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Pan - Chapter Seven

AU Peter Pan Fan Fiction by Elfpunk

A/N: This chapter is a bit longer. We’re getting into the good stuff now. I have a whole thing planned that I think you all will like :) Just need to find time to write it. Thank you all so much for liking this story. You have no idea how much it warms my heart to write about my beloved Pan and have people like it :D

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Neverland had lost its sparkle well before he ever left. He’d stopped noticing how green the forest were or how the black waters of Mermaid Lagoon swirled with the blues of the Never Seas at its mouth. But watching Jane’s face as they laid on the boulder overlooking the lagoon he saw it all again. Her hazel eyes shimmered like stars as she rested her head on her hands to watched the creatures basking below in the sun.

“They’re beautiful Thomas.” she mumbled without taking her eyes off of them.

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