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I'm not trying to be rude or anything, I'm just genuinely curious. How come you type the way you type in your posts? Sometimes it can be a little difficult to understand, so I'm just curious on that choice of expressing yourself like that. Once again, I don't mean to be rude and I'm sorry if you've answered this already lol

He s just mah number wahn.ヽ/❀o ل͜ o\ノ

Work on Me

Pairing: Dave Lizewski  (Kickass) x Reader
Summary: You and Dave get assigned a project to work on together for class and one day you come over to work on the assignment, and you walk in on him shirtless which leads to sexy time ;))
Warning: sexual tension, sexual thoughts, lots of smut
A/N: My brother and I had a Kickass marathon the other night so I just started writing this and it turned smutty adkslfm I know how crazy me writing smut while thinking about Aaron Taylor Johnson woah very unpredictable

but seriously if you like Aaron in any of his movies just read this, even if you haven’t seen kickass. P.S. This is almost 4k words because I got carried away! Yikes Im sorry! No im not

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The Morning After The Night Before

Characters: Reader, Steve

Summary: The fall out of your friends discovering that Tequila is your kyptonite.

Word Count: 1713 words

Prompt:  Steve, ‘You’re important too.’ And  ‘I noticed’

A/N: This one is for a wonderful anon and the fabulous @deanxfuckingadorablexwinchester who requested this from my 300 celebration ‘100 ways to say I Love You.’  I joined these two together because it just fit so damned well.  It kinda turned into a part two from Truth and Tequila but you can read it by itself.

Part 1

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Daylight permeated your vision and you groaned.  Turning your head felt the subtle pounding of the mother and father of all headaches with the possibility of a whole load of baby headaches coming along shortly.  Your mouth was dry and it felt like you had been licking a bear for at least three hours in your sleep.  And not a cute little animated bear, a full-blown grizzly who had been wandering in the woods for years and hadn’t bathed in its entire memory.  Forcing one eye open you look down and realise that you were still in last nights clothes.  Well, at least you weren’t waking up in someone elses room naked you thought to yourself.  Just as you were considering turning over and going back to sleep an alarm sounded through the tower.  Leaping up you immediately regretted your reflexes as the room span.  “FRIDAY, what the hell is going on?” you manage to ask, your voice husky and several octaves lower than usual.

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Incorrect Wanna One Quotes ((?)
  • Jihoon: So I was thinking ... would you maybe wanna go on a umm date sometime??
  • Baejin: Oh, well I-
  • Jihoon: BJKSKJA DID I SAY DATE?! I meant a uhh PLAY date!! Ya that's right hah


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Kenma + a older fem s/o (bonus if Kuroo is shocked), please?

I’m assuming you’d like a scenario for this! If so, here you are, it’ll be easier for me to depict Kuroo’s shock in this too. Please enjoy, thank you for requesting!!! -Admin 4AM (the event has gotten me to forget that I sign these comments! D:)

“Hey… Kenma.”

“Hm?” The setter hums, acknowledging the captain for a brief moment then turning back to his game.

“Didn’t you say you were dating someone?”


“Oi, you heard me. Answer when someone’s talking to you,” Kuroo says as he snatches away the console. “I wanna know if you really are dating someone.”

“…I am, can I have the game back?” Kenma asks. Kuroo huffs, shoving the console into his pocket and turning for more interrogation.

“Answer more of my questions, Kenma~ What are they like? Is it a she or he? Cute? Hot? I bet she’s younger. Were you the one to confess? Who is it?”

“Kuroo, that’s enough questions,” Kenma sighs and pushes away the nearing captain. “But I do have a girlfriend… she’s very beautiful.” Kenma blushes and adverts his eyes.

“Oh, what else?”

“Sh-She’s very kind to me and takes care of me, which I’m grateful for… she likes to play games with me, she works very hard to try and beat me which I think is really cute.”

“And? Oh wait, check her out!” Kuroo whistles as he spots a young lady walking in the pair’s general direction. Kenma hasn’t said anything so Kuroo takes it that he’s busy trying to take the game back. The female catches sight of the two and smiles warmly in greeting, making Kuroo smirk. “Hey, Kenma. Watch this, if you wanna charm your girlfriend the right way, here’s how.”

Kuroo’s smirk seems to get even bigger as the girl makes her way over to the two, seeing that Kuroo had motioned her over while speaking to Kenma. Upon closer inspection you’d be able to see that she is indeed older than the two. Maybe in her second or third year of college, and her face still looks pretty young.

“Hey, don’t mind if you could-”

“Kenma! There you are, you should have told me you were over here instead of our usual meeting spot!” You say as you wrap your arms around the small setter.

“I… what?” Kuroo gapes.

“Ah! You must be Kuroo-san, Kenma told me a lot about you. So, has my boyfriend been taking care of himself? I’ve been busy with school so I can’t exactly be there to check up on him, you know?” You ramble, not noticing that Kenma’s face has gone red.

“Wait so…”

“Huh? Did you say something? Oh! Sorry for rambling, I forget that sometimes high scholars are shocked to see me for the first time, since I don’t usually visit a high school campus. Not since I graduated…”

“____…” Kenma mumbles and buries his face in your arms.

“Yes, Kenma?”

“You’re rambling again.”

“Ah! Sorry about that. I get crazily talkative around my boyfriend.” You rub the back of your neck sheepishly and smile apologetically towards Kuroo, who’s still in the process of connecting the dots.

“Let me get this straight. You’re… you two are… the both of you… Kenma!” Kuroo shouts, making you confused and Kenma only more embarrassed.

“There’s nothing to be so shocked about…”

“How’d you manage to score her, huh?!”

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ok, I gotta ask about your tags on the inoculation/Ben Franklin post, and what I'm asking is: What??

oh no what did I say. sometimes firefox does a thing where if I start a tag and just hit Enter, instead of using the first tag like a NORMAL, FUNCTIONAL browser, it’ll jump to a random one with a single word in common.

-OH, no, never mind, I remember what I wrote on the Ben Franklin post. Um. @agameofcharades and I once spent an enjoyable…I wanna say “evening” but obviously it was like 11pm-2am, discussing what would happen if the Founding Fathers - and other significant historical figures - somehow returned to modern day life. Ghosts? Minor American Gods-style deities? Just…reanimated by mad science?

Highlights, iirc, included:

  • George Washington gives up. Just…gives up. Starts to lecture and then gives up. Just tries to hide from the mobs wanting him to support their causes or autograph stuff.
  • John Adams starts arguing with people
  • Thomas Jefferson is approached by the Republican Party for an endorsement and at first he’s okay and then he finds out how bizarrely Christian they’ve gotten and he’s like, “…no. No, absolutely not.”
    • someone hands him a biology textbook and he learns we’ve actually figured out an explanation for how people and animals came to be, a non-God explanation, and he starts edging from deism to full-fledged atheism.
  • Adams is outraged, but even more outraged at both the Republicans and Democrats, so they unite to go on a nation-wide speaking tour. Which falls apart when Jefferson tries to start his own party and run for president.
  • Jefferson gets distracted from this by the need to find his own bard, because clearly fucking Alexander Hamilton has one
  • Hamilton refused to leave the Broadway theater for like a week, and when he did it was with Lin Manuel Miranda trailing behind him with a notebook. They’re both very happy with this arrangement.
    • “I have a BARD, Jefferson. Do YOU have a bard? No? Then SUCK IT.”
    • (Hamilton quickly embraced modern slang. LMM taught him.)
  • James Madison is just reading through 200 years of Supreme Court records
  • and, as mentioned, Ben Franklin discovered the Internet, spent like a solid WEEK doing nothing but reading Wikipedia, then somehow got train or airplane tickets to Boston, barged into MIT, and requested they build him a robotic armor suit. They, being absolute science nerds, gleefully took the excuse to not do their assigned work. Franklin spent the time alternately watching and learning about modern scientific advancements, and sleeping with co-eds - and once the armor was finished, he went to go wreak vengeance on FedEx and UPS on behalf of his beloved postal service.

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Support system? Really? Um. Wow. Okay. I-I'm usually the one needing the support system, so I don't know how good I'll be at it, but I'll definitely try! My, uh, my therapist says that sometimes the best thing you can do is just be there to listen, and he's usually right about stuff, so- vent away! If you feel like it. (You probably think it's so weird that I have a therapist, oh god why did I say that I just get nervous sometimes I swear) -Evan (ooc: I love your blog and I hope you're doing ok)

you’re so nice thank you i’m !!!!!!!

You know how in the sub when Rogue accidentally gropes Yukino it only shows her face.


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Block b reaction where he accidentally says he's dating you in an interview

Taeil: “ Oh wait.. What did i say?!”

Kyung: “Aiish, i’m so stupid sometimes, why this always happens to me !! FREAKING BIG MOUTH”

BBomb: “Oops”

Jaehyo: “OHH ! What did i dooo”


Zico: “OH SHIT ”

P.O: “ I didn’t say that out loud right? Right? RIGHT?”

as always, gifs are not mine. Cr. to owners

OKAY well I suppose even though we didn’t see much of what they were doing, she sure as heck is grateful for whatever happened SO I PRESENT LE KISSU to you, @askthehorsedork




DAY 2228

Gateway Hotel, Coonoor, TN       May 22,  2013         Thu  9:24 pm

An attempt to respond to the Ef on Blog has limitations because the names and your comments do not all show up at once. They all go through a process on Discus, or whatever the carrier is called and then it asks to download it and that takes time .. will have to get it rectified and improved .. 

Apologies to those that were unable to receive my response to your response .. but ..

Buffalo in the tea .. ever thought of that ! Buffalo !! They look a little different from the normal ones you see in the plains, but buffalo all the same .. different looking buffalo, kind of unconcerned with the location, but buffalo all the same … not many an occsion when they can be seen around these parts of the world but .. buffalo all the same ..

Did I just say buffalo again ?

Oh .. ! Sorry .. its just that sometimes when you see buffalo it is difficult to keep buffalo away from you .. its like ‘fellow’ is it not … 'buffalo’ - 'fellow’ .. 

But would buffalo be a fellow ? Ermm .. I think not … well not in terms of addressal finite .. but they are good fella’s are they not .. perhaps !!

So buffalo’s 'good fella’s’ .. and the movie is merely coincidental .. 

Back from work to the Hotel greens .. the path way leading up to rooms, and head down monkey capped by snow capped reference, somewhat ski designed .. not really needed in the temperatures, but what the heck .. no harm in imagining we are in the snow .. at least the buffalo are absent … oh … buffalo again … just cannot do without them .. 

Tis’ better to forget them 'fellows’ and look for better climes .. like here :

That when its the last shot of the day and the sun plays up … like its not giving us the light needed for the shot .. so wait .. and 10 assistants with dark filmed glasses observing the sun and cloud movement to inform the DOP that it shall last with light only for a minute or two … a rush then to get to the spot get the emotion revved up and a quick look into the make up mirror and .. ya .. ready .. when …

Light issues sir … no light … clouds again ..

Cut and wait .. emotions back to square one, body moves away from the moment, crew on stand at ease .. a chair to reflect on, and listen to the sound of birds and mountain bugs … until ..

Clouds clearing sir .. 

Ok rush rush rush … lets get this one … ah ! gone ..

All in a day’s work .. its the way of our work .. those that watch on set and do not be aware of the set up, can get awfully bored, and often wonder how it is when they see the final product, that this is how it was put together .. 

It would be an interesting exercise if one were to take a few of you through the process of the 'making’ of a project .. would it be equally boring ?/

We’ll find out soon enough ..

OK time to get set for travel tomorrow ..

and wishes to all those that deserve birthday greetings and anniversary wishes … love to all

Amitabh Bachchan