oh fun fact my cousin's gonna be there

permanentrose  asked:

I have a question for you (and forgive me if this is unintentionally stereotypical or anything) but since you are French and do not enjoy physical contact, how do you handle the French way of greeting people - when you kiss both cheeks of the person you are greeting/saying goodbye to. I only ask because my cousin just married a guy from France and his family came over for the wedding and I was swept into a whirlwind of kissing people I didn't know and it was almost too much for me to bear

Oh boy, big family events in France are the worst because of that. 

Fun fact: that’s actually why I have the reflex of being purposefully late to parties & other big events with lots of people, just so I can scream “THERE IS TOO MANY PEOPLE I’M JUST GONNA WAVE TO ALL OF YOU HI YES HELLO”. But when it doesn’t work I’m stuck having to cheek high five every single person and it’s a nightmare. But yeah; I usually wave or insist on shaking hands. Which is, in France, frowned upon. Only Men shake hands between them, or people higher in hierarchy (like, you usually shake the hand of your boss, no matter your gender). My friends are used to it, we usually high five or fist bump.

So basically, in addition of not conventionally saying hi/bye, I also throw the French gender roles in the trash when I meet new people.