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hi ovo can you do a marriage proposal for everyone? like- how they'd propose to mc? yisssss thank I love ur blog

lol when I first read this, I was half awake and I thought you meant that you wanted me to go propose everyone! X)


  • Yoosung couldn’t really afford anything too fancy after buy the ring, so he cleaned his apartment, invited MC over for a fancy dinner, cooked himself, and put on a nice outfit
  • MC suspected she would be staying the night so she packed some extra clothes before she came over
  • They had their nice dinner, watched a movie, and… well, Yoosung kept forgetting to propose because MC was too distracting, and besides that, whenever he remembered, it didn’t feel like the right moment
  • After the movie, they were in kind of a rush to get their clothes off after making out on the couch, so the ring, still in his pants pockets, was tossed aside with them
  • In the middle of the night, MC woke up to get some water, but stepped on the box
  • After investigating, she immediately knew why this whole evening had happened, and decided to just put on the ring and leave the empty box by the bedside table for him to see
  • Well, Yoosung was super flustered and embarrassed come morning because things didn’t happen like he planned, but MC gave him the opportunity to ask properly so he could feel better


  • Our girl was so nervous
  • Jaehee had closed the cafe for the day under the guise that she wanted to try making a few different tiramisu recipes to see which one is best
  • Jaehee had already pre-set the plates with each serving, the last one she wanted to try had the ring wrapped in plastic wrap underneath it
  • So MC showed up, they had some coffee, splitting a bunch of different types and mixes of tiramisu, making little notecards to attach to each to explain what was good and bad to review for later
  • The problem Jaehee hadn’t anticipated was that they’d be too full by the time it got to the last few pieces
  • MC was ready to throw in the towel and get a salad to wash all that sugary goodness down
  • Jaehee agreed, kind of freaking out that things weren’t going according to plan, but took MC on a long walk through the park, they had a late lunch, did a little window shopping, then returned to the cafe
  • When Jaehee asked if MC was up for a few more, she said sure, so they plowed through the last three, and MC finally discovered the ring
  • Jaehee managed to ask after the discovery, nervous as all heck, but the moment MC snaps out of her daze, she agrees and kisses Jaehee
  • When MC assumes the whole day was part of the plan, Jaehee doesn’t correct her, a little embarrassed


  • Zen would try to make everything perfect
  • And trust me, he thought long and hard about what to do
  • Among the things he considered, two of them were proposing on stage after a performance (a little too public, and he was tempted, he just wasn’t sure MC would go for it), and  trying to hide the ring in some food (he googled “good foods to hide a ring in” and found a bunch of horror stories where people had to get their stomachs pumped)
  • Zen tried proposing at a nice restaurant, but Jumin coincidentally showed and ruined his mood
  • Then he tried to propose at an RFA party, but there were so many guests, Zen barely spent any time with her
  • He ends up proposing to her on Christmas Eve, giving her the ring wrapped up with a pretty bow
  • The next day, when they do the annual Christmas event, everyone she knows is asking about the ring and gushing about it while Zen beams


So, if Jumin hadn’t proposed at the party, made a spectacle of big himself and MC, and married her less than six months later, this is what I think would happen

  • In the morning, he presented MC with a lovely breakfast, an envelope, and an arrangement of yellow and white flowers
  • Inside the envelope was a schedule for the day, that included a massage, facial, mani-pedi, getting her hair and makeup done, and dress and shoe shopping
  • The evening is simply marked off as “💜~Surprise~💜” (he asked Jaehee to put hearts next to it because he thought it would be cute)
  • So MC spent the whole day being primped and pampered, then was driven to an empty, fancy restaurant
  • Jumin reserved the entirety of a restaurant so that they can have their dinner without being disturbed
  • It’s candlelit, very romantic, with excellent wine
  • After dinner, Jumin takes MC on a small walk, they stop by a fountain, he drops to one knee and officially asks
  • MC can’t help but laugh because, of course he made his proposal a whole day event


  • Scavenger hunt~❤️
  • Lol, but no seriously, he sends MC on a scavenger hunt, having her go to the place where they met, had their first date, first kiss
  • There’s a gift every place she’s waiting, then the last location is somewhere they’ve never been
  • He’s waiting for her, and when she asks, “So what happened here?”
  • “Oh, you know, we got engaged.”
  • It takes her a moment to process it, but by then he’s pulls the ring out and is offering it to her
  • MC tackle-hugs the boy, all but shouting yes, he puts the ring on her, and of course, they kiss


  • He said he had a surprise for her and invited her to a gallery where a collection he had just finished was going to shown in a few weeks
  • It was in the evening, so MC showed up, and the lights were out, but V was waiting outside the door for her
  • After leading her in, V had her wait alone in the middle of the dark gallery while he turned on the lights
  • One by one, the lights come on, giving MC time to look at all the pictures that he’s presenting….
  • ….they’re all pictures of her
  • Pictures of her with V and the RFA, doing day to day things, smiling, laughing, and each has a date and a description attached via pieces of paper that explain they’re relevance
  • At the bottom of each page, there’s a mini love letter to MC
  • As she makes her way through the gallery, following the lights, she sees more pictures of her and reads each love note, tearing up a little at this whole spectacle
  • The last picture, to her surprise, isn’t of MC or V or anyone else, but a black and white photo of a ring in a box
  • The final note reads, “MC, will you marry me?”
  • When MC turns around, there’s V, waiting with the ring in his hands, smiling
  • How could she possibly say no?


  • Tact is not his forte
  • And he thinks a ring is a waste of money
  • So Saeran gets the paperwork to make a marriage legal and slides it across the table to her one day
  • MC can’t help but laugh, but signs the paperwork anyways
  • A few months later, Saeran sees some guy hitting on MC very aggressively, and realizes the purpose of rings, so he drags her to a store to get her one
  • After seeing MC wear the ring, Saeyoung and the RFA all start clamoring for a wedding


  • Vanderwood doesn’t much strike me as a romantic
  • He’d probably bring up marriage casually, and if they decided they wanted to get married, he’d get her a ring
  • Although, the paperwork might be tricky because of his past with the agency (and possibly before that because idk)
Birthday Wish || Jeon Jungkook

Genre: Smut, Fluff 

Words: 2,555

 A/N: ayo! I’m such a hoe. Fun fact about me, jungkook is like a dirty little secret to me. I will tell everyone that he’s not my type but dear god, whatta man. 😍 fun fact #2, I’m still a big hoe. If you want something, go ahead and request it! 

P.s.- thank you guys so much for loving my Jimin smut xD also, thank you to @flakandforay for putting it on the weekly recommendation post! ^-^ *blushes profusely*  

 - admin courtneycat 


Originally posted by jeonify

 "Happy birthday day dear Y/N,“ Hoseok’s arm wrapped around your shoulders and pulled you closer to the cake, "Happy birthday to you! Wooo!” The cake was pink, with white frosted lettering- hopefully chocolate inside. You peaked a glance at Jin and gave him a mental ‘thank you’ because you knew he was the one who made the cake. He winked back at you. 

 "Y/N! Make a wish! You have to make a wish!“ Taehyung yelled from across the table. His boxy smile was contagious and you couldn’t help but smile back at the boy. Closing your eyes you thought about all the things you could wish for. Money, love, success, etc. Hmm. The possibilities are endless, really. You opened your eyes back up and had made eye contact with the boy seated across from you. 

 Jeon Jungkook. 

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Little Ham Man (Small?Hamilsquad x Reader) 7

A/N: here ya go (oops it ended awkwardly)

Previous Chapter II Next Chapter

“Okay, time to teach the proper etiquette. Men, you don’t have to call me miss all the time. Y/N is fine, no one really says that anymore. Unless you don’t know what their name is.” You said, looking at all of them in their small desks. You bought it from a toy store, giving them pieces of lead and small scraps of paper.

Hamilton was writing paragraphs on his paper. You couldn’t read the words, since they were extremely small. Laurens was doodling, you could barely make out the shapes. Mulligan had his feet up on the desk and Lafayette was watching you, a small smile on his face.

“But why, Y/N? Isn’t it polite to say that?”

“It is, Lafayette, but it’s just weird, you know? We’ve downgraded in society. And we don’t go around wearing fancy dresses and suits every day. Most wear jeans and shirts.” You replied, looking at the fancy clothing they were wearing. This time, Mulligan’s ears perked up, his eyes meeting yours.

“Wait, I’m sorry, what? What are these jeans and t-shirts?” He looked over at Alexander’s casual wear. “Do you mean this nonsense that he is wearing? Is this why you wear that loose fitting clothing all of the time?” He asked, gesturing towards your sweater. You looked down at it.

“Yes, why? Is there something wrong with my clothes?”

He nodded. “You looked very improper. No woman of your status would be wearing something so, so shameful.”

“We’re not in the 1700s anymore, Herc. It’s 2016. No one wears those white wig things or those puffy scarves things,” you said, pointing to the fabric, “And what do you mean by a woman with my status?”

“You’re an educated woman, Y/N. I could create you a gown if you would like.”

“No, I’m fine with what I have.”

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Coquette | 3

bts x fuckgirl!reader high school!au | series warnings: smut, sexual themes, polygamy, angst, foul language, cheating

genre: angst, romance, smut

chapter warning: mentions of violence, underage drinking, detailed description of drug usage, somewhat smut

Originally posted by hunnysyub

continuation status: yes | possibly | no

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

word count: 4,772

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My Valentine

Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader

Words: 2,175

Summary: The reader and Chris have been friends for a long time. Chris gets invited on a triple date for Valentine’s Day and without wanting to be a third wheel, he tries to convince the reader to come with him even though she hates the holiday. 

Author’s Note: I wanna thank @mrs-squirrel-chester for being an awesome beta. I am absolutely the worst person ever! I meant to put this out last week (i.e. Valentine’s Day) but due to writer’s block I wasn’t able to do so. Call me Jean-Ralphio cause I’m

Originally posted by boom-shwa-tee-oosh

Warnings: None just tons and tons of Fluff… Oh and Chris being a total meatball (Should that be a warning?)

Tagging: @ariallane @heather-lynn @always-an-evans-addict @mrs-squirrel-chester @bionic-buckyb @sebbytrash @marvel-ash anyone who wants in or out of the taglist please let me know! 

Gifs not mine

You heard your phone go off in your purse as you opened the trunk to your car. Setting it inside your trunk, you dug through your purse, finally pulling out your phone and saw Chris’ name flash on your screen.

“Hey Chris.” You answered, holding your phone between your ear and shoulder, grabbing your gym bag.

“Y/N!” He shouted. “I’ve called you three times already! What were you doing?” He sounded urgent.

“I was driving Christopher.” You deadpanned, swinging your gym bag over your other shoulder and slammed trunk shut. “Everything okay?” You asked.

“Everything’s fine.” He answered, “Are you home?”

“Yes Chris I just got home why?” You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion.

“Oh good, cause I’m inside waiting for you.” He said.

“What?” You looked up and saw Chris at your window and waving at you with a huge grin on his face.

“Motherfu-” You quickly hang up and jog over to your front door.

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Jealous Josh???? I mean guuurl there is no one on this planet who could write a better imagine so please please please write a jealous Josh imagine? Something like you go clubbing and you meet your old friend but he doesn't know you're taken so he's all flirty and stuff and then Josh notices and is all jealous and it ends fluffy like you reassure him you love him and stuff??? (Don't have to be like this it's just an idea you can write it as you like and as you're comfortable with) thanks ily!!!!

Thanks for your request and all the kind words!! 


“Babe, can you tie this?” you ask, your hands were holding up the thin piece of fabric on the back of your shirt.  You’d been fiddling with it for a bit now, but sighed in defeat.  Luckily Josh was just emerging from the shower, the steam rolling out of the door as soon as it opened.  He had a towel wrapped around his waist, you subtly gawked at his v-line and dripping wet body.  

“Sure,” he said before knotting the towel and making his way over towards you.  He took the fabric and you let your hands fall.

“Thanks,” you smile, giving him a peck on the cheek before going into the bathroom.  The mirror was all fogged up, you wiped it down before starting your makeup.

“Tyler’s picking us up in ten minutes,” Josh said as he grabbed some floss from the shelf, “will you be ready in time?”

You nod, leaning over the sink obnoxiously to apply your mascara, “Yeah, I’m good.”

“You look beautiful,” Josh murmured, pulling you into his bare chest and planting his lips on yours.  

You smile against the kiss, “Mm, and you look very handsome.  Is this how you’re going?” You ask, indicating towards his naked torso.  

Josh smiled wide, “I call this the ‘I-hate-laundry-so-I-won’t-wear-clothes’ look, you like?”

You laughed, pressing your hands against his pecks, “I do, unfortunately, I think a lot of other girls will too,” you chuckle softly, “that I don’t like so much.”

“Aw, babe,” Josh fake pouted, wrapping you up in his arms and giving the top of your head a kiss, “you know you’re my one and only.”

Just then a car honked outside and you smirked at Josh.  “Now who’s not ready?”

He pulled away from you sticking out his tongue like a three-year-old and rushing into the bedroom to pull a shirt on.  Then, together, you walk out to Tyler and Jenna’s car, ready for a fun night together.  

The club was a little crowded.  Nothing like what it can be like though.  You’ve been to this same bar before, many times in fact, and it’s so packed you could barely move.  Tonight, there were just the right amount of people.  Enough where you could dance freely without anyone really noticing.  But not so much where you couldn’t escape the dance floor if you needed to.  

You and Jenna walk in, arm and arm, chatting about each of your days events.  Tyler and Josh lingered behind talking about god-only-knows what.  You started off small, sipping on this fruity drink Josh had gotten you and scoping everyone out with him.  Jenna and Tyler went straight for the dance floor, something you couldn’t help but chuckle at.  Tyler busted out some pretty intense moves for someone who was always sober.  

“I’d need at least three shots to do that,” you say.  Tyler had his elbow cocked and his legs doing some strange jig.  It had Jenna laughing though, probably his ultimate goal.  

Josh laughed.  He had one arm slung casually around you, the other holding a cup of beer.  Eventually the two of you joined in on the dancing.  You were a horrible dancer, so you mostly just jumped and swayed your hips.  You really didn’t care as long as you didn’t spill your drink.  

After a few songs you lost track of Jenna and Tyler, you stood on your tip-toes trying to scan the crowd.  It was Josh that eventually scoped them out in the corner.  Jenna was seated, her head in her lap, Tyler was kneeling in front of her, one hand on her knee.  

The two of you made your way over, Josh’s hand hovered on your lower back until you broke through the crowd.  

“Everything okay?” You ask, slightly concerned.  

“She’s getting one of her migraines,” Tyler said.  

“Is her medication in the car?”

Tyler nods, looking back at you with pierced lips.  

“You stay with her,” you say, “I’ll go grab it.”

“I’ll grab her some water,” Josh suggests.

Tyler mouths a ‘thanks’ to the both of you and hands over his car keys.  You start making your way to the exit.

The cool air feels nice on your hot skin.  You almost wished Tyler would have parked further away so you could have enjoyed it longer, but in no time, you have Jenna’s medication in hand and you’re reentering the bar.  As you open the door, it slams into something solid and you cringe when you see that it’s a person you’ve so graciously hit.  

“Oh my god-“ you gasp, your free hand flying up to cover your mouth, “I am so sorry!”

The man turns and you’re even more surprised to see it was your prom date from senior year.  

“Holy shit!” he exclaims, all concerns for being hit by a door forgotten.  “Y/N! I can’t believe it, what the hell are you doing here!”

“Wow, hi!” You say, still shocked, “I live like five minutes down the road, I’m here like, all the time.”

“No shit, I just moved here a bit ago, trying to meet some new people, try new things and all that,” he chuckles.  “Hey, you look amazing,” he says.

“Thanks, you look great too.  Can’t believe it’s been, what? Seven years?”

“It’s crazy.”

The two of you spark up conversation like it’s nothing, like seven years haven’t passed, like you’d never been apart.  You forget all about Jenna’s medication still clutched in your hand.


“Dude, where’s Y/N?” Tyler asks.

“I don’t know, how long’s it been?”

“Long enough, I didn’t park that far.  You should go check on her.”

I stood up from the chair, giving Jenna an encouraging pat on the back before walking away.  I really did feel awful for her.  I’d had migraines in the past.  Nothing to mess around with.  

I make my way to the door when the image in front of me stops me dead in my tracks.  Y/N definitely wasn’t lost, unless it was in this dude’s piercing blue eyes.  It feels like my stomach dropped to the floor.  What the fuck?  

I pride myself on being laid back. I’m easy-going, reasonable.  But watching Y/N look at someone like that, that wasn’t me, that didn’t settle well.  I stayed back, too stunned to move. Y/N was hunched over, laughing at something this guy said.  My jaw clenched when she touched his arm delicately.  This was definitely flirting and I could feel the anger boiling up inside of me.  But as angry as I was, it didn’t compare to the dread building up in my stomach.  I was always so scared of losing Y/N.  My anxiety always found it’s way back in my head, saying things like ‘you’ll never be good enough’ and ‘eventually, she’ll find someone better’.  I was afraid that maybe she finally did.  My instincts told me to walk away, but instead, I started walking closer, my fists clenched at my side, my heart beating in my chest.  Their conversation started to become clearer.

“I think we ought to dance a few songs, see if you still got those moves,” he says.  “Come on, let me buy you a drink first—“

“Oh, there you are babe,” I say, pretending I didn’t just hear his invitation, “we were worried you got lost.”  I walked casually between Y/N and the guy and wrapped my arms around her waist, planting a kiss on her lips.  I faced the guy after I pulled away, staring him straight in the eye.  Not bothering to ask who he was or why he was hitting on my girlfriend.  I was pleased to see how startled he looked, though.

“Um, Josh this is (idk, your prom date’s name lol),” she says.  

(Whatever his name is) holds his hand out towards me.  I make an exaggerated effort to look at his open hand, but keep mine planted firmly in my pocket.  I hated this whole asshole regime.  But I didn’t know how else to show her I cared that she was flirting with someone else.  

“Uh, nice to meet you,” the guy said warily.  

I stare at him intently, realizing what a douche I’m being but too angry and hurt to act differently.

I almost sighed in relief to see Tyler practically dragging Jenna towards the exit.  She looked awful, but I knew that it was our cue to leave.  

“Hey guys,” Tyler said, “Sorry to interrupt, but I really gotta get her home.”

I nod, and before Y/N can say anything else to the guy, we turn and walk out the door.  

The ride home is horrible.  Y/N is so mad.  I can already tell.  She’s got her body positioned as far away from me as she possibly can and stares out the window the entire time.  My chest feels hallow and the voice in my head keeps repeating the same three words over and over again; she’s gonna leave. She’s gonna leave.  She’s gonna leave.  


“What kind of archaic shit was that?!” You bellowed as soon as Josh closed the door to the apartment.  You turn towards him, your fists clenched.  

His eyes widen and he steps back.  

“Seriously?” You yell, “What the fuck was that?”

Josh rolls his eyes, his hands dig in his pocket until he finds his wallet.  He pulls it out and tosses it on the counter.  

“Whatever,” he mutters, about to walk away.

“Oh no,” you say, the anger boiling up inside of you.  You grab his arm and spin him towards you.  “No fucking way are you walking away right now.”

You stare so intently at him, determined to get a response out of him.  But he won’t even look at you.  His eyes trace the ceiling, the floor, the wall behind you.  Anywhere but you.

You begin to realize you’re not getting anything out of him, so you continue, “Do you have any idea how fucking rude you were?  Acting like a thirteen year old angsty teenager.  You embarrassed me!”

Josh stared at the floor.  His hands were buried in his pockets again.  Your nose twitched.  You wanted to make him as angry as he was making you.

“In front of such a nice guy.  (whatever his name is) and I were having a really good conversation and you just jumped in and acted like some uncivilized, caveman.  I was having so much fun too and—“ you pause.  You were almost out of breath from yelling so much.  “Why aren’t you saying anything?” You plead, voice softening.  

Your change in tone makes Josh look up, finally making eye contact with you.

“Why don’t you just go back then?” he asks casually.

Your face contorts into a puzzled look.  “What?”

“To the bar.  Why don’t you just head back, I’m sure he’s still there.”

He isn’t mocking.  He isn’t being sarcastic.  He’s genuinely suggesting that you go back to the bar without him.  

“Why the hell would I do that?”

“Because you were having such a good time,” he says, like it’s obvious.  

Your face softens.  You’re finding it very hard to stay so mad when Josh is just standing there looking so defeated and drained.  

“It’d be no fun without you,” you say.

Josh immediately scoffs and you can tell that he truly doesn’t believe what you’re saying.

“Josh,” you start, “why did you get so jealous? Honestly?”

His eyes drop again and he brings his hand up to scratch the back of his neck.  

“I’m an idiot, I don’t know, I’m sorry-“

“No,” you cut him off, “Why did you get so jealous?”

He looks up at you and keeps eye contact.  His eyes are hallow, sad even.  You can tell he’s having a hard time finding words, but finally he speaks, “I don’t know, I just—“ he pauses again, gathering his thoughts, “I just, sometimes I have these thoughts.  These thoughts that I’m not good enough for you.  And I know you’re going to say that’s irrational and stupid or whatever, but I can’t convince myself that it is.  I try to.  I really do, but I can’t.  I still think it.  I still fight it.  And tonight, I just got so scared that it was happening.. That you were gonna find someone better, and I just-“ he pauses, “I just freaked out.  I’m sorry.”

You frowned, your whole insides aching with the thought of Josh struggling with such demonizing thoughts.  You took a step forward, wanting to convince him that he was wrong, but remembering what he said.  That whatever you said didn’t matter.  That he couldn’t stop believing it.  A tear rolled down your cheek and you continued moving closer across the room until you were only inches away from him.  He looked down at you, exhausted and looking so defeated.  

“I love you,” you whispered, taking his hands in yours.  “I love you,” you said, emphasizing the last word, “so much.  And I’m sorry.  That guy was just some stupid guy from high school.  We were just catching up, I promise.  I’m sorry I made you jealous, I’m sorry I made you feel not good enough, and I know you said I can’t convince you that you are good enough, but I’m going to try.”

Josh squeezed his eyes shut, looking like he was trying hard not to cry.  You delicately moved your body closer to him, wrapping your arms around his torso and letting your head rest against his chest.  You stayed there, finally feeling his arms around you, his hands running up and down your back.  You’d always stay here, because this was home. 

“Besides,” you say, pulling back and giving Josh a slight smile, “I could never go for a guy like that, you’re my one and only.”

The One Where Isaac Leaves

Summary: Reader has a crush on Isaac but he likes Allison. Starts in season 3b and jumps to 5. 

Isaac Lahey x Reader

Word Count: 3,636

Author’s Note: Yes the title is a Friends reference. I couldn’t think of a good title and I love Friends. There is going to be a part two. Not necessarily dealing with the story but I never cared for the Isaac/Allison story line. It bothered me that Isaac was living with Scott, in his pack, and he got with Scott’s first love. Well that was my 2 cents on that lol. Imagine #3 Enjoy :)  

Teen Wolf Tuesday! 

Part 2

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

You walked into Derek’s loft with Scott, Stiles, and Kira. Usually you were the one to keep the two boys out of trouble, but how much trouble could a rave be right? Stiles was going on about some key that he had no clue where it came from. You weren’t really paying attention though. There was too much going on around you. Your classmates were dancing to the blaring music while their bodies glowed in the dark. Of course you were only worried about one body in particular. Isaac Lahey. You began developing a crush on the beta werewolf a few months ago. You hadn’t told anyone; especially Stiles, for obvious reasons.

“…and I don’t know how it got there or what it’s for.” Stiles said to Scott talking about the new key on his ring.

“You wanna leave so we can figure it out?” Scott said.

A girl with an orange and white neon wig came over and kissed Stiles on the check. “Happy Halloween,” she said and she walked away smiling.

You raised your eyebrows in amusement smiling at your friend.

“It can wait.” Stiles replied to Scott, patting him on the shoulder as he began to follow the girl. “It can wait.”

Shaking your head you told Scott and Kira you were going to walk around and see who you could find. You were hoping Isaac would be somewhere alone so you could talk to him.

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Wonho x Reader


Warnings: Language


Originally posted by wonhontology

Your POV:

You were sitting on the couch in your apartment actually doing some homework when you heard your phone ringing. You looked down to see that it was a call from Wonho. You bit your lip. You still hadn’t really talked to him or come to terms about his confession. You sighed realizing you can’t just ignore him forever. You picked up your phone and answered.

You could hear loud music in the background. Did he accidentally call you? Or was he drunk calling you? You frowned at the thought “Hello?”

Eventually you heard an all too familiar voice which suddenly made you feel uneasy instead of love. I.M?

Wonho’s POV:

“Where’s Y/N? Why didn’t you bring her to this party. Oh, maybe because you don’t want her to see you sitting here sucking on some other girl’s face?”

I.M scoffed. “Tell her then. I see you haven’t since that one day you caught me. Or does she just not believe you? Some friendship if you ask me.” I.M got up to leave abandoning the girl he was making out with alone.

In which she turned to me, “Great, you made him leave. How will you make that up to me?”

I just laughed and walked away. Looking at my phone to see that Y/N had hung up. Frowning I ran out to my car to rush out to her.

Your POV:

You hung up and tossed your phone across the room. You were feeling angry but mostly at yourself. The denial you were in was big and you couldn’t believe that you let yourself believe he was faithful. You’ve been through this before and yet you still chose to not believe your best friend. You went pacing around unsure of what to do with all your pent up anger. You couldn’t even get yourself to cry due to your anger. You grabbed the plate that was on the coffee table and flung it at the wall in which it shattered. You took deep breaths in and out. Realizing that it actually felt nice so you went to the kitchen and decided to throw things everywhere. Not realizing the cuts on your hands and feet. That was until someone had grabbed you from behind.

Wonho pulled you to him and hugged you tightly. “Stop. Look at what you’re doing.”

You looked around and then at your hands. Then at Wonho who looked concerned and then his face began to blur since tears started to fall.

“How’d you get in?”

“That’s what you ask?” He scoffed attempting at small humor. Then saw your serious face with tears falling, in which he wiped. “I broke the door, sorry.”

He then picked you up and took you out to his apartment just across the ways. Sitting you on the couch. “Stay I’m going to get a first aid kit and then attempt to fix your door so at least it’s shut.”

You nodded with tears still falling. Once Wonho walked out you let yourself cry more. Of course you were hurt by what I.M did to you but you were more hurt at how you treated Wonho who has only ever been there for you and supported you. You couldn’t understand how he could treat you so nicely. You felt a pain in your chest and you grabbed your chest putting your head down to cry.

Wonho POV:

I just placed the door in its place making sure it looked closed and then ran back to get the first aid kit from my bathroom. Coming back to neal on the floor in front of Y/N. Grabbing one of her feet I took out glass pieces I saw then cleaned it with some alcohol and wrapped it. Eventually doing the same to her other foot and hands. Once I finished I looked back up at her noticing tears. I reached out and rubbed her arms. Which only lead to more tears.

“I’m sorry” She mumbled.

“What are you sorry for? I’m sorry you had to go through this again. I’m sorry that I couldn’t end this between the two of you sooner.” I gave her a small smile.

She looked at me with such hurt eyes in which I felt my heart hurt. I swear I’m going to kill I.M for making her look like this. “For being such an ass to you.. I feel so bad for not believing you.” She hiccuped. I went and got her water in which she chugged and then I sat next to her and hugged her. In which she responded by nestling her head on my chest.

“I am going to be here for you.. No matter how you treat me.” I kissed her head. “You know I love you, Y/N. I’m not using this as an opportunity to get the girl. I just want you to know. You don’t have to reciprocate them now.. Or ever.. But I can’t keep it in anymore.”

She nodded. “I understand now.. I’m so sorry..” I picked her up and took her to my room and laid her down. Laying the blanket on top of her and then kissing her forehead. “I’m going to clean your room and then I’ll be back.” I saw her curl up and close her eyes which was my sign to go.

“Thank you Wonho..” I heard her mumble before I walked out closing the door.

Your POV

“..i love you” you mumbled as heard the door close shut. Suddenly missing Wonho’s presence but sleep was tugging at you and so responded and fell asleep.  

Wonho POV:

I walked into her apartment with a tool bag and decided that the first thing I would have to do is fix the door properly. Then I grabbed the broom and dustpan and began to clean up all the glass pieces. Eventually after making sure every piece was picked up I grabbed the trash bag full of glass and brought it out to toss it in the trash bin outside. I felt my phone vibrate inside my pocket and pulled it out to see Kihyun calling. I answered.

“Hello? Kihyun?”

I can hear the music in the background. Were they still at the party? They knew I would leave as soon as I dealt with I.M to go to Y/N so they brought a separate car. “Oh Wonho! Did you get to her? Is everything ok? Did you guy’s makeup?”

“Yeah, everything is fine. She’s currently resting in my apartment. She had made a mess of her house but I cleaned that up. Yes, I believe that we are fine now.” I smiled. He was always so concerned.

“Oh, Okay.. So you dealt with I.M already? He left the party to go there apparently so I was just wondering whether he left already or what happened. You didn’t fight did you?!”

I didn’t have time to answer him as there were suddenly car lights blinding my view and I had to lift my hand to block out the light from my eyes. From what I could see there were two passengers in the car.  Eventually though I noticed that it wasn’t slowing down.. Before I think to react and move the car hit me.

A/N: I wanted this to be short :o why do I keep adding onto it. LOL but seriously is anyone else planning on going to a Monsta X concert?


AN\: lol it’s been literally forever. Oops. Anyway, I wrote this. So here you go. Let me know what you think! I take requests!!,,, unless ur request is like lame and I dont feel like it idk. Luv u all <3

Pairing: Dylan Sprayberry x reader ((sorry I don’t like putting in (Y/N) so I just put in Zoe okay))

Word count: 1,754

Warnings: na

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I walk through the automatic doors and am greeted with an onslaught of people rushing in every direction, knocking into one another and looking frantic. I look side to side, trying to figure out where to find it in this mess of bodies. I see the produce aisle and start heading towards it. A lady in front of me spills popcorn everywhere. I keep walking, picking up my speed now, and bumping into people passing by. Suddenly, alarms start going off and sprinklers from the tall ceilings go off. People are yelling now and rush to the exit. But I’ve only got one thing on my mind and I’m not leaving here without it. I toss the hood of my sweatshirt up over my already soaked hair and stick my elbows out to plow past the people blocking my way. Suddenly, I see them.

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Nice to finally meet you (Paul Lahote X Reader)

Nony asked

I was more than happy to do this, cause anyone that knows me, knows that I have always been, and always will be, a wolf girl lol. So here ya go Nony, I hope you like it ^_^

Characters: Paul Lahote/Reader
Warnings: None/SFW
Word count: 1136

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Forks was a lot different than your old town…A lot smaller, which meant that is offered way less for you to do. So you often found yourself at La Push beach, since it was the only thing that reminded you of home. The beach was often empty, so it was a surprise it see someone else there.  The boy looked around your age, his skin tan, and dripping, indicating that he had just got out of the water.

His hair was cut short, but it was his face that struck you, or rather, his expression. He looked angry, or disappointed, you couldn’t make it out from where you were standing. Taking a small step, you cringed when you heard a twig snap beneath your foot. The boy’s head shot up, his eyes darting to you, and as soon as his gaze found your own, you felt like you were almost in a trance.

“Who are you?” He spoke, though his voice was not as harsh as you expected it to be.

“Y/N…I’m new to Forks” You replied, finally breaking free of the trance, and making your way down to him.

“Who are you?” You asked with a smile.


“It’s nice to meet you Paul”

You were more than happy to find out that the connection you had with Paul was not just one sided, and in fact, much deeper than you expected. Shock was your main emotion when Paul told you about his pack, and about the cold ones. Awestruck was the emotion when he first phased in front of you, though he would only do it when he knew that Sam and Jacob were there in case things turned bad. He had warned you that when he phased, he didn’t always have control over himself, explaining about what happened to Emily.

But when he phased, you never saw a beast, you simply saw your Paul, and for that he was always thankful.  Since you and Paul had become an item, he had introduced you to everyone, even the elders who embarrassed you with open arms. He told you about the Cullens, how even though at first no one in the pack trusted them, they soon became allies. He told of the battle that had been fought over Bella Swan’s child, and how they had joined forces to stop it.

You had yet to meet any of the vampires, but you figured it wouldn’t be long, after all, Forks was a small town. Tonight was a typical night in La Push, Paul and the boys had invited you to a bonfire on the beach, and you happily accepted, wanting any reason to see your “wolfy” as you called him.

“Oh come on guys knock it off” Seth teased, tossing a small stick over towards the two of you. The others laughed as you and Paul stopped your makeout session.

“You’re just jealous” Paul laughed, tossing the stick back to Seth.

“No I just wanna keep my lunch” He laughed back.

“So what are we doing tonight?” You asked, to which everyone simply shrugged.

“You got any ideas?” Jacob asked, you thought for a moment, a smile tugging at your lips before you stood.

“I’ll give ten bucks to the first one who finds me!” You yelled, quickly sprinting off towards the woods.

“Easiest ten bucks I’ve ever made” Quil stated, taking off after you, followed by the others. You knew it wouldn’t take long for them to find you, after all, you just started up a game of fetch with five wolves. Taking multiple turns, you tried to lose them, taking off your jacket and hanging it on a tree before heading in a different direction. Your legs started to burn as you ran, glancing over your shoulder to see if anyone was catching up. But when you turned back around, you found yourself running into something, or rather, someone.

“Oh my gosh I am so sorry!” You apologized quickly getting up and helping the person, it was a girl with the most beautiful pale skin that seemed to glow in the moonlight, her hair was a dark reddish brown, and she looked like she just climbed off the cover of a fashion magazine…But it was her eyes that caught you, they were a golden color, something you had heard stories about.

“It’s ok, I wasn’t watching where I was going, I didn’t hurt you did I?” she asked looking at you.

“N-No I’m fine” You replied, unsure of what to do. Paul had told you that the Cullens were the only ones with golden eyes, and they were that way simply because they didn’t drink human blood.

“You’re a Cullen correct?” You asked suddenly, the girl looked shocked, before nodding.

“How do you know that?” She asked.

“You’re eyes” You smiled, the lack of fear you showed caused the woman to relax a bit.

“Oh” She laughed, before you heard a little girl’s voice.

“Who’s this mommy?” the girl asked, her beauty was equal to her mothers, and in that moment you realized why they always said vampires were dangerous, their beauty was enough the lure even the strongest man in.

“Oh right, I’m Y/N” you replied, smiling at the two.

“I’m Renesmee” The little girl replied with a smile of her own.

“Bella” Her mother spoke.

“So you’re Bella, I have heard a lot about you” You told her.

“I’m not surprised Jacob had told you the stories” She laughed

“How did you?…Oh..Right..The smell” you laughed, looking at your clothes as if you could see what she smelled on you.

“Wolves are easy for us to smell” Renesmee replied, just as you heard leaves crunch behind you, spinning around, you were met with the dark eyes of your boyfriend.

“Whelp, looks like I owe you ten bucks” you laughed.

“Nice try” he stated, holding up your jacket.

“I figured it would throw you guys off for a little bit” you laughed.

“She’s a fast learner” Bella stated, motioning to the jacket that Paul had placed over your shoulders before kissing your head.

“This isn’t the first time she’s tried the trick though” he stated.

“Hey Bella” You heard Seth’s voice ring out, turning to see him emerge from the woods, soon followed by the others.

“Jacob!” Renesmee yelled, running to the boy, who happily scooped her up. That situation was a bit strange for you at first, finding out that Jacob’s imprint was a child, but after Paul explained it all to you, you had gotten used to it.

“Do you guys wanna join us at the bonfire?” You suggested, looking at Bella, who in turn looked over at Renesmee and Jacob.

“Sure” she smiled, as you all turned and made your way back to the beach.

Prompt time; Drunk phoebe sends Max a text and soon regrets it

Hey guys so I just posted a prompt on here and I’m re posting it so its on my page and not just a reblog. I really tried and hope it came out somewhat decent. Anyway, here it is again. Let me know what you guys think on THIS post. The print is from OTP prompts “Person A has a crush on Person B and drunk texts them then the next day trys to get person B’s phone to erase the text. This is my take on it with a twist

Word count : I have no fucking clue lol

The morning sun shone through the blinds, Illuminating the room awakening her out of a deep sleep. Her head pounding, the room still spinning. She quenches her extreme thirst with the big cup of water sitting on the nightstand to the right. She throws a pillow over her face blocking out the sun, tossing and turning hoping to fall back asleep, to no avail. “Ugh fine I’m up I’m up!” She groggily sits up accepting the sun rays of defeat.

Reaching for her phone she checks the messages and notifications until she comes across a text she sent to someone last night, clicking and opening said text her eyes grow wide at the realization. “Oh shit!”

Last nights events came peering back through her mind, what she hoped would be a blur like water on ink suddenly came back clear in full. She had made the biggest mistake of her life.

She was a good girl, always did the right thing (most of the time), and never really got into too much trouble that was her other half’s job. Her night started out like any other, she went to her besties, they met up with the guys, then things got intoxicating.

Oyster walks in 36 pack in hand. “let the party begin.” he smiles opening the box passing them around. She didn’t want to be an outcast, and maybe she was a little curious about the taste. “You’re gonna drink? you do know that’s beer, as in alcohol right?” Her annoying womb mate questions shocked to see Phoebe of all people with a cold beer in her hand. “shut up Max, I am very aware of what it is and I wanted to try it. Can’t be a good girl forever.” She lowers her eyes seductively using his signature facial expression against him before taking a drink catching him by surprise among other things he may or may not have felt. “Alright,” he puts his arms up surrendering to her answer. “cheers.”
he smirks raising his beer to her. She rams her can into his “cheers” she smiles before finishing her first of many drin.

The group sat around still drinking beers and having a good time catching a nice buzz talking nonsense. They door opens in comes the foreign drummer of their former band followed by the overly hormonal engraged keyboard player, do I even have to say his name? “Wolfgang!” announcing himself holding a handle of some other type of alcoholic beverage. “You guys ready to get giddy?” he wiggles his eyebrows smiling creepyly. “Trust me no ones getting giddy tonight, we’re getting fucked up my friend.” Max smacks his shoulder moving past him grabbing the bottle from him.

One beer turned into 2 turned into 3, ending in a handle of rum and a room full of plastered teenagers.

Re entering the room with shot glasses in hand. the alcholol starts pouring, She brings the small glass to her lips studying the dark liquid inside and getting a wiff that tingles her nose. “Dont smell it just drink it ” he instructs her. Complying she gulps it down as the others do. The rum burns it’s way down esophagus into her stomach. A warm sensation taking over. Suddenly she became hot and dizzy. She was drunk.

The night went on, shots continued until she could no longer see straight. she stumbles down the dark hallway, she runs into someone along the way. “Pheebs you okay?” He asks her with genuine concern. “Yeah yeah I’m fine I just,” she heaves unable to finish her sentence rushing into the bathroom where she empties the contents of her stomach falling to her knees. He follows behind pulling her hair back “that’s it just let it out” he awkwardly rubs a hand on her back. “Went a little overboard tonight huh?” She laughs. “I just wanted to have fun and let loose for once” she responds before putting her face back in the toilet. “You’re never gonna let me live this down are you?” She stands to her feet facing him. “If you play your cards right I just might.” She stares blankly. “Kidding, don’t worry this happens to everyone it’s not a big deal. He smiles. she smiles back.

They stay frozen in place, looking into each others eyes until he breaks the silence. “Uh, we should probably get back out there, and I I promised Allison I’d call her.” hearing that name pierced her heart in a way she couldn’t even explain. “oh yeah, yeah let’s go.” She proceeds to walk with him. “Actually, you know what you go ahead I’ll be out in a few minutes realizing she needed to clean up before leaving the bathroom. “You sure?” He felt an all of a sudden need to be with her. “ yeah I’ll be fine.” She smiled. “Okay if you’re not out in 5 minutes I’m coming back.” he walked off.

She stands in front of the sink looking at her reflection before her. Rinsing her mouth a face before heading back out in the living room. The “party” ended and everyone was passed out, everyone except her.

Unable to sleep she grabs her phone until she lands on a contact, she hits the text button and begins typing, sober thoughts takeover her drunken mind.

Heyy, youbpronably aren’t awake, but I just wanted to say thanks for helping me earlier
I didn’t get to tell you before bevaue you just had to call your little girlfriend why are you even with her to begin with? She’s a lunatic and you don’t even see her mosft of the time. she droesn’t need you like I do, she doesn’t love you like I do. I know I’ve never said it because how the hell can I? I love you Max like love love you. More than she ever couldd its unfair to hidge my feelinhs ncjfk. I’m sorry if I’m being rude I just really wanted you to knoe.

Once she hit send there was no turning back. she passed out as soon as her hands released her phone.

*End of flashback*

“Omg no no no I have to get his phone!” She jumped out of the bed, running down the hallway looking for him only to see him asleep sprawled out half way off the couch and on the floor. She tried using her telekenisis to get his phone, but he was laying on it. She hovered over him trying to reach for it. Stirring in his sleep
Her eyes widen, brows scrunch together as he grabs her in the process, holding her tight in his arms grinning in his sleep stroking her hair. she trys to reach for his phone seeing the message icon and lets out a sigh of relief.

Trying break free of his grip she squeezes her eyes shut hoping he was still Asleep which he was, but not for long. He woke up with her nearly on top of him. “Phoebe, what the hell are you doing?!” He didn’t let her go. “I uhh, well I was trying to get your phone cause I I thought it was mine, yeah I can’t find it must have lost it last night have you seen it?” nice going phoebe that’s real believable she thought to herself. “You thought this was your phone? Why would I have your phone?” He was confused not to mention still trying to wake up. Realizing he was still holding her waist he quickly let go. “Sorry” he rubbed his hand over his face. “Its okay” she blushed looking away.

The remainder of the day she would glance over whenever he was on his phone hoping he still didn’t see her text. She sits on the swing in the backyard not knowing what to do. Feeling the swing shift she looks to her left to see someone sitting next to her. “Hey, what are you doing back here? And when the hell did we even get this thing? He looks up at the bars above their heads.

“Max what would you do if you made a huge mistake and there was no way to fix it?” She finally spoke in desperation. “Hmm depends what the mistake was,” he answered. his eyes lit up at what she had said
“what’d you do?” He smiles excitedly asking almost in a sing song tone. “Well, I can’t exactly tell you let’s just say it will change everything if a certain someone finds out, and I dont know if I can face that.” her stomach was in knots could also be the hangover, but the problem she was facing definitely had been to blame.

They stayed silent for a few moments until he came to a realization; He knew. “Well I guess I would face the situation head on, maybe talk to the person or use the brain melt that will solve your problem.” he mentally smacked himself for basically giving her the idea to erase his memory. Way to go Max. “On second thought, the brain melt’s a bad idea don’t do that.” He quickly changed his response.

“ I can’t talk to yo- THEM about it, it will ruin everything and I just I’m such an idiot, he will hate me forever and, wait why do you care? Why are you even talking to me about this shouldn’t you be with Allison? I mean you didn’t see her last night or the night before that or-” He grabs her face in his hands, his lips cut her off. their mouths open and close over, under, and against each others moving perfectly in sync she puts her hand on his arm, moving closer he slowly slides his tounge in her mouth, she mimicks his actions tilting her head slightly to the right, their tounges dance in each others mouths,the push and pull of the kiss like waves of the ocean, the feeling of pure ecstasy rushes through their bodies as the kiss deepened. He takes her bottom lip between his teeth tugging slightly, his for head resting against her, his gaze falling into her big dark brown Irises. Her lips recaptured in his milliseconds later. A loud smack escapes their separating lips.

“Wait, Max we can’t do this” she breathed heavily. ‘Here we go’ he thought to himself rolling his eyes. “What about Allison?” She finished. Not what he was expecting he thought for sure the words following would be of what they are doing is wrong, and blah blah, typical phoebe but damn was he wrong. She wanted it just as much as he did. She was even the first to say it. “I broke up with her last night ” he played a piece of her hair. “You did?” she was shocked to say,the least. “Mhmm” He nodded his head. “Why?” Never did she think Max would have broken up with his girlfriend who had been crazy about. “Well, she’s a Lunatic, I don’t even see her most of the time, and she doesn’t love me like you do.” He spoke softly knowing exactly what he was doing. Her eyes widend, slightly horrified that he had in fact seen her slurred text from the night before.

“Plus it’s unfair for you to hidge your feelings.” He playfully adds leaning in smiling into her lips “shut up” she smacks his arm lightly smiling back until their lips met again.

Well there it is guys, only took 3 ½ hours lol. I added a twist and changed up the ending a bit I’m going to post the other ending to see which one works better. Hope you liked it.

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Kyaaa~ Thank you so much for updating your Reaper story! ^o^ Can't wait to read part 5~

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3  // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7 // Part 8  // Part 9// Part 10  // Part 11  // Part 12  // Part 13 // Part 14 // Part 15  // Part 16 // Part 17 // Finale

YEEE!!! HOSEOK IS PRESENT TO FUCK SHIT UP. ENJOY PLEASE I’M SORRY I TOOK FOREVER. I think I’m going to start updating on Saturdays or Sundays from now on!! Also, watch out for Hoseok’s past story lol I’ll write and post it soooooooon~~

Check out the side series of all the other reapers!!

Suga // J-hope // Jungkook  

Words: 2723

Namjoon didn’t let you go for awhile, and every moment he was about too, he only pulled you back into him after seeing your face.

“I’m fine, now…” You assured him, trying to push away from his grip no matter how hard he denied letting you go. After a moment of struggle, Namjoon finally released you.

“Yoongi’ll help us, now.” He mumbled, sounding a little angrier than relieved. You were still lightheaded from the blood loss and strain put on your body, so when you stood up, Namjoon had to help hold you up.

“Why don’t I clean you up?” He suggested, and you let him guide you to the bathroom. Once there, you avoided the mirror but still caught a glance of the blood stained face you dreaded to see.

“My ears bled, too?”

“He’s amazing, right?” Namjoon nodded, and you weakly hoisted your body onto the counter so Namjoon wouldn’t have to lean down. He got a wash cloth from a drawer in the bathroom, and wet it with lukewarm water. Namjoon began to wipe gently along your cheek bone to your nose as he got the blood off. You watched his face intently for awhile, seeing his expression change from concerned to determined.

“There, you should be fine now. Oh, there’s a little bit on your neck, too.” He wiped the spot of blood away, before quickly dropping his hand to the side and concealing the wash cloth from you.

“It’s fine, I’m not scared of blood.” You kicked your feet off the sink edge, but Namjoon still tossed it into the trash. It didn’t bother you much, knowing how stained it must have been with the redness from within you.

For the past little while, Namjoon had been acting strange. Every time you attempted to do something, he would just get close and tell you he would. Although, before the attack by Yoongi, he was less than eager to even touch you with a clothed hand.

“I need to go to school.” You walked past him, into your room and closing the door on him before he could come in. Namjoon knocked on your door, trying to tell you it was a bad idea when you were still weak.

“I’ll be fine as the day goes on. I’m actually pretty hungry right now. Plus, we both know it was Yoongi making me feel sick, anyway.”

“Even though that’s true don’t you think you should just lay low for the day, so you can be totally fine tomorrow?” He kept on, and you merely rolled your eyes as you slipped out of the blood and sweat stained sweater. Your jeans were fine, so you decided to keep those on.

“I’ll be totally fine when I find out I haven’t missed my lecture. You’ve never been to college, have you? I’m going to have a thousand years of homework when I come home, plus I work tomorrow. I’m not missing my afternoon classes!”

“Why are you so stubborn?” Namjoon mumbled, pausing his knocks. You wondered if he was still at the door, before opening it and him almost stumbling through. He was leaning against the door.

You sputtered in laughter, watching as he regained himself and stood straight, before giving you the most sheepish glare you’d ever seen. Namjoon rounded you again, attempting to place his hand on your cheek.

“Whoa!” You shouted, pushing his arm and dodging the touch. He wasn’t wearing any gloves, what was he doing?

“Oh, shit.” He dropped his hand quickly, and you watched as it hung limply until he shoved it deeply into his jean pocket. “Sorry.”

“How could you forget you can kill me with that hand? Haven’t you been alive for like 6 billion years?”

“The Earth hasn’t existed for that long, so no. Also, I’m just…used to being able to control if I can kill or not…” He sounded as if he didn’t even believe himself, but you let it slide. Namjoon was just a touchy person, you guessed.

“I’ll be here after school, so just go collect souls for awhile.” You twinkled your fingers at him sweetly, and he nodded.

“Alright, I’ll be waiting.” Namjoon grinned, but it still seemed a tad off to you. Instead of wondering, you let it be and left your house.

Your classes ended smoothly, and you ended up emailing your morning class professors to tell them the best lie you could. They informed you to get notes from some of your classmates which you did, so you weren’t as stressed as you felt leaving your house for the second time in the day. Campus was unusually bare as you left the annex and headed for the nearest bus stop, but it was still nonetheless bustling with a few busy bodies.

“Human!” A voice caught your attention, merely because of the single word it spoke. You turned around to see someone waving, before looking in front of you to see who he was waving at. Nobody was in front of you, so you turned again. Of course. Who else would address someone as human? A reaper.

“Me?” You asked, watching as he jumped to a stop in front of you. Nodded furiously, the boy broke into a grin and waved at you.

“I knew someone reeked of Namjoon! You’re with him everyday, aren’t you?”

Silence. For a moment you ignored the boy while studying his features. A rather long face, with a skinny nose and a bright smile. The reapers you happened upon seemed to have a troublesome time smiling, but this one was…odd…

His dark brown hair was brushed back in a middle part, while he wore a pair of sunglasses over his eyes, and a black beanie that covered all but his bangs. This reaper had casual clothes that were very out of season nonetheless similar to the others. Just…all black. Did they all share one big, dark colored closet? His black cargo shorts clung to his skin nicely, revealing a good amount of thigh, and a black t-shirt merely saying life. He took ironic to a whole new level, didn’t he?

“I guess I haven’t formally introduced myself.” He grinned wildly at you, sitting himself on a bench and patting the seat beside him. You didn’t want to get too close for caution reasons, so he seemed to understand and stopped pestering you to sit beside him.

“I’m Hoseok,” he merely said, and a light flickered off to you.

“Hoseok…You mean the reaper of natural di-”

“Could you make your voice any louder?” A hand clamped against your mouth, silencing you. Passerby’s gave you strange looks, but still continued forward. Wait, could they see him or not?

“They can see me, you stupid girlfriend of Namjoon. Anyway, stop acting so tense. I didn’t come here to kill you today, kid.”

“Today?” You retorted, glancing at his face to see another smirk upon his pretty face. “What did you come here for, then?”

“I came to join the little game you were planning on playing with him.”

You were deathly confused. “A game with who? Namjoon? Who’s he?”

His expression changed, and Hoseok backed up into the bench again. He gave an exasperated sigh, shaking out his hair messily before re-positioning his beanie. “I can’t believe they haven’t told you anything…Especially when they’re using you for it…”

“Told me what? What’s going on? What are they using me for?”

“Nothing. God, my hand smells like Namjoon now. Do you know how long it takes for a reaper’s smell to wear off? 13 years! What have you been doing, having sex everyday?”

“No, he can’t touch me without me dying.” You shot back, feeling your cheeks redden at his words.

“That’s a lie.” He chuckled, looking up at you with a disgusted grimace. Hoseok stretched his legs out in front of him in a childish manner, causing you to look at him in a more immature light. Could he really kill you with just a touch?

“What do you mean, that’s a lie?” You wondered, and Hoseok shrugged nonchalantly.

“It just means it’s not the truth. Namjoon can sure as hell touch you, he probably just doesn’t want too. He had a thing with another human in the past which just so ended in him hating everyone that’s not himself. Oh, by the looks of your face I’ve said too much. Didn’t you know?”

“You’re lying.” You scoffed, and he shook his head while making a tch sound with his tongue.

“You’re just too stubborn to believe your beloved little Namjoon would hide anything from you, right? Anyway,” he shot to his feet. “don’t tell him I talked to you. For that matter, don’t tell Yoongi either.”

“Wait,” you called out to him as he suddenly walked away. “Is that it? Won’t he be able to smell you on me?”

“No.” He turned around, crossing his arms as if he were cold. A gust of wind blew by right as he did. Your scarf almost blew away, but you held it down against your body. “His stench is too strong on you. If you want to talk to me again there’s always that club down the street. I’m there every night. I’ll tell you everything you need to know about my good ole pal Namjoonie.”

“That club isn’t even used anymore!” You called back, but he was gone.

You stared at where he stood for a long moment, before walking home instead of busing. You needed time to think, time alone before Namjoon occupied all your time. What did Hoseok mean, he’ll tell you everything you need to know about Namjoon? Didn’t you know enough? Namjoon would most surely of told you if he could touch you without you dying. Right?

You shook your head, hoping the thoughts Hoseok had currently filled you up with would fly out of your ears, but they didn’t.

You were curious, so much so you wanted to try something risky.

You got home later than expected, and you opened to the door to a heavy smell of pasta and garlic. Once coming up the steps, Namjoon greeted you with a smile on his face. He was using a cloth to wipe off some pasta sauce, and he had a small pasta shell stuck to his face. In that moment, Namjoon looked very…human.

“How was school?”

“Mm,” you replied, looking at his face. Hoseok’s words were still dictating your mind, making you feel dizzy with worry and irritation. They couldn’t be true, no doubt. Namjoon would tell you. He would tell you, he would!

Still, you couldn’t help but wonder why he wasn’t being as cautious as he usually was. Namjoon almost slipped up this morning, by touching your cheek with his hand. There was no use denying that some of Hoseok’s word had to hold at least a minuscule amount of truth to them. Your hand clamped against his face, and you gave him no time to dodge the attack.

His eyes were wide, and he dropped the wash cloth on the floor in momentary shock. You didn’t disappear, or die, like you could’ve. Hoseok was telling the truth.

“You had a pasta shell on your cheek.” You could tell your face was shifting in an uncomfortable anger that had automatically begun to rise once you knew you were surely not dead.

“I…” He cut himself off, closing his mouth and tightening his jaw. Did Namjoon really love you? You were beginning to wonder if he was even telling the truth anymore. Hoseok should not have told you any of these things, that was all you knew.

“How long?” You dragged your hand away as if you had been stung by a bee, and Namjoon winced. “How long have I been allowed to touch you?”

“Awhile.” He replied, his voice sounding flat, dead. You dropped your purse on the floor, pulling your jacket off and hanging it on the coat hanger by the front door. 

“Awhile? How long is awhile, to you?”

“…The whole time.”

“You were lying, then?” You whirled around, voice rising in pitch. His expression was unreadable, which made you angrier than before.

“I wasn’t.” He merely replied, and you punched him in the chest.

“Don’t give me that. Seriously. It’s called lying when you tell a person something but mean another thing! Don’t you know that, Mr. I’ve been living on this planet longer than you’re whole ancestry?” You snapped, and he began to pace into your living room. Following close on his heels, when Namjoon turned around he almost walked into you.

“I just…wanted to act like a real human couple, alright? Where you, you know…don’t touch when you first start dating. It all starts with feelings, doesn’t it?”

“I know how to be in a relationship, Namjoon?” You argued back, wondering if he meant for you to feel dumb. “I don’t believe that shit you’re saying. When we first met the last time you made out with me!”

“Because I hadn’t seen you in years!”

“You really have no idea how to have a functioning relationship, do you?”

“Apparently not, when you’re here bitching at me. Who even gave you the idea to touch me? Have you been talking to Yoongi?”

“Nobody gave me the idea.” You lied, looking at the bridge of his nose instead of his eyes. Namjoon didn’t have to know you were confiding in Hoseok’s words, now. You wanted to see how much of the truth the hipster reaper was saying before spouting anything to Namjoon. “You just had a pasta shell on your cheek!”

“I didn’t think you would be one to gamble with your own life to take a fucking pasta shell off my cheek, huh?”

“That’s hilarious because I could say the same to you, when you tried to touch my cheek this morning! Did you forget you were lying to me, or something?” You rolled your eyes at his accusation, feeling the urge to slap him. Your neighbors probably thought your were insane, arguing with yourself.

The both of you were silent for what seemed like a long while, glaring at each other so much it seemed like your sharp eyes could cut you. Namjoon went to the door, wringing his jacket off the hanger almost violently and sliding his arms into it.

“I cooked you dinner,” he bitterly remarked. You made a noise in response, watching him open the door.

He threw your wash cloth on the floor by your feet, before storming out of your house with a loud bang.

“Insolent, utter piece of shit!” You called after him, kicking the wash cloth against the wall, only to feel bad for taking your anger out on it. It’s not like it even had feelings, or anything…

You slid your jacket on, too, deciding to leave your purse at home and only snatch your keys before walking out into the descending darkness. You wanted to speak to Hoseok, now, to learn things about Namjoon he had ‘failed’ to tell you before. When you walked out into the cold, Namjoon had disappeared and you were glad. You didn’t want him to know where you were heading, especially when it was one of his…friends you were speaking too.

It took you only about 25 minutes to get to the old abandoned club, with blacked out windows and an old wooden door that looked ready to fall off the hinges. You weren’t even sure if Hoseok was just pulling your leg, or if he spoke more truth. 

When you tried the door, it opened easily. Dust and smoke seemed to slap you in the face, and you choked, desperately waving at the air to get some sort of clean oxygen into your lungs.

“I smell the human girl!” Hoseok shouted, meeting you at the door. You were taken aback by his abruptness, but he didn’t seem to notice. Hoseok held the door for you while you gulped in fresh air.

“Need something, honey?” He grinned up at you through his thick lashes. Hoseok already knew what you were here for, he just wanted to hear you say it.

“Information.” You responded, pushing into the dimly lit, run down club. The door slammed behind you, and Hoseok chuckled darkly.

Leaving you behind (Part 2)

              Every part is really short, I hope it doesn’t upset you guys or anything(??) Enjoy!! Much love, admin 143. 

  • Group: Got7
  • Member : Mark
  • Pairing : You and Mark
  • Genre : angst///?, little bit of fluff
  • Requested : yeee
  • Warnings : none

Summary : You and Mark are engaged, but he barely has any time for your relationship.  

Parts : Part 1

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One of my favorite stories from the Southwestern tribes is one where Turtle tricks hungry Coyote into saving his life instead of eating him~ x’D Just felt like sketching this!

(this is what happens when I’m doing research for UNWANTED; I get sucked into the mythology and charge off on wild tangents <_> at least it’s somewhat relevant this time!)

Bad Flirt

A/N: A short one-shot for you guys! Sorry I’ve been so lame on writing. Real life sucks :/ But I’m back in full force and I wrote this one for you guys :) This is my first time attempting to write a lot of humor, so I hope it’s good! xx

Plot: Y/N is out on a mission to prove she isn’t as bad of a flirt as her friend, Melissa, thinks she is.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2k

Warnings: Swearing, secondhand embarrassment (kinda lol)

Your name: submit What is this?

Originally posted by 107th-infantry

“You know, I think this was actually a really good idea,” Y/N said, pulling herself onto a barstool.

“Why do you say that?” Melissa asked, filling a glass with beer before handing it to a man a few seats down from Y/N.

“Well,” Y/N said, taking a sip from her water bottle. “I’m single now. Single and ready to mingle.”

“You did not just say that,” Melissa deadpanned, holding an empty cup underneath a beer faucet.

“What?” Y/N asked, furrowing her eyebrows at her friend’s stare. Melissa smiled and shook her head, filling the glass and handing it to a person behind Y/N.

Y/N remained in her position at the bar, folding a napkin over and over again as Melissa served beer to patrons. The gallery had begun to fill up now, more and more people piling into the room and looking at the photography on the walls. It was impressive photography, but it wasn’t really Y/N’s scene. The only reason she’d been here is because Melissa wanted someone to hang out with during her shift. And given the fact that Y/N was “miserably lonely and single”, Melissa thought it was a great idea for her to get out of her apartment.

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Ideal Type AU: Jungkook

request:  Lol this is going to sound so weird, but can you guys write about an au involving the boy’s ideal types?? The storyline can be anything you want and I was thinking that one admin writes about one girl or something? Love this blog~ Thanks ♡

Hope you like it :) You can find the Ideal Type AUs for other members here!


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ideal girl; jungkook

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oh haha I meant makeouts lol #thanksautocorrect

Hope you like jun nd practice room makeover sessions for science much thank )

“The other members have gone out, if you want to come over here.” Junhui suggested, voice lower than usual as he sat against the practice room’s mirror wall with his phone in his hand. He sighed lightly as he spoke to you, hoping you’d agree. After a long 5 hours of practice, he needed you for a pick me up.

“Sure. Any excuse to see you.” you laughed, standing up to grab your coat. “Have you all eaten?” 

“Aww, you’re so cute. Yeah, we’ve all eaten, and the members just went out to get drinks. he responded with a huge smile.

“Why did you stay behind then?”

“I thought I’d see if you wanted to come over.”

“Okay. I’ll see you soon.” You hung up with a grin, heading out to your car. Despite only seeing him that morning, you felt somewhat excited to be seeing him now. You hated being away from him all day.

It was one in the afternoon, so traffic was light and you arrived at the Seventeen practice room sooner than expected. You hurried up the stairs, thankful they were only on the second floor, and opened the practice room door slowly. “Jagi~~~” You cooed with a smile, seeing Junhui turn around and his face light up upon seeing you. 

“You got here fast.” he commented, pulling you into a short and warm hug.

“Traffic was surprisingly fine.” You replied, taking your coat off and tossing him a water bottle you brought. 

“Thank you baby.” He pecked your forehead in gratitude, drinking half of the contents with laugh. “I guess I really needed that.” He tossed the water bottle to the wall, out of the way, before snaking his arms around your waist. He held you close smirking down at you with a quick glance at the door. “We’re really all alone.” he whispered, leaning down to kiss you before you could protest or say another word. His lips against yours immediately made any responses you could have said fade from your mind as your hands instinctively looped around his neck and the kiss grew increasingly passionate. He teased your bottom lip with his tongue, making you gasp and pull away.

“Jun, we’re in the freaking practice room.” You hissed, frowning a little. “What if the boys come back?!”

“Who cares?” he shrugged, leaning back in. He stopped his lips just before they touched yours, moving to sit and pulling you down with him so you sat straddling his lap. “It’s not like they haven’t seen us kiss before.”

“Yeah but still…”

“Shush baby. You worry too much.” he chuckled, pulling you back in and inserting his tongue into your mouth immediately as you lips reconnected. He was always the dominant one, you not even putting up a fight as his tongue explored your mouth. Your hands moved to his hair, pulling him even closer to you with a small smirk. 

“Someone’s eager.” You murmured against his lips, not quite breaking the kiss as you spoke. He blushed slightly but didn’t think too much of your words. He was already half hard beneath you, which is why you spoke.

“I can’t help myself when I’m with you.” he tried not to laugh when you hit his chest gently, mouth moving down to place kisses along your jaw so you could catch your breath.

“You greasy little shit.” you mumbled, pulling him back up to kiss you.

“You love it really.”

“But we don’t.” Both of you froze for a moment before turning your heads to see Jeonghan stood in the doorway, shaking his head. “You couldn’t have waited until you were home could you? There are children here!” he scolded playfully, pointing behind him where you could see Chan’s bright red face. You both laughed sheepishly, you scrambling to your feet and going back for your coat.

“I think I should go.”

“No!” You turned back to face Junhui, who yelled loudly for you to stay. “I do better in practice when you’re here. Please stay?” he pouted, knowing you couldn’t resist him, and cheered when you nodded.

“Fine, but hopefully it doesn’t cause further problems.” Seungcheol sighed, joining Jeonghan in the doorway and pointing at Junhui’s half formed bulge. “Self control. Learn it.” The members filed in, some pulling rather disgusted faces at the two of you and making you blush.

“I’ll tell you what I told her.” Junhui frowned at his members, getting their attention. “I can’t help myself when I’m around her.”

“Okay, please shut up.”

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pricefield based on this [ 40(.)media(.)tumblr(.)com/dfcc2baace802394295ea1f0a5aa3b69/tumblr_ng68x4Hz2b1qk0dj4o1_540(.)jpg

Based on this text:

-Wait, did you just flirt with me?

-Have been for the past year but thanks for noticing.

Slight AU here, where the tornado never happened, and Max has been reunited with Chloe for almost a year. [This one got kinda silly lol]

“-And that, class, is why smartphone cameras, are a joke. You can now be dismissed.” Mr. Jefferson ended his lesson exactly in tune with the bell.

‘Who would even try that?’ Max had pondered over what her favorite teacher had just ranted about. Apparently, using your phone for project submissions is a big no-no is his book. Max agreed, but that’s probably because he’s her favorite.

Sure Max likes the guy, but her relationship with him is the equivalent to an embarrassing fan trying to get the lead singer to notice them.

Like the saying goes: 'There’s plenty of fish in the sea’ and for Max; that person -ironically enough- had the hair to match.

Her best friend: Chloe.

The fondest of memories came from the times Max had spent before she left for Seattle. The following five-year radio silence wasn’t the best, but their reunion almost a year ago was pretty damn awesome. With Chloe, Max felt, well, giddy to be with her again. But that was an emotion from five years ago, now there had been some one-ended infatuation coming from Max’s end of the equation.

In the year they’ve been hanging out again; Max has totally tripped for Chloe.

There was no denying it. The photographer remembered how pretty Chloe was before things turned bad. But now? The punk-rock look took pretty to a whole new level. She didn’t think she would be the type to dig that kind of style, but nope. Chloe was sexier than any Model, Sports car, or TV out there.

And Max really likes TV’s.

Her poor flirting skills mixed with Chloe’s inability to see them that made things complicated. If Max were to ask Chloe to meet her for dinner, she’d A: Make the catch-line an abstract and catastrophic fail, and B: Said meetings usually turned into a hangout with Chloe’s other friends.

She was bad at flirting, plain and-

“Max? Are you alright?” A soft tone pulled the brunette from her hopeless mulling.

“Huh?” Max quickly glanced around, her eyes meeting an almost empty room. All except for-

“Oh Kate, hey.”

“Class is over Max, did you zone out again?” Kate gently asked. She stood idly by Max’s desk.

“I…I guess so.”

“Is it about Chloe again?”

Max nearly blushed. Kate was the only person she trusted with this secret. Saying it in the open like this was unacceptable!

“Shh,” Max spat, “Not out loud.”

Kate crossed her arms, looking down at Max with disdain on her face, “Max, everyone knows. I even think Samuel does.”

“No he doesn’t.”

Kate tried not to laugh, “Remember three months ago; when you ran through the sprinklers on purpose, because you thought being soaked would help you ask Chloe out?”

“It works in TV shows, y'know the girl comes out of the water, and the guy is all over her?” Max weakly defended herself.

“Chloe’s a girl, Max. Plus you’re not the best at flirting.”

The photographer made a face of mock hurt, “Way to help your friend, Kate.”

“How about less antics, and more simplicity about it?”

“Mmmrrgh,” Max whined, “I’ll try something,   not my fault Chloe’s so blind.”

“Max, Kate, class is over. Please, leave my classroom.” Jefferson sounded from behind them. Both girls turned.

“Sorry Mr. Jefferson,” Kate replied for them both, she looked back to the dazed Max, “Come on Max. Let’s go talk somewhere else.”

“Whatever you say.”


Later that evening, like way later, Max confined herself to two things: her dorm, and her guitar.

She sat in near darkness, her room barely illuminated by the sun slipping below the horizon. The photographer strummed away at nothing in particular, just strumming, thinking about stuff.

She felt a tad bit lonely. Kate couldn’t hang around for too long, and Chloe had been a ghost all day -not a single text.


'Never mind.’

Next to her thigh; Max’s phone lit up. A new message from Chloe resting at the top of her notifications list.

'Well here goes another failed attempt.’

She grasped the device and read the message.

Chloe: dude, what’s up?

Max: Nothing.

Chloe: what do you mean nothing?

Max: Nothing.

Chloe: boo sorry I wasn’t around today mom freaked out about how messy the house is had to clean my room

Max: Poor you. Find anything good under that mess?

Chloe: I did dweeb found this awesome shirt gimme a sec i’ll send u the pic

Max waited a few seconds, a picture of what looked like every other punk rock shirt flashed on screen.

Chloe: neat huh?

Max: It’s cool. Maybe I could talk you out of it?

Chloe: i ain’t wearing it right now

With a face palm and a small whine of defeat, Max tipped back onto her bed. 'Fail number 82,561’

Her phone vibrated again, without much care; Max picked it up again and read what Chloe had to say.

Chloe: …

Chloe: wait

Chloe: wait

Chloe: did you just flirt with me?

'Shit!’ Max couldn’t believe it. Was she dreaming? Had her poor skills finally gotten through Chloe’s thick head?

Max: Maybe.

Chloe: u brat you were!

Max: Well I have been for the past year, but thanks for noticing.

Chloe: …

Chloe: wait that sprinkler thing wasn’t a joke?

Max: Maybe…

Chloe: wow lol you could have just asked

Max tried not to freak out at that.

Max: I DID! Sort of…

Chloe: well u got something to say?

Max: Maybe…

Chloe: stop being cute and just ask!

Max: Hey Chloe, can I take you and your thick skull out?

Chloe: maybe….

Max: :/

Chloe: two whales. tomorrow. breakfast

Max literally tossed her phone in glee. 82,561 attempts and she finally did it.

#2 He Sees Your Self-Harm Scars

Requested: No

Warning: Trigger warning please read with caution! Also mild smut warning.

¾ boys

A/N: Seriously though, self harming is not something to joke about and if you ever need someone to talk to, you know where my ask box is <3 Also sorry for not writing a Luke one, I just have a crap load of homework but if you want me to do a Luke one just message me and I will make a separate one for him :)  

PS i don’t know why Ashton’s are always shorter than the others but I apologize and i promise to work on it XD

Enjoy :)


Ashton: “Stop throwing food at me you nutcase!” You squeal as Ash flicks a glob of cake batter at you, unsuccessfully hitting you for the third time in the last 10 minutes. He giggles at you as he pours more milk into the cake bowl. “You shouldn’t even be baking anyway. You are a crappy cook.” You smirk and see his mouth drop open from the corner of your eye. “No way, you know that is total bullshit.” He yells trying not to smile as you do the same. “Nuh-uh!” You counter. “Yeah-huh! I worked at KFC. I am obviously the better and more experienced cook here.” You roll your eyes. “You know what this calls for? A FUCKING CUPCAKE-OFF! Best tasting cupcake wins and we will have Luke be the judge because he never lies.” “Fine!” “Fine!” You smile as you both start working viciously at the batter now in 2 separate bowls. About half an hour and 2 food fights later, you were sweating. Rolling up the sleeves of your cake batter-covered sweater, you forgot that you had not put on your array of bracelets today and your white scars on your wrist were now out in the open. You were happily staring through the oven window, watching your red velvet cupcakes rise, when you heard Ashton mutter something. “What was that babe?” You turn around with a smile on your face, but that smile was quickly washed away when you realize that Ashton had his glance glued to your wrists. “What are those?” You yank down the sleeve of your sweater faster than you think possible and mumbled a quiet, “Nothing.” You hadn’t self-harmed in months. The last time you took a blade to your wrist was before you and Ashton were even a thing. “Y/N…that is not nothing. I saw them.” He was in clear distress as he reached for your arm. You gave it up willingly as you knew there was nothing to hide now. Tears streamed down your cheeks as your boyfriend lifts your sleeves ever so gently and gasps as your fading white lines appear. “Why didn’t you tell me?” He whispered, stroking his thumb over the slash marks. “i could’ve helped you! You know I went through this too.” Ash sniffles. “I love you so much.” He wipes away a tear as he pulls you into his hard chest and holds you tight. “Please never do it again.” He chokes as he places his lips to the top of your head and lets them linger for a while. 

Calum: He wasn’t home. He had been out with the guys all day writing and recording. You didn’t plan on breaking your sobriety. You had been clean for over 4 weeks but that progress went down the drain, along with the blood dripping from tour thigh, after scrolling through twitter. Of course this seems cliche and you never thought you would let it get to you as much as it did, but after almost two years you thought the fans would’ve liked you by now. Apparently not considering you still receive countless pages of hate and threats. What was so bad about you? This was all that was running through your head as you continued to scroll through twitter. You couldn’t help but believe the nasty comments because they have to be true if everyone is saying the same thing, right? That’s what lead you to sitting in the bathtub, with the shower head running as you slashed the secret blade across your smooth skin. You didn’t feel the pain anymore as you watched the scarlet blood drip slowly down the side of your leg and mix with the murky water underneath you. Calum was with the boys having a beer and celebrating after finishing a whole song in one day. They were laughing and having fun, but it was getting close to midnight and he knew he should check in on you. He excused himself from the booth they were sitting in and walked into the men’s room, so it was a little quieter. Puling out his phone he dialed your cell and waited for you to pick up, but you didn’t. It sent him to voicemail after a few rings and he realized that you were probably asleep. “Lads, I otta head home to Y/N, its getting late and she doesn’t sleep well without me.” He explains to the boys. Obviously they understood and said goodbye. Calum had only had half of one beer so he was very sober and good enough to drive home. When he got home, the house was silent. This just added to his hypothesis that you were asleep in his bed but he was quite confused when he reached the stairs and you weren’t bundled up in the covers. That was, until he heard the shower running. You hadn’t realized how long you had been sitting in the shower. The water was no longer warm and there was a lot of blood everywhere. Suddenly you hear the doorknob wobbling. Good thing you locked it. “Babe?” He called out from the other side. “Yeah hold on!” You tried to sound enthusiastic but your voice was rough and panicked. Obviously he was going to notice. Quickly you wrap a towel around yourself and scrub the blood from the bottom of the tub away with your hand. “Baby are you okay? I am coming in!” He calls out as the doorknob wiggles some more. “Cal I am fine just don-,” The door swings open and Cal stands in the door way with a confused look on his face. His smile suddenly spreads when he sees you. “There’s my baby! How’s my princess….tonight….” His voice suddenly cuts off as his face pales. “Cal what’s-,” He cuts you off. “Y/N your bleeding!” Calum says worriedly as he points to the blood dripping down your calf. “Yeah, I um, cut myself shaving but I am fine.” You say with a forced smile. “Awh poor baby lemme see.” He pouted and tugged at the towel, taking you off guard. “What the fuck? How many times did you cut yourself ‘shaving’ Y/N!” He cried and quickly reached under the sink to look for the first aid kit. You were choking on sobs now as you stood before your long time boyfriend in all your glory. You could still feel the blood running down your thighs, but that didn’t matter at this point. Cal grabbed your hand and carefully lifted you onto the bathroom counter as he rummaged through the little box with a red cross on it. He wrapped a dry towel around your upper body and dabbed a small soaked washcloth across your wounds. After cleaning you up and sliding a pair of panties up your newly bandaged thighs, he striped out of his black t-shirt he was wearing and tossed it over your head. “No more baby. No more.” He placed small pecks to your new bandages before kisses both of your cheeks and leaving a long kiss to your chapped lips. “Please.”

Michael: You started out as fuck buddies after meeting at a party. Then you quit fucking and became friends. Good friends. But the two of You didn’t last two weeks with out ‘accidentally getting drunk’ and having sex again. Finally, you realized that going without sex is like being withdrawn from an addictive drug. So now you have graduated to friends with benefits….with a tad of feelings on the side. Well a tad of feelings from you anyway. You were almost positive he didn’t feel the same way so you pretended not to have feelings for him, which didn’t help your situation at all. Skipping to present time, you were panting heavily and holding Michael’s sweaty, naked body close to yours as you shook. “Fuck.” He groaned as his weight gave out and he collapsed on top of you. The leather from the couch you were on was soaked in sweat and the movie that you two were previously watching was now scrolling trough the credits. Michael’s uneven breaths were hitting your collarbone as his clammy forehead was nuzzled into the side of your neck. Your hand was still weaved into his messy white hair and your eyes were half shut. “You’re beautiful you know that?” He mumbles as he places a quick peck to your shoulder. You giggle and try to hide your blush as much as possible. “Thanks Mikey. You aren’t to bad yourself, I guess.” He chuckles and shakes his head. “Can I ask you a sorta personal question?” Michael looks up from your neck and meets your eyes. “Uh sure, I mean you still happen to be in me but ask away.” You laugh as he flustered. “Shut up your warm.” You laugh louder as he finally pulls out and sits up, pulling on his basketball shorts that were sitting on the floor. He tosses you his shirt and you slip it on over your head. “What are those little white scars on your hip-bones?” Oh god, he noticed those? You thought. You didn’t self harm much now-a-days. It was mostly on just really bad days so you had hoped he would never notice. “I noticed them a couple of weeks ago but I was too afraid to say anything.” He mumbles. “Please don’t tell me that they are what I think they are.” Michaels pleads as you feel your eyes fill up with salty tears. You couldn’t answer. “No baby no.” He shakes his head back and forth violently as tears stream down his cheeks as well. Michael crawls towards you on the couch and pulls you closer to him and cuddling you into his lap. “Why?” He cries. “Why would you- you hurt yourself?” “Because I hate myself Mikey.” You whisper. “And obviously everyone else hates me too because no one loves me enough to-,” “I love you.” Michael blurts out, cutting you off. “W-what?” “I love you Y/N and I am sorry if you don’t feel the same way but that’s why I agreed to go along with this whole friends with benefits thing because I felt like I would lose you if you didn’t feel the same way-,” This time you cut him off, but with your lips. “Mikey shh. I love you too.” You giggle through your tears. HIs smile lights up and he suddenly tackles you back onto the couch. “Micahel?” “Shh.” He kissed down your collarbone as he started to remove your (his) shirt once more. “Mikey you just got out of me, why are you so eager?” You snicker while he quickly pulls down his shorts. “Baby, earlier I fucked you, and now, I get to make love to you.” Mike places a long kiss to your lips as your heart flutters.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I wasn’t going to write a review of TFA, but I’ve had a number of people privately ask my opinion on it today. I’ve intentionally stayed away from other reviews and criticisms because I wanted to think my own thoughts about it, so here you go, all my emotionally-laden, extremely biased and harsh crit. 


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