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Weiss is super concerned about not hurting Ruby, but Ruby's all "i practiced on a banana *and* a cucumber" and she manages to go all the way; from there, it's just cuddling and fluff and going slow until they're comfy... and then Weiss lets her dick do the talking and makes Ruby beg for it over and over and over and voila. Whiterose. (thank you for bearing with me, it was only intended to be one or two posts, but ideas just started flowing)

(okay so im not ready to do this yet XD so have an awkward virgins moment hahahaha)


Mark Forster - Flash mich (Official Video)


I know I’m not the only one who thinks that Michael Jackson seemed like he would be an amazing kisser. Not only were his lips extremely sexy and kissable, he also seemed so tender yet passionate. The women who got to kiss him are extremely lucky. He could make any girl melt.

A first-hand account of kissing Michael Jackson:

“‘Remember the Time’ is one of the few videos where Jackson is seen kissing his co-star; Iman later remarked that he was a ‘very, very good kisser.’”