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Family IV - Alfie Solomons

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You heard about it from a baker who worked part time for your brothers. He heard about it from Arthur himself. Alfie had invited Arthur and Billy for Passover. Now Arthur was back in Birmingham healing and Billy’s wife was having a funeral for her husband. You tried not to get involved with Alfie’s business. It didn’t usually matter to you because it didn’t usually effect you. But Arthur was family and you knew Billy’s family. He had children and you’d heard from Tommy that he had one on the way. You packed your bags that night and prepared for the train ride home.  

Alfie had not been getting on with Tommy. You had heard of the issues within their working relationship. You and Alfie had just figured yourselves out again though and you didn’t want to get stuck choosing sides. So you kept yourself out of the bakery and the business, you only saw Alfie at the end of the day, and neither of you spoke to the other about your family. You managed to convince yourself that was normal; that there was no strain on your relationship.

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4- Jefferson/Madison

4. i don’t know what the fuck true love even is but i do want to hang out with you for basically the rest of my life. (let’s hang out - TO THE DEATH)

James wasn’t used to having someone’s constant attention - an actual, real-life person who insisted on hanging around him at every possible moment. It was strange, bewildering, wonderful, and also annoying.

It was overwhelming. James had learned to function on his own - he had grown to enjoy the moments spent curled up in the corner of his room while his classmates were off doing whatever it was that they did. It wasn’t easy to adapt to someone being there, and wanting to be paid attention to - but James did it.

For Thomas.

Thomas who was loud and exhuberant and beautiful with a mind sharper than a dagger and a smile brighter than the sun. 

He was sick more often than he was not, and even being used to the feeling of a congested head and aching limbs didn’t mean James’ moods didn’t shift with his health. Thomas tried to be a good friend about it - was more doting than his own mother - but even Thomas got antsy and demanding, and when the only thing coursing through his brain was how much he wanted to curl up in bed and go to sleep, James sent Thomas away with a cruel comment.

James missed Thomas’ hurt look, but he did not miss Thomas’ absence the following days. 

As annoying as Thomas sometimes was when James wanted nothing more than to read in peace, his not being there was worse. At some point Thomas had managed to worm himself into James’ life, and it wasn’t easy going back to what he had before.

He didn’t try texting or calling Thomas, knowing Thomas was just dramatic enough to not answer to try to prove some sort of point. Instead, James called Lafayette, who answered with an audible grin, “Oh yes, your dear Thomas has been moping without you to keep him company. Go fix him. If you fail, you will regret it.”

Lafayette let him into the room, and James found Thomas sitting in bed wearing a high-school sweatshirt and glasses. Thomas looked up when the door opened, and looked surprised upon seeing just how had walked in.

James took a seat at the end of Thomas’ bed, “Hello.”

Thomas blinked, “uh, hi. What are you doing here?”

“To see you, of course.”

“I thought you wanted me to leave you alone to let you die in peace,” Thomas frowned,

“Did I really say that?”

Thomas nodded.

James shurgged, “I was sick. I’m sorry, but I get moody at times. Even you, the great Thomas Jefferson, are not immune.”

“You think I”m great?” Thomas grinned.

James smiled and nodded, “Only sometimes.”

“Does this mean you didn’t mean it when you said you never wanted to hang out ever again?”

James laughed, “I didn’t mean that at all - in fact, I challenge thee, Thomas Jefferson, to hang out with me, to the death.”

“To the death?” Thomas raised his brows, “Isn’t that a bit dramatic?”

You’re saying I’m being dramatic? Oh dear, I should reign myself in.”

James found himself shoved into the mattress and a pillow in his face, Thomas’ laughter filling his ears, “I missed you, Jemmy.”

“I missed you too, Thomas.”

One Time Thing (Thomas Jefferson x Reader)

Word Count: 1312

Genre: I have absolutely no idea.

Request/Summary: “35, 50 and 57 with Thomas jefferson pls? C:” -Anon

35: “I swear to god, I will stab you.”

50: “Fuck you.” “Yes please.”

57: “Oh dear, my innocent eyes.”

Prompt list | Ask box

Pairing: Thomas Jefferson x Reader

AU: Hamiltime (Surprise motherfuckers. Weren’t expecting that were you?)

Warnings: Cussing (obviously), maybe kind of diet smut (it’s not very descriptive).

A/N- My standard TJeffs Warning: Yes, I do write Jefferson but keep in mind that I think historical Jefferson was an evil dick. I write for Jefferson from the play.

“Shit!” You exclaimed as you bumped into someone.

“You’ve got quite the dirty mouth for a young woman in this day and age.” He commented slyly, steadying you.

“Oh it’s you.” You groaned

“‘Oh it’s me’? What’s that supposed to mean?” He asked, sounding offended.

“Oh, Thomas. My dear oblivious Thomas. It means simply… Fuck you.” You told him, your flowery tone disappearing as you blatantly insulted him.

Yes please.” He smirked. You rolled your eyes and walked off to find someone more… pleasant to speak to.

“Thank you all for coming!” Washington’s voice boomed over the ballroom, everyone crowded near him at the announcement that promised more words. You stood near your brother and took his arm.

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The Little Things

Based on this prompt. But it went off the rails at some point, whoops.

AO3 link.

Lots of Zalgo, again…

The Little Things

Beep beep.

Beep beep.

Beep beep.

Thomas groaned and made a few haphazard gestures at his alarm clock. Eventually one of them made contact and he flipped the switch. The beeping stopped.

He rolled onto his back and blinked at his ceiling.


Alarm clock.

That meant he had to get up.

A glance at the clock told him it was half past eight.

Half past eight? He had to be at the University at nine!

Adrenaline coursing through his body, he struggled out of his blanket fort and hurried to get ready. Bathroom, shower, clothes, toothbrush - all the while cursing his alarm clock. Why was it set so late? He usually got up at seven!

He was halfway through buttoning his shirt when the realisation struck.

God. Damnit.

It was Saturday.

He usually slept in on Saturdays, but he was meeting Elisha for lunch at noon and he’d wanted to get some housework done before he left. Well, that wasn’t going to be a problem. He was wide awake now.

He finished buttoning up his shirt and went to the kitchen. Apparently Tyrone had been here during the night, because there were more dirty dishes in the sink than yesterday, and the table was littered with crumbs.

Untold centuries old, and he still hadn’t learned to clean up after himself.

Grumbling, Thomas took the dish cloth to wipe the table - but then he caught sight of the milk.

Next to the fridge.

Not in the fridge, where it was supposed to be, he hated lukewarm milk in his cereal, how freaking hard could it be, Tyrone!

His phone rung. Thomas paused his glowering at the mess Tyrone had left behind for long enough to pick up his phone.

Huh. Strange… Aunt Claire never called.

“Hello, this is Thomas.”

“Good morning! It’s your auntie Claire. Listen, am I bothering you with something? Do you have a moment?”

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#20 Newt : Truth or Dare

Requested: anon

Prompt: mash up of two imagines:
- gladers try and get the reader and Newt together because they’ve been flirting like crazy.
- truth or dare game where Newt and reader are dared to do something…

A/N: I hope this is okayyyyyy and sorry it took so long :)


“TRUTH OR DARE LET’S GO!!” Gally screams, clapping his hands together and gathering all the gladers around the bonfire.

“Oh dear. This won’t end well.” I groan, rolling my eyes.

“Don’t worry, (y/n).” My good friend Thomas says, nudging me playfully but gently. “What’s the worst they can do?”

“No don’t say that!” I gasp. “That’ll jinx it and they’ll do something terrible!”

“Relax, (y/n)! It’s just another game of truth or dare.” Thomas concludes as we begin to head towards circle of gladers.

Yes, it may be just another game of truth or dare, but you don’t know what happens in these ‘normal’ games. It usually starts with some stupid truths, very much harmless. It zero mostly includes things like: have you ever skipped work because you couldn’t be bothered? Afterwards, usually some silly dares, for example: go and scare the next person to leave the showers or plant something in one of the gladers beds.

However, then gladers start to drink and get a little tipsy. And when the gladers decide to drink, oh boy do they drink.

Usually, it’s Minho or Gally who get the most wasted. Thomas is usually close behind them, too, and he knows something that he could use against me in the game. So because it is these who get the most intoxicated, it is them who give out the most kinky, awful and plane humiliating truths and dares there are. And it’s those truths and dares that have managed to put me off the game 'truth or dare’ for life…

“(y/n), c'mon, pleaseeeee playyyyyy.” Thomas begs, grabbing my arm and pulling me with him. But we are stopped by Thomas’s blonde haired weapon against me.

“You alright, love?” Newt, the brown eyed boy says, smiling playfully.

“Just fine Newt.” Thomas answers for me, smirking in my direction. Ever since Thomas found out that I like Newt, he’s been trying to convince me to make a move on him. This is what he does in truth or dare too, when he asks me truths of “who do I like in the glade?” And “if you could kiss one of us now, who would it be?”

Of course, every time I just say that I don’t like any of the boys in that way and that 'I’d never kiss any one of these ugly shanks.’ But Thomas knows the truth and when he’s drunk, he’s ruthless. Newt and I are too good friends for me to risk everything because I have feelings.

“Good, good.” Newt muses. “You will of course be playing along with us, right?”

“Oh you bet we will.” Thomas says for me, once again.

We all walk together towards the bonfire and gather within the circle. I sit in between to Teresa and Fry while Thomas and Newt sit with Minho and Gally. I’m glad I’m next to Teresa because apart from Thomas, she’s the only person who knows about Newt. The only difference between Thomas and Teresa finding out is that I told Teresa on my own will. Thomas forced it out of me with a lot of begging and teasing.

“D'ya reckon Thomas will try anything tonight?” Teresa asks me when I sit down.

“Probably.” I murmur. “There’s never a game of truth or dare that goes by without Thomas trying something.”

Teresa laughs. “True.” She hands me some of Gally’s 'mix’.

“This stuff is disgusting.” I grimace, eyeing the amber-y liquid. Any drink coloured amber shouldn’t be fit to consume.

“C'mon, (y/n)! It’s all a part of the game.”

“Also true.”

And at that, so the game begins. Like I guessed, the truths and dares start off innocent enough. So far, Zart was asked “who is the most irritating glader?” And he answered 'Gally’ (poor Zart had better watch his back). There were some other harmless dares in between before Winston has been dared to down a whole jar of the amber mix and Fry has been dared to clean up the pile of sick that Winston puked up afterwards.

“THAT’S NOT FAIR!” He had protested.

Already the glade is becoming tipsy and now, Fry is trying to decide who to pick on next. He’s eyeing the circle of gladers eagerly.

“Minho.” He smirks.

Minho groans and rolls his eyes. “Go on then, shuck face. Gimme your best dare.”

Minho’s a tough cookie to crack and will pretty much do anything that anyone dares him. Therefore, this will probably end badly.

Frypan begins. “Minho, I dare YOU to kiss the glader that you find most attractive. Right now.”

Minho’s eyes widen and the group begins to laugh, myself and Teresa included.

“BUT!” Frypan goes on. “It CANNOT be one of our two lovely females.”

Now, each and every boy and girl are laughing uncontrollably. Minho is so abrupt that I’m not sure if he’d even go through with this.

Minho looks rather angry when I look up at him. “I am NOT gay, Fry!” He moans.

“Who gives a shuck, kiss one of us you wimp!” Gally hollers from across the bonfire.

Minho frowns and sends him a look filled with daggers before turning to his left. Thomas.

“I’m so shucking sorry, Thomas.” He snarls. Thomas’s eyes widen in horror and Minho full on slams his lips onto Thomas’s.

It lasts half a second before they both yank away from each other, heaving and grimacing.

“THAT WAS AWFUL.” They both screech in unison.

The whole glade is now in tears and very much drunk. I’d love to count myself in this drunken state but unfortunately, that’s not how I roll on game night.

“OKAY ALRIGHT THANK YOU.” Minho shouts. “Now it’s my turn.”

It seems as though Minho has already made his decision because his eyes snap over to Newt.

“Newt! You’ve been awfully quiet. How about you.” He smirks.

I’ve been so absorbed in the game that I haven’t had time to watch over Newt. Newt’s skin glows by the light of the fire and his eyes shine. His beach blonde hair covers his eyes and his eyebrows raise in amusement.

“Go on then shank, dare.” He says gruffly. Oh dear god.

Thomas suddenly perks up and leans over to Minho to whisper in his ear. Oh no, oh no, oh no.

“That’s exactly what I was thinking!” Minho says back. “Newt. I dare you to take (y/n) into the showers and don’t come out until we send someone.”

Once again, laughter erupts but I swear to you now, nothing can hide my red-flushed cheeks now. Looking over at Newt, Thomas and Minho, I send Thomas and Minho a glare while Newt an apologetic glance.

“You’ll be fine, go on.” Teresa whispers in my ear and shoves me up.

As Newt and I fumble our way out of the circle, we receive lots of wolf whistles and hollers. We also get a few 'it’s about time’s’ which confuses me a tad.

Newt and I walk in silence towards the bathrooms at an even but fair distance apart. Of course, I’m not going to let on that when he looks like he does now, I want to kiss him senseless.

“So.” Newt says as we reach the bathrooms.


“Okay so here’s the thing.” He gushes, rubbing the back of his neck with his hand. Another of my weaknesses. “Just because those bloody shanks have tried to make it awkward, doesn’t mean it has to be, right?”

I stand still for a moment. “Uh- no. Of course not?” I say slowly. “Didn’t think it was going to be anyway…?”

Newt’s brown eyes widen and he chews on his lip. “Yeah, no. Just making sure, love.” And just like that, he’s flashing me a grin filled with life once again. “We’re practically best friends, aren’t we?”

It’s my turn to grin. “Of course we are.” I say, trying to be flirty by punching him gently in the shoulder but failing. Wow I’m awkward.

But in response, Newt just laughs and nudges me back.

“Oh is that how this is gonna go?” I tease, shoving Newt. We’re in the showers now and I’m sitting on the sink while he leans against a shower wall.

“You tell me.” He smirks and picks me up over his shoulder in an instant.

“Newt!” I squeal. “Newt, put me down!”

I pound my fists into his rather toned back and scratch him. I’m not violent at all, and my scratches are basically just a back rub.

Newt continues to spin me around on his shoulder and somehow in the process, I’ve managed to secure my grip on his hoodie and it’s riding up his back.

“Still got any fight in you, love?” Newt says playfully and sets me down on the sink once again. However, his hands linger on my waist and truth be told, I never want them to leave.

“Of course.” I gasp, still trying to catch my breath after being lodged on his shoulder.

Trying to catch Newt off guard, I raise my fist to lightly punch him in the gut, but he catches it before impact.

Inches. Our faces are inches away from each other and I can feel his breath on my skin. Suddenly, I’m afraid to look up and meet his eyes in fear that I may just loose all my power and kiss him.

But I do. I look up and there he is; staring down at me and he too is breathing heavily, hoarse. Once again, his hair is swept over his eyes and he’s got his bottom lip between his teeth.

And then I blow it.

I lean up almost too fast and place a quick peck on his cheek. And I tell you now how I’m thanking myself that it wasn’t his lips. I wish it was his lips, but thank god it wasn’t. The tingling that I felt in my lips as they made contact with his skin says enough.

Newt looks shell-shocked and I can already feel the heat rising in my cheeks as I now my head to avoid eye contact. Shucking slinthead, what have I bloody done now?

“(y/n)…” Newt says quietly, hands no longer on my waist but he’s not moved away from me. Yet.

“I’m sorry, Newt.” I somehow choke out. “It’s my fault, I’ve ruined it now.”


“Save it, alright? I’d rather be let down-”

But I’m cut off when I feel a gentle hand on my cheek, forcing me to look up and meet this beautiful boy’s eyes.

“Don’t apologise to me, love.” Newt whispers. “Please, never apologise to me ever again.”

And before I can question what on earth he’s taking about, our lips meet and I’ve forgotten how to speak. But I pull back.

“Newt, what is this?” I breath heavily, already missing his touch.

Newt’s hands make their way back onto my waist and he moves so that we couldn’t be any closer than we already are. “Whatever you want it to be.” He says softly.

“If you don’t feel anything, then don’t put yourself through this because you feel sorry for me.” I whisper.

“But that’s the thing, (y/n).” He starts. “I’m not doing this out of sympathy, I’m doing this out of love. Out of anticipation. Out of the fact that I’ve loved you and loved you and loved you and only one person has known about it apart from me. I’m doing this because everything you do makes me want to attack you with kisses and love and I’m not sure I can hold it in anymore…”

“You wanna know something?” I say, linking my arms around Newt’s neck.

He gulps. “Yeah?”

“You’ve just said everything I’ve been thinking for months on end.”

And in this moment, both smiling like idiots, I am content.

“Can I kiss you?” He asks, holding me close.

But I don’t answer. Instead, I pull his lips down to meet my own and allow our legs to tangle together.

Electric currents shoot down through my limbs and into my head, making me turn dizzy. My hands tug on the hair at the back of his neck and I can tell he likes it because he picks me up and pushes us against a wall.

“I love you.” We both gasp between kisses.

Our hands are everywhere I kid you not; in each other’s hair, on our waists, on one another’s back. We kiss and breath as one, all our anticipation and hidden feelings pouring out into each other.

This is it. This is kissing Newt.

Just as my hands make their way to fiddle with Newt’s hoodie, the shower’s door opens.


Oh shuck. Oh no. Oh god, it’s Chuck.

“Chuck…” Newt warns, gripping onto me like his life depends on it. “Don’t you dare…”

“HEY GUYS! THEY WERE TOTALLY MAKING OUT!” He screeches and runs away like a lightning bolt. Even from this distance, you can hear the cheers and whistles from the other gladers.

“C'mon.” Newt says, setting me down. “We’ll head back to the homestead so we don’t have to face the wrath of those bloody slinthead’s.

"Deal.” I smile as he takes my hand and we sneak out the back of the showers.

Once we reach Newt’s room, we lie in his bed with our hands intertwined. I’m beginning to become very tired, but there’s one thing lingering in the back of my mind.

“You know you said you told only one other person about how you feel?” I ask.


“Who was it?”

Newt chuckles. “Ah, Minho.”

“I told Thomas and Teresa.” I say back, chuckling too.

“That would explain the dare then, huh.” He grins.

“It would.” I say. “But it was a brilliant dare if you don’t mind me saying so.

At that, Newt twists us round so I’ve got my back to his chest and his arms are securely around me.

"Couldn’t have been a better dare.” He nuzzles into my neck.

And just before I drift off, I hear one last muffled voice into my hair.

“I love you.”


A/N: I’m sorry this took ages, but I really hope you liked it!! THANK YOU WHOEVER MAY HAPPEN TO BE READING THIS!! Thank you so much for reading my imagine! I hope you enjoyed it! Just so you’re all aware, every lovely message, like and reblog means the absolute world to me.
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