oh food!

The green lanterns comics are such a laugh because since its american comics, and green lanterns come from all over the universe, yeah? So their cafeteria’s food is varied to say the least. But apparently according to the comics, all earth food comes from mostly the west (like steak, beer, prime rib, roast corn, etc) because the cooks are like ‘oh you want earth food? Have a steak’ and im like…… But what if i wanted rice or bak chor mee or roti prata what is my ass gonna do……

me: wow me and this person share a lot of similarities, I relate to them pretty hard!

my brain: you are now physically this person. physically. and mentally. now you have to act like them and I will probably give you nightmares about their lives. you will miss the people they miss. you will like their favorite foods. oh you’re allergic to their favorite food? tragic……. anyway. have fun.

me: no..wait I am not okay with that

my brain: wowza. too bad.



Eh, close enough…

Happy Easter!


170302 | SEHUN, L’Optimum Thailand Magazine March 2017 [TRANS]

“i want to go to america, i want to feel free like american”

“….cat is a little scary, i prefer dog”

“CATMAN…film is already finished and will release on MARCH”

“now i think im not famous…”

cr. mthxes, bqmxb506, exobaekhyun_tb, milkysehun412

*pls note im adding stuff as i see more trans

Mind your business.
  • Random man passing us outside of Petco: Look at him carrying the small bag and making her carry the big one. That's not right.
  • Me, carrying the giant bag of dog food on my shoulder: He's recovering from a hernia. Go screw yourself.
  • Random man: *mortified*