oh for god sake russ

And so today my friends marks the one year anniversary of the Ruby Quest album! Hard to imagine it was that long ago, eh? 

I really have to thank you all though for the support on this album. When I first went to work on it, I honestly didn’t see it getting completed. It was fun to work on, it was great to create, but at the same time it was hectic and an overall daunting task. I actually took little over two months hiatus, because I was tired of the project. But then I saw that people were really interested in this album! I was totally blown away. People on tumblr were making posts about it, forums were having discussions on it, people were advertising it…I mean WOW! I would never have thought that people would actually admire this! 

So in short, I want to say thanks you all for being supportive of my work, and liking my music! It really does help me continue to create more musical ideas, and reminds me why I love to make music. 

And of course, I’d be re-missed if I didn’t thank Weaver for creating such an inspiring story of a cat and hare escaping the bowels of a metal hell. Ruby Quest has always been a rather deep inspiration for most of my horror music and ideas. It was quite simply one of the best horror adventures ever told in my opinion. So in short, thank you Weaver! Your work always continues to keep me inspired!