oh dear what coloring


Beowulf’s slightly nerdy fashion sense would meld with Jonathan’s gentlemanly tendencies pretty well, huh? Although I think given Beowulf’s unorthodox choice of weaponry, Joseph would also be a decent fit!

Bonus alts for the Hurting too, since I couldn’t leave Beowulf’s staunchest ally out of the festivities! ⊂(`・ω∩´)

(I previously did a Jotaro palette here!)


HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO @pinofs!!!!! <3 <3 <3

this took me way longer than it should’ve ha

This is inspired by the VERY FIRST piece I saw by Nikki, so I took that idea and put my own little spin on it! I’m quite happy with the turn out!!

Better pictures soon because what is lighting.