oh dear this is problematic

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“But I’ve been waiting for over 10 years to see a rehearsal for a Will Powers series!  Ten Years, detective!”

“You…wouldn’t leave a damsel in distress, would you?”  Someone needed to point out to her that Sherlock Holmes was not Nick.

“Oh!  If I stick this pin into your pipe and get it hot, will that soften the lock’s mechanism and make it move more easily?”  Where had she gotten that idea???

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Cara killed Kahlan's sister and her nephew and you don't mind??

I literally live for ships with the inner conflict between them

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Hi can I just get something right here - " "Crazy eyes" is Suzanne's nickname because of her wide/rapid moving eyes, no matter if she has a mental illness or not. Stop turning normal things into seemingly problematic ones

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“Aduba has never used her character’s nickname. “Personally, I feel protective of her, and that name doesn’t bear anything good or positive,” she says. “She is Suzanne to me because she doesn’t look at herself as crazy. There’s no reason for her to call herself Crazy Eyes.” ” (x)


it’s not her nickname in a lighthearted way……. they ain’t callin her crazy eyes out of affection.