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Hello :D Your blog is very pretty and you do an excellent job on translations (I just watch people play the game and just wonder what was going on before I found your tumblr)!!!! I had a question/idea for your "Living Together" mini headcanon. Could you have them play Monopoly? I feel like that would cause a lot of chaos in the household. #Living Together

(*ノ▽ノ) A’ww thank you soo soo much! For everything! Hehheh, le hashtag. ヽ(・ω・ゞ) Of course I can do this Living Together scenerio for you~ AND IT DOES CAUSE A LOT OF CHAOS (*≧▽≦)ノシ)). TIS WAS A CHALLENGE, BUT ALAS, I DID IT! (Had to do a little research for accuracy) This story is a little long in length because there’s so much to go with playing Monopoly.  (┌・。・)┌ As usual, do enjoy~


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-Scene: Living Room-


Reiji:  After last night’s dinner debacle, I’ve decided that we need to learn to get along better. Even failed attempt after attempt, I’m willing to try once more. *pulls out game*

Ayato: Ah? Monopoly? HAH.

Yuma: And you want all of us to play together? Pft, as if.

Shu: Isn’t that game really long… …?

Subaru: Tch. It could take hours!! I can hardly stand to be in the same room with you all for a few minutes, but a few hours? NO. Bullshit!!

Kanato: I agree. Especially with … …*points to Azusa* him. Right, Teddy?

Azusa: But… …I like you, Kanato-san.

Kanato: Ggh… …

Ruki: I don’t know if you miscalculated Reiji, but only 8 people can play at a time. Nice try though.

Reiji: Actually, I was already aware of the fact. We’ll be doing teams of two. Five teams in total.

Laito: Oh? Fufu~ This sounds like fun!


Subaru: Tch. So, what are the teams?

Kou: Why don’t we pull names from a hat or something! *grabs Laito’s hat*

Laito: Hey! Give me my hat back! Take Azusa-kun’s, not mine!! *reaches for hat*

Azusa: Here Kou… … Use mine.

Kou: Thanks. *chucks hat back to Laito * Whew~ Who knew someone could be so defensive over a hat… …


*Minutes Later*


Kanato: I don’t like this at all!! Even at random, how did I end up with HIM!!!

Azusa: It’ll be a pleasure… …working with you Kanato-san. Haha.

Kanato: Don’t talk to me!!

Subaru: I’m not liking this either!

Kou: *pats Subaru’s back* Hey hey~, loosen up a little Subaru-kun. It’s only a game.

Subaru: *moves away from him*  Like hell it is!

Reiji: As much as I don’t like my partner either, what’s fair is fair.

Yuma: What was that!? Hah!?

Reiji: All I am saying is I would’ve preferred someone else other than you.

Yuma: You son of a… …

Ayato: *shrugs* Eh, it could’ve been worse. Right, Shu?

Shu: I really don’t care… …Let’s just get this over with.

Laito: I’m loving my team~ Me and Ruki-kun are gonna dominate this board~

Ruki: Sigh. Yeah. Sure. Whatever you say.


*Picking The Pieces*


Kou: OHHH THE CAT!! We’ll be the cutesy little cat, yeah Subaru-kun?  Nya~

Subaru: *irritated glare* Tch… …

Azusa: This thimble… …fits nicely on my finger… …I like it. Let’s be this, okay?

Kanato: Please stop playing with the thing and put it down! Ugh.

Azusa: Sorry… …

Laito: I’ll let you pick Ruki-kun~

Ruki: It doesn’t matter, just choose.

Laito: Hmm, how about… …this iron! Yeah yeah, I like this one~!

Ruki: *eyes widen* A-An iron… …?

Reiji: My my, what a refined piece this is! A top hat, simply marvelous.

Yuma: Seriously….a  top hat… …and you’re tearing up over that?

Reiji: Why yes. Yes I am. Sadly, this is the highlight of my day.

Shu: We’ll be the old shoe.

Reiji: I expected as much… …

Ayato: WHAT!? Out of all the pieces, you want to be damn old dirty shoe!? What about the racecar? The bad-ass battleship!? COME ON!!

Shu: Is there a problem?


Shu: *places peice on board* Tough… …Heh.


*While Playing The Game*


Yuma: Oi, Ayato or Neet . Give us our damn money!! *holds out hand*

Ayato: No way! You cheated!!

Reiji: I can confirm we didn’t cheat. As you can see, we have two hotels on this property and you landed on it. If you land on an owned property――


Ayato: Kch… …Shu! Back me up here!

Shu: What do you want me to do? We landed on the space… …stop complaining.

Ayato: What the hell kind of a partner are you!


Subaru: Tch. Stop arguing! Whoever’s next, just go already!

Azusa: *lands on space* Let’s buy… … this property Kanato-san… … Okay?

Kanato: Ggh. “Mediterranean Avenue”? What kind of property is that? It’s worth nothing.

Azusa: But… …you said that for the last five properties we landed on… …

Kanato: I’ll buy the properties only me and Teddy want… …Not what you want!!

Laito: But, aren’t you guys partners~? Fufu.

Kanato: Teddy is the only partner I’ll ever need! Now, please put MY piece back!

Azusa: *puts thimble back on board*


Reiji: *whispers to Yuma* Now, we need to strategize and come up with a business stratagem to guarantee our win.

Yuma: “Business stratagem”? C’mon, it’s monopoly!! Just buy every property we land on and cha-ching.

Reiji: Sigh. By no means, will I ever claim defeat. You hear? We will plan, propose, strategize, and――

Yuma: SHUT UP! Let’s just play!!

Reiji: Excuse me!?

Yuma: You over-complicate things! It’s damn irritating!

Reiji: … … … …


Kou: Okie, Subaru-kun roll the dice~

Subaru: Fine. *rolls* Chance? *picks up card*

Kou: Ohh~ What does it say!

Subaru: *dead pan look* “You have won second prize in a beauty contest. Collect $10.”

Everyone: *snickers*

Ruki: Here’s your $10… …* grins* pretty boy.

Subaru: Ggh… …


Laito: Our turn! I’ll roll the dice for us Ruki-kun~

Ruki: Go ahead.

Laito: Oh my my. “Go to jail”. I wonder what we could’ve possibly done to get in there. Fufu~

Ruki: You do know this is a game, right?

Laito: Is it really?

Ayato: Why do you have to make everything dirty! You damn perve.

Laito: Fufu ~ Who ever said it was dirty?

Ayato: Tch… …


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