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Didn’t Think I’d Get A Response || Part 2

Prompt: Tom, Reader, Zendaya, Harrison, Jacob, and Laura have to leave Earth because of a deadly radiation. There’s only one ship left to board. But there’s a catch only 2 out of the 6 of you don’t have a suit.

Warnings: Fluff, Sad, Language, Implying Laura’s a bad person (Lots of love to Laura), mentions of cheating, mentions of dying.

Word Count: 2,386

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

A/N: So the story continues! New character! :)

 ~D.T.I.G.A.R Masterlist~ ~Masterlist~

“…Y/N?” You glanced at the walkie talkie on the counter, you immediately grabbed it pressing the talk button.


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Shotgun lovers

“Hey, it’s the pro hero couple Blasty, Shitty Hair, and Lightning Bastard, here to answer everyone’s questions! I heard you ask what the secret of our strength is - why, it’s manly love, of course!”

Bakugo is going to kill Kirishima and Kaminari for kissing him on national television.

for day 1 of kaminari week 2017 Future ⚡ Pro ⚡ Teamwork. general rating, fluff party, bakukirikami centric but with plenty of mina/momo and the bakusquad bonding.

ao3 link

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Oh Death

2466 words of Kevaaron. Enjoy. <3

Kevin’s been playing professionally for ten years now. He still lives and breathes exy, but he also found other things that bring him joy. History. Documentaries. Cooking. Aaron.

Aaron is a chief physician in his hospital. It’s a stressful job, but very rewarding.
Both of this means, though, that they have trouble meeting up. When Kevin is off, Aaron sometimes has to do a double shift at the hospital. But as long as they have each other, they don’t mind. Especially in the offseason when Aaron also takes a vacation.

It’s shortly before Christmas and they are both home. Kevin is in the kitchen, preparing dinner while Aaron sets the table up. It’s weirdly domestic and Aaron still has trouble to believe that all of this is real.

In the background the TV is on. It’s some history documentary that Kevin chose. They already watched it ten times, but Aaron doesn’t mind. He likes to see Kevin smile. While they eat, they hold hands, caressing each other’s skin. This is when the call comes.

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“Babe, calm down. I’ll be home later. You knoow I’m at the studio. I’m doing my jjoooooooob. Okay, babe? Okay? Bye babe,” Michael slurred into his phone. He lied to you. Again. You could hear the sounds of the bar in the background of his call. He’d been home from tour for two weeks and you’d seen him for probably a total of six hours. All he did anymore was party and drink. He’d roll into the house some where around five in the morning, every morning. Always too drunk to make it up to your room so he slept on the couch. You’d pass him every morning, holding your breath to avoid inhaling his stench of alcohol and smoke. 

The line went dead and you sighed looking down at your phone as if it held the answers to all your problems. You just sat there thinking about your conversation with him. It was practically the same exact conversation you’ve been having for the past two weeks. You hated when he called you babe. He only ever did that when he was drunk. God, you hated it. You looked at your lock screen. Gazing longingly at the picture of you and Michael before the second tour began. Before everything started going to hell. Before the alcohol, the neglect, the lies, the cheating rumors. You didn’t realize you had begun to cry until tears splashed on your hands. This was it, the last straw. You could not do it anymore. You couldn’t pour all your love and energy into someone who wasn’t giving you the same. You picked up your phone and dialed Luke knowing he would answer to you. 

“Hey (Y/N)!” Luke said loudly into the phone. 

“Are you with Michael?” You asked cutting straight to the chase.

“Of course, we are uh just at the studio-”

“Cut the bullshit, Luke. I know that’s not where you are. Let Michael know if he doesn’t get home within the hour I am going to be gone when he gets home in the morning,” You said keeping with your no none sense attitude, although your heart was breaking. You deserved better than this and it was time you went out and got it. 

“Like, you are gonna be gone to work or…”

“Gone for good, Luke. My clothes will be gone. My pictures will be gone. My car will be gone. I am leaving him,” You said as tears began to trickle down your face once again. 

“(Y/N), are you sure you are going to do this? You will break Mike,” Luke said cautiously. The background noise softened as if he had walked away from the party, realizing the seriousness of your words. 

“Break him!? He has done nothing this past year, but chip away at my heart! There is nothing left. I am broken, Luke. He doesn’t look at me, he doesn’t pay attention to me. He barely called me over the eight months he was gone! I called and texted! He never bothered to respond! He made me feel like some desperate groupie not his girlfriend he has claimed to love for the past 2 years!” You took a deep breath and continued. “The only time he ever talks to me is to lie about his whereabouts when he is drunk. I can’t do this anymore. He has to change or else I’m gone. Within the hour he needs to be home or else he is coming home to an empty house,” You finished, the tears flowing freely down your face. You clicked end, not wanting to continue the conversation any longer. 

Luke hurried to Michael to let him know of your message. He let out a hearty drunk laugh when Luke finished talking. 

“Oh Lukey she won’t leave me. We are in love buddy. Have been forever. She’s it for me dear old Lukey. You’ll know the feeling one day when you meet someone as amazing as (Y/N),” Michael said, slurring his words a bit, all while patting his friends cheek. When Luke tried to insist Michael just waved him off and continued deeper into the party. 

Back at the house you began to pack away all your belongings. Your best friend had already arrived to help you move into her place. You had stopped crying not wanting to waste anymore tears on this. You were heading off to new beginnings. Glancing at the clock, you weren’t shocked Michael never appeared, even with the extra hour you had allotted him. 

“Okay, I’m ready to go,” You stood up taking one last look around your empty bedroom. You walked out of your house and into your new life. 

When Michael finally rolled in around four in the morning he didn’t notice your missing chucks that always resided by the front door. He didn’t notice the now empty mantel void of all your pictures together. He didn’t notice that your favorite furry throw no longer draped over the back of the couch. His failure to notice was a painfully perfect example of how your relationship had been going the past year.

Around 2 o’clock in the afternoon Michael arose from his drunken slumber. He was shocked at how empty y’alls home looked. As he stood up the memories from the night before began flooding in. Luke’s words burned hot in his mind. He raced upstairs, taking the steps two at a time, to your shared bedroom. He was no where close to prepared to handle the emptiness that was left behind. Immediately he dialed your phone number, hands shaking, terrified he lost the only good thing he had in his life. The call went straight to voicemail, so he hung up and tried again and again and again. Every single call went to voicemail. He called you nine times before he saw that he had a voicemail. He quickly typed in his password and waited for your voice to flood his ear. 

“Hi, Michael.,” He cringed. You only ever called him his full name when he was in trouble. “I’m sure you’ve seen by now that I am gone. I never wanted this to end like this. Hell, Michael I never even wanted this to end. You were it for me, but I am obviously not that special to you,” He closed his eyes to prevent the tears from spilling over onto his cheeks. “Michael, I don’t even remember the last time we had a conversation that wasn’t over the phone or where you weren’t drunk. I..I just cant handle giving all my love to someone who doesn’t love me back. So, I had to leave and I have to move on. I am so sorry, Michael. So sorry,” the line went dead.

He couldn’t believe he had fucked up so bad. He lost her and it was no ones fault, but his own. He turned around and chucked his phone at the wall. It clattered to the floor, shattering into hundreds of tiny little pieces, mirroring what had just happened to Michael’s heart.  


Always You

Request: Your writing is frickin’ awesome! I was wondering if you could do a Crowley x Reader where the reader is in a relationship with Crowley, and under a freak circumstance, Crowley reluctantly introduces her to the Winchesters. Crowley gets jealous because the reader and Dean hit it off pretty well, like they fan over classic rock together or something. So later, the reader shows Crowley just how much they love him and him only with some fluff and/or smut? Thank you. :3 (anon)

Warning: A tiny bit of smut, I guess.

Words: 2558

Writer: Castielle

Pairing: Crowley x Reader

Your name: submit What is this?

In all your wild years of rebellion against your parents and whatever else a teenager did, you never would imagine that you would be sipping martinis with the King of Hell… in Hell. But it had taken one week of partying when you should have been studying and writing essays for you to realize that you were screwed – actually screwed this time.

While you liked to show your parents that you didn’t care about how you did in school, you actually did. It was just that you were lucky enough to be able to waste your time and then study for a couple of days before the final, and then be done. But it was the night before your first final and there were three unwritten essays. There weren’t even essays online that you could plagiarize for the topics given. And there was no way you were going to learn enough for your final in one night.

There had been a girl dressed in black with black hair and black earrings and a black tattoo of a devil’s trap symbol on her arm (you imagined that her underwear was probably black, too) going around campus, handing out leaflets. You and your friends had had a good laugh over that one. An incantation for summoning a demon to sell your soul for whatever your heart desired? That was a good one. Even more ridiculous than the idea of angels! But even though you had laughed along with your friends (the idea was indeed ridiculous… you were an atheist), for some reason, you had held onto that leaflet. And as you looked down from your computer, feeling utter despair sink upon you, the lettering of “DESPERATE?” caught your eye.

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Shatter Me: A Jaspearl Oneshot

For tiddygem and jaspersuniverse. Agate has officially made me Jaspearl trash, and you both inspire me so much. Thank you both for your beautiful ideas. <3 I just hope I’ve done this beautiful terror of a fusion justice!

No matter how many they cut down, they just kept coming, wave after merciless wave.

She tore like a streaking comet through the hordes. Keening screeches echoed across the plain as dozens fell in Jasper’s path, but hundreds more sprung up to replace the fallen. Sticky black guts covered her from head to toe and had her hair all but plastered against her body. The acrid stench of the fallen arachnids was foul on the wind. Everything was chaos - and they were losing.

“Got a big one coming up on your left flank there!” the warrior shouted to her companion over the din. She barreled her way towards the pale Gem, sending twitching legs and broken mandibles flying in her path. Still her partner did not seem to hear the warning, and dread pressed down like a lead weight in her belly. “Pearl, guard up! Pearl!

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anonymous asked:

Gom+kagami being saved by their s/o when they are in a dangerous situation (dangerous encounter with an insane person, threatened by thugs, held at gunpoint)



Akashi had picked ___ up from fencing practice that night, andthey were walking to her house in the dark, breathing in the warm summer air and enjoying the view of the stars as they slowly pacedthrough the street, arm-in-arm.

Then it happened.

This one really big dude that looked pretty buzzed came straightup to Akashi and started talking shit to his face about how he’dcheated against his team and how he was an arrogant little fuck thatdidn’t know had to win and blah blah blah… Akashi was pretty muchignoring him, but then he started to try to reason with him in histypical I’m-totally-superior-to-you manner. The guy wasn’t impressed.A couple of his friends, that were hanging nearby, in a corner of thesquare, joined.

But when the atmosphere started to really get shady and violent,____ was so irritated that her quiet romantic walk with her boyfriendhad been disturbed that she didn’t even stutter. Plus if that idiot’sbig mouth got him beat up then she would really get pissed, and nobody wanted that.

She unsheathed her sword, very slowly, and stood in front of Akashi. With a calm voice, and stroking the tip of the blade with her left index finger while she wielded the blade with her right, she asked: “Alright, gentlemen - Are we going to have a problem in here? Am I going to have to teach you manners, or will you stop being big babies all by yourselves?” Then her lips pulled in a sanguinary smile as she pointed the tip of the weapon at the throat of the first one that had come up to them.

He probably hadn’t even noticed her before, but now he looked terrified.

“I… Yeah, I don’t think it’s gonna be necessary. Excuse me, ma-madam.”

Within seconds, they had all vanished like a scared flock of mockingbirds.

She put the sword back in it’s sheath with a sigh and turned to look at Akashi.

“Alright, I know humbleness is not your thing, but you could at least try to practise it every now and then, just so your arrogant ass doesn’t get you killed, you know.”

Akashi chuckled slightly and threw his arm around her shoulders, starting to walk towards her house again. “Oh, but my dear, who needs to even try to not get killed when I have you?”

“Hmph. Pray that I am always around, you jerk.”

“Oh, trust me: I do.” Akashi said, with a smirk. ____ couldn’t stay mad at him for long. This made him even more irritating, sometimes. But cute. Soooo cute.


She stepped right into the fight.

“Hey, ____, what are you do…?” But Kagami’s jaw dropped and he stopped talking as his girlfriend walked right up to the guy that had just punched him and bitch slapped him straight accross the face.

“Touch my man again, and Imma fuck you up.”

The boy covered his marked face and looked at the girl that had just slapped him between his fingers, in disbelief. He was so surprised he only thing that came out of his mouth was: “O-okay, ma’am. S-sorry.”

“You better be. Now out of my sight!”

The guy didn’t move, but rather remained sitting on the floor, looking at her, absolutely dazed.


He got up and started running until he was completely out of sight.

She turned to face Kagami.

He was almost as surprised. “Oi, ___… Where the hell did that come from?”

“I have no clue, to be honest. But it worked!” She started cracking up.

Kagami let out a belly laugh, and held his hand up. She high-fived it.

“Alright, Taiga, let’s go home, shall we?”

“Sure.” They started walking. Kagami shook his head and chuckled. “Dude, that was so sick. Like… even the line was so on point! How come I’d never seen this side of you?!”

“I don’t know. The line was from that one song by Kaci Battaglia, though.”

“Oh my god. Do you realize how awesome that is?!” And they both started laughing about it again. The joke lasted until they got home. Actually, it went on for another good seven moths, but, you know.


She came to the gym to get Kise and go somewhere, but she was forced to wait - practice went on forever that day.

When he was finally done, they took the shortcut behind the gym to town - even though the sun was already down, it was Friday, so they still had time to get ice-cream or something.

But as she walked down the dirty alley, with Kise cheerfully chattering next to her, she spotted this group of big guys covered up in chains and weird jewelry staring right at them, about a hundred meters ahead. A shiver went down up her spine. Kise remained oblivious.

By the time they reached the dumpster next to which the guys where hanging, it was pretty clear that they were looking for trouble.

“Hey, you, pretty boy. Mind if we borrow your girl for a little?” Their laughs sounded like hungry hyenas, and their smirks scared ___ beyond saying.

She clinged to Kise’s arm, but Kise seemed really unsure of what to do. Finally, he put on a harsh mask, and stood up to them the best that he could.

“Heck no. This lady does not belong to anyone, and therefore is not mine to ‘share’.” He paused and swallowed - “And I highly doubt she’d choose to be anywhere within a hundred kilometer radius from you anyways.”

The guy that had talked came up to Kise, standing with his face a few centimeters away from Kise’s. ____ could almost hear her boyfriend’s thought: Not in the face, please. Not the face…

“Hey, you watch your words, blondie.” He said, then turned away from him. Kise sighed in relief. But the guy looked at ___, who was hiding behind her boyfriend by this point. “Alright now, you beauty, you are coming with us. Get her, guys.” His companions motioned towards her, but Kise was faster.

He blew a clearly unexperienced punch at the nearest of them. They all immediatly turned to face him.

“So, we’re gonna have to do this the hard way. I see. ” The one that had been talking, who appeared to be the leader, stated. “Get him first, then.”

And, at this point, ____ finally reacted. Alright, girl. You have been trained for this. You know what to do. A woman has a limit of what she can stand before she starts to fuck shit up, and this situation has definetely surpassed it. She pulled her sleeves up, and stepped right into the fight.

Five minutes later, Kise was helping her to dump the last guy into the huge garbage container. “Wow, that was impressive, _____cchi.”

“I had to protect your face at all costs, Ryouta.”

He turned to look at her in surprise, and he dropped the unconscious guy’s foot. Tears came to his gleamy eyes. “You are perfect, ____cchi. I love you.” he moaned.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” She brushed it off, but smiled to herself. Protect this man. Protect him at all costs. Protect that smile, god damn it.


_____ ran as fast as she could. Kuroko’s text was extremely worrying. She kneeled down next to him.

“Kuroko! Kuroko, are you ok?”

Kuroko was laying on the floor in the middle of the street, with a bruised eye and a disoriented look. “Yeah, yeah… I’m fine. But they got the bag, ____.”

“Never mind the bag, I need to get you help!”

“No, you don’t understand, you need to retrieve that bag! Nigou’s in there!”

“Oh my god.” _____ covered her mouth with her hand. Then, she got up. “Okay, hang in there. I got this.”

She ran down the street, and at the next corner, she stopped, trying to catch her breath. She looked to both sides, and spotted a couple guys in black clothes running away on the left street. “Hey, you two!” she called, chasing after them.

By the time they had both turned around, she was already there.

She kicked the guy with the bag right in the balls. He dropped it and fell to the floor, moaning. The other one was so surprised he didn’t even move as he watched the scene.

“That’s for messing with my boyfriend!” She yelled, then turned to face the other guy. “And this…” She threw a swirling kick right at his face. He immediatly collapsed to the floor at the impact of the sole of her shoe with his cheek. “… Is for trying to steal our dog!” Then, she reached down and openned the bag’s zipper. She felt a tide of relieve in her chest as Nigou’s head popped out and he started to lick her face in delight. She burst out in laughter, just as Kuroko turned the corner, hangin on to the wall and slightly limping.

”____-chan, you are honestly the most amazing girl in the world.” He seemed extremely impressed and proud.

____ blushed, still kneeling next to the bag, petting the dog, and mumbled: “Well, I mean, I-I couldn’t let them get away with Nigou…”


Aomine pushed his girlfriend behind him, in a attempt to protect her, and faced the guy holding the gun as calmly as he could.

“I already told you. That’s all I have.”

“Bullshit. Give me the rest, boy.”

“There is no rest, god damn it! Let us go already! Or at least let her go!”

"No luck, I am sorry. But this is the end of you two, my sweet babies…” He pointed straight at Aomine’s forehead… And the pistol flew from his hands and landed on ____’s, that had made an incredibly fast move past Aomine and kicked it up.

She stared at the weapon in her shaky hands for a second, surprised herself at what she had done, then recomposed and pointed it at the assaulter. When she spoke, her bottom jaw was held slightly forward and her voice barely trembled.

“Alright, get the fuck out. Vanish, or I will shoot you.” She looked him dead in the eyes. “I swear I will.”

And the man vanished without a word.

____ stared down at the gun in her hands again, then took a deep breath and sighed, putting it down.

Aomine stood there, dazed. “Oi,___, that was really brave”, he stated, from behind her.

____ hid her face behind her hands, and started sobbing quietly. “That was scary… That was so scary.”

“Hey, hey,” Aomine’s voice was much softer than usual “It’s alright. Come here, baby, come here. My heroine.” He pulled her into his arms and comforted her.


(Midorima’s s/o happens to be a pro)

They were completely surrounded by that stupid gang. Those guys looked really shady - and ____ would have bet a thousand bucks that they were on something. So annoying and irrational. Ugh.

“Hey, you, grasshead. What’s with the hair? You look gay as fuck, son.”

“Yeah, how often do you dye it? It looks ridiculous, man. Grow some balls and wear your hair black like the fucking Japanese dude that you are. And throw away that stupid western fork. What the fuck is you intention walking around with that shit in your hand?”

Midorima didn’t even stutter. He simply stood there in the middle of the circle, holding on to his fork (the lucky item of the day), not even looking at them, his head held high. He pretended that they weren’t even there.

This didn’t seem to amuse the men very much. “Hey, do you not have a tongue or what?! Are we gona have to make you talk?”

Everywhere around them, fists and fingers started cracking. ____’s back straightened up, in alert.

“I’ll break that proud jaw of yours”, the guy paused and spit at the floor, “you can bet I will”. But as he slowly started walking to approach Midorima, his fist in the air, ready to throw the first punch, ___ reached for Midorima’s hand in an incredibly fast movement, seized the fork, and flinged it at the guy’s fist. The fork stuck to his knuckles for a couple seconds, then fell to the floor with a series of clinking sounds, followed by the first drops of blood, that soon started running down the unknown man’s fingers. He shook his hand in the air, and cursed: “God damn girl… I’ve changed my mind. Get her first.”

But one of them had already locked Midorima’s neck with his arm. Midorima remained calm all through it - they’d touched him. That’s it. Midorima knew they had really screwed it up now. She was gonna fuck them up.

_____ turned around and stared at the guy holding Midorima eye to eye. Next thing he knew, the man was lying on the floor a couple meters away, holding his stomach and trying not to through up.

As the next dude came up to them, Midorima stood behind _____, patiently waiting. He got to where she was. ____ grabbed him by the collar of his jacket, bent him down and, with a loud and rythmic “thud, thud, thud”, kicked him in the chest, elbowed him in the left cheek, then knocked him down with a right hook.

She turned around to face the next one. She gave a quick look around too: there were four left. She could manage them. 

But there was no need -  apparently they had already figured out that it wasn’t worth it to get their asses kicked by a teenage girl just to bully her eccentric boyfriend. The alley was desserted.

“Well, guess that’s less work for me.” She shaked her hands off against eachother. “You ok, Midorin?”

“Yes. Thanks for that.”

“Yup. Can we get going now, then?”

“Hm-hm. Yes. I really think we should leave, nanodayo.” He nodded, then put his arm around her shoulders again, as they calmly paced away from the scene of the fight.

Ah, yes. Badass and cool about it was the best combination ever. And both of them were exactly that. Such a perfect couple. Midorima felt very satisfied.


Murasakibara stood there munching. Well, ____chin had just beat up 2 guys just to save him the work of doing it. Cool.

He looked down on her proud face.

“So… How welcome are you? Huh, Mukkun?” She was so proud. And Murasakibara was too.

“Here, you can have the whole box of maiubo.” He handed it to her, and pinched her cheek. “That’s my girl. You deserve them.” He even smiled a little, in a way that reminded more of the look in a father’s face when his kid graduates than that  of a boyfriend. But oh well. He looked very proud of her, so ___ was happy. 

She took the box and held it to her chest. “YEEEEEES! MUKKUN IS SHARING HIS SNACKS WITH ME!!!” She started jumping around in excitement.

“Alright, alright.” He laid his hand on her head in order to make her stop.  "Thank you, ____chin. That was really cool of you. Hey, you wanna ride?“  He crouched down, motioning for her to get on his back. "We’re gonna have to walk back to the store to get some more maiubo.”

She jumped right on, quickly openned the box, and started munching on the first one.

Recording Rows

Originally posted by ohhsenshine

» baekhyun x reader
» 1.4k
» fwb relationship (?)

Of all places you could have got stuck, of course it would have been right in the middle of SM Entertainment’s buildings.

Even better, of course it would have been in the studio that you knew at least one of the members of SM’s most popular group would enter in under a few minutes to finish recording.

It wasn’t entirely your fault; you had been sent by one of the group’s management team to make sure that it was all in order and that all the machines were in the running correctly. Since SM had to be one hundred per cent perfect all of the time, even missing book on the table would ruin everything for them.

The members of the group were no better.

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cheshiresden  asked:

37 for MorMor please? :D

Across the yard there’s a big blonde man with blood on his knuckles. He takes a drag of his cigarette, long dirty fingers hiding his jaw. He leans forward on the curb with his feet planted square on the ground in front of him, elbows braced on his knees. Over the collar of his regulation white undershirt Jim can see the lick of a tattoo; following the hard line of his tendon up towards his ear.

There are handcuffs around his wrists. They jingle softly to themselves as he lets the cigarette drop between his knees. Jim watches his chest swell on the inhale, straining the white buttons of his orange jumpsuit. Hold. Exhale. Soft white smoke in a thin narrow stream.

There are chains around his bare ankles, too. Even in the yard. Even when it’s supposed to be free time.

Jim has to have him.


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moments between yesterday and tomorrow PART 31

In a weird, masochistic, backwards way giving away your first kiss helps. Like it was some award-winning bovine to be auctioned away, chapter closed, it’s gone, it can’t be milked again.

John’s off limits anyway, and knowing that makes it easier to just… see him for what he is.

A complete pest. Who, lately, has a tendency to get into trouble. Today he’s in detention for sticking bang snaps under all the all the toilet seats. Yes. All of them. You suspect he has a way to sneak into school at night. You don’t ask, because if you don’t know shit you can’t tell shit. 

“You waited for me!” John exclaims, like it’s the biggest fucking deal ever. It was only like, an hour or so and quite frankly you’re a pathetic sack of shit and don’t have anything better to do. He grabs your sleeve. “Hey,  do you wanna go the park? Do you still have homework? I could help you with your Maths homework, that way it won’t take you aaaaaaaages to get it done.”

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Camila listened with a distant smile on her face as Dinah Jane was introducing her on stage. Externally, she was surprised and thankful for her best friend’s sweet and sappy words; but they were words that all of the girls had exchanged and recycled before. Old words.

Internally, Camila was shaking like a leaf and second guessing herself and what she was about to do. She was the second to last to be introduced, and she lined it up herself so that tonight, Lauren would be the last one. And with Camila being second to last, Camila got to introduce Lauren. On any other night, she’d go through the motions, using the same old recycled words, throwing in a hint of some famous Camila sputziness to liven things up. But tonight was going to be different.

Dinah’s spiel ended all too soon, the crowd cheered, and the taller girl moved in the hug Camila. “You got this, Chancho.” Dinah said with a wink. She had spoken out of her mic; those words were for Camila’s ears only. Dinah was the only one that knew what was about to go down. Camila knew she could trust Dinah to keep it a secret, help her out, and that no matter what happened tonight, Dinah would be there.

Camila let out a shaky breath. Everything was shaking, actually. Her nerves were off the walls, even more so than usual at the beginning of shows. Dinah patted her on the cheek with a simple, “Go get ‘em, tiger,” and backed away to stand by Ally and Normani.

Camila turned to Lauren, who was looking at her expectantly with those goddamn eyes. “Last but certainly not least, the least leastiest of all…meaning not at all least,” Camila rambled, as she struggled against her jittery hands to take a piece of paper out of the back pocket of her jean shorts. She finally managed to get it unfolded, and sighed. “Dear Lauren,” she began.

When the audience saw how uncharacteristically serious the usual jumping bean was acting, they all quieted down, curious as to where this was going.

“Dear…Lauren,” Camila repeated. “This is probably going to sound crazy, so bear with me,” Camila dared to peek over the paper to look at Lauren, and found the long haired goddess standing with one hand on a popped hip, curious eyes, and that trademark smirk she usually had when looking at Camz.

“Oh!” Camila suddenly said, remembering the hundreds of people watching her. “Um, I know this isn’t how we usually do things around here, but I wanted to break tradition just for tonight, and I promise not to do anything too stupid- if that’s okay with everyone?” Camila addressed the audience. The crowd cheered, as did Ally, Normani and Dinah.

“Okay, good, I man, I was gonna go for it no matter what you said, but this is good…good. Okay. Here we go,” Camila picked up the letter and began again. “Dear Lauren,” Camila stated for the third and final time. “I know we’ve barely known each other for two years, but it’s been the best almost two years that anyone could ask for. Sure, I mean, getting third overall on X Factor and now working on our own music has been a dream come true, but it’s all the stuff in between that I’ve fallen in love with along the way.” Camila paused, and the theater was so quiet, she wore you could hear a pin drop. Not that it mattered, because everything else began slowly tuning out; the only thought in Camila’s head was Lauren. “Ever since the day we met, I kinda felt like there was something different about our dynamic, something I’ve never had with anyone else. I was so thrilled when we got put in a group together; I thought that I was dreaming. So much was going on all at once; I couldn’t figure it all out. It was such a whirlwind, yet I found that you were always stuck in my brain no matter what was going on. You really were my anchor, and although I had three equally as lovely anchors,” Camila motioned to where the rest of their group was now sitting down on stools on stage, smiling in support.

“Seriously, as long as I had you, I knew nothing could ever go wrong. Even if things got kinda rocky, and we were all at each other’s throats, you were always there, and you made it okay. The X Factor was one of the most stressful things of my life, but you were there through it all, ever since the moment we got called back after getting eliminated, you held my hand when we walked back up there, and it was the most helpful thing, I swear to god, you kept me from passing put then and there. From there on out, I just felt safe. At the Judge’s House? No problem, Lauren will be with me. Live shows? You’d always hug me before we went on stage, and you gave me the confidence to keep going. You were always there. Even when we finally got third, and I thought it was all over, it was actually okay.

…I’ll never forget that night in the hotel room, after the five of us just talked and cried and laughed for hours, you were the one that assured us that we were gonna keep going, we couldn’t give up now, we were just getting started. Then those three goons,” Camila pointed to Ally, Dinah, and Normani, who all had tears in their eyes. “They up and leave to go god knows where, and right when I thought I had it all out of my system, you were about to go off and find them, but as you were leaving, you heard me sniffle, and you turned around and you looked at me in a way I’ll never forget, and you walked back over to the counter I was standing by, and you hugged me I swear it was for twenty minutes, because you “hate to see me cry”, and gosh, I wish I had a recording of all the sweet things you whispered to me for those twenty minutes straight, and I didn’t even know what the hell I was feeling, but you somehow did. You can read me like a book, Jauregui, and nobody else can. And after you knew I was all teared out, you tucked me into bed, and you sat behind me, and you played with my hair and sang me Ed Sheeran songs until I fell asleep, and to this day, that is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me,” Camila wiped her own tears away. Although she had stopped reading from the short paragraph that she had written long ago, she kept looking at the paper; she couldn’t bring herself to look at Lauren, she’d lose it. Trying to keep her voice from cracking, she went on.

“It’s just that… Sometimes you know me better than I know myself, and you never say the wrong thing, and I always manage to say the exact wrong thing, so I guess we balance out. I get so jealous when you talk about other people that get to hug you and write you sappy letters, so tonight, this is my sappy letter to you, and hopefully for once in my life, I’m managing to say at least some of the right things, I mean, I’m not going to sound like you, what with your pretty voice, and words that I swear sometimes came straight from Shakespeare, and I know the fans can be super weird about us and that this isn’t going to help anything, but I really just want for us to be us after tonight, because I really miss it, and I needed to make sure that you know that I’d take you over all the plantains in the world any day, and you’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever met, and not just on the outside. You are the proud owner of my favorite mind, it’s so special and flawless, just like you, and that precious mind of yours is the most amusing thing to explore, and I know a lot of its secret passageways and shortcuts, but I want to have everything about it memorized if you’ll let me. In fact, if I can have your mind, I’ll trade you my heart, and we can call it even. …I would give you my mind too, but that’d be pointless considering you already you have full access to it; not to mention that giving you my heart sounds a lot more…heartfelt.

I love the way your name sounds, and I love when you don’t wear makeup, and I love going to the airport with you because you’re always tired and cuddly, and I secretly love how you make me try new things, I even love how you roll your eyes at me when I refuse to, and I love your voice, it’s what I live for; sometimes I pretend to be asleep in the morning just so you’ll come in and sing that obnoxious wake up song that not even Ally can stand because that’s how much I love your voice, I love when it’s the last thing that I hear before I fall asleep and I love when it’s the first thing I hear in the morning. I love that you understand me, and I understand you, and I love that our paths crossed, because honestly, I love you, Lauren Jauregui, and nobody can do anything to change that.”

The room of 255 people was dead silent, excusing the sniffles and impaired breathing noises that were coming from the majority of people. Camila cleared her own blurry eyes, refolded and pocketed the paper. She looked up at Lauren, who was silently sobbing, and was shaking almost as violently as Camila had been before she started reading. Their eyes finally met and Lauren looked at Camila as if she was the only person on earth. Camila had no idea what she was supposed to do now, so she was relieved when Lauren broke out in an ear to ear smile, despite her tears, and ran at Camila, closing the gap between the two with a hug.

“Camila, that was… How’d you… Where did that…How am I ever going to top that?”

“Hopefully you won’t, our introductions will end up being longer than our actual concerts.” Camila backed away from their hug so they were looking each other in the eyes. “But I’m sure you’ll figure something out.” The audience was still silent, watching the two of them interact, when suddenly, Camila saw Lauren’s eye flash with something mischievous.

“Lo, what are you thi-” Camila was interrupted by Lauren’s lips, and the crowd went ballistic. Lauren smiled into the kiss, entertained both by Camila’s shock, and the reaction that went up around them. Camila finally decided to kiss back, when Lauren pulled away, and kissed her nose.

“I love you too, Camz. And you can memorize any part of me and my mind that you want.” She said with a wink, rendering Camila speechless. Lauren turned to the audience, and shouted into the microphone, “Hi, I’m Lauren Jauregui; Camila Cabello’s girlfriend.” Lauren looked over at Camila whose jaw had dropped, cause Lauren’s smile to grow as she screamed, “Now who’s ready for some music?”

The crowd got even louder after Lauren’s personal introduction, and as Dinah came behind Camila to wrap her in a congratulatory hug, Camila heard Lauren speak into her microphone, “I think I just topped it,” she remarked as they lined up for Tellin’ Me.

“You’re tellin’ me.” Camila retorted, laughing at her joke. Lauren just smiled and shook her head, wondering why one of them hadn’t done this sooner.

AN: Idk, not proofed, but inspired by i-bleed-sparia > http://i-bleed-sparia.tumblr.com/post/74827700858/what-if-one-day-during-the-introductions-for-each