oh french!!

stay frosty royal milk tea (from another room)
fall out boy
stay frosty royal milk tea (from another room)

some princes don’t become kings

even at the best of times i’m out of my mind

you only get what you grieve

are you smelling that shit? are you smelling that shit?

eau de résistance

Banter with the Lads, 1976


“Unfortunately, tonight I seem to be somewhere else on the planet. Otherwise I would be there sipping champagne and toasting your fine health. So I do it in absence a few days earlier with a bottle of eau de vie. Tons of love, have a wonderful evening and wish I could be there. À bientôt !” - Benedict Cumberbatch toasts Studio Canal’s partnership with SunnyMarch


books read in 2017: anna and the french kiss by stephanie perkins

“Say my name again,” he whispers.
I close my eyes and lean forward. “Étienne.”
He takes my hand into his. Those perfect hands, that fit mine just so. “Anna?”
Our foreheads touch. “Yes?”
“Will you please tell me you love me? I’m dying here.”

Les Vocabulaire et Les Phrases de Le Petit Prince, Chapitres 1 et 2

  • Avaler = To swallow
  • Proie = Prey
  • Mâcher = To chew
  • Réussir = To succeed
  • Afin que… = So that…
  • Laisser de côté = Leave out/leave aside
  • Carrière = Career
  • S’égarer = To stray
  • Des tas de… = Piles of/heaps of…
  • Paraître = To seem/to appear
  • Une panne = A failure/breakdown
  • Réparation = A repair
  • À peine = Hardly/barely
  • Un naufragé = A castaway
  • Au lever du jour = At sunrise
  • Frotter = To scrub/to rub
  • Oser = To dare
  • Encombrant = Cumbersome
  • Bélier = Ram
  • Dedans = Within/inside
  • Suffira = It will suffice
  • Pencher = To lean

Me: I’m a hardworking musician, and I’m very dedicated to my instrument.

Also me: *binge watches crappy YouTube videos the night before a performance*