oh equius

D –> Nepeta I command you to desist before you embarrass me in front of Horuss

its been a while since i got one of these! sorry its a little late, anon


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I felt like everyone needed some sigils today.

The first one is for positive changes and happiness. It’s a combination of the Sowilo rune, as well as the space symbol to channel some of Jade’s positivity.

The second one is for safety and protection. It is a combination of the rune Ingwaz and Dave’s glasses, to channel the protection of the knight class.

The third one is for strength. It combines the Eihwaz rune and Equius’s symbol to channel his strength.

The fourth one is for happiness and comfort. It combines the Wunjo rune and the heart symbol since it deals with emotions.

The last one is for endurance and patience. It combines the Nauthiz rune with Equius’s symbol.

-Mod Duck🐤

Homestuck Trolls according to Autocorrect.

Kat Kat Mantas

Nepeta Lei Hon

Solid Captor

Tacos Nitrate

Kanaka Maryam

Terri Pyrope

Arabia Me Fido

Brisk a Seeker

Equids Zahhak

Gamgee Malaria

Reusable Amphora

Federico Pixies

les8ean  asked:

My dude you are drawing all the good equius ships. Thank you. I'm happy that the horse boy is happy. ((Also if it's not too much to ask, would you possibly to able to draw a small equirezi?) If not that's fine! Feel free to ignore that request!)

how about a lil outfit swap ✌️👀


Here are the holiday-themed launch images for the Homestuck Amino one next to another!

Homestuck AU in which Lil Hal notices Equius(’s muscles) while riding around on Dirk’s face at the mall.  He tries to get Dirk to talk to him, but Dirk’s got other things going on, so Lil Hal locates Equius contact information and messages himself.  Equius so impressed with Lil Hal’s sentient AI-ness that they initiate conversation and go on from there.