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Los side's(?

Aun que no lo parezca, Side A ha hablado a traves de la mascara. “El dijo la frase: oh se mataran entre ellos, lo que pase primero”, en el capitulo de Capricornio.

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The NDRV3 guys come home and see that their S/O is absorbed in something on her laptop. So, curious, they take a look. And she's playing Hunie Pop. (Or maybe Galgun but you get my point right?) How would the guys react?

Omg Anon I remember first discovering HuniePop haha. Admin Kaito didn’t know what is was so I showed her a clip and she was just like:… Oh XD

NDRV3 Boys coming home and discovering their S/O playing HuniePop

Shuuichi Saihara:

- He just got back home from work

- “S/O - san! I’m home!”

- Silence

- Huh that’s weird, are you asleep? He makes his way over to your room and finds you tapping away on your laptop. Curious, he takes a quick glance at the screen

- Is that Candy Crush?

- He walks up to you and leans over your shoulder to get a better look

- That is definitely not Candy Crush

- He’s blushing and that’s when you finally notice him

- “Oh, hey hey Saihara - kun”

- He’s still blushing but now there’s a half naked anime looking girl on the screen

- “I…That… I…”

- “Do you want to play the game?”

- He’s bright red now and still stuttering

- “I take that as a yes then!”

- You stand and gently pull him onto the chair before sitting on his lap

- “Okay so I think you should go for Aiko…”

- The poor boy is just a blushing and stuttering mess the whole time which causes you to giggle and kiss his cheeks from time to time

Kaito Momota:

- “Babe I’m homeeeee”

- Other than a clicking sound there’s silence

- “S/O~”

- You’re sitting on the sofa cross legged, a laptop on your lap

- “Whatchu playin’~”

- Alright you’re either purposefully ignoring him or that game is just that good

- He leans over and sees…

- “Is that Tiffany?”

- You instantly turn to face him

- “Tiffany is my Waifu.”

- “Uh no, Nikki is the ultimate Waifu”

- You squint at him

- “Hold on a second Momota - kun, how do you know about this game… This is… My laptop”

- Shit

- The two of you just kinda stare for each other for a while before he just nods

- “I mean, you were playing it all the time so I got interested! So I had a go and…”

- “Tiffany is still the Waifu, just saying saying”

- The two of you then proceed to have a little debate which ends up with cuddles and playing the game


- He just got back from the lab after getting several upgrades

- “S/O - san! I’m back home”

- He walks into the living room to find you intensely tapping at the laptop

- “S/O - san?”

- “Hey Kiibo - kun. Busy.”

- Busy? With what

- He glances at the screen and sees you playing something where you match shapes but next to that board is..

- Kiibo.exe stopped working

- You hear the sound of him shutting down behind you

- “Huh? Kiibo - kun?”

- You get up and knock on his head and he suddenly comes back online

- “S/O - san! What in the world are you playing?!”

- “It’s just HuniePop”

- “What is the goal of that game?”

- You put on a serious face and grab his shoulders “To get all the panties.”

- Anddd he crashed again

- Oh boy, this isn’t going too well

Rantaro Amami:

- He. Was. Exhausted.

- Why did work drain so much energy -_-

- “S/O - san… I’m so t-”

- He found you staring at your laptop screen, you had headphones in so you clearly didn’t hear him come in

- He decided it’d be best if he snuck up on you so he quietly walked up behind you and wrapped his arms around you

- “Hm? Oh hi Amami - kun”

- “Hey… I’m tired and you’re not even paying attention to me…”

- He looks at your screen

- Is that a fairy?

-  “What are you playing?”

- “HuniePop obviously! I almost got everyone’s route!”

- He comes around and sits properly on the sofa next to you, he then leans his head on your shoulder and watches for a while

- That doesn’t last for too long seeing as he just begins to doze off on your shoulder

- You stroke his hair but never lose your focus on the game

- Priorities 

Kokichi Ouma:

- He always loves to make a big entrance

- “S/O - chan! I’m homeeeee!”

- You would usually shout back to him but today there was no response

- What the. Are you… Ignoring him?!

- He storms over to your room to find you sitting on the bed, a laptop on your lap

- “S/O - chaaaaaannnn notice meeeee”

- He would kind of awkwardly fall on your side and that’s when he sees your screen

- “Nishishi, is that Jessie?”

- “Ouma - kun how do you know this?”

- “Hah. Please S/O - chan I completed this game 5 times!”

- “You… Have?”

- “Nope! I’m a liar remember? I completed it twice though!”

- You’re not sure whether you believe him or not but you let that slide

- “Wanna join?”

- “Duh!”

- The two of you then spend the rest of the day and the night getting all the route endings

Gonta Gokuhara:

- He just got back home from a nice walk in the park

- He thought you’d be reading or something

- But you were on your laptop

- You must be looking up interesting insect species!

- He happily walks over and looks at your screen only to see… A half naked girl


- He’s bright red instantly and you jump seeing as someone just literally shouted down your ear

- “Ow…”

- “Gonta is sorry!”

- “No… It’s understandable…”

- The two of you just kinda… Not talk about it

- But you know that awkward feeling when you argue with your parents and then you have to eat dinner with them and no one really says anything… Yeah… That feeling lingers in the air

- Nah in all seriousness Gonta just loves you for who you are! He may not like exactly the same things as you but he respects you like this so he won’t stop you!

Korekiyo Shinguji:

- He went on a lonely trip to the library seeing as you told him you had something important to do

- That’s why when he came home and saw you typing on the laptop he didn’t question it

- Until he heard a moan

- What the.

- He walks behind you and finds… A half naked girl on screen

- “Uh. S/O - san?”

- “Oh! H…ello… Shinguji…kun…”

- The two of you just kind of look at each other

- You can’t really see his face but you’re pretty sure he’s disappointed

- “That was the important thing you had to do?”

- “Uh… Yeah…”

- “And you… Didn’t invite me?”

- “Huh?”

- “You heard me, kukuku~”

- He sits besides you and starts pointing out all the patterns you can get, you’re surprised he’s so good at matching up shapes

- He doesn’t question why you have this game and you’re not sure whether to be happy or concerned

Ryoma Hoshi:

- He just got back from training

- “S/O I’m back”

- There’s no reply

- “S/O? You here?”

- “YES!”

- Woah, that was enthusiastic…

- He goes to your room and finds you with your hands above your head in some sort of victory pose

- “S/O?”

- “Huh?! Hoshi - kun? You’re back already?…” You kind of just stand in front of your laptop

- He raises an eyebrow

- “What’s on the laptop?”

- “Um..”

- He gently pushes you aside and…

- “What the fuck”

- “I can explain”

- “Okay then. Do it”

- “I play for the plot.”

- He pinches the bridge of his nose and sighs

- “There was a sale on Steam okay?!”

- Yeah. Sure there was.

El brillo de tus ojos iluminó el oscuro sentido de mi vida, cada rayo de esos perfectos soles que tienes como ojos apuntando a todo mi ser, me haces orbitar muy cerca de ellos sintiendo el calor y deseos de quemarme en ellos. Oh dulce mirada que encanta mi alma y la llena de calma, sigue mirándome así con tanta ternura y deseo de amar, que mira que yo todas las galaxias por ti me atrevería a bajar...


Ella encontraba su inspiración en la luna,en las estrellas,los atardeceres los libros y el café por las tardes.

Ella quería ser poeta pero no sabía que era una poesía que hasta ahora nadie pudo entender pero joder,el día en el que alguien entienda ese poema nunca lo olvidará.

Porque ella era arte y dolor,por eso se parecía tanto a los atardeceres,porque una parte de ella pertenecía a ellos.

Oh,quien logre leerla y hacerla reír será la persona con más suerte del universo.

—  H.


“¡¿Por mi culpa?!” Cuestionó casi gritando, negando para sí mismo porque no podía creer que estaban peleando, otra vez.  “¿Podrías dejar de echarme el paquete por una vez en tu vida? No todo lo que sale mal entre nosotros es a cuenta mía, ¿lo sabías? Tú también cometes errores y tú también debes poner tu grano de arena en esta relación para que funcione, pero al parecer yo soy el que lleva las riendas y el que las deja a la deriva al mismo tiempo.” Agregó, las palabras abandonaban su boca sin antes haber pasado por el filtro de su pensamiento, era un vómito verbal cuyo proceso de expulsión era inevitable. Estaba enfadado, más que en cualquiera de sus otros argumentos. “Si dejaras de dar importancia a los rumores, tal vez no estaríamos en esta situación ahora. Si tan solo me creyeras, si tan solo preguntaras primero, nos ahorraríamos tantas cosas, Lyanna.”

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God can you imagine though hosting SNL with Harry being the musical guest. Especially if you weren't technically yet a couple but like you were both obviously attracted to each other. Little shit would jump at the chances to flirt with you, especially if the Mick Jagger-character came back. "OH ELLO LUV. IN THE MOOD FOR SOME MANKY PANKY EH LUV?"

Hosting SNL is such a dream oh my god. And I can’t even imagine doing it with Harry as the musical guest kskwjmslqiaygj PLEASE

Lo Siento

* Hamilsquad x reader
* Modern
* Requested by anonymous
* Request: where readers closest friends from their childhood comes to visit them, and they start to speak a different language around their friend that the squad gets doesn’t know and the reader generally get distracted. The squad also finds out stuff they didn’t know about the reader just by having to be around their friend?

A/N: alright, I’m gonna use Spanish just cause…but with that: I don’t know Spanish! I took two years in high school and leaned nothing! Everything on here was Google translate. (Like all me french…) And I realized Alexander should know Spanish but for obvious reasons he doesn’t in this story. Also, a lot of this is reference to In the Heights, which is amazing! But I still hope you enjoy!

Word Count: 1,105


When you left home, you figured you’d not see friends from before. You would see a photo on Facebook or the like and feel a bit nostalgic, but you were content where you were. You had made new friends who accepted you for who you were. Sure things were different, but they weren’t bad.

However, there was one problem with your friends. They spoke English and French, no Spanish. You spoke English as well but you were raised bilingual. So many people where you grew up knew both, so you learned both. Every now and then you’d exchange a few sentences in Spanish with a stranger in passing, but that was it. So you were pleasantly surprised when you heard a familiar voice.

You where walking through town with the guys when someone called your name. You spun around at the voice and ran over to your friend, the guys trailing behind.

“Vanessa?” You asked. You slipped right back into Spanish. “Qué estás haciendo aquí?” You rattled off. Had you looked, you would’ve caught the guys bewildered expressions.

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Cómo reaccionarían los signos si rompes con ellos:

Aries: Oh, joder, necesito un minuto. *se va de la escena a golpear algo o a gritar,luego vuelve reteniendo lo mejor posible su ira* Jodete y no vuelvas a llamarme.

Tauro: Las perdiste todas conmigo, devuelveme todos los regalitos de cumple mes y aniversarios. *estira la mano esperando que le devuelvan sus cosas*

Géminis: Oh genial, ahora tengo mucho más tiempo para ir con mis amigos a fiestas. *se siente tan libre y feliz como núnca antes*

Cáncer: No quiero que me dejes, yo te amo. Hice algo mal? Dime que es y lo arreglamos, pero no me dejes. *esta con los ojos llenos de lagrimas*

Leo: Creo que te pegaste en la cabeza o algo, es imposible alejarse de esta belleza *se señala completo* Nunca encontraras a alguien tan bueno como yo, me oíste? Nunca!

Virgo: Es increible que me dejes luego de todo lo que hice por ti, de como te amé, y como te sigo amando a pesar de lo que me acabas de decir. *empieza a darle un sermón de todas las cosas que hizo por él/ella*

Libra: Esto no me lo esperaba. No estaba dentro de mis espectativas. Pero debo decir que no me parece tan malo ahora. *se da media vuelta y camina en un estado de shock momentaneo*

Escorpio: A puesto que me pusiste los cuernos con la mierda que te seguia para todos lados. No te preocupes, se ocultar un cadáver. *su mirada podría sacar fuego ahora mismo si pudiera*

Sagitario: No, yo te dejo. Perdiste! *silencio incomodo* En serio quieres dejarme? *otro silencio* Pues entonces yo te dejo! *le saca la lengua y se va*

Capricornio: Así que así se siente… Sabia que no iba a durar mucho lo nuestro *baja la mirada*

Acuario: No se que decir, vaya, me alegro por ti. Tomaste una buena decision, no te preocupes por mi, estaré bien. *probablemente se emborrache o no duerma en un par de días*

Piscis: Siento que algo se me rompió… dios, me duele el pecho, como si se me parara el corazón. Ah, no, espera. Fuiste tú. *te mira con odio y se va tratando de no llorar, sabia que esto pasaría*

Solo soy su mejor amiga...

No podía evitar reírme a carcajada abierta cada vez que veía - por puro morbo- alguna publicación de algún miembro del fandom; mientras algunos se dedicaban a insultarme sin siquiera conocerme, otros más me defendían a muerte, admiraban mi forma de llevar la situación e incluso defendían la postura de que: “Si yo era su novia, y él era feliz, tenían que apoyarlo”; finalmente otros chicos y chicas realizaban publicaciones kilometricas sobre teorías, razones que “les deprimían” o bien intentando desmentir “nuestra relación”

Hoy era uno de esos días en los que me defendían a muerte, seguramente mañana me querrían matar y lo único que podía pensar era: “Oh! ironía, si todo ellos supieran lo que yo se”.

No mentiré, me encantaría tener una relación con él, era un chico maravilloso, el mejor hombre que hubiese conocido, el tipo de amigo que es incondicional, la única persona que estuvo para mi en los peores momentos, siempre al pie del cañón apoyándome en todo y dándome ánimos cada dos por tres. Si, me encantaría que fuese mi novio.

Sin embargo, debía admitir, que todo pensamiento de nosotros teniendo una relación mas allá de la amistad, se iba al carajo cuando tenía frente a mi imágenes como la que tenía justo en este momento.

Ahí estaba él, de nuevo siendo abrigado cuidadosamente por Samuel, quien parecía esforzarse especialmente porque aquella bufanda quedase simétrica, mientras Guillermo “mi novio” mantenía la mueca de fastidio por aquella sobre-protección por parte de su novio. 

Y sí, ahí estaba yo de nuevo, sonriendo como fan enamorada y haciéndoles una nueva foto que iría directo a mi propia galería personal “Wigetta”,porque sí, había decidido ponerle ese nombre a la carpeta que almacenaba miles de fotos de ellos, miles de fotos que el fandom entero moriría por tener, pero que solo yo, Cristina, supuesta novia de “Willyrex”, que solo podía conformarse con ser su mejor amiga, esas fotos y esas imágenes solo yo las podría tener… 


Holiiiiii!!!!… Y bueno, se imaginan que la realidad fuera algo así?… no se… no se :3

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Imagine George Harrison is your best friend. He’s been for a long time – since preschool! You’ve always loved him, but he’s always been rather impervious. 

After The Beatles became the biggest success the world has ever known, George almost completely disappeared from your life. The two of you moved on, as unfortunate as it seems, and you highly doubted that he’d remember you after all the people he’s met; all the faces he’s seen; all the hearts he’s touched over the past few years. 

You acquired a job as a secretary in a newspaper office in London after you finished college, but you hoped to write someday. As you fumbled around the main office, chewing gum and drinking soda, you heard the front door open, which was surprisingly uncommon for the mid-morning hours. 

“Oh ‘ello,” said the stranger, waiting for you to look up from your scribbling. 

“Hello,” you put on a smile and turned your head up to see that the man was no stranger. 

You gasped when you realized it was George and jumped out of your seat. He had completely changed, and you saw photos of him before, but he looked shockingly different. He’d grown a mustache and his already-long hair had grown a whole lot longer. He wore a wide-brimmed hat and a purple jacket over mauve-colored pants. And you didn’t know if it was possible, but he looked unbelievably skinnier from last time, seven years ago.

“George!” You said, almost breathlessly. 

It seemed that it took George a few milliseconds to figure it all out, but when he did, his eyes popped wide open. “(Y/N)!” He exclaimed, opening his arms.

You ran into them and he caressed you tightly. All those old high-school feelings started leaking back into you and your heart filled with immense joy and sorrow, for you knew he wouldn’t stay long. 

He smelt wonderful, though. And you could hear him smiling by your ear. 

He held you back to look at you and tears were staining your eyes. He chuckled and pulled you in again before he began remarking your changes. 

“You dyed your hair!” He said, twirling a piece of your hair around his finger quickly. “It looks beautiful.”

“Thank you.” You blushed. “So, what are you here for?”

“I came to talk to someone about that bloody, bullshit article they wrote about us. They’re always changing around our words!”

“Well, did you have an –”

“I don’t want to go in now,” he grinned. “When are you off?”

Your heart jumped and you checked your watch. “Well, I get off for lunch in a half-hour.”

“How 'bout you come to my place for the day?” He nudged his head back toward the door. “We’ve got a lot of catching up to do.”

“I suppose I can take a sick leave,” you say thoughtfully and then look up at him. “But…I can’t lose you again, George…”

George’s eyes filled with pain for a split second, but then he grinned again. “You won’t.”

It turned out George was living in a castle! He showed you around his garden and held your hand the whole way, telling you what was what and talking about the band’s tumultuous last album. It made you sad to know that the band was breaking up, and how sad it seemed to make George, but you knew he was planning to do a whole lot more for himself solely. 

And you told him about your life, trying not to give too many boring details, even though he seemed to want to know every little thing. You loved his company and he loved yours too, and just standing there in the garden, holding hands and bundled in your warm coats, you made a pledge to yourself that you would never let him disappear again.

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//a somewhat tall folk with a flower growing from a pot on their head smiles warmly, waving rather shyly but nevertheless friendly// Hiyas!! I'm new 'round here, but I saw you and I just wanted to say hi! //curtsies kindly//

he looks up at you, curious
“oh, well ‘ello!!”
he bows down, to try to be just as respectful

Seventeen reaction to meeting their GFs brother and him being an EXO member (Hip Hop Unit vers.)

Combining my favorite groups into one reaction? Sure will dooo. Here’s todays little reaction! Hope you enjoy it & please request me ideas! Much love xx

S.Coups: Seongcheol would knock on your parents house door, not knowing who would open the door. When the door finally opened, his mouth almost dropped to the floor seeing Sehun of EXO standing there leaning against the door. “Hello” Sehun would say trying to look intimidating.  “Oh, h-h-ello sunbae. Is Y/N here?” he’d stutter. Sehun would turn around and yell “Y/N-ah, your boyfriends here. You didn’t tell him anything about me?” You’d run downstairs and give your brother a slap on the shoulder. “You’re not my everything, oppa.” You’d then continue and pull Seongcheol inside, who was still standing on the porch shocked. “He’s you brother?” he’d whisper to you. “Yehet, indeed I am” Sehun would yell after he heard you two.

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Wonwoo: You were laying on the living room couch with your boyfriend Wonwoo, when you heard a familiar voice from the front door. “Guess who’s early home from tour?” As soon as you heard your brother Chens voice you screamed and jumped up from Wonwoos side, making your popcorn fly all over the carpet. “Jongdae oppaa” you yelled as you hugged him tight. Wonwoo was still in pure confusion, sitting on the couch with all the spilled popcorn. As you walked to the living room with Chen, he’d immediatly correct his posture and get up pushing the popcorn of his lap. Chen would give him the sweetest smile and offer him a handshake. “Nice to finally meet you Wonwoo, Y/N has told me a lot about you. Be good to my baby sister.” “Yes, sir, I mean I will” he’d awkwardly say.

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Mingyu: You’d be cooking breakfast with Mingyu in your pajamas, when Kai would arrive for a surprise visit. “Jongin oppa!” you’d scream as you saw your brother for the first time in a while. Mingyu would stare at you hugging him and then realise he wasn’t wearing a shirt to begin with. Kai would look up after hugging you and stare at Mingyu. “Y/N-ah, I didn’t know you had permission to date” he’d jokingly say. “Hello sunbae, it’s nice to meet you” Mingyu would greet him. You would walk back next to Mingyu and Kai would follow you two to the kitchen. He’d look at you two cooking breakfast and say: “You two look great together. Just don’t do anything I wouldn’t do” while walking to the bathroom. “I guess there isn’t many rules then” you’d smirk to Mingyu “Jongin does anything and everything”. 

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Vernon: You had invited Vernon over for family dinner with your brother and your parents. You were already sitting by the table, only now waiting for your brother to arrive. In no time, Chanyeol arrived at the house, peeking in to the dining room. “Hello eomma, hello appa, sorry i’m late!” he’d say. “Hi Y/N!” he’d continue “And you must be Vernon. I’ve seen you a couple times at events and such. Nice to meet you in person!” Vernon would be surpised how genuinely nice Chanyeol would be towards him. “Nice to meet you too sunbae!” Chanyeol would laugh and say: “Don’t call me sunbae, just call me hyung. You’re basically part of the family at this point. If you aren’t planning on leaving my sister any time soon. She can be A LOT of work, right?” he’d laugh. “OPPA, stop!” you’d say, while Vernon just sat there smiling. He’d love how close you were with your family.

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thanks for reading! i’d also love to get some new friends on here, so please message me. i love talking to new people ^^

  • (In which a squad full of Junkrats converse before a mission starts*)
  • Junkrat 1: G'day, Bruce!
  • Junkrat 2: Oh, ‘ello, Bruce!
  • Junkrat 3: How are ya, Bruce?
  • Junkrat 1: Just fine, Bruce!
  • (Another Junkrat walks in, dragging Lúcio behind him)
  • Junkrat 4: Hello Bruce, good ta see ya Bruce, lovely day Bruce. I’d like ta introduce the newest member of the blue team today! Lúcio , this is Bruce. Lúcio , this here is Bruce. And finally, Lúcio , THIS is Bruce.
  • Lúcio : Uhhh... H-hello?
  • Junkrat 1: Is your name not Bruce then?
  • Lucio: No, it’s Lúcio...
  • Junkrat 2: That might cause some confusion, mate.
  • Junkrat 3: Mind if we call ya Bruce just to keep it clear?
  • Lúcio : Uhhh...
  • Junkrat: Right then, that’s settled! Bruces attack!
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Lo que deseo || One-Shot

-¡Dinah voy a matarte por hacer eso! ¡Abre la maldita puerta! – Grite mientras golpeaba una y otra vez la puerta de la suite del hotel donde se encontraba, me importaba muy poco que los demás se despertaran, realmente iba a matarla.

-No lo haré, no hasta que te calmes y podamos hablar como personas civilizadas.

-¡Civilizadas una mierda! ¡Civilizadas una puta mierda Jane! – me cruce de brazos bufando, realmente iba a matarla.

fourth harmony, eso íbamos a ser en breve.

-Oh vamos no he dicho ninguna mentira Laur, calmate.

-¡Has revolucionado a todo el fandom y dices eso solamente!

-No he puesto una foto de tú lengua dentro de la boca de Camila haciéndole un lavado de estomago, deberías besar mis pies.

Oh no, definitivamente iba a descuartizarla lenta y dolorosamente.

-¡Abre la maldita puerta maldita hija de…!

-¡Lauren por Dios! ¡No digas esas cosas! – Me dio Ally que pasaba por atrás mio. – Por Jesús, perdónala no sabe lo que dice. – La vi de reojo hacerse la señal de la cruz y posteriormente entrar a su habitación.

Estaban absolutamente todas locas.

Escuche como al parecer Dinah quería abrir disimuladamente la puerta y digo disimuladamente porque si no fuera porque escuche un pequeño ruido de un cerrojo abriéndose no me hubiera dado cuenta antes.

Me tire sobre la puerta y la abrí haciendo que se fuera para atrás. Maldición, yo que esperaba romperle la nariz o algo de eso.

-¡Tu estas completamente loca! ¿Cómo mierda vas a poner eso? ¿Te das cuenta de lo que hiciste? – le grite y ella sonreía divertida. Me estaba sacando de mis casillas y la terminaría matando, realmente lo haría. ¿No me creían capaz? Ya he matado antes…a mosquitos y en este momento Dinah parecía uno de ellos.

-Oh vamos solo fue una broma, no pasa nada.

-¡Todo el mundo está hablando de eso! ¿Has visto los comentarios de las camren? ¡Me van a comer viva! – Negue y me corregí. - ¡Nos van a comer vivas!

-Que orgullosa estoy de mis niggas. – Hizo la que se secaba una lágrima y creo que, literalmente, humo salió de mis orejas en esos momentos.

-Dinah, no estoy jodiendo ¡Borra ese maldito tweet! – Me abalance sobre la cama una vez que pude avanzar un poco y tome su celular que lo había dejado allí. Realmente no supe cómo pude hacerlo tan rápido pero entre el forcejeo y demás logre borrarlo. – ¡Victoria! – Grite subiendo mi puño al aire en forma de festejo y al caer en lo ridícula que me debía ver y en lo enfadada que estaba simplemente volví a poner gesto serio.

-Esto ya debe estar hasta en el vaticano mientras el Papa grita ¡Sacrilegio! bromeo y la mire de mala manera sentándome en la cama.

-Claro porque no eres tú la que tiene que aguantar ni a Luis ni a mi madre.

-Todo el mundo sabe que el chico es cornudo y para colmo, es la copia masculina de Camila. Por lo menos hubieras intentado ser más disimulada. – Giro los ojos y me ruborice. – No sé aun como Camila no te mata.

-Sabe que es por mi madre más que nada, solo necesito tiempo. - ¿Cómo podía pasar del enojo a la vergüenza en segundos? No tenía la menor idea.

­-Tiempo, tiempo…tiempo es lo que…

Antes de que pudiera seguir hablando Camila entro por la puerta del cuarto, comiendo una pizza (que hubiera podido seguir degustando si no fuera porque me atragante ante el tweet de Dinah) y con los auriculares puestos.

-Emenaito, emenaito, emenaito, emenaito, emenaito, emenaito y ahí. – Cantaba mientras movía sus caderas meneando sin abrir los ojos una vez que había tragado el pedazo de pizza que estaba comiendo.

No pude evitar reírme mientras negaba con la cabeza, había sido una mala idea escuchar las canciones que algunas fans nos habían pasado porque se le había pegado esa canción y en ese momento mientras entraba en camisón, bailando y comiendo pizza no podía evitar reirme a carcajadas. Dinah no tardo en hacerlo también y cuando ella se dio cuenta se quito los audiculares mirándonos.

-¿Laur podemos ir a la cama? Ya es tarde y Dinah borro el tweet, anda. – Hizo un ligero puchero con los labios al cual no pude negarme así que me levante y fui hasta ella besando su frente.

-Claro…Dinah. Si amor, vámonos. – Pase una mano por su cintura para comenzar a sacarla del lugar.

-¡Tengan mucho sexo de reconciliación! ¡Y camila cuídate, que de tanto leer Harry Potter tal vez terminas teniendo dedos mágicos! – nos grito y yo me puse roja como un tomate mientras cerraba la puerta fuertemente.

A mitad de camino Camila detuvo su caminata y me miro con los ojos brillantes.

-Tenemos la suite para nosotras solas y…¡Lauren hoy nos toca! – Grito emocionada mientras tomaba mi mano y entrabamos a la habitación.

Que el mundo siga revolucionado con el maldito tweet de Dinah, Camila me daría lo que realmente estaba deseando hace días. 

Un poco de humor de la situación no le hace mal a nadie. 

PD: escribiendo everything pero no pude evitar hacer esto JAJAJAJAJ

Me rindo ante ti, hermosa y venenosa mujer
Con tus ojos oscuros y labios con ligero tono pastel rosa
Aquellos a los que anhelo besar siempre
Cuando te desvelas de repente
En mi regazo haces pendiente
Que todos maldicen mi suerte.

Me rindo ante tu sedoso, suave y rebelde cabello
Aquel que me parece impecable,
Y que al tocarlo, poco a poco se marchita
Como mi corazón de hielo
Al cual alguna vez derretiste.

Como ese café en la tarde
Y en la ninfomanía que recitabamos al unisono de tu dulce voz
Cuando en toda la ciudad era de noche, cuando todos dormían
Yo te recitaba mis poesías
en aquella espalda tuya
Con la que alguna vez soñé y que de pronto me ose a tocar.

Con tan solo un ligero beso,
Me llevas más allá del profundo cielo.

Y tal vez esté diciendo incoherencias, o probablemente
Esté ebria como siempre
Pero sabes que te amo, y que no dejaré de hacerlo ni aunque me lo proponga.

De ti soy, de ti yo pertenezco
Por favor no me lastimes otra vez, no rompas la ilusión que yo misma he creado en tu pecho,
Extraño tus besos
pero no necesito de ellos.

¡Oh, que terco es mi amor por ti!
Que quisiera odiarte y al segundo estoy amándote
Cuanto quisiera ya no estar anhelandote,
Ni sufriendo por que no regreses.

Me rindo ante ti y tu dulce y maldito ser, el que me ha alejado de mi cordura
Y que desde que me besaste siempre he sido tuya.

No he vuelto a ser la misma, rompiste todos mis esquemas
Por que tu me tienes, y yo nunca te tuve.

—  Victoria