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Here he is!! The last member needed for Marty’s shop team! He’s such a good noodle, I always wanted a noodle with Skink, I love him
Now I have like 5 days to figure out his name and start working on the crew’s lore. Also need humanized art of them all, have 1 out of 6 currently. *art shop searching intensifies*

Special thanks to @lameforger for breeding amazing dragons and letting me have this gorgeous guy!


Finn: “Listen i know we have been searching for days now but we don’t stop until we have found her..no matter what happens we don’t stop..got it, now we ar-”

Clarke: Umm..Finn

Finn- Not now Clarke it’s been way to long since anyone has heard from Y/N..now as i was saying we head sou-

Y/N: F-Finn

Finn- What now! *Turns around* Oh my god!

*Magically beautiful reunion*

Finn: I’m so glad you’re ok..

Heyy! This is one of my first of many the 100 imagines, i decided to do a Finn imagine because i noticed there was a serious lack of them, I will be doing more the 100 but i also do imagines for loads of other fandoms so leave me a request and i’ll try my best..hope you enjoy, love you all

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Post 12x03, destiel. Enjoy!

It’s not a conscious prayer of Dean’s that makes Cas postpone his search for Lucifer for the time being.

He long ago learned the difference between Dean’s sometimes impatient messages (Cas, where the Hell are you man? Cas, Sam is hurt pretty bad, I need – Cas, hope you’re doing well, things have been quiet for a while) and this – an explosion of painful longing, sudden, unexpected and all-encompassing.

“I need to go to Kansas” he says immediately.

Crowley doesn’t even pretend that he’s surprised.

“Oh? Why? What have the boys done now?”

He doesn’t answer; he’s searching for meaning in the convoluted thoughts Dean sent his way without meaning to.

There is something about his mother.

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How Times Have Changed: Part Two



As highly requested part two of How Times Have Changed, enjoy :)

“Sweetheart! Welcome home!” My mum charged to me as I dropped my bag on the floor, completely exhausted and forgetting how home felt, how it smelt and how welcoming it was. “What is this?!” She pointed to my nose ring and I quickly changed the topic.

“Oh is that dinner I can smell?” I walked away and heard her sigh before following me through as I eagerly searched the fridge for something to eat. Eventually settling on a carrot since all the chocolate had been swiped whilst I was gone.

Mum busied herself with dinner whilst I sat on the counter, not having been home for just over a year. I love travelling don’t get me wrong, it’s just sometimes I got homesick, especially when I started out hence why I came home last year for Christmas. “So, how long you back for?” She asked as she lent against the opposite counter.

I shrugged my shoulders, “Not sure yet, a month or so maybe? I just want to chill at home for a bit. Let you mother me for a bit longer.” She brought me into yet another tight hug as I jumped down from the counter.

“How’s erm,” Mum began to busy herself with dinner, chopping vegetables and kept her back to me as she spoke. “Jason.” I squirmed at the mention of his name and the long silence caught her attention.

“I wouldn’t know.” I bluntly stated as I bit into my carrot, wanting to move away from this topic of conversation.

“How about you go see Jamie?” Mum suggested as she dried her hands off, “Last time you saw her was the funeral, I’m sure she’ll be happy to see you.” I finished munching on my carrot and took a quick look at the time, “Dinner will be about 45 minutes, you have time.” With that I grabbed my phone and headed back out of the house again.

I found myself following the same route I walked every week, through the freezing winter days or damp ‘summer’ time. Whenever I arrived I’d always be greeted by various customers, one that stood out in particular even now, but Calum is long gone. Listening to my friends radio when I was in Berlin I heard an interview about a band called 5 Seconds of Summer, part of me thought it must’ve been some mere coincidence, but my instincts were right. My saturday pick me up had made it in the world.

As I approached the shop a chill went down my spine, seeing how after all of this, after seeing so much of the world I find myself back to where it all started. Opening the door I was welcomed by the smell of coffee and fresh pastries, it was fairly empty so I went to the counter and awaited to be served. “I’ll be with you in just a sec!” I caught a glimpse from the back, remembering the days when Craig would show me how to make croissants or a tray of muffins,

Sometimes I think about Craig, how I miss him mainly. But also how he pushed me to do more than I thought I was capable. He always told me to get out there, he was the one who encouraged me to leave at the right time. He picked up the broken pastries I couldn’t do when my favourite customer had disappeared without a trace or even a goodbye.

A face that had matured was in front of me and her hand quickly covered her mouth as she let out a small gasp. “Hey Jamie,” I smiled trying to fight back tears. I came back from Tokyo for Craig’s funeral, with Craig being the only living member Jamie had I acted as a moral support to her, my whole family did. Yet after a month or so she convinced me to leave, she wanted me to continue living rather than dwelling. No matter how much I wanted her to come with me she had a different ambition, she wanted to continue the cafe in her dad’s legacy.

She quickly made her way around the counter and embraced me in a bone crushing hug. I let tears fall freely as we swayed whilst keeping tight hold of each other. As she pulled her arms away she wiped her face and took a shaky breath. “This is crazy.” She joked motioning to my appearance. “I mean, look at you.” Jamie nudged my shoulder and I looked myself over, forgetting that I had changed from the quiet waitress in a small town cafe. “You look better than ever before Y/n, I couldn’t be more proud.” She placed her hand over her chest and then patted my shoulder before making her way back around the counter.

I could see her working away on the coffee machine, hearing the same whirs and the grinding of the coffee beans send a wave of nostalgia over me as I reminisced on my days of experimenting with the devil machine. Within a few minutes a latte with a caramel swirl was placed in front of me in a takeaway cup, I reached into my pocket to find some change but before I got the opportunity to it was refused. “At least let me buy a cake?” I asked as I examined the different options in the glass, pointing to one large chocolate muffin in the end.

“So how long you back for now then? Knowing you it can’t be long.” She joked and I nodded in agreement, in the past I’ve said that I’m thinking of coming home but I can’t bring myself to it. The idea of going home and settling down there isn’t for me, I want to move and not be put into a box, not be told this is how I am supposed to live my life when in reality there are so many more options that some don’t consider.

Taking a sip of my drink she awaits my response, “I haven’t decided yet, haven’t got much going on really.” Thinking about it I was still unsure why I came back in the first place, some part of me subconsciously must’ve been missing home. We exchanged numbers and goodbyes as I headed out of the door and walked back home.

“Wait! Y/n?!” I turned back around the corner to see Jamie running towards me, panting as she moved her brown curls out of her face so she could speak and breathe more clearly. Raising my eyebrow I stood waiting for her to catch her breath, “Been awhile since I ran last sorry.” She panted and I nodded, understanding the struggle. “Someone wants to see you.” I started to feel a pit forming in my stomach, those 5 words are usually how bad things start for the protagonist of any cliche horror/action/thriller.

“Who would want to see me? I just got back.” I let out a soft chuckle to mask my worry mixed with confusion. Jamie straightened herself up now, looking me in the eye again like she always did whenever she had something important to say.

“Calum.” She said clearly and I felt my jaw drop, the pit in my stomach grew larger as butterflies multiplied in the space and caused a weird sensation to flow through me. “Calum’s looking for you.” She smiled, “And if I were you, I’d get a move on with it.” Jamie crossed her arms as I stood amazed and completely confused. “Come on Y/n!” Taking a hold of my shoulders she turned me back around in the direction I was heading in, pushing me to start functioning again and my legs to move. “Loverboy won’t wait forever.” The last words I could make out before she began to walk away, leaving me with little information on where Calum could be.

Sighing I began to walk back home, taking a longer route than normal to try and get to grips with this whole idea. I passed all of the small shops seeing how little has evolved whilst I’ve been gone, except as I observe my reflection I’ve evolved, I’m the one whose changed. Without looking where I was going a force collided into me sending me back and a warm liquid to spill across my chest.

“Shit shit shit!” I heard someone exclaim as I tried to dry up the latte with my top or make it burn a bit less by any means. A hand was in front of me and I noticed the small tattoo on his finger, accepting the help I stood up and felt the liquid trickle down my top. “Wait.” I brushed myself off and looked up as the person paused. “Y/n?” My head shot up to face them and I let out a dry laugh.

“You’re kidding me.” I joked as his mouth hung open in amazement as he looked me over like many people have done on my walk home. He had changed so much, his once blonde hair had been changed to a vivid red, how I didn’t notice him colliding into me I do not know. He had bands on his forearm and various bracelets and ties around his wrist. Stubble had formed across his jawline and he held a look of excitement in his green eyes. “Michael Clifford.” I huffed as I stood utterly confused.

“Y/n L/n. My my you’ve grown up haven’t you.” He said motioning to my appearance just like Jamie did. “I’m sorry for spilling a drink over you, but you smell great.” He joked causing me to smile. “We thought you weren’t here, Cal came looking for you.” He explained as we continued to walk in the direction I was going in.

I explained my situation to Michael and then I got to hear a different story, a story I had never even knew could be more than a fantasy I pictured in my head when bored.

“Look, say 11am tomorrow at the cafe? It’ll be easier if Calum explains himself. See you around.” And with that he patted my shoulder and walked off back in his original direction. I remained still for a few minutes, utterly confused before deciding to head back home and take a good think before tomorrow morning.


To say I was nervous would be an understatement. I sat fiddling with sachets of sugar next to the orange flowers that remained a decorative piece in the centre of the small table. It was almost coincidental, how it all happened.

“CALUM!” Mikey’s voice echoed in my mind as I thought back to seeing him burst through the door out of breath causing us to all be concerned as he walks over to me. “She’s here.” Two words, those two words caused more worry and excitement than I had felt in a long time. It was as if nothing else mattered other than a second chance, Y/n was home.

Skipping forward to now at 11:30AM, a pit continues to grow in my stomach as I sip slowly at my drink, not wanting to finish it and feel the urge to leave. She could have any reason to be late, that doesn’t mean she isn’t interested, right?

I remained silent for a while longer, keeping my eyes trained on the door, waiting for her to come on in, Michael said she had changed a bit. His exact words were ‘sex goddess’ but he can be one to exaggerate. As I saw the waitress wonder around trying to avoid approaching me she kept glancing to the clock and back in my direction with a sympathetic expression.

Just as I took the last sip of my drink that had now turned cold and placed the empty cup back onto the table the door burst open and the few people in the cafe turned to face her. I stood up out of curiosity as she mumbled something to the waitress who merely nodded and proceeded to make a drink. The woman in question looked familiar yet at the same time almost a stranger to me. “Y/n?” I thought aloud and she turned around a couple of times until she saw me, a small smile crept onto her face just like it did four years ago.

Accepting the drink from the waitress she made her way towards me, placing her drink down and waited for me to respond. She quickly made the first move and hugged me closely, the smell of lavender still remaining after all this time. I sat back down and she copied, opening a sugar sachet and emptying it into her drink and stirring it.

“Look at you, running late. Not like you used to be.” I joked and she sipped her drink, cocking up an eyebrow at me before placing her drink back down.

She lent back in her chair getting comfortable. “Says you, only four years late?” She questioned causing me to sigh, better to address the elephant in the room sooner as opposed to letting it grow.

“Yeah, guess I’m sorry.” I spoke up and she simply shrugged her shoulders, not making a big deal out of it. She placed her hand on my empty cup and examined the contents.

“At least let me get you a drink.” Before I had a chance to object she was calling the waitress over. “Jamie? Could we get another cappuccino and two chocolate muffins please?” Jamie nodded in our direction and Y/n turned around pleased, playing with the empty sachet wrapper. “I guess congratulations are in order.” She stated keeping her eyes trained on the table, but even with her head dipped I could see a small smile forming on her face.

“Could you not.” I remarked glancing around which she caught onto.

Looking around the cafe seeing it had gotten a little bit more busy she giggled, “Why? Lying low?” She smiled to me and I moved my head closer to hers and spoke in a hushed tone.

“Kinda.” I scratched the back of my neck and she nodded before moving away.

“Well I’m sorry MR CALUM HOOD THE BASSIST OF 5 SECONDS OF-” I shut my hand over her mouth before she had the chance to finish, her eyes were squinting as she held back a laugh whilst my hand remained over mouth.

“I hate you.” I stated cautiously removing my hand from her mouth.

“Feelings mutual, you don’t have much going for yourself.” She flashed a sarcastic smile as she lead her head on her propped up hand, the same jokes and attitude we had when we were younger, looks like some things don’t change. Jamie arrived and placed a new drink and two muffins in front of us. “Thank you Jammie.” She nicknamed the waitress who laughed and walked off. “Old friends.” She remarked and I nodded.

“Guess I should explain myself.” I rubbed my hands together as she picked at her muffin, quietly waiting for me to share a story or two. Even now as she sat opposite me, no makeup, flushed cheeks and a curious look in her eyes, she had changed so much but was still the waitress I crushed on.

“Why’re you looking at me like that?” I snapped out of my thoughts as she queried me. “And if you dare say some tfios shit then I’m done.” She held a serious look on her face underneath the joking tone.

“It’s just, you look different.” I spoke up, “Good different though.”

She shrugged her shoulders and tore a piece of her muffin off. “Guess that’s what happens when you see the real world. The version where things aren’t sugar coated.” She stated and it left me curious to know more. It also made me feel like she was digging at my lifestyle, that she could perceive me as lavish and stuck up, not appreciating the things I could see.

“But let me just say what I needed to tell you, as I never got to tell you before.” I let out a deep breath, not wanting to hold anything back anymore. “I’ve had a good four years to think about this, at first I just wanted to forget you and move on as harsh as that sounds. The day I found out that we had been asked about touring with One Direction I wanted to come and tell you, I felt this connection between us where I felt like you should know those sorts of things.” I could see her expression changing, she held a sorrowful look in her eyes as she intently listened.


I felt it too, I thought to myself as I saw all of the raw emotions with each blink he took as he reasoned. If only I had made it more obvious to him then, let him know I felt that connection but was too shy to make it known. If only I had been less afraid and more confident to just speak for once then like I do now, but being here with him makes me feel like a 15 year old again, naive.

“When we were leaving I came here, I saw you through the blinds serving customers and joking about. That was the first time in months I saw you as I distanced myself. I was convinced that it would be easier to stop seeing you before we left so when we did go it wouldn’t be so hard, if only that could’ve been the case.” He scoffed to himself as he sipped his drink. “For a while I had girls talking to me, some of them were more friendly than others.” I squirmed to myself hearing all of this, some details were vague and I was grateful for this fact. “But all of that time your face, your laugh were the only things I could think of. Whenever we’d sing a Besides You or Amnesia mentally I’d dedicate them to you.” My heart began to flutter dramatically as old feelings crept back inside of me, shutting out this past year in particularly.

“Calum there’s something I have to tell you.” I blurted out before he had the chance to go on gushing about his feelings. He locked eyes with me and he seemed worried, I felt my stomach drop as I knew this would break him, he would go before I could explain most likely, which would hurt me more than anything else.

I wrapped my hands around my neck and let out a shaky breath as I unattached the necklace and placed it on the table in front of Calum. He looked confused as he saw the two rings, one plain silver and the other a matching colour with a simplistic diamond in the centre. He scooted his chair out so it scraped across the floor and scoffed.

“You,” He struggled to find his words and I felt tears forming in my eyes. “You’re married?” He spat out the word in shock and I held my head low, trying to think of how to word it to him so he would get it, I can’t hide this from him, not Calum.

“Let me explain, it’s not how it looks.” I spoke up but he was already putting his jacket on.

“Oh I’m sure it’s not.” He spat to me venomously, “You let me sit here talking about how much I missed you and you quietly take it all in whilst you hide the fact that you got married? And here I am thinking you felt the same.” He scoffed to himself, thinking about how big of a joke I was finding it but I remained silent, never seeing this side of him before.

“Cal please.” I pleaded as tears fell from my eyes as I blinked but he didn’t make eye contact anymore, he was too far gone. “It was a mistake.” I sobbed to myself as I looked at those rings, playing back the memories in my mind when I thought I might’ve been happy. “I still love you.” I whispered as I heard the door slam, shutting Calum out once again.

Part Three

Irresistible (Mark)

Request: Mark waits for you to get ready for a party and complains endlessly because you were taking so long but when you’re finally done and he sees you all dolled up outfit, he stops grumbling and basically just shuts up because damn you look hot?

Length: 571 words

Genre: Suggestive

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You know how at the end of season 4, Derek and the others go searching for the desert wolf // and in the latest episode of season 5, the desert wolf shows up in beacon hills out of nowhere. So if Derek and other people have been following her around this whole time, wouldn’t that mean that Derek would finally come back to beacon hills cause she was there? and finally reunite with everyone cause it’s been too long man