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30 days of veronica mars
      day 14 - your favorite season finale: 2.22 (not pictured).

not pictured isn’t only my favorite season finale, but also my favorite episode of veronica mars overall. there are many reasons for this.

first, there’s the writing aspect. as a season finale, you expect the episode to wrap up overarching plot lines for the entire season. while the season 1 season finale, leave it to beaver (which i also love) did this efficiently with the lilly kane murder investigation, not pictured wrapped up plot lines not only from this season, but also from the previous season (namely, the case against aaron as lilly’s murderer and veronica’s rape). not only that, but not pictured wrapped up not only the bus crash, which was the biggest overarching plot line– this season’s “lilly kane murder”– but tied it up with virtually every other overarching story line they had in season two, such as curly moran’s death, the PCHers and the fitzpatricks, woody’s obvious skeeviness and his push for the incorporation, dick sr.’s real estate scam operation, jackie’s back story, duncan’s escape with little lilly, and of course, veronica and logan’s relationship. do you know how difficult it is, as a writer, to have everything converge in one episode– in one person, really, because cassidy was at the center of it all– and not have it come across as contrived or forced? it’s mind-blowing.

and then, there’s the emotional side of things. this episode had subplots for almost every character, and yet it didn’t feel like it was too much. there was, of course, the indignation we as the audience felt when aaron echolls walked free and the smug satisfaction of seeing at the end of the episode that he wouldn’t be coming back; i normally don’t endorse vigilante or revenge-type killings even of villains– i believe in the system and would’ve loved seeing him rot in jail for the rest of his life– but i can’t deny that when i saw weidman there and figured out he was going to kill aaron, i cheered. the bastard deserved it. and duncan taking action, for once! i cheered again, lol.

the graduation was a particularly emotional scene for me, because it felt like the culmination of a chapter in the series. from the beginning one of the biggest themes had been that veronica had been shunned and ignored by people she thought were her friends; seeing her walk across the stage and realize that she had people more than just her father down there who cared for her, supported her and were proud of her, was incredibly special for me. also, her dream about her “perfect” life, which is my single favorite flashback/dream scene in the entire series, because for once we get to see what veronica really wants out of her life (*coughcough* logan eeeeeee! *coughcough* sorry, i had to), and when contrasted with the reality at graduation, she realizes she will never have all of those things, but she’ll make the most out of the life she DOES have. it just makes my heart feel like bursting. and then at the end when we find out keith is not dead after all– i knew they wouldn’t kill him off, but i could still feel a weight lifted from me when he walked out of his room and veronica rushed to hug him. so beautiful.

and not only in the positive, too, but the bittersweet. wallace going for jackie and then realizing it’s for the best if they’re not together. weevil getting a glimmer of hope that he might graduate but then having that hope squashed as he has to pay for the crime he committed. logan having to deal with 1) his bastard of a father coming back, 2) finding out his friend wasn’t the person everyone thought he was and 3) having to deal with losing both of them before he could even wrap his head around 1 and 2. mac getting her heart broken. veronica finding out that her rape, which she thought was a stigma she was done with and could put behind her, wasn’t over after all; the can of worms had only been half-closed and the pain came back full-force. but she had to face her demons, and with a little bit of help from logan, she proved she was the strong, good person we all knew she was– it’s not that she couldn’t feel hate, it’s not that she didn’t want revenge, but in the end she knows what’s right and what’s wrong and on which side she stands.

really, this episode is just amazing. and as a season finale, is one of the best i’ve seen in any tv show. the only part that i never really understood and felt a bit off was why cassidy didn’t kill woody before that– he told veronica he didn’t “need” woody anymore, but i’ve never quite grasped what that meant (if you have a theory and would like to explain it to me, my ask box is always open!). but apart from that, the episode is as close to flawless as possible, in my opinion. forever favorite. as you can probably tell given this entry has now turned into an essay, lol.

that’s that. day 15 coming in a little bit!