oh fionna


A parody of Good Little Girl/Oh Marceline. Hope you like it!


Heya dudes~!

for any of you adventure time/fiolee fans out there, I recently had the pleasure to do voice work for the amazing animator Robin Lwaxan!

If you have some spare time on your hands, I highly recomend you go check it out! :D

Oh, Connie ft. Steven and Connie
Oh, Connie ft. Steven and Connie

Written and Sung by: Perfectlyvindictive

Instrumental by: PetiteNise  


I felt like nothing would change, until I met you
I feel like I can pretend, in this fairytale with you
If I asked, “Could I stay and defend?”, would it upset you?
Because the way you seem tonight, petrified by, something horrendous
Oh, Oh, Connie.
Your words have touched my heart.
Oh, Oh, Steven.
I won’t let any force in this world keep us apart
We might be battered, bruised and scared; but we won’t be apart   

(this was requested :) )



Source:Robin Lwaxana

Oh Tumblr

I feel like nothing was real, Until i met you.

I feel like we connect, i really get you,

If i said you’re the best site, would it upset you.

Because the way you post the fandoms

Some are weird, but never random.

Ohhh, Ohh, Tumblr

Your blogs have touched my heart.

Ohhhh, ohhh, Tumblr.

I won’t let anything in this world keep us apart.

I won’t let anything in this world.. keep us apart


for those who don’t get it