oh food!

-More Than Marriage-

This cold monday morning

Travelling 1hour from home to the city

I am sitting in this old coffee shop

Sipping this cup of coffee in my hand

Three meters away from this old lady in front

Enjoying the blessing of this season

Like the taste of my favorite food

Oh! how blessed is the single man

Walking in love and loving life more before joining someone

What to rush? What to hurry?

Once you get there you’ll miss being so free

The burdens to handle

The weight to carry

Focus first on becoming before you commit

Life is more than marriage

You have to find your purpose first before that


Enjoy yourself

Enjoy your life

Love your family

Love above all, God

Like they say when you get there

There’s no way out

I think, I understand

How difficult it will be

To make the two

Become one

-Make the most of your singleness-

//Me To You//


the party at the restaurant
  • dustin: im gonna order all the candy and let it on the table, you guys pick whatever you guys want
  • mike: guys im not hungry *actualy starving*
  • el: how to gently ask for waffles?? guys?
  • lucas: what is happening here im hungry
  • everyone:
  • will: gimme all the coLD food
  • everyone: oh no

Made this half way through until I realized that Chai’s name was… well, “Chai”… (and not Fika (syllables for Coffee, backwards) like in the Japanese version.)

At least Tia’s name is consistent (In Japanese it’s Tina). Yay.

Either way, lol, coffee or tea?