oh fig

I got a 10 from my Russian exam!! 179/180 points! Aaaahhh! I’m so happy now!! QuQ

P.S. 10 is the equivalent of like an A if you were confused c:

lunch today was a quick (wholemeal) pasta salad made of corn, kidney beans, tomato, basil, parsley, pepper and chili pepper, evo oil and hemp seeds while my family had my grandmom’s heavy lasagna ahahah. as usual, when my grandmom visit me, she brought me loads of fruit and fresh figs that when i saw them i almost screamed oh lord i lovE FIGS O K A Y; maybe i’ll eat some fruit for dinner since i have a cravinggg, but i have to wait the end of Roma vs Juve, italian football match for excellence (we cheer for Roma!!). now Onika is sleeping, again, and i’m gonna show you some pictures of her afternoon nap x)

Omori kickstarter

Hey guys, you know that comic “Pretty Boy” that has been floating around this site for a while? Well the creator of that comic is making a game, a VIDEO game. The artwork is awesome and the soundtrack is already pumpin. They have less than two days left on their kickstarter, so go pledge! It’s going to be a hella rad game and the more funds the better.