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The Signs as dates with BTS / Imagines

Aries: Tae; scenic walk in the park / 

You and Tae are walking along when he suddenly takes your hand and walks you off the path. Your shoes crunch on fallen leaves as you walk towards a bench under a set of autumn-colored trees. Tae gazes up at the trees and says, “Look how the leaves’ colors are changing.” You look up to admire the trees and are taken back by them. “Wow,” you say, “So beautiful.” Tae gives a small grin and looks to you, “Yeah…Beautiful.” 

Taurus: Namjoon; trip to a record store / 

You and Namjoon are browsing opposite sides of a rack of records. He’s on the other side flipping through a multitude of albums. You have your hands on a Michael Jackson record when he picks up an album from his side and asks, “Have you ever listened to Sam Cooke.” You reply, “No, not really. Do you like him?” He raises his eyebrows excitedly, “Yes, he’s amazing. I’ll buy you his record. There’s a song you should hear.” He pauses, “Hold on a sec.” He walks to an employee and asks him something. He returns and says, “Follow me.” He follows you to a record player in the corner of the store. He puts on this song…

Gemini: Yoongi; hanging out at a chill coffee shop /

Yoongi grasps his cup and isn’t making much eye contact with you. He takes a sip and asks with his eyes lowered, “How are you handling being away from your family?” You shyly grin to hold back your homesickness; “I miss them a lot, but it’s an adventure being here and that makes me happy.” He nods his head, “You’re doing well. Stay strong. I’m sure they’re proud of you going after your dreams.” You reply quietly, “I hope so.” He looks you straight in the eye, “Well, I’m proud.”

: Hobi; sunny day at the beach / 

Hobi takes your hand and runs down to the beach with you. The sand wisps across your feet and digs into your toes. He yells, “I bet I can build a bigger sand castle than you. Loser buys the winner ice cream!” You laugh, “Just so you know, my favorite kind is rocky road.You can get that for me when I win.” He laughs and says confidently “Oh really? Just make sure to add sprinkles to mine.” He starts digging in the sand.

Leo: Kookie; goofing off at the mall / 

You both walk into Forever21. “Oh hey,” Kookie says as he walks up to a military green bomber jacket. He holds it up to you. “This is like the one I have…and look it has french fries on it. Do you want this?” You smile, “Nah, I already have a jacket like that.” “Oh,” he pauses, “Well you should wear it next time so we match.” You raise your eyebrows, “Next time?” He shyly looks down, “Yeah, I was thinking we could come back or see a movie or something.” He looks up to you; “and I want us to match if you don’t mind.” You blush, “I don’t.”

Virgo: Jimin; trip to the boardwalk to play carnival games / 

You and him are both walking towards the boardwalk. He asks you with bright eyes, “What do you want me to win you?” You giggle, “I don’t know, maybe a Pokemon or something, but it’s ok.” He smiles, “You know you already won something right?” You stop in your step and ask, “What have I won?” He looks back, “My heart…Now let’s go get you a Pikachu.”

Libra: Jin, Build-A-Bear workshop / 

As you and Jin walks through the mall, he sees Build-A-Bear Workshop. He says excitedly says your name, “Come on! I’ve never made one!” He takes your hand and leads you in. You both look at the different choices. He eagerly looks to you, “Can I make yours and you make mine?” You love the idea; “Oh, that would be so much fun!” “Great! What’s your favorite color? Blue and green right?” “Yes, that’s right…and I know yours too.” You go and pick up a pink llama, “This will be fun.” His face lights up. “You’re the best.”

Scorpio: Tae; to the cinema for popcorn and candy / 

You and Tae are at the concession stand. He pokes up at the menu, “Oo! Do you want nachos?” “Um, not really, but if you want to split them, that would be good.” “Oh okay, so that and popcorn and M&Ms licorice and drinks?” You chuckle, “That’s kind of a lot.” “It’s a long movie.” “That’s kind of expensive too though.” He does cringy aegyo, “But, you’re worth it.”

Sagittarius: Namjoon; at Barnes and Noble / 

You bring Namjoon to the section of your favorite genre. You show off your favorite book and he takes a genuine interest. He asks, “Why is this your favorite?” “Oh, the story inspires me, the character development is amazing, and if a book makes me cry, it becomes my favorite.” “Those are some good reasons…let me show you one of my favorites..” He leads you to The Alchemist. He holds the book like he’s holding something sacred. “Can I read you my favorite line?” You eagerly say, “Oh, of course.” His face is serious and he opens up to a certain page. He begins reading, So, I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you.” He closes the book; “You should read this.” 

Capricorn: Jin; sampling street-food in the evening / 

Jin’s mouth is full with BBQed chicken; “Look! They have pork over there!” He takes you by the sleeve and leads you to another food cart. He buys you a stick of pork and waits to see your reaction as you try it. You try it, “Wow, this is so good. Really juicy.” He giggles as he holds onto his drink, “Good, because there’s a lot more to try. This is so much fun.”

Aquarius: Yoongi; poetry reading at a library / 

You and Yoongi find your seats in the middle section of rows. You both read through the brochure that was given to you as you walked in. The first reader begins; they say, “I would like to begin by reciting some lines from the woman who inspired me to begin writing and living poetry; Sylvia Plath..“ Yoongi crosses his legs and rests his chin on his hand; he’s focused. She reads for about a minute, but Yoongi tenses as she begins a certain line he recognizes. She reads reads; What did my fingers do before they held him?
What did my heart do, with its love?” 
He places his hand on yours;
“I have never seen a thing so clear.” 

Pisces: Hobi and Jimin (double-date); county-fair: 

You are walking with Jimin and your best friend walks with J-Hope. You are carrying a giant Squirtle that Jimin won for you. Jimin asks, “Are you girls in the mood for some cotton candy?” Your best friend is fond of the idea; “That sounds great, Ooo! And with kettle-corn too?” Jimin smiles, “Sounds good to me.” He asks you, “Anything else I can get you?” You smile, “I’m good. I’m going use the bathroom real quick.” “Oh, we’ll walk you.” You all walk to one of the showrooms towards the bathrooms. The guys wait by the vending machines. You and your best friend go in and freshen up your lipstick and hair. You both walk back; you see Hobi standing close to Jimin and overhear Hobi say, “Give me some time with her. She fits better with me.” They see you walk up…