouldn’t have happened.”

“It’s good that this happened,” Archie waved her off.  “I needed to know she was back, I needed to tell her.  I just don’t deserve her.”

“That’s not true,” she argued.  He shook his head and turned his focus towards the door.  No one came in.  “I’ll fix this, Archie.  I got you into this mess, and I’ll get you out of this mess.”

(Y/N) was aware of the consequences of her actions.  She knew, as soon as she walked out of the diner, how Archie would respond.  They had been best friends for the first thirteen years of their lives, so she could predict how he would react to this heartbreak. However, she rethought her predictions when a raven-haired girl turned up on her doorstep.

“(Y/N), hi, I’m Veronica Lodge,” the girl introduced herself, sticking her hand out for (Y/N) to shake.  She hesitantly shook it.

“You were at the diner with Jughead and Betty,” (Y/N) recalled, and Veronica nodded.  (Y/N) stepped out onto her porch, closing the door behind her.  “What do you want?”

“Listen, I know what happened between you and Archie,” Veronica explained.

“Do you?” (Y/N) scoffed. “I think you don’t even know the half of it.”

“I know you two grew up together,” Veronica told her.  “I know you two fell in love, and I know that Archie never called you.”

“There’s a lot more to the story,” (Y/N) muttered.  Veronica crossed her arms and sighed.

“I talked to Jughead, Betty, Kevin, even Mr. Andrews.  I know how people other than Archie felt about you.  Archie’s dad told me about your parents and how you always stayed at the Andrews household when they would fight.  Jughead told me about how Archie wanted to ask you to the high school dance before you moved, and he told me about how you two were the most fascinating people in Riverdale.  He, Betty, and Kevin told me about how in love the two of you were.  And from what I’ve seen and heard, it seems like you guys are still very much in love.”  (Y/N) shifted uncomfortably.

“You have no right,” her voice cracked slightly, and Veronica watched as she tilted her head towards the sky, attempting to not cry.  “You can’t just…”

“I’m sorry, I’m just trying to help,” Veronica retracted.  “I’m the one who sent Archie to Pop’s.  He had told me earlier that day that he was still in love with you, and I thought you needed to know.  I thought it would be good for him to get it off his chest.”

“Well now look where we are,” (Y/N) smiled sarcastically.  “We’re on the verge of losing each other because we can’t communicate.”

“Then talk to him,” Veronica urged.  (Y/N) crossed her arms and pursed her lips.  “Talk to Archie, please.  I know he wants to fix this, and I’m pretty sure you do, too.”  (Y/N) stayed quiet for a moment, and Veronica expected for her to send her away.  But (Y/N) uncrossed her arms, still frowning, and sighed.

“Tell Archie to come over here tomorrow,” she instructed Veronica.  Veronica nodded.  “Tell him we need to talk.”

“You wanted to talk, (Y/N)?” Archie asked, tentatively standing on her lawn.  He gazed up at her as she stood at her doorstep; he didn’t want to come any closer until she signaled that it was okay.  (Y/N) grimly nodded and opened her door wider.  Archie walked into her house and glanced around, trying to picture how it looked before she moved.  It was much emptier now.

“It’s pretty empty, I know,” (Y/N) voiced Archie’s thoughts.  His head turned to face her, and he sent a small smile at her. “There’s not much to unpack.”

“It’s different,” Archie agreed.  (Y/N) awkwardly nodded as she hugged her arms to her chest.  “So you told Veronica to tell me that you wanted to talk?”

“Yeah,” she replied. “She showed up at my house yesterday and babbled about how we need to fix this.”

“We do,” Archie pointed out.

“I know,” (Y/N) sighed. Archie furrowed his eyebrows.

“You don’t want to?” he asked, frowning.  (Y/N) furiously shook her head.

“No, I do,” she immediately responded.  “I really want to fix this.  I just… I don’t know how.  I was gonna give it more time.”

“Do you want more time?” Archie questioned.  “If you’re not ready-”

“You’re here,” (Y/N) cut him off.  “You’re here, so we should do this now.”

“What do you want to do?”

“I-” (Y/N) faltered, unable to express what she wanted to say.  She grabbed Archie’s face and brought it towards hers, connecting their lips. He quickly responded by wrapping his arms around her waist and deepening the kiss.  They pulled away, and (Y/N) placed her forehead against Archie’s.  He was grinning madly, but she only wore a small smile.

“You wanted more time to do that?” Archie softly laughed.  (Y/N) untangled herself from Archie’s arms and hugged herself again. “(Y/N)?”

“I didn’t want to…” she trailed off, swallowing her next words.  Archie took a step towards her and grabbed her hand.

“Didn’t want to what?” he asked.  “You didn’t want to kiss me?”

“I did,” (Y/N) assured him, placing the hand he wasn’t holding on his cheek.  “I really did, Arch, but I didn’t want to hurt you.”

“This isn’t hurting me,” he consoled her.  “Sure, after the diner incident I was upset, and I’m sure you were too, but we’re okay now.”

“No we’re not,” (Y/N) began to cry, so Archie wrapped his arms around her.  Her head was nestled into his chest.  

“What do you mean?”

“I’m not-” her voice was muffled by Archie’s shirt. “I’m not staying in Riverdale.”

“What?” Archie grabbed (Y/N) by the shoulders and held her so that he could look directly into her eyes.

“I might have to go back to New York,” she elaborated.  


“You still don’t know why I’m back,” (Y/N) sadly laughed.  When she saw the puzzled look on Archie’s face, she continued.  “My parents finally got divorced.  My mom wanted to move back here, so I decided to go with her.  But my dad still wants custody over me, so-”

“So you might have to go back,” Archie finished, sighing.  (Y/N) nodded.

“It’s not definite yet, but… they’re going to court next week.  And the chances aren’t in my mom’s favor, seeing as my dad’s a pretty good lawyer.”

“But what about you?” Archie pressed, and (Y/N) stared at him, confused by what he meant.

“What about me?”

“What do you want, (Y/N)?” he asked, drawing her slightly closer to him.  “Who do you want to be with?”

“I want to be with you, Archie,” she replied, stroking a hand across his cheek.  He closed his eyes as he relished in her gentle touch.

“So can’t you say that in court?” Archie questioned.  “Can’t you tell them that you want to stay with your mom here in Riverdale?  Isn’t that what this is all about?”

“It’s not that simple, Arch,” she sighed.  “Sure, I can give my preference and it might weigh the court towards my mom, but there’s more factors than that.”

“You’re going to stay here, (Y/N),” Archie assured her as he enveloped her in a hug.  “We will make sure you stay in Riverdale.”

“God I hope so, Arch,” (Y/N) sighed into his chest.  “I don’t want to leave you anymore.”

“You won’t ever leave me, (Y/N).  I will never let you go again.”

Part five here

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Hii! Can i ask for a one shot with Jungkook when he meets a girl just like him (as personality) or BTS reaction for same thing?? P.s love your blog and i need to say that roommate au is AMAZING! Can't wait for next part ~~

AWww that’s be really adorable~ I love this idea tbh!!! A girl version of Jungkook sounds adorable! I need a friend like Jk <3

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Namjoon :

“Oh god…please don’t tell me me she sucks at math and English too?PLEASE TELL ME YOU KNOW MORE THAN THE WORDS ‘PARDON’ AND ‘INTERNATIONAL PLAYBOY’.Please tell me you know how to do a multiplication. I beg you. *ugly sobs*”

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Jin  :

“ OH MY GAWD, I GOT MYSELF A DAUGHTER. I DON’T NEED ANY OF YOU KIDS ANYMORE. ONE DAUGHTER IS ENOUGH.JUST LOOK AT HER… She’s polite and kind enough to teach me the dance moves nicely, unlike you Jeon Jungkook”

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Jimin :

“Did someone say Jungkook? Cause’ I’m down to do whatever, as long as Jungkook is involved.What? A girl version? Seems like I need to add more gel to my hair, cause’ I gotta seduce two of them now *smirks* Threesome anyone?”

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Taehyung :

“ Is it wrong if I try hooking up with her? I mean..I don’t say this to sound weird or anything, but I like the fact that there is a girl version of Jungkook. I feel like I should try something for the sake of science, or else I might regret this. NO HOMO THOUGH”

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Jungkook :

“Girl version of me you say? Personality wise? Kinda sexy I’d say *smirks* Where is she? I think we’d make a good pairing and a perfect wild combinaison to drive the hyungs insane. I can now know how it’d feel to f*ck my own self. *raises eyebrow suggestively* “

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Hoseok :

“ OMFG DOES THAT MEAN THAT ANOTHER IDIOT ADDED ITSELF TO MY LIST OF DONGAENGS?! Wait…you said girl right? Hmm…. yeah maybe she’s less idiot than Jeon.Maybe.”

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Yoongi :

“Awww..all kookies are cute. I’m gonna protect these cute children.I can finally say we got twins in the family.Ok…they’re not blood related, but they’re still twins.Wait which one was Jungkook again?Don’t judge, I’m an elder. INFIRES”

You can request ANYTHING from my blog :) REQUEST BOX IS ALWAYS OPEN !!I’m open to answer anything whether it be ships(CLOSED)/bts reactions to “___”/scenarios/drabbles/ bts fb status/bts text conversation/ bts snapchat AND MORE !!! IM LITTERALLY OPEN TO ANYTHING just please ask me what you want and I’ll make it come true

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Badboy Vernon Pt. 3

Lots of you guys liked this imagine so here’s pt.3!! | Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 |

Pairing: vernon x reader 

Genre: fluff, AU (badboy x new girl)

Word Count: 1,682

“Okay so once I finish this part of it, you can the do the other.” You explained to Jeonghan at his locker. He nods, understand while he watches what you were pointing at. You two had a project to do together in class.

You continued to explain quickly since you two had to go to class soon in a few minutes but in the middle of your explanation, someone grabbed your wrist and pulled you away from Jeonghan, running around the halls filled with other students.

Of course that person was Vernon. “Why do you always do this?!” You asked him frustrated. His head turned a few times when he stopped repeatedly, finding out which way he should turn.

You kept looking at the back of his head, utterly confused as he continued you to lead you somewhere. The halls started to get empty as students rushed to class after the first bell rang.

“Vernon! I have class to go to!” You complained to him.

Oh my gawd, you’re so annoying! Just let me do what I need to!” He hissed as he made a sharp turn around the corner of the hall but stopped on his heel so fast that it made you bump at his back.

“What the-“ You started to say loudly to Vernon but you noticed his frozen expression. His eyes were big as he stared at something and you turned to see a teacher. Oh..

“Mr. Chwe, late for class aren’t we?” His arms were crossed.

Vernon put on a faint smile and scratched the back of his head. “Mr. Kim, couldn’t you let this slide? I’m heading to class right now, aren’t I?”

The teacher glances to me and back at Vernon. “Detention, for the two of you today. Now head to class.” The teacher walked pass us and once we were sure he was gone, Vernon let out a breath.

“Fuck..” He whispers under his breath.

“You know, we weren’t even late. The second bell didn’t ring yet.” You argued. What was up with that teacher? Guess Vernon has too bad of a reputation for the school.

The second bell rang and we still weren’t going to our classes. He grabbed my books and my bag. “What are you doing? I can hold it myself asshole.” You said wanting to get it back from him but he doesn’t allow you.

“You’re struggling, I can tell. Just let me hold it for you.” He says and you rolled your eyes but continued to follow him to the library.

“Where are we here?”

“Why do you have so many questions?”

“Because I don’t trust you.”

“Well you should start trusting me because you’re going to spend the next while teaching me.” He said in a low voice as we entered the library where others were studying. He drops the stuff at a table a bit too loudly which made you jump a little.

“Vernon!” You whispered while you gave him a bad look and he just shrugged and pulled the chair out to sit down in.

You sighed as you sat down across from him. You were only going along with it since the next class you had wasn’t that fun and you would rather skip it. Vernon is just an excuse for you to skip.

“Why should I help you?” I asked him and he smirks. “I’ll pay you.” You thought about the deal for a few minutes.

“I’ll pay you 4,000 won an hour.” He added and you agreed to the deal. You wanted the money and thought it wouldn’t be that hard to be his tutor.

“So what do you need help with? I’m pretty surprised you even want help. Also why’d you ask me? You don’t even know if I’m smart or not.” You started to ask even more questions and started to realize you were annoying him a bit.

He laughs at the many questions you had for him as he took out his books and his mac fully loaded that were in his bag on the floor. “I sit behind you in class Y/N. I see what you get in math, and you’re always answer the questions in class. I know you’re smart. It’s not like you’re some strange to me Y/N.”

You furrowed your brows. “You pay attention in class?”

“It’s more like I pay attention to the other things that happen in class. If I did pay attention to the lesson, I wouldn’t need help.” True..

“But why me? Don’t you have other smart friends like Joshua or someone?”

“Can’t you tell? I like you Y/N. I want to spend time with you.” He said with a big smile.

You starred at him blankly and looked around, not knowing what to do while frozen in spot by his words. Your mouth was half open as you were about to say something but you weren’t sure what you should say. Is he being serious? What is this? Is he joking?


He laughed lightly. “Let’s just start the lesson.”

You started to teach him what he didn’t understand but even then, he barely listened to your lesson for specifically him. You noticed his eyes kept staring at you as you taught him math. It felt a bit uncomfortable but also it made your heart beat a bit faster and you started to drift away from the lesson a few times. His beautiful hazel eyes distracted you.

“Vernon, could you please focus?”

“Alright.” He sighed, fixing his sitting position as he looked down at the book. While you explained to him and taught him, he would mainly focus but at a few times he’d have a little fun, joking around with you which would make you smile and laugh a little but you’d always have to remind him to stay focus after.You were proud of him for finally getting some parts of math now. He wasn’t that bad of a person after now getting to know him a little more.

You guys didn’t meet up again til after school at the classroom where you had to sit for detention. Hopefully you guys would get along as you did this morning in the library.

“Is it only us? I swear, there should be at least few other people.” Vernon whispers to me while we walk into the classroom.

“You should know, don’t you come here often?”

He glares at me. “Haha.” He said sarcastically and walked past you to sit down. You smiled at your little joke.

“You two, stay here and sit across the classroom. Write this down 100 times on a piece of paper. I will be back.” The teacher pointed to the chalkboard where the words ‘I will not fool around while heading to class.’ were written on the board.

Vernon rolled his eyes at the teacher left. We had already sat on the opposite sides of the classroom but Vernon decide to run over and sit beside me, winking as he sat in the seat next to you.

You just took out a piece of paper and pen to start writing the words over and over again. “This is stupid, why are we even doing this?” He said while writing it with you on his own sheet. Is he seriously asking that right now?!

“Because of you! Idiot!” You groaned.

“I can’t work with you!” He said, getting up and going to sit at the teacher’s desk.

“What are you doing now?” You put down the pen. He’s always up to something.

“Looking to see if anyone else wrote this before. There must be at least one person. Come on.” He says while going through file of papers. You just rolled your eyes at him and continued to write again. He finally gave up and started writing to.

It was complete silence until he threw a crumbled piece of paper at you. “What the fuck!” You yelled and threw it back at him while he was still laughing at your reaction.

“I finished one page! I’m done.” He said.

“The teacher said to write it 100 times, not to finish one page idiot. Take out another sheet and keep writing.” You continued to write but he threw another piece of paper at you and you looked up at him with a death glare.

You took in a deep breath, closed you eyes and pressed your lips together as you tried to calm yourself. You let out the breath and opened your eyes. You were hoping for him to disappear but of course he didn’t. He just stared at you like a little puppy while his lips were pressed together.

You let out a loud groan and let your head rest on the table. You couldn’t spend another minute with this idiot.

He threw the paper again and you shot up. “Vernon!” You yelled and threw the paper, upset and furious with him.

He threw it back with his face shocked at how you were acting. “Don’t throw it back! I swear, you’ll regret it.” You had the crumbled piece of paper in your hand.

“Really?” You didn’t believe him. “Yeah, really.” He said while moving away from the teacher’s desk so that he could duck from your hit if you do throw it at him. You moved slowly as well to a place to get a better hit of him.

You were about to throw it at him anyways but instead, you felt his soft lips on yours. His lips weren’t something new to you, the first time he kissed you it was surprising but a good surprise. The same thing happened now and it was just as amazing as last time. The feelings you had when you were with him were unlike anything you’ve ever felt with any other person. It was definitely differently in a good way.

When he pulled away, he looked deeply into your eyes and gave a warm smile. You were still stunned and in the moment. He had held both of your hands very lightly. “Y/N, I really do like you.”

Wasn’t sure if the ending was good but it was cute. I liked it, hopefully you guys did too!! ❥

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Cartoon Network is currently trying to bring it into the states though with an English dub or possibly have it become a full-blown show!!~ 

We can only pray that either of these happen!!~ But if you’re like to watch a quick dub in English, click here!

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Me after finishing WOY: *sniffs* Oh what a beautiful fic. Me @my inner me: Go read PNL for the millionth time.

You can also reread WOY since like 3049104 typos have been fixed tbh. :\ Hahaha but thank you, bub, I’m glad you liked both fics a lot.


I hope you enjoy it!!!