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Hak&Lilly@Ruby&Freya: "Oh so the kid hatched? Congratulations!" Hak smiled, as Lilly slowly got near Freya to look at her in curiosity. "Seems she wants to meet your kid too hehe!" While Lilly tried to greet the baby, holding out a vine, Hak talked to Ruby. "So you're going to be her Mom I assume? Being a mother suits you from what I can tell." The arcanine gave her a grin. "Growlite kids can be a bit wild sometimes, so if you ever need help feel free to ask if ya want."

Ruby:  B-but I can take a challange!  Besides, I went around the forest and asked almost everymon if they’d lost an egg… they said they hadn’t even seen the egg before… poor thing.

Ruby: Also, it would be really great if Frey could be friends with your little one.  I’m sure she’d be happy to have a friend her age.

Ruby: D-did you say that?

Freya: Friend!!  

Ruby: わーい!You’ve learned your first word!  Good for you!

Freya: Grr!

{{Freya can now say “friend”!}}

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{{Ruby and Freya@ Musica}}: "Oh your a shiny Zoura right? That necklace is very nice, did someone give it to you? Or did you buy it somewhere?" Freya stares with sparkling eyes at the Zoura, "Gr!"

Musica: it was a gift from my mother she crafted it herself, back before… 

Angel: i’m sorry but she has a hard time thinking back on her mother since it happened  *the zorua looked down tears starting to form in her eyes*


No more dreaming of the dead 

As if death itself 

Was undone

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"I don’t think you understand just how big his dick is!!!" For harry and bev please 😅

beverly harry

are we going to see niall anytime soon??

we’re supposed to have dinner with him and freya this Saturday night. it was your idea, remember? yours and freya’s.

oh god

oh no

can we cancel it? 

please please please

may i know why?

ugh this is embarrassing but….

freya was late for our lunch earlier today so i asked her why and….

she said….

niall distracted her 

sounds like something niall would do.

yes and then i was like “i cant believe you let niall distract you!!!”

and then she was like “i dont think you understand how big his dick is!!!”

and now i cant look at niall the same way!!!!

so please???? you don’t want me to be thinking about how big his dick is right???

no, absolutely not. 

but i can assure you that it’s not as big as mine.


i’ll figure out a way to get us out of the dinner.



send me tfln.


Requested by Anon #172 (Part 2)

Merlin: Freya, no, you can’t die please.
Freya: Merlin you, you have to move on. Continue living for us both.
Merlin: I can’t move on from you.
Freya: You have to. Please, you have so much more to give.
Merlin: No one can match up to you.
Freya: I think you’ll find there is someone who can easily match up to me.
Merlin: Who?
Freya: *smiles at you*
Y/N: Oh no. No Freya, you cannot be serious.
Freya: I’ve seen the way you look at him Y/N. Long before I was involved, you loved him.
Y/N: Freya…
Merlin: I don’t want her I want you.
Freya: I think you’ll find out soon that this how we were suppose to end Merlin. Be happy.
Merlin: Freya? Freya?!
Y/N: *cries*
Merlin *gif*
Y/N: I’m sorry for Freya and I do not expect you to feel the same about me at all Merlin.
Merlin: I just need to be alone…
Y/N: Of course. *walks away*


The Original Ladies Appreciation Week ► Day 4: Favorite Female Relationship

↳Because you were the first to see me as a sister, and since you spent so long looking after your family, I thought, for once, you deserve a sister to look after you. - Freya Mikaelson