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Christmas Miracle

RequestImagine with George Weasley! when the reader sneaking out with him on Christmas Holidays while they are staying at Hogwarts, they are spending whole night together, giving each other smol cute gifts and running away from Flinch (I knooow that Christmas are so far away but I’m reading Philosopher’s Stone and I have those vibes you know 😂). @bluegreyme

Word Count: 2557

Author’s note: TYSM for this request! It now has me in those Christmas feels. Imagine Christmas at Hogwarts xD. It would be soooo much fun to explore an empty castle. I loved writing this, and I hope you love it as well!

Christmas was her favorite season of the year. It has been ever since she was a little girl. The holiday songs, decorations, food, presents, and most importantly snow always filled her heart with warmth during the cold holiday. She had already packed everything up to go home for the holidays, but that was before her Barn Owl came through the dorm window with a letter from her parents stating that they wouldn’t be able to celebrate at home for the Winter holidays. Her parents both had to work throughout the break, and would rather Y/n stay at Hogwarts than be alone.

Now, instead of drinking eggnog and eating sugar cookies by the fire she was forced to spend her holidays at Hogwarts without her usual holiday traditions. Staying at Hogwarts still had it’s perks; The House elves still cooked some amazing food for the few students who did stay, and since the halls were empty it was much easier to explore the castle than usual. However, none of those thoughts were able to put her back in her usual jolly holiday spirit.

She sighed into her palm that was resting against her chin as she pushed around some food on her plate not really having much of an appetite anymore. She was just about to get up to head back to the y/h common room before two identical red-heads sat down on either side of her.

“Y/n, love why the long face? It’s the holidays!” Fred exclaimed while he plopped himself down right beside her with his elbows rested against the table.

George smiled as he rested a hand on the girl’s shoulder, “No one should have a frown on the holidays. Especially not while at Hogwarts over the holidays. I mean have you ever stayed here before? It’s like a haven for us with no one here.”

“Yeah,” started Fred again, “we are able to prank Filch a lot more over the holidays, and the best part-” they both smiled at you before saying in unison, “no classes!”

Y/n’s frown turned up only a little as she whined back, “Look, I appreciate you guys trying to cheer me up right now, but I love Christmas. It’s my favorite time of the year, and now since I can’t participate in my usual holiday traditions…It just doesn’t feel like Christmas.” She pushed her plate away, crossed her arms, and laid her head down on the table. She knew she was acting like a brat, but this was the first year ever that she had to spend Christmas entirely away from home. She only stayed in that position for a second before she abruptly stood up and began to walk away.

Y/n walked only a few feet before she turned back around to address the two again, “I’m sorry, I just really want to be alone with my thoughts so I can fully take in the fact that this really just isn’t Christmas this year. I know I’m a brat just- I’m sorry.” She turned and walked off without a reply from either Weasley twin.

Fred looked at the girl with his face squished together before stating, “geez, I guess that’s what we get for trying to cheer up someone.” He spun around in his seat so he faced the table properly before dishing out some food on a plate.

George however, never took his eyes off the frustrated girl. Instead his mind began to brainstorm of ways to put the cheerful holiday spirit back into Y/n. 

Y/n finally emerged from her bedroom at 11 am the next day. She still had no motivation to do anything, and considering it was Christmas Eve today she really just wanted to sleep the entire day away. However, she couldn’t ignore the grumbling in her stomach any longer. She emerged from the y/h common room door to a surprise, George Weasley was sitting on the floor with his back against the wall, head looking up towards the ceiling. 

“George? What are you doing?” She giggled when the boy jumped from the sudden noise breaking the silence he had been sitting in for quite awhile. 

“Bloody hell, don’t scare me like that Y/n.” He pushed himself up off the wall and walk towards her with the corners of his mouth almost touching his ears, “Well, I know how bummed out you’ve been as of late, and I just wanted to spend the day with you to show you how much fun you can still have at Hogwarts.”

Y/n’s small smile turned back into a frown before she answered, “That’s very kind of you George, but honestly I really was just going to grab some food and go back to bed.” She tried to walk around him, but George grabbed her arm before she could get too far away. 

“Please, just let me try Y/n. If you’re not happy by this evening then I’ll leave you alone the rest of break. Deal?” He stuck out his hand offering it to the girl. Y/n moved her right hand forward and connected them together before shaking it up and down.


“Okay so tell me why this is going to be so funny?” Y/n and George just came back inside the castle from making some snowballs and were now about to attempt to charm them to hit the back of Filch’s head. “Wait, haven’t you done this before?”

“Well, technically yes, but never to Filch. I just feel like it will be twice as funny, because Filch acts like a moron sometimes. Just watch.” They were both hiding behind a curtain that acted as a secret hallway passage. Filch was just starting to walk by when George bewitched a snowball to follow and eventually collide with the back of Filch’s head.

Y/n bit back a laugh as Filch began to turn around frantically searching for whoever just hit him in the head with the ball of snow. Filch walked in circles like a puppy chasing his tail before looking up at the ceiling, and then at Ms. Norris who only purred at the side of his feet. 

Filch shrugged his shoulders and began to walk again before another snowball collided with the back of his head once again. This time Filch let out a gruff, “Who’s there?!” He yelled back down the hall only to be greeted with complete silence. He looked up and spun around again before screaming, “Peeves I swear if that’s you I’ll go to Dumbledore and have you thrown out!” He raised his fist in the air while spinning around looking up at the ceiling again in all directions. 

“Man he really is a complete git.” George whispered with a small chuckle leaving his lips. He looked over at the smiling girl who was now turning red from trying to hold in her laughter. “Do you want to try Y/n?”

“What? Oh I don’t know George. Pranks aren’t usually my area of expertise.” She shrugged and looked back towards Filch trying to contain her laughter as Filch began to ask the pictures around him if they saw anything. 

“Oh Y/n come on this is newbie stuff. Ron could even do this. Come on now.” He placed a snowball in her hand before turning back to look at Filch from the crack in the curtain. Y/n took a deep breath and casted the spell leading it out of the curtain and towards Filch. However, she hadn’t been paying attention to the direction Filch was just facing.

“Y/n no wait!” George whispered yelled, but it was too late. The snowball emerged from behind the curtain and was hurtling towards Filch hitting him square in his nose. Filch was taken aback by the sudden feeling of the snowball colliding with his face, but he recovered in an instant hurtling himself towards the curtain on the wall.

“Run!” George grabbed Y/n’s hand and began to drag her in the other direction towards the curtain at the other end of the hallway. Y/n’s heart began to race from the adrenaline of possibly getting caught, and soon her feet began to run on their own. Once they got to the opposite end of the hallway George threw open the curtain and dashed off to the left towards the staircases. 

“Wait you two! Come back here!” Filch’s screams were getting closer and soon he would catch them.

“George, please tell me that you have some kind of plan?” Y/n’s panic becoming evident in her voice as they ran down the stairs and towards the Hufflepuff common room.

“Well, this isn’t really when I wanted to start my next activity, but just follow me.” George threw open a door Y/n never really paid much attention to before and hurtled herself inside while George was holding it open. After Y/n was safely inside he threw himself in closing the door as he went.

“Master Weasley, it’s so very good to see you again!” Y/n jumped and turned around at the sound of a squeaky little voice coming from behind her. 

“Dobby, it’s good to see you as well, have you ever met Y/n Y/l/n  before?” George nodded in Y/n’s direction while the house elf’s smile grew even bigger.

“Oh, Dobby is so very happy to make new friends. Especially ones of master Weasley’s!” Dobby stepped forward and Y/n held out her hand towards the elf so he could shake it.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you too Dobby. Might I ask where exactly are we?” she began to look around before she noticed all the cooking wares around the great room.

“Well, you be standing in the kitchens of Hogwarts! Master Y/l/n. It’s where we elves prepare the meals.” Dobby looked up happily towards her before grabbing her hand and pulling her further into the room.

“Say, Dobby, do you mind if me and Y/n use the kitchen for a bit? Then later can we take some snacks?”

“Oh, certainly! Master Weasley, and Y/l/n are always welcome here.” Dobby stated before bowing and walking away towards the other house elves who just look a little disgruntled to see them there.

“Come on, Y/n let’s make some cookies.” George walked over to one of the stoves and turned it on before grabbing some of the ingredients they would need. 

Y/n only stood in her place with a small smile beginning to form on her lips, she coughed and then hid the smile before replying, “No, George you move aside. I only like them a certain way, and you’ll just ruin them I’m sure.”

“Kinda like how you ruined the prank and almost got us caught?”

“Oh- shut up Weasley.”

The two had joked around in the kitchen all afternoon. Preparing the cookies put Y/n back into her usual happy self, and now the two were sitting by the fire in the y/h common room munching on the sugar cookies they had just prepared in the kitchen. The two had been talking in the common room for hours, and it was getting really late into the night, but neither showed signs of tiredness, not yet anyway.

“Okay, so tell me why are you so upset about spending the holiday here?” George sipped some of the cocoa they had stolen from the kitchen and looked deep into her y/c/e eyes.

“Okay, well I told you yesterday George I always have these holiday traditions with my family. They usually consist of; baking about a dozen sugar cookies, decorating the Christmas tree while listening and dancing to holiday music, exchanging goofy gifts on Christmas eve night, and playing in the snow Christmas morning. That’s just to name a few though because we have so many that we do as a family, and it’s just my favorite time of the year, because we are truly all together during this time. It’s always made me so happy to have me and my parents goofing around like that. However, this year I just feel like they wanted to celebrate without me.” Y/n adverted her eyes from George’s and took another small bite out of her cookie.

“Oh that’s rubbish and you know it. Your parents would be more than happy to see you on Christmas! It’s not your fault that they got caught up working. You really shouldn’t be so hard on yourself you know.” He leaned forward and slowly put his arm around the girl and she leaned her head against his shoulder with a sigh.

“Thank you George, I know that they would have me at home if they could and I know I’m being a brat about it all. I just can’t help it because I really just wish everything would slow down. I feel like I’m growing up too quickly and I don’t want those little traditions to end you know?” Y/n picked her head up from his shoulder to look into his eyes. A small blush grew on her face as she gazed and took in all his handsome features. The light of the fire was illuminating his face so his eyes sparkled, his nose had a hint of red to it, and his hair was perfectly cascading over his eyebrows. He looked so dreamy right then. 

“Well, new traditions can always be made you know?” George turned his face to look directly at the girl, his face leaning in towards hers as he finished, “I don’t know about you, but I liked the little traditions we made today.”

Y/n gasped as she slowly leaned up towards his red lips as she licked her own wetting them, “me too.” she whispered before their lips softly touched. 

Soon, George’s hand went to the back of Y/n’s neck bringing her face closer to his as he pushed his tongue through his mouth attempting to gain access to the inside of hers. Y/n eagerly gave him access as she slowly laid back against the armrest of the couch, George following her every movement gradually moving on top of her.

Their tongues danced on the inside of each other’s mouths as Y/n ran her hands underneath his shirt feeling his abs on her fingertips before slowly moving their way to his back. George received shivers at the sudden feeling of her warm fingertips grazing along his back. He had wanted to kiss her for so long, and this was quite possibly the best present he ever received.

All too soon though the kiss was broken by Y/n who had desperately needed to come up for air, “That is certainly one tradition I hope sticks around.” She giggled between breaths as George shifted his body to lie parallel with the back of the couch wrapping his arms around the girl in the process. Y/n shifted her body so that her back was pressed against George’s front side, so she could be his little spoon.

“I will make sure that this tradition sticks from here on out.” He laughed and kissed the back of her neck before nestling into her hair. The two where just about asleep before Y/n finally noticed it was well past midnight. She tapped his hand lightly gaining a small “hmph” from him in response.

“George, Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas love.” George whispered back before the two fell asleep next to the dying fire on the couch on the best Christmas Eve night she ever had. 

  • Harry: hello, Dobby! how've you been?
  • Dobby: *starts tearing up*
  • Harry: Dobby?
  • Dobby: oh, sir, Dobby is so happy to see Harry Potter after so long! Dobby hears many lovely stories about Harry Potter during holidays, but it's not nearly the same as seeing you in person again!
  • Harry: wait, what?
  • Dobby: ...
  • Harry: ...
  • Dobby: sir?
  • Harry: you hear "lovely stories" about me?
  • Dobby: ...
  • Harry: from who? you're a house elf for the Malfoy fam-
  • Dobby: *starts hitting himself*
  • Dobby: bad Dobby! shouldn't have said that!
  • Dobby: *starts banging his head on a table*
You've Got It All Wrong //Draco Imagine//

Originally posted by infp-soup

Requested by: doctor_takashi 

 Plot: the reader, a Mudblood Gryffindor, meets Draco’s parents 

 Pairing: Reader x Draco 

 Warnings: mild swears here and there 

 A/n: you asked for a twist so I hope this works okay! 

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Hello Masters!

Imagine: Harry and Draco having an amazing moment alone, hiding from everyone, in the room of requirement and suddenly they hear a cough..

Harry: Malfoy? What was that?

Draco: No Idea, Potter.

And suddenly they both gasps and-

Dobby: Oh, Hello Masters! Having fun Alright?

Dobby: How beautiful is it to see my both masters having an amazing moment?

Dobby: Dobby is happy!!

Hear me out! OMG!
So Brownies are mythological little creatures, they do tasks around the house but if you give them clothes, they’ll leave!
Now, a Dobbie is a special kind of Brownie, they try to help but cause more chaos without meaning to! 
J.K. Rowling! I see what you did there!

Harry Potter characters as song lyrics
  • Harry: mirror mirror on the wall who's the precious one of all? i think that i am sassy i know that i am sassy
  • Ron: girlfriend in a coma, i know it's serious, i know it's serious
  • Hermione: i hear it everyday, i hear it al the time, i'm never gonna amount to much but they're never gonna change my mind
  • Luna: i'm strange and i like it thats just the way i am i can't change it i can't hide it that's just the way i am
  • Seamus: so light them up up up light em up up up light them up up up i'm on FIYYYAAAH!!!
  • Draco: i'm tired of being what you want me to be, feeling so faithless, lost under the surface
  • Neville: He was a no one a zero zero, now he's a hot shot he's a hero he was a kid with his act down pat, from zero to hero in no time that
  • Fred and George: oh oh oh trouble troublemaker yeah that's your midle name
  • Ginny: cause when you're fifteen and somebody tells you they love you, you're gonna believe them
  • Cedric: now i'm lying on the cold hard ground oh oh oh oh potter potter potter
  • Hagrid: you're my hunny bunny sugarcup cumpy yumpy yumcake you're my sweetie pie
  • Dumbledore: i'm falling to pieces, yeah, i'm falling to pieces
  • Minerva: i got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire cause i am a champion and you're gonna hear me MEEEOOOOWWW!!!!
  • Snape: cause after all this time i'm still into you, i should be over all the potion claaaa-aaah-haass but i'm into you, i'm ino you
  • Bellatrix: cause i knew you were trouble when you walked in so shame on me now blew me to pieces i've never been, till molly put you down, oh
  • Dobby: i've got no strings to hold me down, to make me fret, or make me frown, i had strings, but now i'm free, there are no strings on me!
  • Buckbeak: let's fly-aaa-aaa-aaayy up up here we go go fly-aaa-aa-aaayy up up here we go where we stop nobody knows
  • Colin: i'm your biggest fan i'll follow you until you love me, papa-paparazzi, baby there's no other superstar you know that i'll be your papa-paparazzri
  • Voldemort: say my name say my name, you act kinda shady, ain't calling me voldy
  • Ginny: Hey, Harry, so the baby is coming soon we should start thinking of names.
  • Harry: Oh yeah! Any ideas?
  • Ginny: Um well we already used your dad's name and Sirius's name - we could continue on that path? Naming kids after people we love?
  • Harry: Yeah definitely.
  • Ginny: Well, I've been thinking, if it's a girl, we could go with Lily Luna.
  • Harry: Love it. And a boy?
  • Ginny: No idea. What about you?
  • Harry: Hmmm let me think.
  • Ginny: We could name him after Colin, that would work. He died far to young and was such a great friend. Or, hey, Hagrid! Oh, he'd love it if we named our child Rubeus. Awww, let's do that, Hagrid has done so much for us over the years.
  • Harry: Wait Ginny what if he named him after Dumbledore.
  • Ginny: ... I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that. What about Neville?
  • Harry: What about Severus?
  • Ginny: Haha, good one. Um ... Remus! Oh, gosh, let's name him Remus.
  • Harry: No wait Ginny hear me out, here. Let's go with Albus Severus.
  • Ginny: Yeah, no. Maybe Alastor, for Moody? Oh, or Dobby? Although, that might be a bit weird for a name. I know George already has a son named Fred, but maybe a middle name?
  • Harry: Ginny, come on, let's go with Albus Severus.
  • Ginny: Wait, you're serious? Why?
  • Harry: It's perfect.
  • Ginny: Did you miss the part where I said 'after people we love'?
  • Harry: But Ginny-
  • Ginny: Are you telling me you want to name our child after to people who lied to you their entire lives? Snape bullied you to no end, Harry! He hated your guts!
  • Harry: No, he didn't he liked me.
  • Ginny: He liked your eyes only because of some creepy obsession with your mother that lasted years after she got married to someone else and died!
  • Harry: Yeah, Snape was pretty cool, wasn't he? And Dumbledore-
  • Ginny: Didn't tell you shit and sent you on some long journey with no information that only led to your death -
  • Harry: I didn't die!
  • Ginny: HE WAS EXPECTING YOU TO! Merlin's beard, Harry, I'm not having this conversation with you! We are not naming our son after those two!
  • Harry: But they were good men at heart-
  • Ginny: THAT DOESN'T JUSTIFY THEIR ACTIONS! Grawp and Ludo Bagman were good men at heart, too, but we're not naming a child after them!
  • Harry: Actually, that's not a bad idea.
  • Ginny: No. Albus Severus is better than that.
  • Harry: So you like it? YES! I'm so good at naming children. I can't wait for little Albus Severus to be born. Oh, Ginny, let's go and tell everyone what we've decided to name him. I'm so happy!
  • Ginny: ...
  • Fuck you, Harry.