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Link Strikes

 Or: “How have they not accidently killed each other?” ft. Noctis and Ignis

Also let’s appreciate Ignis

“shidding and farding” ruined me. it’s all I can think about when I see two verbs near eachother

“yea fencer is a class where you do a lot of critting and dodging”

“Oh? Your cridding? Your'e cridding and dodging?”

Shipwatch Week - Day 2 - Zenyatta/Genji/Mercy

 “Hello, world.”

 Zenyatta reached down into the crib and touched the wiggling baby’s cheek. Wren wasn’t crying, but was obviously winding herself up just in case she had to. With gentle hands Zenyatta did a quick Baby Issue Check to see if he could prevent a total meltdown. Genji and Angela had only just gotten back from the mission, and he would hate to have their sleep disturbed so soon.

 “You have been fed already, your diaper does not need to be changed, and I do not detect any drastic changes in temperature. I believe, my beloved, that you are simply fussing because you are bored. You truly are your father’s child.”

 She is your daughter as well, Zenyatta reminded himself as he picked the wiggling infant up. He found himself reciting those words more often than his normal prayers these days. No matter how much Genji and Angela reminded him that the three of them were in this together Zenyatta still felt…distance. Like he was one step removed from the child in his hands.

  His child. His daughter. He was doing it again.

 “You should appreciate these quiet moments, my love,” Zenyatta said as he did his best to cradle Wren in his arms. Was she comfy? Should he go get a blanket? Wren didn’t seem to mind his metal frame. In fact, she was already calming down. “Soon your life will be filled with nothing but loud and confusing friends and family who will fight over getting to hold you. And perhaps a dragon? We are not sure about the dragon.”

 Zenyatta took a seat on the wooden rocking chair Ana had gifted them. ‘You will need it,’ she had warned them. So far he had only seen Angela taking naps in it as Wren slept, but he supposed Ana knew what she was talking about. Wren didn’t seem to care either way if her continued whining noise was anything to go by. He shifted his arms enough so Wren’s head could rest against his chest plate.

 “Sometimes,” Zenyatta whispered, “I wonder what Mondatta would think of you. He would love you, of course. And then in the same breath plan on using you as a shining example of Omnic and Human relations in his speeches. Then I would fling one of my orbs at him and he’d dodge and oh, you’ve fallen asleep.”

 Wren had, in fact, fallen asleep against Zenyatta’s chest. Would she wake if he tried to move her? Should babies sleep against not even remotely soft robots? Were there any soft robots out there? A multitude of questions filled Zenyatta’s head, but none were as important as his sensors picking up Wren’s heart beat.

 Somewhere between the tiny beeps Zenyatta slipped into sleep mode and dreamed of gold dragons and his brother standing on a far-off shore.


 “Psst. Angela. You gotta see this.”

 Angela, half asleep and bundled in her fuzzy bathrobe, walked over to her husband as silently as she could. Genji stood in front of Wren’s bedroom with a sparkle in his eyes and in a matching fluffy bathrobe. He waved her to come closer and as soon as she stepped into the doorway Angela saw why: There, sitting on the antique rocking chair, was Zenyatta and Wren fast asleep. The lights on her husband’s forehead blinked perfectly in time with their daughter’s breathing.

 Genji wrapped an arm around Angela’s waist and sighed. “I told you that Wren likes him the best.”

So whenever any cool cultural tidbit is brought to my attention, the first thing I ask myself is “where do they do this in Thedas”, because reasons.  And something made my mom sing a jump-rope song from her childhood just now, and so I became possessed with the desire to write a Thedosian jump-rope rhyme.  I don’t ‘do’ poetry but I thought I could probably manage children’s doggerel.

Fly, fly, Garahel
Riding on a griffon’s back
Shoot, shoot, Garahel
Crookytail is oh so fast
Dodge, dodge, Andoral
How many arrows can you dodge?
1-2-3-4 [etc.]

So there.  For the children jumping in the street to chant, a rhyme about the hero of the Fourth Blight.  Maybe Sera knew it as a child. :)


Searan: *standing beside Vanderood looking out a window* So…should we do something about them? *points to the fangirls*

Vanderwood: *crosses arms and shakes head* Nah…they’ll be fine…

-Flames erupt around the window as a trash can is thrown through it-

Saeran: *dodges* Oh yeah- TOTALLY FINE!

Returned (sis!Winchester)

A/N: This has been a pestering idea in my head for over 8 months, but this is the first time I’ve been able to put it down in a document and write out the things that have been swirling in my head. A little overview: this occurs in season 4 of Supernatural; Sam is 25, Dean is 29 and Elizabeth is the middle child, she’s supposed to be 27. 

Warnings: blood, trauma, death

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Being in this town gave Sam a bad feeling. The town itself wasn’t giving him the bad feeling, but what had happened there way back when. He knew Dean felt it too, he could see it in the tenseness of his shoulders and the rigidity of his features, but he didn’t dare mention anything to him. He’d probably get socked in the face.

They’d spent a while here at the time. A little longer than usual even though none of them wanted to. Sam knew now that that time was their allowed grieving period that Dad had given them. As they reached the outskirts, just before the town, Sam began thinking about that night.

June 10th, 1998

“You know, Dad; I’m really not feeling well.” Elizabeth rubbed her throat and coughed a little for good measure. “I don’t want to come with you guys and mess up the hunt.”

She stood situated in front of their father with her back to Sam and Dean. They couldn’t see her face, but Sam knew that she was looking up through her eyelashes at him in a puppy dog look.

Dean glanced at Sam and rolled his eyes. Man, their sister could really lay it on thick. And their dad was just eating it right up.

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Essays in Existentialism: Masquerade II


Previously on Masquerade

The stagnant heat of the long afternoon sunk soggy and sullen in the slick sweat along Lexa’s back and shoulders. She felt the sun on her skin, felt the fabric of her shirt grow heavy with sweat, felt the dirt cling to it, adding to it further, and none of it weighed more heavily upon her than the very sky, itself nothing more than a tired old dog, flopping down upon the world and smothering it. 

The horses grew agitated and lethargic in the heat. July started fiercely and made its wrath known, threw its weight around in the form of screaming mad days and dehydrating nights. Lexa ran her forearm against her forehead, pulling away as much sweat as she could before it ran like a river through her eyes before returning to the task at hand and finishing the work up on Mrs. Roger’s new horse. 

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Prompt Batch #43
  1. It rather seems so that even you are not fully capable of leaving your past behind
  2. She has a rather sadistic love for violence, don’t you think?
  3. Isn’t this a rather bipolar stragedy?
  4. You didn’t even try to dodge that!
  5. Oh great, now I have a stalker too?
  6. There’s a black Escalade parked a block away. Want to do anything about it?
  7. “You can’t waste ammo that you don’t have!”
    “I don’t even have a gun! What are you talking about?”
  8. I bit down the flashlight, writing down the last of the translation. I didn’t have much time.
  9. Come here, your dad is mad and I don’t think he won’t hit me if I use you as a shield!
  10. I won’t start kissing his knuckles every time I see him! 

anonymous asked:

If the headcanons are still open can request I, Q, and Y for Wanda Maximoff please

Headcanon List!

Headcanon Masterlist!

I - Inviting you to team up/join their organization of heroes

  • Mysterious Wanda trying to convince you to join the Avengers
  • She almost gets into your mind to find something that you won’t resist
  • she already tries everything!, why save the world wasn’t enough for you?!
  • she somehow finds something of your interesting.
  • she will show you all the flaws and pros of being an avenger
  • she will really honest with you, being an avenger isn’t as easy as it seems
  • she will be so happy when you say yes, just because she really wanted to get to know you better
  • and if you happen to say no, then she will annoy you every day asking you the same question
  • Wanda: “does save the world is not enough for you?”
  • Y/N: “ maybe if you have some cookies”
  • She will appear the next day with a bag full of cookies
  • Wanda: “Steve made them…can you join us now?”
  • you couldn’t say no to her after that

Q - Quarrelling with you

  • Wanda hates to fight with you
  • Even more, if the fight turns into screams
  • It usually will be about the stupid thing. When both of your days are being like shit and just a lot of feeling bottle up, sometimes you two won’t even know why you were fighting in the first place
  • she will end up being a sobbing mess, her red puffy eyes will beg you to stop the arguing
  • the fight will stop when any of you start to cry
  • she hates to see you cry
  • but sometimes she is too angry to notice it

Y- Yelling at each other (for the angst!)

  • oh god, prepare to dodge all the flying things that she will accidentally throw at your face, her powers will get a little out of control
  • she will try to control them but she is too busy screaming at you
  • she hates to do it, but her feelings will just explode and she will not control it
  • when she screams at you, you will often just shut up, dodge the objects
  • that will often make her angrier, but when she sees your eyes filled with tears, her red eyes will turn into those soft brown eyes that you loved and she will started to say “I’m sorry” probably a thousand times
  • she will feel guilty if she makes you cry, and if she ends up crying she will still feel guilty because you will feel guilty and it’s just a mess
  • she will cuddle she sh*t out of you when you stop to fight
  • “no more arguing and more kisses”
I Thought You Were Different: Book 4 (Part 32/?) (Avengers x reader)

Part 31

Clint and Natasha stood outside of their daughter’s room, ears pressed to the door and confused looks on their faces, hearing her talking to someone but with each sentence spoken, there was no reply.  She had grown too old for imaginary friends, as far as they were concerned anyway, and FRIDAY had reassured them that she was in the room alone, so their curiosity was piqued.  They didn’t want to intrude on her privacy, but they had to know for sure that she wasn’t talking to some alien or ghost, or anything weird or threatening; with things that happened around this team, nothing could be ruled out.

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oh and 73! honestly it gives some Kol vibes lmao

73: “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”

I feel like my writing is getting worse…fuck xD Probably because it’s 5 am! But hey there’s Kol yay! On FF 

Also, If you want me to do one!

Surprise, Surprise!

Caroline stepped out of the hot shower, covering herself with her cute pink towel she exited the bathroom. “AHHHHHHH! KOL! What the hell?”

“What is it darling?” Kol asked stretching his arms.

“Uhm…is there a - good - reason you’re naked in my bed?!” Caroline insisted.

“There is a reason, whether it’s good or not…is unclear…”

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“Yes” CH 2 - “Talk to You Soon. I Promise.”

GUUUUUUUUUUUUUYYYYYYYYYYSSSSSS I feels like it’s been 85 years since I last updated this fic. I am so SO sorry for the lack of updates or writings of any kind. life has been.. crazy to say the least. but it’s summer so who knows what’ll happen. Anyways this is just a short little installment. Hope you guys enjoy!!!  

Ch 1 

    Rae sighed and put her phone down for a moment. She focused on the board in front of her. Maybe it was a bad idea to text him, she thought to herself. She began scribbling the notes the class was taking and paused for a moment. She had to admit she hadn’t expected him to reply to her at all. A part of her really wanted to see where the conversation was headed, if it was even headed anywhere.  

    She grabbed her phone and quickly typed, Yeah. Hey, Finn. How’s it going?

    Finn had been holding on to his phone since he got the message. He hated that he was feeling nervous. Rae had been gone for over a month and hadn’t reached out to him yet. And now out of nowhere she messages him? He just couldn’t understand it.  

    He was bringing himself to put his phone back in his pocket when he felt the vibration in his palm. He looked down quickly and read her message. She seemed so at ease.  It was pissing him off, it he was being honest.

    How’s it going? He typed quickly before he lost his nerve.

     It was becoming increasingly obvious it had been a very bad idea to text Finn. What did she do it for? This was going nowhere fast. She was just going to send him one last message and back out.

    I just wanted to see how you were doing. Well, I’m in class so I should go now.  

   Finn scoffed. Oh no. She left without so much as a goodbye, and hadn’t spoken to him since. He was not going to let her get away with it so easy.

    I’m doing alright. But you wouldn’t know, would you, Rae?  

    Rae read that message over and over. She knew she had fucked up. She gulped

    No, she typed, I guess I wouldn’t.

    You left without saying anything and now out of nowhere you say how’s it going?

    Rae couldn’t think of any excuse. He didn’t deserve her just disappearing. She had fucked up.

    You’re right. I’m sorry, Finn.

    Finn held a tight grip on his phone for a moment before he let out a breath. He just couldn’t stay mad at her. No matter how hard he tried and no matter how badly he felt she deserved it, he just could not hold any animosity towards Rae. She had said sorry, and really, that’s all he wanted from her.

    Fine. It’s ok, Rae. Really. How are you? How’s Bristol?

     Rae couldn’t help but feel an extra twinge of sadness. She had always known Finn was nice - too nice even. But she never expected him to be this kind. He didn’t have to forgive her. If it had been him she wouldn’t have forgiven him so easily. But here he was acting like it was no big deal. Like if she had just forgotten to text him over the weekend as opposed to over a month. Somehow it made her feel even worse about what she had done, but she wasn’t about to let him know that.

    I’m really good. Bristol is great. Although I have to tell you the class I’m in now is pretty boring.  

    What class is it?

    Calculus. -_-

    Figures. I should have known you’d only text me under moments of extreme torture.

    Hey! I’ve texted you other times too! It’s just… Calculus is so boring. When the fuck am I going to use this in real life? Honestly? When does ANYONE actually use calculus?  

    Beats me. Isn’t this what you went off to college for anyway?  Now you’re reaping the rewards.  

    Nelson you’re extremely lucky my phone doesn’t have the middle finger emoji    

     Oh jeez dodged a bullet there. That would’ve been intimidating.

    God you are such a prick.  

    I guess I am. Hmmm..

   Rae giggled and was about to type up a response when she heard the familiar shuffling noises of students getting ready to leave. She glanced at the time and realized her class was ending. She didn’t even notice the time go. She knew she’d have to grab the notes she missed from someone else, but it was definitely worth it. It felt good talking to Finn again.  

    Hey. Finn, she typed, I got to get going to my next class. But I promise we’ll pick this up again when I go to lunch after, yeah?

    Yeah, of course. Have a good class Rae.  

    Thanks. Talk to you soon. I promise.  

  Finn smiled softly at his phone. He went about the rest of his morning as usual. A few costumers came in and he set to work on their cars. The only difference was this time was he left his phone on top of his tool box, so that he’d know just when he got the next notification.