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At the Threshold: A collection of stories to haunt your doorstep NOW AVAILABLE

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AT THE THRESHOLD: A collection of stories to haunt your doorstep

modern au where morgana suspects merlin is gay and so when she realizes she’s gay and hints at him about that they end up coming out to each other

and merlin! is the first and only person morgana’s ever told! or who knows! even though she’s maybe known for a long time! and morgana! is the only person merlin’s age that knows about merlin! and the only person he’s ever told instead of them figuring it out (because gauis found out when he found merlin’s gay porn lol and he thinks hunith knows but he hasn’t Officially Told her and will knew he had a crush on this boy when they were little but he was straight so it Wasn’t The Same) and morgana! who merlin’s always thought of as kind of cold and standoffish, hugs him and won’t let go and cries after they tell each other and chokes out “i’ve never known anyone else who was gay, thank you thank you”

they’re both so high off the fact that Someone Knows and they’re always giggly at each other and make silly gay jokes (gwen: hey look a rainbow’s out! merlin: you know, i don’t see many rainbows. morgana, smirking: really? *giggle giggle* merlin: well, not many actual rainbows *giggle giggle* maybe other types *giggle giggle* arthur: what?)

they don’t know each that well outside of this one thing, but they’re constantly talking to each other about it and they’re the friends who shop together and text each other constantly while they’re with their friends together and complain about the Straights and Judge People (honestly 80% of their conversations that aren’t directly gay jokes are them Judging People Together) and they can’t go to pride events where they live because Uther, so they road trip together other places, and they’re so physically affectionate too, particularly morgana

and! everyone! starts to think! they’re together! and they keep giggling about this which only serves to make everyone more sure, like arthur gwen merlin and morgana go on a trip together and arthur and gwen are dating so they’re going to share a hotel bed, and morgana’s like “merlin can share with me *giggle giggle* we don’t mind heehee”

and arthur and gwen! get all jealous! but don’t quite understand why because they haven’t both quite worked out that they’re not in love with each other but in love with merlin and morgana respectively, and arthur’s just sitting around that whole trip like “i’m not sure whether to fight my sister or merlin for this and i’m not sure what’s up with any of it but i Don’t Like It”

because you know merlin and morgana would only encourage people thinking they’re together once they found out people thought so, because if they didn’t think they could come out anyway they’d be like “how many of our friends’ heads can we screw with heehehe” so morgana’s texting merlin like “elena just asked me if we were together and arthur was there so i said i wouldn’t tell her that but that i did know youre well hung af and arthur turned an alarming shade of purple and excused himself, you can thank me later” meanwhile merlin’s texting morgana like “how! can percy not realize! i’m gay! we’re sharing a room and i only wore tommy hilfinger black briefs to bed last night THIS IS A TELL TALE SIGN!!!! and yet he just asked me if i like freya oh my god”

Thor Odinson x Reader

Simple as that

Summary: There’s a party in Asgard and everyone has gathered in the palace. You’re all having fun until someone insults you and Thor gets angry. 

Word Count: 847

Warnings: Cursing, violence

A/N: I wrote this because I love Thor and after watching the movies again, I realized I have never written a fic that was only focused on him so here it is. This fic is also to celebrate that @myboybarnes exists one year! The blog is absolutely amazing. Enna puts so much effort in her blog and it’s so inspiring. She is just so lovely. Could it get any better? YES, BECAUSE ENNA IS THE SWEETEST. Go check her blog out, make a new friend! I hope your blog will exist many more years, dearie <3 

[Asgard, 8 PM]

It was early in the evening but the party in Asgard was in full swing. Lady Sif and the Warriors Three were sitting together, talking and laughing and sometimes taking a sip of their drinks. Loki was in a corner, observing everyone in silence but he mostly had his eyes on his brother, whom was holding hands with his beloved girlfriend. He envied Thor for everything he had but was good at hiding it when needed. Either way, he respected his brother too. And that was important for you. 

Thor kissed your temple softly and whispered in your ear that he loved you before pulling you on his lap which made you gasp and chuckle afterwards. ‘’Thor! Every Asgardian is present… it’s not the time to misbehave,’’ you teased as your fingers fiddled a bit with his hair. He showed a genuine smile. ‘’I’m not misbehaving, my love. I’m showing everyone that you’ll be the future queen,’’ he said and stared into your eyes for a moment until Odin sat next to Thor and you instantly got off his lap, facing the ground. ‘’Your Highness,’’ you murmured but Thor lifted your chin. ‘’Y/N… he’s my father. I know you respect him and that’s all I need. You don’t have to be ashamed. You belong here now,’’ he explained and Odin offered you a soft smile. ‘’Thor is right, dear. You are a princess. You should not fear me. Asgard should fear you,’’ he spoke and murmured something to his son before dissappearing into the crowd again. 

You were left blushing and being looked at by a few people who were sitting around the table. ‘’Thor,’’ you managed to say and wanted to leave. He noticed the expression on your face. After two years of dating, Thor knew you well. So he grabbed your hand gently and dragged you along with him. He believed you wanted to go somewhere more quiet so he walked towards Loki who was still sitting in a corner. When he noticed you were behind him, he stood up. ‘’Do you want me to leave?’’ he asked but Thor shook his head and you sighed. ‘’Thank you,’’ you said to your boyfriend, leaning into him. ‘’Y/N,’’ Loki grinned at you in mischief and Thor gave him a warning look. 

‘‘What happened there that you got so desperate to join me here?’‘ he asked Thor and you sat next to Loki. ‘‘Odin told me I shouldn’t fear him as princess but Asgard should fear me… after he left, everyone stared at me. It just got too much for me,’‘ you pointed out and fiddled a bit with the sleeve of your dress. Loki grabbed your hand and pressed a small kiss on one of your knuckles. ‘‘You should not worry so much, Y/N. You are loved by everyone. You should not feel ashamed,’‘ he said and winked at you but then another Asgardian walked toward you. ‘‘I will never fear you. You’re from Midgard and everyone knows that! All you are is a traitor to your own world and a liar because you never will be the queen!’‘ he yelled and you were silenced by that. His words hurt alot but not that much for not knowing what Thor was gonna do. ‘‘Baby…babe, he’s not worth it. Let it go,’‘ you stood up and grabbed his hand with both of yours but he growled at the man and Mjölnir was soon in his firm grisp. Suddenly Loki pushed you away as Thor swung his hammer towards the man’s chest. He flew a few feet away and ended up falling right on the table. Everyone looked at the prince with his hammer and gasped. ‘‘Oh my god,’‘ Freya whispered and looked at her son. Thor huffed and went towards the other man again but Loki grabbed his arm and stood in front of him. ‘‘Brother, enough!’‘ he spit and sighed. ‘‘I’ll take care of him. Trust me,’‘ he spoke softly and grinned once again. Thor knew the smile on Loki’s face. You knew you had to run whoever made him do that. ‘‘No. Together,’‘ he answered.

Thor looked behind him to ask for your permission and you knew exactly what he and his brother were gonna do. You didn’t know if you were worth it but you didn’t know what to do and you felt a pressure so you nodded. And so Thor walked towards the young man, giving him more chance. ‘’Do you want to apologize to her?’’ Thor asked but the man offered him a bitter, fake laugh. ‘’No,’’ he spoke in confident but his eyes widened. 

‘‘Then this will be your faith,’‘ Thor whispered and struck him with lightening while Loki struck him with his magic and soon the man vanished. The crowd was shocked. 

‘‘It’s simple as that,’‘ Thor explained and went back to you. Tears were rolling down your cheek and you were sniffling loudly. ‘‘Did you -’‘

Loki shook his head. ‘’No. We scared everyone. We sent him to one of the cells. Now, they fear you.’’

Lewis Redman Imagine- Proposal

Request/Summary: Hi can I have a imagine where you get engaged in front of the sidemen, thanks


Lewis’ POV

“Okay so Freya just texted me saying that they’re on their way back and they will be about 10 minutes,” Josh spoke sending my nerves through the roof. She would be here in 10 minutes, only 10 more minutes of uncertainty.

I had invited all of Y/N’s closest friends and mine over to help me set everything up and surprise Y/N. I wanted to do something special for Y/N; she deserved nothing less. With the help of my friends, I had decorated the entrance to the house the best that I could.

Tobi helped me collect and stick up Polaroid photos of Y/N and I on the walls and tied some to string to hang from the ceiling. Simon and JJ had up the snow machine, Ethan and Harry helped to cut out snowflakes out of white paper, and the girls had distracted Y/N for just the right amount of time of the day.

Stress had taken over me as I began rubbing my hands together thinking about what she would say. “Lewis calm down, everything is perfect,” Josh reassured me as he moved into his position. “I’m just nervous you know? What If she doesn’t like it? What if she says no?” “Lewis everything is perfect,” He reiterated his statement trying to calm my nerves. “Are you ready?” Josh asked me, “I love her, she’s the one,” I answered suddenly feeling confident.

I stepped back looking at the finished presentation. The pictures looked adorable, the snow machine was ready to go and the snowflakes twinkled in the light. It looked amazing; I just hoped that Y/N would think so too.

End of Lewis’ POV

Stepping out of the car with Sarah, Freya and Emily You could not be happier to be home. As much as you loved shopping with the girls all day, your feet hurt and you really just wanted to cuddle up on the couch with your boyfriend and watch TV.

Walking up to the door Freya spoke “Oh you go first,” “What?” you questioned, “I left my phone in the car,” Freya quickly answered. Ignoring her slight weirdness, you began to enter the house. You turned the doorknob slowly entering the dark entranceway. As you quickly flicked on the light, the room turned a beautiful white.

You walked further into the room looking upwards towards the beautiful, soft snow that was raining from the corner of the room. You noticed snowflakes and Polaroids stuck up around everywhere and beamed. You had walked into a magical, snowy entrance way and were content. It was like something out of a movie or a book. Everything felt dreamlike; like time had frozen and you were just enjoying yourself in the falling snow.

Looking around the cascading snow you noticed Lewis. He was dressed in an all-black suit looking as handsome as ever. You could not help but smile knowing that he was the reason for all of this. He had made you feel like a princess in a fairy-tale.  He was always so kind to you and always went the extra step. Smiling shyly his eyes met yours and as the snow fell from his hair down his cheeks, an instant feeling of happiness and content flooded your body. He was everything you could have ever wanted. He was in your magical place with you.

Lewis walked up to you and timidly giggled, “I’m sorry about the mess.” “I love it; it’s so enchanted … Central Park?” You answered noting how the falling snow reminded you of a previous holiday you had been on with Lewis.


For your anniversary, Lewis had decided that you would visit New York as you had never been and always wanted to experience a snowy white Christmas in one of your favourite cities. The trip was amazing, spent doing many tourist activities as well as a trip to New York City’s Central Park. The day was magical, you felt like you were in a fairy tale. It was snowing soft white snow and you were both so deeply in love.

Walking around the paths holding hands and smiling at each other, you were in complete happiness. As you were walking down an almost empty path, Lewis pulled you in close. His breath blowing onto your face showing how close you were, and how cold it was. Staring deep into his inviting brown eyes you smiled, “I love you Y/N,” Lewis spoke barely above a whisper allowing only you to hear. “I love you too Lewis” you replied blushing.

Lewis reached in and grazed his hand across your cheek to wipe away a small snowflake that had landed there. He leaned in and kissed you, your lips moulding together as if they were made for each other. You broke away from the kiss peacefully and stared back into his warm brown eyes, wondering why the unexpected embrace.

“I’m going to marry you one day, you know?” Lewis spoke with a wide smile on his face. And with that sentence sending your heart rate to increase and joyful butterflies to swarm your stomach you continued to walk down the snowy path with Lewis pulling you in close next to him. You were both in your own world.


Lewis stepped in front of you and he nervously locked eyes with you. “Y/N,” he began, “When I first met you, I knew that I loved you. The way you shyly smiled at me from across the room, the way you giggled at my very bad, flirty pick-up lines and the way you told me things you had never told anyone before, I knew that I loved you. When we were sitting across from each other at a table together at Nando’s on our first date I knew that I loved you. You were wearing a clean white t-shirt and your favourite black skinny jeans. You ordered the mild chicken wings as you can’t handle spicy food and I knew that I still loved you, even if that meant we wouldn’t be going to many more dates at Nando’s When we were sitting at home watching bad reality TV in sweatpants and old t-shirts I knew I loved you.”

You let out a giggle at how sweet, and somewhat embarrassing, the memories were as Lewis was sharing them with you and your friends.

“When we went to New York and stood in the very centre of Central Park and we kissed, I knew I loved you.” Lewis paused. He nervously looked at the ground and bent down on one knee. He pulled out a small velvet box from his pocket displaying a shining ring. He opened it towards you and locked eyes again. “Y/N I love you. Will you marry me?”

With tears, beginning to escape your eyes you whispered a yes. An explosion of happiness erupted inside you as you and Lewis both smiled and he stood up to place the ring on your finger. The sounds of cheering coming from all your friends was drowned out by Lewis pulling you in for a soft but loving kiss as you celebrated your engagement. The white snow fell from his hair to his cheeks as you smiled back at him through joyous tears. “I love you,” you spoke. “I love you too Y/N” Lewis replied. 

“Congrats Y/N! This is so exciting!” Freya came over to you. “Thank you Freya and is this why you dragged me away from the house today?” You teasingly questioned. “Well how else do you think these guys could have set everything up?” She joked back. “Congratulations Y/N!” Both Emily and Sarah called over to you. “Thank you so much girls, this is just all so nice and everyone is so kind to me,” you spoke beginning to feel emotional again.

“Yes Lewis, my man,” Josh spoke to Lewis. “You aced it!” Simon spoke. All the boys were complimenting and congratulating Lewis causing his cheeks to redden and a proud smile grace his face. “Thank you guys for all the help, I couldn’t have done it without you so thank you I appreciate it,” Lewis thanked his friends for helping him set everything up and steady his nerves. 


*Requested* Can you do an imagine where the reader is the Mikaelsons younger sibling who always hated Aurora and so when she come to New Orleans they fight and the reader gets seriously hurt and the siblings don’t reaction well to it (all the Mikaelsons)

( I decided to set this in 3x07, the lovely Thanksgiving episode. Obviously, if you haven´t seen the episode yet do not read. There are lines from the actual episode and all the credit for them go to the talented writers of The Originals. I hope you @idonthavehusbandsihavelovers & and everyone enjoys. Happy reading my lovelies!)

Characters: Reader, Aurora, Klaus, Elijah, Freya, Tristan, Lucien

Story Title: “Out Of The Easy”

Warning: Season 3 Spoilers

Word count: 1.067

Your name: submit What is this?

It´s one of your favorite holiday today; Thanksgiving. Unfortunately though, this years Thanksgiving is going to have some unwanted quests, which you are not aware of quite yet.  Your brothers Klaus and Elijah invited old acquaintances for dinner, to which you more refer to as enemies. Especially because they kidnapped Rebekah and are hiding her somewhere.

You walk into the compound, expecting anything than the sight you witness with your eyes. Lucien Castle, Tristan de Martel and his sister Aurora are seated at a big table with your brothers around them.

Y/N: “Enemies at the dinner table, delightful.”

You glance over to your brothers, who seem to have a good time questioning our unwanted guests. Speaking of, Tristan is the first commenting on your arrival.

Tristan: “I am pleased to see you haven´t changed in the slightest, Y/N.”

Y/N: “I see you haven’t either. Still the same arrogant vampire you always were.”

You look over to Aurora and feel waves of hatred and disgust wash over you. Looking into the face of one your greatest enemy is certainly not an easy thing to do, without punching into it. Very violently.

Y/N: “I see your nutcase of a sister is with you as well. What an awful surprise. Then again, she always seemed to behave like a lapdog.”

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anonymous asked:

The Mikaelsons cockblocking Klayley who really wanna get down and dirty ;)

a/n: au future fic, nsfw/ slight sexual content


“Are you sure we’ll be alone for a while?” Hayley asks, as Klaus kisses her neck. He’s so distracted by her scent that the words just pass him by, until she grabs him by the collar and says: “Klaus!”

“Yes,” he hisses, hooking his thumbs around her panties and pulling them down. “Now stop worrying so much, love,” he smirks, pushing her against the kitchen counter.

She forgets to draw the curtains as his tongue works its way between her legs. 

Oh god, it felt so good to finally have him right where she wanted him all along. Between looking after Hope, and making New Orleans a supernatural haven again, things were super busy and stressful.

And both Hayley and Klaus really needed to release some tension. 

“Oh not this again,” Freya says, as she’s standing near the doorway.

Hayley screams and quickly places her arms over her chest and waist to at least cover part of her body. As for Klaus, he simply chuckles, unashamed that his sister had caught him with his dick out.

“What is wrong with you two? This is the third time this week that I’ve had to witness this,” Freya complains, passing right by her naked brother and opening the fridge. As if she hadn’t just caught her own sibling in the middle of performing cunnilingus.

Hayley stares uncomfortably at how unashamed the Mikaelsons seemed to be about all of this.

“Freya,” Klaus sighs, “It’s not as if Hayley and I don’t hear you and your little girlfriend going at it like animals in the next room,” he smirks.

She rolls her eyes, taking her soda and running off. “Fine,” she sighs, “You two better do this fast, before Hope comes home from school,” she warns, rushing back to Keelin who was waiting for her upstairs.

Klaus turns back towards Hayley, flashing her a smile. “Now,” he whispers, “Shall we resume?”

Hayley shakes her head in disapproval. This family really was too close for comfort.


The next time, Hayley refuses to have sex at their house in case Hope does walk in and they end up being labelled as the worse parents ever.

So instead, they opt for the bayou, which mixed the thrill of having sex outdoors without the worry that someone would catch them.

But they lose track of everything when it’s just hands and hot skin, his teeth sinking into her neck with warm blood slipping between his lips and it’s like― 

“Nik,” Kol chimes in, with the biggest grin on his face. “Well this is a nice surprise,” he crosses his arms around his chest and looks Hayley up and down before Klaus growls at him and stands in front of her in order to block his view.

“What are you doing out here?” the originals hybrid howls.

“What? Your little brother can’t be out for a nice stroll in the bayou?” he offers, as he can already tell that neither of the wolves believe his story. He rolls his eyes and sighs; they were being no fun at all. “I was gathering some herbs for a spell I’m working on. I’m still a witch, remember?” he sings.

“Hello?” Hayley finally speaks up. “Can you two wrap this up already?” she asks.

“Oh right,” Kol laughs. “I’m interrupting something, aren’t I?” he says, in a slightly irritating tone.

“Yes,” the she-wolf answers. “Now leave,” she orders, pointing due-north.

Kol shrugs and spins on his heel.

“Very well then,” he nods. “Enjoy yourself with that one, Nik. I like her fire,” he finally replies, offering Klaus a cheeky little wink.


Their third attempt ends up in Klaus’ room, where he makes sure to lock the door because god, his family members were the nosiest pieces of shit he had ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Currently, Hayley was on top of him, doing sinful little things with her hips, pushing him into the mattress with her fingers around his wrists, pinning him down. And he usually never allows any woman to be in control of him, especially not in bed but this time, he made an exception.

And he really didn’t regret it.

“Nik!” And just like that, Rebekah is on the other side of the door, knocking away. “Why is this door locked? Can I come in? I need help choosing a dress for the gala tonight and Marcel won’t pick up my calls because he’s angry about some witch and vampire squabble that never got settled and―”

“Rebekah,” He exhales loudly, opening the door and not even bothering to put pants on because honestly, over a thousand years together has taught her that they really had no boundaries what so ever.

“Oh,” she blinks twice, looking passed her brother and towards the girl in his bed. “Hello there Hayley,” she says. “When did this start happening again?” she wonders out loud.

“That’s none of your business,” her brother grumpily releases.

“Well,” Rebekah smiles, placing a hand on his shoulder. “Here’s some sisterly advice, don’t forget to wear a condom this time,” she rings just before Klaus slaps his own forehead and slams the door right in her face.

He climbs back in bed where Hayley is scowling at him.

“Okay that’s it Klaus,” she tells him. “We’re officially getting our own place,” she finally announces, dropping her head on his shoulder.

Sitting on the fence

Request: For @thecrazzypeoplex 

“Could you do one where you are part of the sidemen and you are friends with their girlfriends?”
Warnings: None
A/N: I hope It’s alright, I had to write it quite quickly so it’s a bit short
Requests are open :)

“Yo guys!” you said, holding the camera up to your face and greeting your audience of 3 million.
“Todays vlog is going to be sneaking into the sidemen house because those pricks forgot we were filming today and now I can’t get in.” you said in an over dramatically upset way, then laughed off camera at your own words.
You had been friends with the guys ever since you moved to London for your job. At the time you had been studying as a photographer but had found youtube as a bit of a pass time on the side. Slowly but surely, your channel had begun to grow, and youtubers that were also based in London had begun to contact you. First it was JJ; the two of you had hung out almost everyday, which led you to meeting Simon, Josh, Tobi and all the others. After The Ultimate Sidemen were formed, you still hung out with the guys so much that people just decided that you should be a part of it. And thats exactly what happened.
“God why are their fences so flipping high?!” you said, looking around for a minute, trying to spot something to help you get up and over the fence. On the curb you saw a bin, so, dragging it over until it was pressed firmly against the gate, you jumped up on top of it and pulled yourself over the top until half of you was hanging over the front garden, the other still facing the road. Using your, (mostly non-existent), arm strength, you managed to drag yourself over the top of the fence until you were able to jump off. Raising your camera back up to your face you smiled in triumph, casually putting up a thumbs up before turning the camera around and making your way over to the door. Knocking twice, you waited for it too be answered, tapping you foot on the ground in mock impatience. As the door swung open, you went to comment on what you had to do to get in here, but it wasn’t any of the boys, it was Freya.
“Oh my god hi!” you said, and the two of you embraced. Being in the sidemen meant you had a lot more female friends, because the boys had girlfriends, even if their viewers didn’t know. Freya dragged you in the door and through to the Lounge area, where Emily, Kay, Katie and Gee, (Yes I know she isn’t a sidemen girlfriend but I like her), were all sitting. We all exchanged greeting and you vlogged a bit more, making jokes and laughing with the girls until an,
“About time!” sounded in the doorway. Turning yourself and your camera around you turned to Simon Minter, shoving your camera in his face and shaking it whilst you explained the fact that you had texted ALL of the boys, called ALL of them, and yet had to climb over the fence just to get in because everyone had ignored you.
“Umm… Oops?” Simon said as you laughed at his dumbstruck reaction. Punching him in the arm lightly, you said,
“It’s alright buddy, now, shall we film?” and he laughed bowing and pointing to his room, acting like a butler. Laughing, you hitched up your pretend skirt, and made your way up the stairs. you knew this vlog was going to be fun to edit.


Freya: And right when they thought I would miss it I dive and catch the ball. Never underestimate the power of Freya Mythos!

Juno: Uh honey I love you and all and I respect your career choice but don’t you think that was a bit hard on the baby?

Freya: Oh nonono I was wearing some padding around my belly don’t worry. 

Juno: Good ,so I was thinking when do you want to get married?

Freya: Um
Freya @ Freya: I love her an all but I guess part of me is missing Seph…she’s never coming back is she
Freya: Well uh maybe after I give birth? That way we don’t have to get a custom dress for pregnancy
Freya @ Freya: Wew bought myself some time there


No more dreaming of the dead 

As if death itself 

Was undone