oh gawd


I lost it at the tritone.


I know I’m not the only one who thinks that Michael Jackson seemed like he would be an amazing kisser. Not only were his lips extremely sexy and kissable, he also seemed so tender yet passionate. The women who got to kiss him are extremely lucky. He could make any girl melt.

A first-hand account of kissing Michael Jackson:

“‘Remember the Time’ is one of the few videos where Jackson is seen kissing his co-star; Iman later remarked that he was a ‘very, very good kisser.’”



Mark Forster - Flash mich (Official Video)

I’ll remember Brightheart,
When I see a scar one someones face.
I will think of WindClan,
Every time I win a race.

I’ll remember Silverstream,
When I see a young mother.
I’ll remember Violet,
When I worry about my brother.

I will remember Goosefeather,
When nobody believes me.
I will think of Scourge,
When someone’s teased for being tiny.

I’ll remember Mothwing,
When I find it hard to believe.
I’ll be reminded of Princess,
When I see someone, who seems naive.

I’ll always think of Heathertail,
When someone wants to be ‘just friends’.
I will think of StarClan,
When I am near the end.

I will think of Tawnypelt,
Whenever I feel judged.
I will think of Darkstripe,
When somebody holds a grudge.

I promise to remember Cinderheart,
When I climb a tree.
I’ll remember Midnight,
Whenever I’m at sea.

I’ll remember Leafpool,
When I must follow my heart.
I will think of Hollyleaf,
If I ever fall apart.

I’ll remember Brambleclaw,
When I must prove myself.
I’ll remember Spottedleaf,
When I’m suffering from bad health.

I’ll remember Lionblaze,
When I am feeling strong.
I’ll remember Tigerstar,
If I choose the path that’s wrong.

I’ll remember Dovewing,
When I hear of something far away.
I’ll remember Cloudtail,
When a kitten catches their first prey.

I’ll remember Bluestar,
Whenever I must choose.
I’ll remember Crowfeather,
When the one I love, I loose.

Feathertail will be in my mind,
Whenever I must be brave.
And I’ll remember The Tribe,
When I’m in a cave.

I’ll remember Ashfur,
When somebody breaks my heart.
I’ll remember Barley,
When me and my siblings are far apart.

I’ll remember Ivypool,
When I try to be the best.
I’ll remember Firestar,
When my loyalty’s put to the test.

I’ll remember Crookedstar,
If someone abandons me.
I’ll remember Ravenpaw,
If I ever have to flee.

I’ll remember Jayfeather,
When I have a strange dream.
I’ll think of Cherrytail and Sparrowpelt,
Whenever I eat cream.

I’ll always think of Cinderpelt,
When my leg is sore.
I’ll remember Longtail,
When I can see no more.

I’ll remember the many battles,
When I see conflict or strife.
I promise to remember all these cats,
For the rest of my life.

- Author Unknown

Why was Natsu the only one who had a dragon come out of him?
  • Igneel:Now my fellow dragon friends, we need to hide from our children.
  • Grandeeney:But where do we hide?
  • Metalicana:Maybe somewhere far away that is comfortable for us?
  • Vicelogia:Nah, Im going make Sting pretend to kill me
  • Skiadrum:Thats one beautiful idea Vicelogia.
  • Igneel:no lets hide in our child's body.
  • Everyone:...
  • Everyone but Igneel:You're on your own
  • And so Igneel didn't care what the others thought and went into Natsu's body.
  • The end