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ELIAS: We’ve missed you. Have you missed us?
YOUSEF: I agree. What are we gonna play today?
ELIAS: Today.. (gibberish) Chatroulette, just that it’s on Facebook
YOUSEF: Facebook messages, text messages, whatever.
ELIAS: You probably know what it is! Awkward messages, to put it that way.
ELIAS: Okay, then we’ll begin! And next up is Adam!
ELIAS: Amen!
MUTASIM: We’ll see, we’ll see.

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okay but the fact that elias WANTS his little sister to join them? like normally what you’d see is an older sibling not wanting their younger sibling to tag along but elias honestly thinks she’s the coolest and most awesome person? he’s actually CONVINCING her to come? they tease each other a lot, but he values her presence so much??

  • Keenan and Laia: *Kiss*
  • Me: Eh
  • Elias and Laia: *breathe at the same time*
  • Me: Beautiful! Exquisite! Dazzling! Magnificent! A work of art! Stunning! Superb! Marvelous!

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Prompt (because your last yousana one was amazing 😍) : yousef's turn for the chat roulette and something to do with sana came up and all the boys' reactions

« Last person you sent a message to on facebook »

Yousef should have known that sending a message to Sana right before filming this challenge with the boys wasn’t a good idea. He sighed, hopeless.

-Guys, isn’t this game stupid ? It’s a bit repetitive isn’t it ? Yousef asked, trying to stop whatever was going to happen.

His friends before him had done it, and it actually seemed a bit repetitive to him, so maybe this was a good way to escape having to do the thing. This was a nightmare. Honestly. He was actually gonna be filmed  confessing that he had added Sana on facebook and messaged her right in front of her older brother?

-Are you kidding ? This is the challenge that all norwegian youtubers are doing at the moment, we have to film it ! Are you afraid or something ? Elias asked.

-I don’t know, man…

-Oh come on dude, who was the last person you sent a message to ? Go on, just say it !Asked Adam

-Yeah man, we won’t judge you, come on ! Mikael added, enthusiastic.

They were joking but he was really wondering what their reactions would be.Yousef turned his head to look at Elias again, whom seemed pretty busy on his phone. Maybe he could try to use the fact that his friend was distracted to say someone else’s name or something. He unlocked his phone which was already opened on Messenger. He was currently waiting for Sana’s answer, and more than Elias maybe beating him to death, he would look like a fool to Sana if he sent her a stupid message again… Seeing him hesitating, Mutta just went and grabbed his phone.

-Sana ! The last person Yousef messaged is Sana !

He didn’t really want to face the other guy’s reactions, but he did anyway. There wasn’t really a rule that said that he couldn’t add his friends’ eventual sisters on facebook but he guessed the boys hadn’t ever tried to friend any of them, and definitely not Sana. She was too important to them, and always seemed to want to keep her social lifeaway from them. Her brother wasn’t even friends with her on facebook !

Hearing Mutta saying his sister’s name, Elias turned his face to actually try and understand what was going on. Seeing Yousef’s phone, he looked down on his friend whom was sitting on the floor. Elias had really lost his composure and Yousef could see he didn’t really know what to say. He also seemed angry.

-What the fuck man ? Why would you message my sister ?

The guys were all watching the scene in front of them while Yousef was trying to get his phone back before someone tried to read what he had sent. They had totally forgotten about the camera filming.

-Come on guys, focus ! Pick something to send her Yousef ?, someone said hesitantly.

-What ? No way, there’s no way we’re doing that ! Elias said.

-Oh come on Elias, you wanted him to do it ! And now he’s doing it, Adam tried to tell his friend.

Yousef saw Elias thinking, and prayed for him to just say no. Then he would only have to deal with him and Sana wouldn’t think he was weird or something. But Elias noticed how Yousef was pining for him to refuse.

-Okay. We’re doing it. Nothing dirty though, Elias said. Give him a choice.

Yousef sighed, really hoping for something not too ridiculous. He didn’t want Sana to think he was ridiculous. Really not. Before adding her, he had checked nothing too bizarre was on his profile, he had also checked if his profile and cover pictures matched. He had hesitated for two long hours before sending her that stupid meme, and he still thought what he had done would seem curious to her. He didn’t know why, but he was always trying to impress her, and after being caught dancing the other day, he just wanted to regain a credibility. He always felt like he needed to be validated by her, and he knew it wasn’t because he wanted to be welcome in her house. It was because there was something intimidating and solar in her, like when she was here he felt better about everything. So of course he was freaked out by the possibility of being ridiculous in her eyes. Sana was impressive, and the fact that she was two years younger than him didn’t change that.

Mikael put his hand in the jar which contained the texts and sorted two out. His friend looked at him, a forced smile on his mouth. The other boys were clearly tense, and Mikael couldn’t stop moving his leg behind him.

-Either… « I dreamt about you last night » or One Direction’s famous lyrics « Baby you light up my world like nobody else ». Your choice, Yousef !

Elias had said that in the most ironic way possible. Yousef was frightened. Both by the idea of Elias hating or beating him up (that was unlikely, but still) and by Sana’s possible answer. Honestly, 1D lyrics would just seem like a prank… It had been Adam’s idea to put them in the jar even though the others thought it was ridiculous and not that funny, but if Yousef could take advantage of it, then…

-Okay. I’ll send One Direction lyrics…

-Are you suuuure you don’t want to send « I dreamt about you last night » and be asked to elaborate ?

Mikael had asked, probably trying to reduce the tensions he was feeling. The other guys hit him while Elias kept a raising a brow while looking straight into Yousef’s eyes, clearly daring him to do so. Yousef could see he was mad, and he knew he would be when he’d friended Sana in the afternoon… Now he just had to deal with his anger.

The boy unlocked his phone, typing the stupid lyrics.

-Add a heart emoji, Yousef ! Like the double heart or something ! Mikael said.

He was met with a slap behind the head from Elias, and Yousef clicked on send.

(thank you, anon ! idk if i did a good job but… thats it !)

Ruined My Lip Gloss- Elias Lindholm

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Ok I like how this one turned out despite writing it at 3 am! Oh well! So I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you thought!

Warning: none?

Anon Request: Can you write one about jeff skinner and elias lindholm being your friends but elias has a crush on you but doesn’t want to turn things weird in your friendship or something like this… i don’t know if you’ll understand kkk… sorry the poor english


              “Just tell her” Jeff said. You stopped in the hallway, listening.

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Das einzige Versprechen das man nicht halten kann so sehr man es auch versucht?

Oh das kenne ich ganz genau!

Geburtstag meiner Mutter: Alle Verwandten kommen, ich freu mich schon super mega dolle, nicht.  Und meine Mutter kauft 20 Zutaten für eine Torte ein und darunter halt auch sone Schokoladen-Tropfen Dinger. Ich dachte mir so :“ok die sehen ja echt mega geil aus” und meine Mutter sieht schon wie ich die angucke und sagt so: “Elias wehe du isst die! Dann gibts richtig Ärger!”, ich natürlich: “Ja niemals, ich mag die eh nicht bla bla bla” . Aber wenn du jetzt denkst die Story hört damit auf dass ich diese Dinger essen und das war dann dieses Versprechen was man nicht halten kann dann pass mal auf haha

Freitag Abend, ich geh los mit Freunden, auf ne Party von irgendwem aus meiner Schule, sone typische “Meine Eltern sind weg und ich mach ne kleine Runde aber am Ende sind 80 Leute in meinem Haus” Party, kennt man ja. Und auf jeden Fall wir alle da so hin und quatschen, tanzen und vor allem trinken und irgendwann gegen 22:45 oder weiß der Geier wann, war ich so besoffen und will dann so in die Küche gehen und Wasser trinken und während ich da so nach den Gläsern im Küchenschrank gucke (sind 2 schon kaputt gegangen…) sehe ich sone Packung mit Schokolade und 3 mal darfst du jetzt raten was für Schokolade das war…, was für Schokoladen/Torten/Tropfen… und dann darfst du noch 3 mal raten wer sich die Packung geschnappt hat und die ganze Scheiße leer gefressen hat..

richtig, meine Freundin Hannah.

Aber ich halt genau neben dran und auch ein Teil nach dem anderem im Mund. Und Gott waren die geil ne? Ok das war vielleicht auch nur so krass, weil ich so voll war aber ich dachte mir in dem Moment so wirklich: “Scheiße du hörst nie wieder auf die Teile zu fressen!”, Jaaa gut, guter Plan eigentlich wenn da nicht die gute Hannah gewesen wäre, die Schokolade anscheinend noch lieber mag als ich und wie schon gesagt die ganze Packung leer gefressen hatte! 

Irgendwann so gegen 1 Uhr oder 1:30 Uhr, irgendwann so in dem Dreh machen wir uns auf den Weg nachhause und das war son “Ich kann zwar laufen aber irgendwie ist der Boden aus Gummi” laufen..

Also brauchten wir erstmal so eine Stunde für diesen 20 min Weg, weil die Bahn natürlich auch nicht kam, wie immer. Aber irgendwann sind wir dann halt doch bei mir zuhause angekommen. Hannah, ein Kumpel von mir und ich. Alle packen sich sofort ins Bett oder aufs Sofa und wollten halt pennen, ich halt auch aber dann kam dieser unendliche Suff-Durst der dich wirklich killt wenn du nicht gefühlte 5 Liter trinkst und ja genau den hatte ich halt dann. Ich stehe also so auf und will in die Küche gehen und auf einmal kommt Hannah so und sagt einfach “Oh Ja Elias iiiich auch!” und ich musste so lachen, weil die nämlich aussah wie ne Leiche. haha

Auf jeden Fall sind wir dann so in die Küche gegangen und stell dir mal bitte vor was da groß und fett auf dem Tisch steht.. Die fette Schokoladen Torte meiner Mutter und oben drauf gefühlte 10.000 Schokoladen/Torten/Tropfen..

Hannah und ich stehen da so und es ruhig und wir stehen da weiter und dann guckt sie mich so an und ich nur so “Nein, Nein das geht nicht” und sie lächelt so richtig verzweifelt, kennst du das? Dieses “Ach man bitte!!” lächeln? Genau das! 

Und ich sag so “ OK. Jeder einen Tropfen!” und ich war soooo betrunken.

Wir gehen also so zu dieser Torte und ich will so einen Tropfen nehmen da kommt unser Freund ins Zimmer, hacke wie sonst was und lallt “Wat isn hier los Freunde?” 

und wir erstecken uns sooo todes doll, Hannah stupst mich nach vorne, ich rutsche volle Kanne aus, knall gegen den Tisch und die ganze Scheiß Torte klatscht auf den Boden und ich mitten rein. Dann liege ich so fett in der Geburtstagstorte meiner Mutter auf dem Boden, einen Tag vor der Feier, einen Tag bevor alle meine Verwandten kommen um zu feiern und diese Torte zu essen, mitten auf dem Küchenboden und lache so laut wie noch nie wie in meinem Leben, weil meine Freundin neben mir auf dem Boden liegt und einfach nur Torte frisst. Und glaub mir das war einer der schlimmsten aber auch geilsten Momente in meinem Leben. Einfach son richtiger “Ich lach auch noch 2 Jahre später drüber!” Moment.

Ja gut.. gelacht habe ich genau so lange bis meiner Mutter um 3 Uhr Morgens auf einmal in der Küche stand, meine Freunde und mich auf dem Boden hat liegen sehen (der Typ hat inzwischen auch mit gefressen), in Ihrer Torte, lachend und ohne jegliche Reue.

Wie die Geschichte Endet lass ich jetzt mal offen, war aber auf jeden Fall jetzt nicht soooo lustig für mich, genau so wenig wie dass ich am nächsten Tag mit dem Kater meiner Lebens den Boden in der Küche schrubben durfte während Hannah halb Tod versucht hat einen Tortenboden zu backen (wenn ich jetzt daran denke muss ich immer noch lachen) und mich ungelogen 4 mal fragt ob wir noch Mehl haben und ich nicht mehr wusste was Mehl ist, weil ich so fertig war und ihr deswegen 4 mal Zucker gebe und sie 4 mal sagt “Elias das ist Zucker.” und ich mir nur dachte “Was zur Hölle willst du eigentlich von mir??”. Sie sagt Mehl..

das war so schlimm! Nie wieder alter! Nie Wieder!

Und weißt du und jetzt habe ich diese ganze Scheiße hier geschrieben die sich eh niemals jemand durch lesen wird (und selbst wenn wen interessiert das überhaupt?) und denke mir so “Was war die Frage eigentlich nochmal?” 

Aber vielleicht ist das Versprechen, was man immer wieder verspricht aber niemals einhält einfach dieses: “Nie wieder!”

Nach soner Story denkst du dir: Nie wieder Alkohol, Nie wieder Schokolade, Nie wieder sone Aktion, Nie wieder sone Scheiße! 

Aber dann denkst du dir auf einmal: Warte!?  Nie wieder son Spaß? Nie wieder so sehr lachen? Nie wieder sone geilen Erinnerungen? Und vor allem nie wieder Schokolade?! Und  zack ehe du dich versiehst passiert es wieder und wieder und wieder.

Und dann so viel zum Thema:

“Nie wieder!”

when you realize the selfie stick in the trailer probably represents the balloon squad and that’s why even gets hurt…

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Prompt: Elias is suspicious of Sana's and Yousef's "relationship"

Elias stood at the door for a split second, hearing Yousef’s voice bashful voice carrying from the room he was about to enter. With a small shrug of his shoulders he went on into the room, greeting his sister. Throughout their interaction he was aware of his friend’s presence at his side. His best friend’s eyes on his sister. It was innocent enough, only he’d been noticing it more and more. And it wasn’t just the fact he was looking at her, it was the way he was looking at her. The way Sana looked back. It created a burning feeling in Elias’ chest. A feeling that was telling him there was something going on, he wasn’t sure what, but something.

As Sana left the room and he called out after her about her friend Noora, Yousef cut him off with a gesture of his hand, pushing him back lightly. It was a gentle gesture that any other day wouldn’t have meant shit but today it pissed him off.

“What the fuck? Don’t you want to hang out with them again? I’m doing this for you too, man, I mean it’s been a while.”

Yousef laughed at that, breaking the tension a bit. He was one of those guys that was hard to stay annoyed it, even if you did think he may have the hots for your sister.

“You know I’m not into hooking up. Especially with your little sister-”

For just a moment, before Yousef finished the sentence, Elias thought that was where it ended but Yousef carried on. Much to Elias’ relief as he wasn’t sure if he was ready to have that conversation yet.

“-’s friends.”

“Yeah, I know, and it’s weird.”

In fact, Elias didn’t really find it weird at all. He wasn’t a dick that thought everyone should be hooking up even if they didn’t want to be. Especially with younger girls. Some guys just didn’t do that. He knew he was merely being this way because of the Sana of it all and it really wasn’t cool.

“Listen, sorry. It’s not weird, I just really thought they were cool. It sucks the feeling doesn’t seem to be mutual for Sana. I think the others liked us.”

Elias noticed a slight tension in Yousef’s shoulders at his mention of Sana really not enjoying their company. His hand rose to brush back the right side of his hair where it fell over his eye and he shrugged his shoulders in a nonchalant manner that said “oh well, her loss”. Elias had a feeling that was the opposite of what Yousef really thought. He imagined he thought it was very much his loss.

The two boys stood looking at each other for a moment, Elias’ eyes pinned on Yousef in silent interrogation. When Yousef couldn’t handle it anymore he coughed, clearing his throat before motioning to the camera Elias had brought in.

“So uh, are we doing this or what? Maybe we should go outside so Sana can have some quiet though.”

There he was again, Elias thought, putting Sana first. It was such a small gesture that really any decent human being would do in respect of another’s religion. Yet Elias still couldn’t shake the feeling there was so much more to it. He wished he could ask his friend but he didn’t want to put Yousef in a position to lie to him. And it was obvious that whatever was happening between them, if there was actually anything happening between them, neither were ready to discuss it openly. Perhaps even with each other. So he’d let it be. For now.

“Yeah, sure. Lets go.”

  • MC: I can´t believe I forgot my phone... I hope Elias liked his birthday present yesterday... Oh, he called.
  • (You have 17 messages)
  • MC: WHAT?!
  • (Message 1)
  • Elias: Hey Mc, thanks for the bazinga t-shirt it´s... great. I was just calling because I may need a ride later tonight. Klaus can´t drive, and I ran Joel´s mazda into a ditch after we watched Fast and Furious Five on Netflix.
  • Joel: You still owe me for that.
  • Elias: Yeah yeah, I got you. Mazdas are really flammable did you know that? I didn´t know that. Well, I do now... But anyway, I´ll call you later if we need a pick up from the show alright?
  • Azusa: *Grunts*
  • Luca: Woo! Azusa you´re up! PEACE MC!
  • (End of message)
  • MC: I´m not listening to all of these. *Skips to the final message*
  • (Message 17)
  • Elias: Oh my God is he dead!? Why did you put him on the car!?
  • Klaus: Just shut up and keep driving to the hospital!
  • Randy: When are we getting to Chuck E Cheese?
  • Elias: Randy shut up! MC, please pick up the phone, we´re in so much trouble. The Iggy Azaela show went South, so we decided to make our own but... Oh man, oh man, pick up your stupid phone! Go to my desk, open the dark drawer and burn everything inside! But hold yur breath while you´re doing it. Use that stupid t-shirt you got me to help this fire, you gotta do this MC!
  • Yukiya: Truck...
  • All: *Scream*
  • (End of message)
  • MC: ... He never invites me to his birthday parties...