oh dear this is problematic

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can u draw more self h/arm ouma ?? im sorry if this is triggering to anyone, im just trying to cope w/ selfh/arming (lately I've been feeling like relapsing) and ouma is one of my cc and kins. Again I'm v sorry, but when u drew that pic of Ouma, i instantly was,, it was a god given gift (and the validation). as well as i rly love ur art style,, again I'M V SORRY IF THIS IS TRIGGERING AND PROBLEMATIC.

oh no it’s okay dear, I also love drawing self-harm ouma !! i really like drawing angsty stuff ! pls take care of urself anon and I hope you’re still trying to stay positive tho :’(

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Hi can I just get something right here - " "Crazy eyes" is Suzanne's nickname because of her wide/rapid moving eyes, no matter if she has a mental illness or not. Stop turning normal things into seemingly problematic ones

oh dear anon

“Aduba has never used her character’s nickname. “Personally, I feel protective of her, and that name doesn’t bear anything good or positive,” she says. “She is Suzanne to me because she doesn’t look at herself as crazy. There’s no reason for her to call herself Crazy Eyes.” ” (x)


it’s not her nickname in a lighthearted way……. they ain’t callin her crazy eyes out of affection.