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ur post about fic & racism in the supergirl fandom really got me thinking (especially about my own biases so thank you) but also like, how there’s this incredibly pervasive but subtle new form of racism I haven’t seen b4 in other fandoms? Like on one hand u have this loud condemnation of how racist monel is & how he was a slave owner blabh blah but no corresponding attention given to the existing Black characters. 1/4

I get wlw not wanting to write m/f fic but a lot of the fandom doesn’t reblog (or make) any of the gifsets, they don’t meta for him they don’t call for more screen time for Mehcad. Same for M’gann. SO many posts talking about how awful monel is compare him to Lena and strangely don’t mention the Black female character who also came from an oppressive society to become a hero? And there are like, idk, 4 people? Who write or post wlw fic with M’gann in it? 2/4

Same with Maggie. A huge segment of fandom decided Floriana is white (even tho hollywood clearly won’t cast her in roles for white women) so they use that as an excuse to exclusively stan the very light skinned white wlw. And the way it carries over to the characters, like, okay Flo is white? but Maggie is absolutely treated like a woc in how parts of fandom aggressively ignore her & find ways to demonize her character while overtly supporting lighter skinned characters ¾

And that same part of the fandom doesn’t ever seem to create content for Lucy or Vasquez either. IDK this isn’t something u can probably explore with stats but ur post really got me thinking and it just feels really gross now bc I see all these posts condemning racism but there’s still this extreme perpetuation of privileging white characters at the same time? & I haven’t seen this particular trend in fandom b4 4/4

Oh, anon, this made my day. I have a bunch of notes waiting in a doc to address the whole Mon-El thing with regard to the racist undertones and the rhetoric used by the show to frame his storyline, and I will do my best to write it before the season comes back again, because I genuinely think they tried to aim high and just … missed completely. (But I make no promises because my thesis defense is on Tuesday.)

To your first point re: fandom attitudes – I was surprised in the early half of S2 when so many people came out of the woodwork making posts in the main tag like “wait, why did they get rid of Kara/James??” because, oh right, nobody acted like they cared for almost twelve straight months. If y’all were so okay with this ship, where were you to acknowledge its social significance when it was canon? Where are you now? Why hasn’t there been an outpouring of tweets week after week at the execs and the writers for sidelining an interracial couple in favor of what we’re getting, especially since the storyline literally handwaved away human trafficking and slavery as minor plot points?

Not only that, when there’s unrealized potential for a non-canon ship there is typically an outpouring of fic in response, and while there’s been a statistically significant amount of new Karolsen fic in S2 because it’s pretty easy to top zero percent, the writing there is not keeping pace with any of the other dude-involved pairings. 

And you’re right, anon: it is not possible to prove anything with stats. HOWEVER, thanks to the addition of these new characters for S2, I *am* at the point now where it’s possible to see correlation between character race and fan engagement with different pairing choices. And the bias is there, whether it’s in the het pairings, the femslash, or even the m/m pairings. The whole reason I started tracking fic outputs in the first place was that any attempt to have this conversation last year devolved into yelling and finger-pointing because “you have no proof!” that racial bias is a thing. Except, yanno, all the POC who live with it daily saying that it’s a thing. Well, congratulations y’all: your choices leave digital footprints behind that are pretty easy to follow and chart for everyone to see.

This isn’t actually a new problem, by the way – racism and preferencing of white pairing happens a lot, in almost every fandom. The only difference maybe is that I’ve experimented with quantifying it, which is not something that people usually do when they study fandoms or fan behavior.

It pains me to no end that M’gann has been so overlooked, because her story has just as many dark character beats to it as Lena’s, if not more, plus the added bonus of her sharing a sense of “otherness” with Kara in a way that few other people can. And there is no way the disinterest in that pairing isn’t about race, because there are a whole bunch of ships from S1 between white women who’d never even met each other in canon that have more romantic fics than M’gann/anyone.

And the nonsense about Floriana, which I’ll remind everyone again was started by a white girl, had a demonstrable chilling effect on interest in Sanvers as a pairing. Like. I can actually show that on paper. And you’re absolutely right with what you said above, which bears repeating: Maggie is absolutely treated like a woc in how parts of fandom aggressively ignore her & find ways to demonize her character.

There’s also a treatment of Floriana herself that reminds me uncomfortably of how people went out of their way to demonize Naya Rivera’s personal life whenever she reminded the world she was black instead of just “very tan.” And a lot of the rhetoric people are using to talk about Floriana’s racial heritage is almost verbatim the same as what you’ll find on white supremacist discussion boards about Italian people. I’d love to think this is an accident, but I’ve made some people pretty angry for pointing this out in the past, so I suspect it’s at least partially deliberate.

Lucy was another case that drove me insane, for two reasons:

  1. The vast majority of femslash fans flat-out ignored her as a romantic choice even though there were a whole lot of good reasons to ship her with either Kara or Alex, and a whole lot less negative reasons not to. (And it’s not like Supercat was already dominating the scene before Lucy’s character was introduced. That ship only became popular after the movie Carol came out during the winter hiatus of S1.)
  2. People had the same fight last year about whether or not Lucy counted as a WOC and ultimately insisted that the answer was no. But then people kept on ignoring her anyway like somehow dubiously legal boss/employee relationships, potential treason, and incest were more logical bases for attraction.

Also, to the people who have been like “oh yay we could’ve had Dichen as Maggie, a real WOC” like somehow this would have made the fandom love her more – you’re full of shit. If you mean that, why has there been so little fic about Dichen as Roulette? Like, last year there were a whole bunch of shipfics featuring Livewire. There was Kara/Siobhan. And yet … no dark scenarios of Supergirl/Roulette? No Alex ones? There were even a bucketload of those for each Danvers sister + Max Lord, and this fandom isn’t even that into dudes. You’re telling me no one is interested in this kind of hero/villain dynamic with the Asian chick and somehow that’s not also about race?

tl;dr I suspect that a decent chunk of this problem is the result of subconscious bias, but some of it’s not. And what’s really sad about it is that, for all the talk on Tumblr about representation being important, we’re really doing no better as media producers than Hollywood when it comes to race. If anything, we might actually be doing worse.

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This prompt idea has been bugging me for a few days and since I don't have the writing prowess to jot my thoughts into words...you up for writing a one-shot where Betty takes Jughead on their first date where she sets up a makeshift drive in by the lake knowing how much Jug misses it

I am always up for a good old fashioned writing challenge, my friend!

“Betty, I don’t understand why I’m blind folded? Not all of us have the natural grace of a seasoned athlete, like you”

Jughead grumbled underneath the tie wrapped around his eyes, tripping over a thick tree limb.

Betty couldn’t help the tiny giggle that escaped as she helped her very clumsy date stand upright.

“ oh hush juggie, this is supposed to be a fun surprise, you don’t get to have too many first dates.” She said tugging him along.

Jughead let her pull him pouting,

“Well it smells like nature and outside”

Betty snorted and he finally said what had been on his mind since she had asked him on this date.

“I know I haven’t been on many of these, or even one of these, but it’s to my understanding that the boy should ask the girl on the first date and probably do most of the planning?”

He heard Betty huff out a breath and knew she was getting ready to rant. This was one of his favorite sides of Betty.

“Says who? There is no rule that states men have exclusive rights to first dates, that is just a societal misconception made up by egotistical macho men who want to show they are the smarter sex. I planned this date because I wanted too.”

She got quiet for a second before she continued

“Also it didn’t seem like you were getting ready to ask me anytime soon so, I was being proactive.”

Jughead blushed deep scarlet and as soon as he opened his mouth to speak she beat him to it.

“Anyway you can stop complaining we’re here.” He could hear the smile in her voice.

“So I can take this thing off my face?”

He felt it being unknotted before it fell to the flor in front of him.

He almost wanted to put it back on to make sure what he was seeing in front of him was real.

There in the middle of the woods was a huge white sheet held up by two trees right by the river. An old fashioned projector that he recognized from the drive in, (it was his favorite one he would watch movies on the wall with that one for hours,)was propped a distance from it and there was a picnic blanket laid out right in front of the sheet.
His eyes immediately found all the food and his stomach growled involuntarily.
On the blanket was piles of film reels from all different types of genres.

His very own riverside drive in.

He heard Betty clear her threat from behind him

“I know it’s not the drive in, but I know how bad you miss that place and I managed to snag a few things before they tore it down, i was gonna just give them to you, but I figured this might be better…”

She trailed off playing with her fingers waiting for his response.

He stared at her for what felt like ages, watching her wiggle a little under his gaze.

When finally he took two large strides and had her wrapped up in his arms and his mouth on hers.

She tasted like mint toothpaste and strawberries and cream.

He had never tasted anything that good in his life.

And he’d tasted plenty of things.

When they both pulled away for air she laughed

“So I guess you like it?”

He pulled her back in kissing her slowly before pulling away

“Best first date ever.”

I’ve been playing around with making my own oatcakes (cause a lot of the ones you can buy in stores have been adulterated with wheat and potato starch and sodium fucking benzoate of all things) and I think I’ve finally hit on the right ratio for savory seasoning, but also I’ve managed to make a sweet version too and oh, oh it’s the first sweet thing I’ve had in weeks and it’s heaven. Crumbly, sweet heaven. 

Cheer me up (Sirius x Reader)

Can you do a high school AU where Young Sirius is the football captain and and the reader is a cheerleader and at a game, Sirius get’s hurt and the reader just stops cheering and runs up to him and you can make up the rest? Thank you!!❤

A/N: Idk if this is what you imagined but i hope you like it. I did my best but there are probably mistakes due to the fact i wrote it late at night. Still, please let me know what you think ♥

Warnings: none

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This evening was the first football match for the season and our school was a host so everything had to be perfect. To be one of the best students in school and at the same time a cheerleader is not an easy job especially in those kinds of situations. My graphic was full and I barely found time for things such as talking or even thinking.

“Miss (Y/L/N), I hope you are ready with the preparations for today.”, the headmaster asked me for maybe the 10th time.

“Oh, yes. We did everything we could to make the coming team feel comfortable.”, I answered nicely putting a fake smile on my face. Making an excuse I managed to get away from him and went straight to the football pitch.

We used to have training like two hours ago, but I had to fucking search for special towels for our guests. So here I was, hours later, dressed in my tiny skirt, exhausted as hell, going to have a three hour long exercise for tonight…

“Hey, (Y/L/N)! How are you today?”, a familiar voice appeared just behind my back.

“Not in the mood for you flirtations.”, annoyed I didn’t bother to spin around and see the well-known boy in the whole school – Sirius Black, the captain of the football match, the most hot and sexy guy, probably the heartbreaker of the school. Usually I flirted back as a joke but now, hungry, tired, sleepy and angry I wasn’t able to deal with this.

“Don’t worry, babe. I am not gonna flirt for now. Just wanted to make sure you’ll be screaming my name tonight.”, and the famous smirk was now on his beautiful and yet irritating face.

“You wish! Can you leave me alone, cause I wanna finish with everything as soon as possible and go home and fucking rest for god sake!”, kind of screaming I turned away and went straight to the girls waiting for me to began.

Hours passed and due to my eyes shutting almost every minute we had to repeat some of the movements but everything was just perfect. While the boys were practicing and so were we, I couldn’t stop the feeling of someone’s eyes landing on my back. But me, being me, I didn’t give a fuck and continued my job.

I hate when people tend to think that of you are a cheerleader, you are definitely a stupid hollow bitch. My dear human beings, stop believing at what you see on your favorite TV shows. Not all of us are that bad! As one of the main cheerleaders, we are too occupied to find time for you. Honestly, you are not that special and you would never be. And we are definitely not sluts!

“(Y/n), wait!”, someone screamed and got me out of my trans of anger. When I looked beside me I saw the pretty footballer coming my way.

“What do you want?”, I retorted back.

“You don’t have to be so sharp, sweetheart. I just wanted to ask your pretty little angry face on a date.”, he stated while walking next to me.

“Okay”, was the only word I gave to him.

“So, that’s a yes?”


“But you said ‘okay’.”

“Look at me Black! I don’t have time for you! My schedule is full and even now you are losing my time! Don’t offend but you better find another girl to mess up with.”

“I am not messing with you!”

I didn’t say anything neither he did. He just stopped and went another direction while I continued my way towards home.

It was 7pm. The match was about to start after 30 minutes. I remember how at the beginning I was so anxious to go out and dance in front of so many people, but now it’s like a routine. As I was checking if everything and everyone was ready, Roxanne came towards me for chitchat as per usual.

“I heard you ditched Black.”

“Yes, I did. Why?”

“I’m just interested why you did so. I heard you really hurt him and that’s not good for tonight match.”, the girl stated.

“Better him that me.”, Roxanne gave me a confused look so I explained, “Come on, Rox, a guy like him wouldn’t date a girl like me if it’s not a prank or something.” The stern look on her face suddenly turned into a smile.

“Whatever you say, leader.”, patting my shoulder she came closer and whispered, “But you better clarify with yourself.”

The truth was that I liked that boy. He wasn’t a bad guy as far as I knew him. But better play not interested instead of showing your affection and getting hurt.

The time came so I put the smile on my face, encouraged my girls and ran towards the pitch to show all the people what we are capable of. When we appeared the audience got wild, they cheered us and welcomed the team of our school. I and the girls sat on our seats and waited for the breaks to do our job. When I saw Sirius, my heart skipped a beat. He was smiling yes, but the way he was moving, that fact that selfish façade wasn’t turn on showed me that each word Roxanne told me was true.

The match wasn’t going well. We were losing and mainly it was Sirius who messed up something. And the fact that the crowd was cheering as much as dead person would, I decided to do something.

“Come on, girls! Let’s bring back the spirit of the game.”

“(Y/N), we are…”

“I don’t care! You are a cheerleader! Your job is to lift up the spirit and courage of the team and the audience! So move your asses and dance!”

Hopefully, the girls knew my temper so my word actually encouraged them rather that offend them.

When I need motivation
My one solution is my queen
‘Cause she stay strong (yeah yeah)
She is always in my corner
Right there when I want her

We sang a part of a famous cheerleader song. As we were dancing I suggested making a pyramid. Everything was going fine, the public was up and clapping for us. But suddenly everything went dead. I turned around and saw somebody lying on the ground, somebody wearing the number 9. I jumped and ran towards the body. Pushing all the boys all around it I fell down on my knees.

“Oh my god! Sirius, are you okay?!”

“Yes, I think so…”

“Good. Now stand up and kick some asses for me, okay?”


“Because if you do it, I will find a way to cheer you up after what happened.”

“And how is that going to happen? Because I don’t believe y-”

I did something I would never normally do – kiss him in front of everyone. It was a short one of course but the feeling was amazing. I’d wanted this for such a long time.

“If you win, you might, maybe, probably, 50% have the chance of getting more.”

“You know how to cheer me up, babe.”, he smiled and I helped him got up. He wasn’t hurt that bad so the match continued. I think there’s no need to tell you who won and what price the winner received.

Season 1 2012 Donatello is great. 

Like, it’s his first night out of the sewers, and he just goes ahead and pole vaults from the top of a building to grab onto a moving helicopter. A moving helicopter filled with alien robots armed with advanced technology, while he left his bo staff behind. In order to save two people he barely knows.

So there he is, holding on to the landing skid for dear life as the helicopter gains altitude, a blaster pointed right at his face, and what does he do? 

He starts sassing off. 

No fear, no heroics, just an “oh for fuck’s sake,” before he rams a throwing star into the damn thing. It’s his first night seeing the world and he’s already done with this bullshit. How can you not love him.

Lazy Morning With Mo

You were sat cross legged at the kitchen island sipping on a warm cup of coffee as the dark grey clouds loomed just outside the apartment window. Resting one hand on the warm mug you turned the page of the magazine you were looking at with the other. Saturday mornings were your favorite because you got to be lazy with Morgan, the two of you got to enjoy one another’s company for a little while longer than you usually did in the mornings. You pushed your glasses up your nose with one finger as you read an article on exfoliation. 

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asdfghjkl Odasaku I miss you 


Norman Reedus was not a happy camper during the filming of the first half of The Walking Dead’s seventh season. But that’s okay, because it turns out he wasn’t supposed to be happy about it. We spoke to Reedus about some of the fan complaints about the first eight episodes, and then he unloaded with some complaints of his own, even revealing that he took those complaints straight to showrunner Scott M. Gimple.

It seems being stuck in a cell naked by yourself is none too fun, and Reedus made sure his boss was aware of it, only to be told that it was necessary to serve the story. (An assessment it seems Reedus ultimately — if begrudgingly — agreed with.) Read on as Reedus explains how filming the story deviation was anything but “Easy Street” (sorry, couldn’t resist) and why he says he’s “happy that we’re back on that first track again.”

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Obviously, one of the big differences from the first half of the season to the second half is seeing you all reunited again. What’s it like getting the gang back together since you guys were all splintered off?
NORMAN REEDUS: Oh, God, it’s great. You know, this show always feels like the show to me when that group is working in unison, and that first half was very hard for us to film. It was just rough. We were all separated, and we just kind of missed each other. We missed having the feeling that we had when we started this thing. I mean, I know the show evolves and all of that stuff, but man, that first half was rough, so I’m excited that we’re all back together. I know everybody’s excited.

Andrew Lincoln said the same thing. But he also said it really feels like the old show again in this back half.
Yeah, it does, and you know, that’s what we like doing. That’s what we miss doing, so it was nice to have that gang back together, for sure.

There was obviously some chatter out there from viewers about the first half and some complaints about the tone. What do you make of that?
I mean, I was saying that about the first half. I think part of that chatter you’re talking about came from me. But you know, it’s true: You can’t make everybody happy about everything. But we try, and you have to keep the story moving forward at all times or you just tell the same story over and over again. But I know new actors that came onto this show that were like, “Man, I miss the old group,” and they were playing new roles this season. So I know that everybody felt it, but people think we’re headed to the left, and we go to the right. So that’s just how we keep people on their toes. But I’m happy that we’re back on that first track again, you know?

You all have a history of doing an episode here and there that shows us a whole new group or community, but we’ve never had so many of those back to back like this. And the only time you all have been splintered off like this into small groups for so long was the second half of season 4. Do you think the audience missed seeing the big group together?
Yeah, and I mean, I understand when characters go through certain things, and mostly they’re cut off from the rest of the group, but I didn’t even see anybody. I was in a hole by myself, naked. It just did not feel right to me. I’d talk to Gimple, and I’d be like, ‘Man, this sucks. I hate this.’ And he’d be like, ‘You’re supposed to.’ I’m like, ‘Oh, there you go.’ You know what I mean? He was right. It was supposed to suck, and it did suck — for me, anyway. But you know, it just makes coming back together that much more special.

VIA DALTON ROSS Entertainment Weekly 

Are You My Dad? and Steven Bomb 6 Theory (Spoilers!)

TLDR: Two or possibly more Gems are in pursuit of the specific humans that Steven mentioned to Peridot back in season 1.

This one takes us all the way back to episode 44, Warp Tour. When Steven first meets Peridot, she asks him a handful of questions. She asks him if “Stevens” have replaced humans on Earth, and he says “Oh no, there’s lots of humans. There’s my dad, Connie, Lars and Sadie, the mailman. Onion, I think. Lots of people!”

In this new trailer, everyone who seems to go missing or be in some kind of trouble, was mentioned in this list. Connie seems to be defending herself against someone, and later in that scene, Steven is shoved against a tree. I’m going to assume Connie was taken by some unseen Gems. (More on that soon.) It’s also interesting to note that what we see of this scene is entirely muted.

There’s no mention of Lars and we don’t see him in this trailer, but Sadie didn’t make it home. She seemingly disappeared, probably with nobody around to see it. My guess is that she goes missing first, possibly before what happened with Connie, and this is what sparks the chain of events in the upcoming bomb.

Onion is approached directly by two Gems shown in silhouette. Because of the editing, it’s hard to know if the question “Are you my dad?” is aimed at him or not, but if he is the only person we see actually being taken by them, it could be.

We don’t see or hear of Greg or Jamie, but if these perusing Gems work out who they are, they could also be targets. From the asked questions, it’s clear that these Gems in question don’t seem to know how names vs titles work among humans. Since Onion doesn’t talk, they may end up assuming that he is “My dad,” or someone else.

I don’t know why, but it seems the Gems who are taking people are specifically interested in those who Steven mentioned to Peridot. Either the encounter was recorded by Peridot herself, or the list made it into her report. This information was held by Homeworld for some time, but possibly didn’t come to light until after the events of Steven Bomb 5.

And that’s my theory. I’ll be reblogging this with additional details and an episode breakdown to my leak blog, but if you want to remain leak free, this is where the theory ends. I hope you like it, and if you have any questions or related comments, feel free to ask/reply!


‘I love it when you talk dirty.’

Ok, so since I’m writing a fic, I’m rewatching RWBY(oh the good old volumes, the good old volumes how I miss you so) and it came to me that the reason I kind of feel bad about v4 is that…it felt as if writers pushed some plots and characters on us like they….didn’t really know what to write. I understand that, writing is not easy. However I feel like v4 really was wasted potential and that writers sort of walked past a quite good path they could have taken. I’m talking about Ruby. There is a story about her that has been sitting there pretty much forever. And it would be-imo at least- a path consistent with what has been set up about her as character from the start(and not only character traits) 

-Large part of Ruby’s character, aside from cheerfulness and optimism is her idealism. She went to Beacon and wanted to become a Huntress because she wanted to be a hero. And not the kind of hero that gets glory and whatnot. She wanted to SAVE AND HELP PEOPLE.

-She values her friends a lot, because she’s socially awkward and she doesn’t/didn’t have that many of them from what we understand. Sure she had some friends at Signal but Yang has hinted more than once that Ruby needs to meet more people, and come out of her shell. 

-Her semblance is speed

Now, you may ask ‘But Nina, what do those three things have to do with one another, and what do they have to do with volume 4?’

Well here it is. And that’s guilt over what happened. Just look at the end pf previous season. Beacon fell, Pyrrha died, Penny died. Two of her friends-people she cares about, people she’s been short of in her life-die and THEY DIE RIGHT BEFORE HER EYES. She, the girl who wanted to be a hero, girl with superpower of SPEED both times arrives LATE TO SAVE PEOPLE SHE LOVES. This would be something she’d feel terrible about, and we had hints through volume 4, scattered here and there that she indeed has guilt over what happened. And that would’ve been a great story. Because it would be natural and in line with what has been set up about her; for her to think

“I wanted to save people, but when the time came for it, I could not. Two of my close friends…my BEST FRIEND have been killed in front of my eyes. I’m a speedster, I’m fast and yet despite of this I still arrived to late’ She would think that, she would not understand how it’s possible and she would feel horribly, horribly guilty over it, and lose some confidence over it too. Question whenever or not she still has it in her to be a Huntress. And Silver-eyes? It would fit with it pretty well too. Because she’s been told she has some even more special superpower, something really grand. 

‘I’m so special, I have this power…why did it not manifest itself earlier? Why could I not use it to save Penny? Why did it activate too late to save Pyrrha?’ She could get to question her calling even more. Because she has a great power, that once again…came too late to save people she cared about…

This would have been a plot that followed right after the third season, and explored Ruby’s feelings. and heck, we could throw in a bit of danger into it too. I’ve stated before that it would be good of Silver-eyed power, like any destructive and dangerous power like this had some consequences. So what if Ruby’s guilt and negative feelings fuelled it and made her loose control? Caused the power to turn on her? Especially as Ruby, is a person who runs away from negative feelings rather than face them. She prefers to push them away and cover them with constant happiness, and excitement. This could be a good conflict too. She would push her guilt away, she would try and act cheerful for the sake of RNJR and everyone else, but it would become more and more difficult to hide her feelings with her powers acting up, with the headaches and nightmares. She would finally HAVE to face the way she feels, face her doubts and face her guilt. For once, she would have to admit that she’s not always happy-go-lucky ball of energy. 

And that could be a good thing for the rest of the team. Ren, Nora and Jaune, would suddenly realise that their energetic and optimistic friend needs support, and not only ‘we’re going to help you find answers’ support. But actual, emotional support, that for once she needs someone to talk to HER the way she talked, and cheered on, and supported other people. That could go especially for Jaune, with whom she is very close and whom she gave the advice on leadership. Sort of have him give back to her for all her kindness. I know, I know we got that in Kuroyuri, but it was just one scene, and the rest of the volume, and thrown a bit at the end…with rest of the volume not really focusing on this aspect that much. 

This story has been there, I’ve seen some hints, a one or two scenes, but I think that it should have had more focus and depth. 

Episode Thoughts

(I try..key word: try, not to get too mean-spirited in these things. So I may have held my tongue on a few points. Nonetheless, if you feel these comments deserve an ‘anti’ tag, please let me know.)

- We now join Lord of The Flies: Neverland Edition already in progress.

- Hook regrets not switching out his regular hook with the grappling plug-in one he got last Christmas.

- Okay, so far this season Hook has offered rum to children and a pregnant woman.

- We apparently interrupted Emma while she was in her Wednesday Addams cosplay.

- Charming, the last time you and Snow charged ahead on a idea without thinking it over was how you ended up with half a heart in the first place.

- Everyone get their first season wigs back on!

- Retcon time!

- Grumpy had a job?

- The biggest surprise so far is them actually giving Belle 10 seconds of screen time.

- How in the hell? Rumple, put the Club on your dagger or something! 

‘Time of the Dark Curse’, that or present day Rumple magically grew his hair back…oh, why couldn’t it be the latter??

- I miss Rumple’s cane almost as much as his floof.

- Pre-Emma Rumple was limited with his insults. Hence him reusing the Dr Hooper joke.

- (Pixie’s the name of my youngest kitty cat, so I’m a little delighted everytime her name gets mentioned in this episode)

- Tiger Lily was a fairy?? That or they couldn’t get Tinker Bell to come back for enough episodes to play whatever plot role Tiger is gonna have.

- I can only assume that Mary Margaret keep scissors in her pocket at all times to trim her hair on a daily basis.

- Oh, no, they killed Pumbaa!

- Don’t suppose we want to give a flower to Rumple so he could find his child….?

- I kinda prefer Shadow-Hook to the real deal..

- Hey, come back!

- Did I hear that right? “It’s my fault you didn’t tell me!” Or words to that effect? I’m….You know what? It’s not my ship. Not my problem. Let’s move on.

- The characters from the earlier seasons who can no longer get screen time, gathering around for for their last moment to shine.

- Regina recaps the latest retcon to get them all up to speed.

- Shockingly, Hook is the first one who wants to drink something.

- I’m not even sure how this is suppose to work..? Guess I should have been paying attention rather than writing sarcastic comments, but hey, it gets me through the show.

- Don’t suppose this could have worked back when Rumple needed to wake Belle up from her sleeping curse….?

- Oops, everyone’s dead.

- Rats…I mean, oh, they’re not.

- Huh, guess they cut Moe French’s scene. Must run in the family.

I went and found the bit of flashback where Robert talks about his involvement with the Undertaking in 1x21 and he describes a councilman coming to him before the opening of the steel factory, wanting a bribe, Robert fighting with him “I didn’t want to hurt him… but he fell” and earlier describing this event as the Glades ‘taking his soul’. 

My first thought in this episode was that “oh we already knew that Robert killed somebody” but I forget that while WE did, OLIVER did not. And this episode dealing with that anecdote from season 1 is an impressive bit of continuity. Especially when you consider that the information revealed in 1x21 is pretty in sync with what we know of Robert’s character, but that missing information informs the reactions of Oliver and Thea four seasons later in 5x21 so they are reacting purely to the video, not to anything from the flashback. It’s very well done and i like it better the more I dwell on it. 

A-Z Prompts: Donnie

Alright, you guys know the rules. Send me up to 4 letters, and I will answer them for our favourite scientist, Donatello.





E - EVENINGS (first time basically)






K - CLOTHES (i know it doesn’t begin with K just go with it)




O - OVER (break up)


Q - MISSING YOU(i know it doesn’t begin with Q but who cares)









Z - PASS TIME (i know it doesn’t begin with Z but oh well)


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A/N: This is my entry for @tiny-sam-is-my-jam‘s Christmas writing challenge! My prompt was #46, “frost.”

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word count: ~1450

Summary: You and Cas celebrate some of your old holiday traditions. 

You sat at the window, watching as the night’s cold air mingled with the moisture on the glass, creating frost along the edges of the window pane. Christmas lights dancing in the background. You sighed. You loved the holidays, truly and deeply you did. The air was different once October 1st hit. And you breathed it all in. But there were moments where the melancholy of the holiday season beckoned you. It was December 1st and you were feeling its tug stronger than ever.

“Are you alright?”

You turned around to see deep blue eyes staring intently at you, concern stirring inside them. “I’m okay Cas, really, thank you.”

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anonymous asked:

Hi there! Could you recommend some good Voltron fics?

Oh gosh uhhhh, so first up, some ‘disclaimers’: I’m gonna be honest I have only read klance things, so if that’s not your cup of tea then I won’t be any help to you :’)  I also tend to avoid reading fics shorter than 1k words simply as a personal preference, so I’ve probably missed a lot of nice drabbles.  Naturally some of these fics are going to be heavy on the spoilers bc Season 1 is over.  I’ve also read way too many things in the past week alone, usually at like 3 in the morning, so I can’t remember which ones are nsfw without rereading all of them, so please check the archive warnings and fic summaries to make sure you’re gonna be okay with the fic contents.  Cool beans.

These are all fics I have bookmarked on my phone so I don’t remember all the exact details, but this is what I remember of them:


  • Stormchasing by sinelanguage – keith and lance find space pirates and then have to try and get out of a shitfiesta together, it’s just a really fun read the whole way where they slowly trust each other and compromise and work together and you should read it
  • A Fish and a Bird by Methoxyethane – this is like straight up adorable with all the character interactions, but also lance doesn’t realize for ages that he kinda-accidentally-asked-keith-out and has a space boyfriend, and it’s funny bc we know he did
  • A Quarter Past Midnight by Gigapoodle – [warnings: fic features some transphobic characters, internalized transphobia, unintentional misgendering] – i am a sucker for angst but im also a sap for happy endings, but this is a character study of sorts for trans!keith that made me cry at like 4am i cry easily ok
  • you’re so sweet; will you be mine? by jojotxt – they’re rival bakers and they passive-aggressively send each other desserts with notes to flirt / one-up each other and it features lance yelling hysterically and angrily in spanish bc he’s bad at feelings, 11/10
  • the electric synthesized pop ballad of why keith can’t have nice things by kay_cricketed – i normally don’t read A/B/O dynamic fics but this one is pretty lowkey, and honestly it features keith cluelessly trying to stuff a space pillow through a door to give to lance at one point, and that should sell it to you
  • Thunderstruck by xShieru – lance is so obviously crushing on keith and then takes him to a space prom
  • Color Me Intrigued by dreamcp – lance likes to sketch, and realizes he has a crush on keith after he keeps drawing him :^)
  • Voltron Kitchen by caecily – cutthroat kitchen au i shit you not, this was super entertaining to read, and also a fkn hilarious use of the “i cradled you in my arms!” quote
  • In English, Please by princevince – lance is bad at feelings and starts ‘insulting’ keith in spanish, so keith gets annoyed and asks pidge to make a translator, and it turns out lance was flirting oops
  • twelve feet deep by starspecters – something adorable with keith and lance getting together
  • Waltz by wolfgun – modern au where lance asks keith for a dance at hunk and shay’s wedding
  • you, me, and UST by andreaphobia – lance Cannot Handle the fact that keith is hot and does stupid shit like yell about keith smelling like flowers, it’s hilarious
  • In dreams, I dance with you by scarletdevil – ok i had to rec this one just bc it’s a band au and i am a sucker for those
  • A for Effort by amcw177 – it’s like through spacedad’s pov but it’s hilarious watching the voltron crew try and get keith and lance to date bc they are so bad at matchmaking
  • there was a fic called you have received entirely, entirely by loveghost but i think they deleted it, that was a beautiful one-shot though and i’ll miss it very much, mild regret that i didn’t reread it another time before it was gone 8′) if it ever returns you should read it!!


  • Dirty Laundry by Gibslythe – fake relationship fics are my reason for living and with that out of the way, lance brings keith home for christmas as his fake boyfriend, and i just adore the character interactions in this and how the author created lance’s family, also it’s funny as shit in some moments and really goddamn adorable at others, i can’t wait for more
  • What a Healing Pod Can’t Repair by Remember_Me – one of the fics i will literally catapult out of bed to read if there is an update, mostly bc i enjoy Suffering, and this has like Quality Angst; one of the chapters details what lance is up to and like i stg my heart straightup dies bc it’s so fkn sad and it’s great, i need to know what happens next please join me in this hell
  • Orbit by RainIsMyFavouriteColour – lance gets into barfight bc people were insulting keith, and according to the summary shit’s gonna hit the fan eventually, so i am waiting for more plot and you should suffer with me anon
  • Drive! by wolfgun – they’re like high school age or something, keith leaps into lance’s car at a gas station to avoid being beat up by some hooligans, and then keith gets to stay at lance’s house for a while, and idk how to explain this but it was fun to read ok
  • One New Message by mikuridaigo – there’s only one chapter at the moment but the idea of lance and keith accidentally hooking up and becoming friends via grindr amuses the shit out of me, and i can’t wait to see what happens next

and ok this list got kinda long (there are actually even more fics that i’ve read and enjoyed but i didn’t have them bookmarked and didn’t want to trawl through all of ao3 again), i hope this helps???

edit: i have more fic recs here!

Made With Love

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Made With Love

“What do you mean you want to be a chef? You can’t cook” Kiseok laughed leaning his head on his hand.

“First of all, it’s not that I want to be a chef. I am a chef” You scoffed, rolling your eyes. You’d only been back to Korea for a few days but you were hard at work looking for a location for your restaurant. You continued stirring the ingredients and shot him a glare. “What do you think I was doing when I was in the States? I wasn’t just goofing off you know.”

“Oh yeah? Then how come I’ve never had your food?”

“Because you like going out all the time” He’s always been like that, he was such a foodie. Each night was a new restaurant. Maybe that’s where you developed your love for food, and in turn cooking. You don’t even remember the first time you met Kiseok. He’s just always been a constant in your life. A friend, a brother, a life line. You missed spending time like this with him. You sprinkled some seasoning into the pan as you moved around the rice.

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Requested by Anon :)

Roman Reigns x Reader 


You were sitting on your living room couch with one of your best friends, Roman Reigns. You invited him over for the day and you decided that you wanted to watch Game of Thrones with him. He had never seen the show so you wanted to show him what it was all about. He wasn’t really into the idea of the show, but you insisted that he watch it. He eventually agreed and you started the show from the very first episode.
You were about halfway through the first season when you started to laugh a little. Roman looked over at you a little confused on why you were laughing so much.
“What exactly is so funny? Did I already miss something?” You shook your head and pointed to the tv screen.
“You know the character Khal Drogo?”
He shrugged his shoulders and shook his head. “Not really which one is that?”
You waited until he appeared on the screen and you pointed to him. “Him! Right there!”
“Oh okay, what about him? What’s funny about him?” You looked between him and Roman and you laughed a little again. Roman raised his eyebrows hoping he would get an explanation from you. You caught your breath and took a few deep breaths before turning slightly to face him but enough so you can still see the tv screen.
“Nothing is funny about him, but he kind of reminds me of you.” Roman scrunched his face and you gave him a smile and shrugged. “Want something else to drink or eat or anything?”
“Yes, while you explain why I remind you of that guy.” He points to the screen and you roll your eyes getting up from the couch and making your way over to the kitchen. You grabbed a bag of chips and a few cans of soda bringing it back over to the living room.
You flopped down on the couch and gave him his soda and the bag of chips. You opened up your can and started giving him your explanation.
“Alright, the reason why you remind me of him is first, you guys have that tribal tattoo thing going on. Second, he’s got nice hair.”
“So.. I have nice hair?”
“Shut up, let me finish.” He chuckled putting another chip in his mouth letting you go on. “ Besides the hair, you and him have similar physical features.”
“Okay but i’m a better looking guy than he is..”
“Yeah sure whatever.” You rolled your eyes and he squinted his eyes at you smiling. “Now can I go on without you trying to interrupt?” You laughed and he nodded taking a sip of his soda. “So, as I was sayyyiinngg! You guys have SIMILAR..” You made sure you emphasized the word to make him feel a bit better. “…Features. And he’s that strong guy. Like you’re considered the strong guy.”
“Considered? I am the strong guy.”
“You’re so sensitive. Plus a lot of people are scared of him! He’s basically boss in this show right now okay.” He nods his head as he continues to watch the show you shook your head and looked back at the tv.
“I think I like that guy.”
“You’re saying that cause you guys are alike.”
“…Yeah? So?” He laughed and continued with the bag of chips. You pushed his shoulder and grabbed the bag of chips away from him he started to pout and you laughed looking back at the tv.
“I’m a warrior, I want the chips.”
“Ro.. Shut up.”