oh dear lord you are attractive


- the prince among princes

- Such class, such grace, and he doesn’t even try

- like everyone is always swooning over him his charisma is just overwhelming

- he’s probably like the heart throb of China

- but because of this, he might come off as kind of flirty and like a bit of a sleaze

- it’s not that he’s really like that, but his personality is very forward so he’s one of those people that just always look like they’re flirting no matter who they’re talking to 

- like he’s made his fathers advisors blush before; and they’re middle aged men

- So when you, a princess of a neighboring kingdom is betrothed to the infamous Prince Jun of China, you immediately rebel 

- “Mother he will probably cheat on me within days!” 

- like you just had the worst impression of this kid and you wanted absolutely nothing to do with him 

- but of course this union would bring so many benefits to the country so after your first tantrum you would’ve gotten quiet, not wanting to be selfish and trying to think of the benefit of the country 

- your first trip to china would be something that you’ve been dreading

- but because you would be married off here, you had to get used to the country and the palace

- the royal family probably met yours at like the steps of the palace and you braced yourself before getting off, holding your head high as you looked ahead at your new family 

- the queen would probably throw all regality to the wind and just straight up come over and hug you because the women only has boys in her family and she’s so happy there will be another woman now

- Jun and his brother would probably hang behind a bit, the younger because he’s shy and the older because he’s a little startled by how cold you looked

- like he couldn’t understand how his mother could hug you, you were like the ice queen

- he was a little scared of you to be honest 

- the days would progress with neither of you speaking to the other, you out of dislike and him out of fear

- like a week would go by and you guys wouldn’t have interacted at all

- it wasn’t until your parents basically shut you two in a room together that you guys spoke, and that’s because you were forced to 

- but it wasn’t exactly a room it was the garden so you would just wander away from him, looking at the flowers 

- and he would follow you, watching you closely because he was truly terrified of you but it was in an “i’m very attracted right now” kind of way

- you would pause at a flower and he’d lean over and be like “oh do you like baby’s breath?” 

- and you would probably jump a foot in the air because dear lord when did he get that close

- you would also be low-key impressed he knew the name and he would notice the surprise on your face 

- he would just sheepishly smile “one of my friends is really into gardening” 

- and you’d just nod mutely because he was still leaning over and you’d blurt out “aren’t you a little too close right now?” 

- and he would back up, realizing that he was in fact a bit close 

- and you would just keep walking, pissy again because he was probably like this with all girls and you’d have to marry a player and you were just very upset 

- and he would assume that you were probably just not used to having men this close to you since your life must’ve been a little bit sheltered 

- “Hey, do you want to do something fun?”

- You would look at him curiously because you weren’t sure what his idea of fun was 

- “i’ll keep it rated G, don’t worry” he would laugh and you’d blush, not even having thought of that and if he wasn’t a prince you probably would’ve smacked him 

- but you go along with him anyway because… well you don’t really know why but something made you want to go with him 

- turns out this was probably a bad idea because his idea of fun was sneaking up to the guards tower 

- and you were high key cursing him the whole time, finding it difficult to keep up with him in your dress

- at one point he just sighs and laughs softly “you’re so cute, c’mere” and he would just pick you up bridal style as he climbed up the stairs because he saw that you were struggling and kept stepping on your dress

- honestly he would be so happy to see this side to you, all blushy and adorable 

- and he would be trying so hard to keep cool but he was honestly losing it because he was holding you and your face was so freaking close

- Jun is very happy right now 

- but you would just be looking up at him and be like “hmmm aren’t you quite good with girls”

- and he would smirk “are you jealous?”

- and that would just make you turn even redder because who did this guy think he was 

- “i-its not jealousy! I just don’t want you flirting with other girls once we’re married it’ll make me look bad!” You huff and he pauses

- “you think… oh.” he would say shortly and you would look up at him, worried you had upset him 

- and he would just be expressionless the rest of the way up and set you down wordlessly 

- “Jun…” You would say cautiously as he walks in front of you

- He wouldn’t reply just sitting on the ledge and you’d immediately grab his arm because you guys were really high up and you were scared he would fall

- he’d look at you, surprised and then raise an eyebrow, a cruel expression on his face “oh so you care for my safety now too? I thought this was just a business deal to you” 

- and you’d just blink in surprise because where the heck was this coming from 

- you would both not say anything for the rest of the evening, walking back down in silence 

- you would be confused, in a lot of different ways

- you wouldn’t like that in just one interaction, he could make you feel bad like this 

- and he would hate how you only saw him as a task that would please your parents and country.

- honestly dinner would be so awkward that night and probably the next few nights after that would be the same

- and each night you would just get more and more insecure about why this was bothering you so much that he was ignoring you 

- and like you really just wanted some kind of reaction of out him but he was just being so stoic

- so you started trying to distract yourself by going to the library 

- you would find Minghao, Jun’s cousin, there all the time and at first you both just mutually ignored each other because you were both quiet characters 

- but eventually you started talking because it was just awkward to sit in silence like that 

- once a week had passed since you and Jun fought and no progress had been made, you decided to ask Minghao for help 

- of course the day you decided to do this, you found Jun sitting there with him, making you freeze as you two made eye contact

- jun would wordlessly get up, give you a stiff bow and leave 

- he hadn’t said anything but his dismissal had honestly felt like a slap to your face 

- you would just stand there for a few minutes after he’d left until Minghao smiled and asked if you wanted to sit down 

- you would nod weakly and sit down, trying not to heave a huge sigh 

- “You guys have been fighting for a while” The younger boy would note and you’d smile softly 

- “i wouldn’t really call it fighting, he doesn’t even acknowledge me” you murmur, surprised by how sad you sounded 

- “Hmmm.. but he does.. he reacts when you’re around, that’s acknowledgment” he notes and you laugh, pointing out that negative acknowledgement doesn’t count 

- he would just shrug “what happened anyway?” he would ask curiously, looking up at you with those big eyes and you’d just spill your guts, all your feelings getting laid out on the table, even the ones that you were unsure of 

- it would be silent for a while until Minghao looked up and smiled “So what you’re saying is that you like him and you don’t want him looking at any girl but you” 

- and you’d blush and try to tell him that it was just that it would be undignified if your fiancé was looking at other girls and Minghao would roll his eyes

- “well maybe in the beginning, but that’s not how you feel now. It’s personal now” he would smile and you wouldn’t say anything because goddammit he was right

- “Jun just wants you to see him as a person. That’s all he’s ever wanted from people. He just wants to be Jun, not a prince, not a wallet. He’s probably just upset because you were acting like you were only doing this because you had to” minghao would say and you’d stay quiet, feeling bad because you understood, you understood where Jun was coming from. 

- “he’s probably in the garden” would be the last thing you heard before you ran out to look for your prince

- true to his friend’s word, he was in the garden, fighting a dummy, and much to your embarrassment, shirtless

- you would just watch him for a few moments, mesmerized because you’ve never seen this side to him before until he stops and sighs 

- “you’re really loud when you walk you know that?” 

- and you would freeze, bright red at being caught like this and just looking down, wringing your hands 

- he would watch you for a bit, smiling softly because you looked really cute in that moment until he would force his face back to neutral 

- “Well? Did you need something?” He would ask and you’d look up quickly, biting your lip

- “I-I’m sorry…” You murmur softly, looking down. 

- And his eyes would widen because he honestly thought you had come to pick a fight or defend yourself but before he could say anything you continued 

- “I don’t see you as a business deal. I just said that because I didn’t want to get too close to you because you’re like known as a ladies man and i just did it out of self-preservation..” You admit, eyes widening because you can’t believe you just admitted to that. 

- He would lean down so he could see your face “isn’t the key word there known as?” he smiles softly and you blush redder as you look up at him 

- “i mean y/n at one point, the tabloids claimed you were dating 4 guys at once” He chuckles 

- “but that’s not tr-” “exactly” he smiles warmly, cutting you off and you don’t say anything 

- “you are very forward though..” you grumble softly, able to feel your face burn 

- “hmm but that’s how i make friends. If i want to make friends with someone i start acting like we’re already friends. If i’m going to marry someone shouldn’t i just act like we’re already married?” he asks with that signature smirk of his and doubled with the fact that he is not wearing a shirt, you could melt right now 

- he just chuckles when you don’t reply “want to try?” he asks and motions to the dummy and you mutely nod, grateful for any distraction to this conversation

- but when you go up to the dummy he holds up his hand instead, instructing you to punch. So you blush but hit him right in the middle of his palm, him trying not to smile at how tiny your hand was in his 

- “that’s how you break your hand” He teases and molds your fist into the right form, making tingles shoot up your arm

- “oh gosh how can we get married if you blush for just this?” he teases and he would get punched in the arm and he would laugh “now you’ve got it!” 

- i need to stop here bc my Jun feels are currently too high  

What A:TLA Taught Me

Aang taught me that when you’ve been broken, you can always build yourself back up.

Katara taught me to take no s*** from anyone, and to reach out to others.

Sokka taught me that you can be the funny kid and the strong kid too.

Toph taught me to think before I act.

Zuko taught me that life doesn’t always go exactly as planned, but you move through it. And you find parts of yourself along the way.

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He’s in the back room, with Nathaniel.”
“Oh. Uh. They aren’t, you know, are they?” It seemed utterly implausible, but stranger things had probably happened, though Clem couldn’t think of any offhand.
“Lord, no. Mark would throttle him before he got his trousers off. No, Nathaniel’s after professional help as well. Some problem with a confidence trickster, apparently.”
“Oh, dear,” Clem said vaguely.
“Might be good for him,” Phyllis said with a little shrug. “Nat thrives on righteous rage. He’ll enjoy a really deserving target.”
“That’s not very kind,” Clem objected.
“Kind is your job, sweetie. I do accurate. In you go now, and good luck.
—  An Unseen Attraction by KJ Charles

anonymous asked:

oh dear sweet lord i just got into haikyuu and HOLY SHIT YOUR half/shirtless tanaka KILLED me. Seriously, he is my favorite, and you made him so attractive. :3 Love you!!!!!

Tanaka-senpai is the besssttttt. And very good decision about hq!!, welcome to volleyball hell friend. >D ♥ 

And I’m glad you enjoyed the pic with the trashtalking duo!! BD ♥

Random thoughts about tonights TBBT episode

I loved it!!!!!!!!!😱😱😱😱😱😱
1) Shamy in the lab where they belong. Science is how they fell in love. Its how they keep love alive. I adore it.
2) Sheldon’s guns 💪🏻💪🏻 How much longer can they hide him going to the gym.
3) Sheldon’s genuine excitement at their biology experiment.
4) Sheldon lime a proud Papa every step of the way. How adorable will he be when it really is a baby! Showing. Bernie the pics on his phone. Comparing their children. The way he loomed at A y when she called him a functional boyfriend. No hint of the usual annoyance. He is so proud that he is doing a good job with her now.
5) Shamy absent from group dinner scene. They are off having a cozy dinner alone.
6) We didn’t have to have sex with Howard to create it??? Sex ya’ll not coitus. Big deal for what comes later.
7) Did not care for Raj’s plot. Racist and annoying. Raj needs to do Raj for a bit.
8) Let’s pull down our pants a little and make a baby??? I amy dead dead dead… He wants it so bad this is just an excuse
9) of course it is a case of Sheldon being reckless,y impulsive and all in.
10) that bend and snap! That wiggle! 😋😋😋 Amy is stronger than me!
11) Those rose petals and whats behind the door… Oh dear lord some one wake me up! I must be dreaming. My panties would have it the floor so hard after. “Good its disgusting.” Has he ever looked or sounded sexier? I know they were trying to make him sexy yet not… You know a Rat Pack Pee Wee Herman. It just so happens I amy sexually attracted to Pee Wee Herman and I need an ambulance. Especially after to you want to pet something… My body is ready! I volunteer! Amy I know why you said no. But kudos girl…
12) That Flamenco dance! Ahhh!!!!! Send help!!!! I love how they showed Amy all hot and bothered. So you see it has been effecting her. That when he asks her the right way for the right reasons she will be putty in his hands.

final part to the flower shop!au woo! guys pls request more cute au when the ask box opens ok thx. credits to @fluffy-haikyuu-fantasies for the meme based pickup lines!

Oikawa: “I’m telling you Iwa-chan, if she wasn’t taken i’d dress up as a prince and present to her the most beautifully woven flower crown i made. Girls like those kinds of things you know”

The response was a disinterested hum from the other side of the phone, Oikawa could imagine Iwaizumi reading through a book instead of focusing on his words. The brunette frowned at his best friend’s predictable nature, he decided to use snark remarks to gain back Iwaizumi’s attention, because that seems to be the only effective way to get through the ace. Although it always backfired violently on Oikawa.

“Hey, hey, i know you can’t get a girl but that doesn’t mean you have to act upset that i can” he imagines Iwaizumi putting down his book and straightening up on his seat, a scowl on his face.

“Do you want me to shove this phone into your mouth Shittykawa?”

There was the response he was looking for. A sigh resonated on his ear “Look, you don’t even know if she is taken. She never said anything, don’t start assuming and go dress up as a king or whatever, if you think that will work”.

Iwaizumi’s advice sounded half hearted, but Oikawa can see the truth in it. It’s true, he never did ask you directly. He just assumed you’ve been buying all the flowers for your partner, which you might not have. A new hope bloomed in him, he set out to ask you of your status the next time you came by.

“Iwa-chan, that advice actually made sense!”

“Hah? What do you― ”

The faint call of his name forced him to pull the phone away from his ear. He walked towards the cashier from the staff room, and nearly slip on his step when he realizes that you’re here. This was his chance! He attached his phone back on his ear and whispered excitedly “Iwa-chan she’s here! What if she is single and i don’t have my prince outfit with me?” the end of his sentence took a slight turn to panic, which Iwaizumi only responded in a “Good luck, dumbass” before hanging up.

“Hello? Oikawa, are you there?” Oikawa straightened out his uniform, curled the tips of his hair with his fingers and performed the most dazzling smile upon your appearance.

“[Name]-chan! Back already?” you placed down a messy arrangement of flowers as a reply, and he laughed, because you can’t seem to hold the flowers correctly and ends up messing them up, which was incredibly adorable whenever you show up with a pout. “Don’t laugh” Oikawa gave one last smile before he started arranging the flowers in great delicacy, contrary to the focus and roughness of volleyball, he seemed at peace and unable to cause any harm.  

“Geez what are these flowers for anyway? Your lover?” Oikawa not so discreetly brought the topic up, a not so innocent smile playing at his face when he stared curiously at you. Fortunately you didn’t realize the intention beneath his actions and answered with a casual shrug.

“No, none at the moment”

The male in the cashier wanted to jump up in glee. Iwa-chan was right! He should’ve asked in the first place. The prince outfit he wanted to wear when asking you this important question was unavailable, but he has been keeping the handmade flower crown he took the time to make after he realized his feelings for you. He wanted to give them to you as a token of affection, and now, was the perfect opportunity.

“Aw don’t be so sad [Name]-chan! I know what would cheer you up” he gave a signal for you to wait and scurried to the staff room where all his supplies were. He remembered correctly that he placed them on the top shelf, but then why is his fingers brushing over empty space? His toes pushed him up, and he came back down with wide eyes. He forgot, he gave the flower crown to a crying girl a couple of days ago. He figured he’d never get the chance to give it to you anyway, but he was wrong!

The rattling of shelves and small painful noises made you worry.

“Hey Oikawa is everything okay?” the silence stretched on until Oikawa managed a weak ‘yes’ and came back looking much deflated than minutes ago.

“Ah…i was going to give you this really pretty flower crown i made. But i forgot i gave it to a crying little girl just a few days ago. And i don’t even have my prince suit on me, and i’m covered in dirt and sweat” you were confused. Prince outfit? Flower crown? What were all these for?

“Why do you need those things anyway?” Oikawa sighed, throwing his head back and wiping his face to lose the disappointed expression, though it failed.

“I wanted to ask you to go out with me! It was going to be perfect, with us surrounded by these pretty roses, and i’d kneel down and recite a line from a poetry― ”

The fading of your footsteps made him stop, you walked away right in the middle of his speech, did you even listen to the fact that he indirectly confessed to you? You plucked a white rose from one of the vases and returned before Oikawa, the rose planted on your hand.

“You’re always so dramatic you know. I don’t know how your fangirls or past girlfriends work, but i don’t need all that to make me want to go out with someone, you’re enough”

He was enough? Just him? Just Oikawa Tooru the part time flower shop worker? The guy who you’ve found had obsessions with aliens and certain scented hair care products? You wanted him the way he is, no need for facade or props, a simple spoken line, even in a dingy place, wouldn’t change the obvious feeling you felt for him. And Oikawa, he only just understood what he must do.

“So are you going to ask me out or what?”

The rose on your hand drifted against the skin of his arm to wake him from his daydream. He took the rose with a smile, and as promised, lean down on one knee, chocolate brown eyes never looking away from you, not even to blink.

“Will you, [Name]-chan go out with me?”

The scene as if taken from a shoujo manga, the quiet atmosphere surrounded by petals floating in the room’s small breeze, the sun shining on both of them from the clear window, Oikawa’s smile, a smile full of hope and your face filled with nothing but the color red.

“Holy shit if you get my heart going this fast just by going down on one knee, how the hell am i supposed to handle you in a suit?”

You just didn’t have the exact response a shoujo heroine would say.

Kuroo: If he hadn’t applied to work in the flower shop, then he’d never met you. He always looked elated whenever you’re around. You were a great company, entertaining, and not so bad in the eyes. Kuroo believed it was just the delighted feeling of meeting someone with so much in common with you.

But the more he talks about you with Kenma, the more he realized that it wasn’t just friendship. He was attracted to you. Oh dear lord, this is bad. Contrary to the people’s belief, where he’d be a ‘sex god’ and an overall experienced guy both in sexual and romantic aspects, well they were wrong. He has as much of experience as Kenma has with socializing.

This was the first time he remotely felt something more than friendship, and honestly it scared him. And the possibility of you having a significant other already, scares him even more. What was he supposed to do with these feelings?

“No, i don’t like the yellow ones” Kuroo pretended to sigh exasperatedly, rolling his eyes as a sign of faux annoyance. “So picky, guys don’t like picky girls you know” he teased, a sneer on his face when you looked up from the flowers and turn to him with a glare.

“Well maybe i don’t care for those guys, guys are stupid anyway” Kuroo raised an eyebrow, a cheshire grin blooming on his face, he leaned in resting his chin on his fist. “Hm? Do tell this stupid guy why you would think that” he set the flower arrangement aside with the yellow flowers still attached.

“It’s because none of them are interested in me. I mean, have you seen me? I’m fantastic! I like memes, is only an asshole 50% of the time, and can handle sarcasm, what’s not to like?” Kuroo snickered at the qualities you list. He didn’t know about other guy’s taste, but somehow those traits of yours was enough to make him fall for you. Considering that he himself is a sarcastic asshole loving meme. You were like a match made in heaven― hold on, none of them were interested in you? Didn’t you have a boyfriend?

“Oh those traits will get a guy falling for you alright” his sarcastic tone earned him a slap on the arm. “I’m serious!” he tried to say without laughing, holding his hands up in defeat. But you frowned at his humored face.

“So, if you’re not buying these for your non-existent boyfriend, what are you buying these for?” he flicked at the flower petals dangling on the cashier before turning to you with a curious look in his eyes.

“I just like flowers..and maybe also hanging out with you too” Kuroo understood what Kenma felt like now, when he wants nothing but to be with himself, because he wasn’t sure that he could control the next few words he was about to utter. That was an indirect confession right? And that means you returned his feelings. Damn it though, it had to be you who made the first move, he felt his pride slipping, but didn’t let it get to him.

Who would’ve thought that by just being his normal sarcastic asshole loving meme self was enough to gain himself an amazing girl?

“Really?” he was too ecstatic to care that this was lame as hell, but he beckoned for you to come closer, and he leaned in to whisper with the shittiest grin he could muster.

“You’ve heard of being single, now get ready for dating me”

Immediately, you burst into fits of giggles, recognizing the meme from your tumblr. Was this guy serious?

“Seriously, will you? I mean, i don’t know what other guys would think of you, but i do know what i think of you.”

You raised an eyebrow, a playful smile tugged your lips up and you mirrored his movement, leaning your chin on your fist.

“And that would be?”

Kuroo couldn’t believe that he hadn’t combust from how fast his heart beats when you lean in to him. You were close enough so he could see the marks and scars on your face, and close enough for him to jump and kiss you. But he didn’t.

“That you are rarer than a diamond pepe”

Another laugh burst free, and Kuroo nearly cried when he told Kenma that he had a date that day. HES SUCH A HOPELESSLY SINGLE DORK.

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hello would you tell me your bitty/chower headcanons if you have them? how they got together, how/if they told the team, if bits met the family when they came down to move chowder in.

Okay so like, so much of this is @sufferbot‘s fault (and then @nurseydextrash‘s fault)

Like basically, I think that Bitty and Chowder were mutually attracted the first time they ever saw each other, at the taddy tour. There was a spark.  They friended each other on Facebook.  And maybe that first day, maybe in text later, Chowder does the equivalent of, as @sufferbot phrased it, “hey you’re hot… i’m hot… just letting you know!! maybe we can do something sometime!!”

But well.  Chowder, that first day when he got his tour of Samwell, was happy and excited and he felt safe.  This was his parents’ alma mater.  So he was giddy and bouncy and !!!

And Bitty looks at that behaviour and thinks: Oh dear lord, can you imagine him trying to sneak a relationship behind Coach’s back?  Good god, he’s as subtle as a Labrador.

Well, very briefly. Because then Bitty’s brain goes WARNING WARNING DANGER WILL ROBINSON, because he still equates being out about his sexuality as being socially isolated and in physical danger.  He basically thinks: being in a relationship with Chowder is a BAD IDEA, how about HELL NOPE, let’s NOT.  REPRESS, REPRESS, REPRESS.

So like suuuuuper early in their acquaintance Bitty slams the fucking lid on that attraction.  And so we start seeing stuff about “my son, sweet baby Chowder”, Bitty reminding himself that Chowder’s all young and naive and stuff! (Unlike Bitty, who is an entire year older and much more subtle.)  So yes, he meets Chowder’s parents at move-in, and they’re kind of bemused when this tiny 19-year-old promises to take care of the son who dwarfs him, but okay, he seems nice!

So like, if you assume that The Kiss never happened, and Jack moved on from Samwell, and instead of blossoming into a beautiful gay rose Zimbits turned into the mellow rose-hip of “I sure used to have a huge crush on him”, I think that eventually, Bitty would notice

  • Chowder is not actually super unsubtle all the time
  • Like he is actually good at keeping secrets and managing emotional problems!
  • He’s frequently mouthy and sarcastic and assertive and cocky
  • He has emotional depth and maturity and discretion and shit!

So if you follow the links in the first paragraph where I’m blaming other people for my Chitter addiction, they have this hilarious scenario going in fic where Chowder just casually admits that he would climb Bitty like a tree, and then just… goes back to living his life, like a sweet sunshine child of the San Francisco Bay he is.  For Chowder, admitting same-sex attraction isn’t a big deal.  He just does it.  And Bitty starts to be super aware of Chowder and Chowder’s, well, everything, and his repression starts to crumble like an oatmeal cookie.

(Where is Caitlin?  I don’t know. I have nothing against her, and in every other headcanon or even in other Chitter fic I’ve written she can be around and in a poly relationship with Chowder or whatever you want!  But right now Caitlin is Dame Not Appearing in This Fic. Which okay, I like her because she’s a girl, but I do have one tiny thing against her: I think the world would be awful if we all ended up with the first person we were really into in college.  So I am trying to swim against the tide of “50 years later they’re all with the same person they liked when they were 20″ by screwing with the popular fandom ships whenever I think it would suit the story. Drop me some femslash prompts and I’ll try to write more women to atone for writing Caitlin out.)

Anyway.  In this fic, Chowder has no reason not to be out about his relationship with Bitty, and anyway they get caught sneaking across the hall after like a week, so they’re out about it.  Bitty becomes team captain, Chowder is his right-hand man, and the SMH calls them “Dad and Dad”.  As in, “Put that shit away, Dad and Dad are coming.”

harry's legs are the bane of my pathetic existence

i apologize in advance for the length of this masterpost. there is no excuse.

but look, they even help him fly (c'mon guys, we all were impressed by that idiotic leap, let’s be honest)

oh dear jesus, now he’s pretending to be a ballerina, lord help me.

okay, i know that louis and liam are kind of the main attractions in this gif, but look at little baby harry on the left taking his first steps :(((

okay, i know that harry and louis have a bit of a thing going, but DOES HE KNOW YOU CAN MOVE IT LIKE THAT

look at lil baby harry learning how to move his hips by watching the other boys :(

the creamy underside of his thighs makes me :((((


look at his adorable little smile as his perfect little legs are flailing around in the wind when niall pins him to the ground FUCK :(((

drop it like it’s hooooot, drop it like it’s hooooot

also, wow. i’ve been staring at this gif for a long time. who takes three bites of banana in a row. hanana might be my favorite ship, above all.

harry, that isn’t a normal way to move your hips. that is not a dance move.

*siiiiiiigh* he’ll never learn. (sidenote: why do i find this weirdly arousing. he looks like a wild animal)

my love for this picture is strange and has no end

just look at his beautiful legs. they look so fucking good in those pants. i can’t. fuuuuck.


oh my god. harry + biceps + babies + his beautiful long legs = my long and painful death. 

1) i really like his legs in those jeans. like, HOT DAMN.

2) who trusted him with all those starbucks drinks, this boy is not coordinated, he’s just learning to walk, people.


i know this should make me laugh, but um.. i like it. a lot. shit, what is HAPPENING TO ME, this has gone too far. fuuuuuck meee. 

oh my god, no. i have no words.


*this is a moment of silence for this time in harry’s life. rest in peace.*

HAH, NO. you thought you could get away with that. you’re such a cheeky little shit. 

his little baby legs just can’t support his milelong torso and mass of beautiful long hair. it’s sad, frankly. i worry about him.

hah! hahahaha. haaahaa. haa. FUCK.


honestly, like. what are you even doing, haz.

noooooooooonononono. nobody leave me alone with this gif for extended periods of time. it’s bad news for my mental health. whose body even looks like that. not okay. and his smile and his haiiir.. and his… abs… and his… fuuuuck.

pretty sure this kid has the right idea tbh. just hold on and never. let. go.

OOOOF. i’m gonna need a nap by the time i’m done with this.

fuck me, i’m so obsessed with the shape of his legs :( they’re fucking perfect.


haha, louis. whaaaat. who even are you.

okay so i really included this gif more because i’m jealous of zayn than anything else, but um. his legs are in it, and they look cute too.. soooo.

i’m semi-convinced he just fell over and decided to stay there and pretend it was on purpose.


*****responds to the name of harry styles*****

harry….. i know you get sick of those skintight pants every once in a while and decide it’s time to let your legs breathe, but i think we all agree when we say that you should just go naked instead of wearing those god forsaken shorts. yes? yes. great. meeting adjourned. 

zayn’s legs kinda dominate in this one, but look at baby moose in the background. he’s so lovely.

here. no distractions.

and here’s the section i call, sometimes baby meese need rest.

like in fields:

or after scootering on their tiny pink scooters:

or while mostly naked:

ps WOW, those abs.

PHEW, now that’s over with. 

FUCK haz looks hot here. but the attempts at dancing did not go unnoticed. not that niall’s any better in the background.

sometimes i just like to look at the pretty shapes they make. mm. 

like the way they bend at the knee in a really pleasing way when he tries to dance on stage and ends up making a fool of himself

FUCK THOSE CURVES i’m obsessed

hah okay. don’t even talk to me. just don’t. the legs are one thing. the full blown lion mane is another. shit, what if he’s actually a baby lion and not a baby moose. FUCK, might have to reevaluate. 


ps hazza, what’s on your head.

and all wrapped around that motorcycle of his…. mmmmmm… 


babe, no. stop strutting. please. my heart.

and the mane ruffling. FUCK.

tl;dr how he manages to seduce me with these moves is a mystery to us all

just in case that wasn’t enough, NOW EVERYTHING’S… TECHNICOLOR (duhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuhNUH HEY NOW, HEY NOW.. this is what DREEEEEEEEAms are made of)

(i’m tired, leave me alone. making this was an emotionally draining activity.)

lord-dongle  asked:

Blythe blushed, their bright blue eyes sparkling under the sunlight. They were caught off guard by this attractive man, but they were more than happy. Their heart began to race, "O-oh, thank you!" They managed to stammer out, clearing their throat afterwards. "Sorry, I'm Blythe."

He smiled softly, “No need to apologize, dear.” He held out his metallic hand for them, “I’m Clint. Dakota Clint.” He kept his near frosted gaze on Blythe, though white eyes were naturally unnerving his had something soft about them.

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Me trying to get my friend to watch Reign
  • her: so what's it about?
  • me: ummm it's about mary queen of scots as a teenager and she goes to live at french court to get married to the future king of francis.
  • her: ooh, so it's like a historical drama?
  • me: yeah i guess.
  • her: but we know what happens in her life so isn't it a bit boring to know how it'll end.
  • me: ha. haha. hahahaha.
  • her: what?
  • me: nothing, you just made it sound like its historically accurate.
  • her: so it's not?
  • me: hahahahahahahahaha.
  • her: so it's not?
  • me: that's funny joke.
  • her: dear lord does she even end up marrying the future king of france? (interrupts me) no, let me guess, he's actually a dick and she falls in love with a servant boy but marries him anyways and has a torrid affair with the servant?
  • me: close but no cigar.
  • her: seriously, i was right?
  • me: nope.
  • her: so what's the plot?
  • me: basically its a bunch of really attractive people running around in historically inaccurate clothing and people falling in love with the wrong people while the lumineers play in the background.
  • her: i'm intrigued.
  • me: you should be. just watch out, around episode 8 things start to hurt. dear lord, episodes 10-12 hurt like a bitch. oh and watch out for the very end of episode 8, i cried like a baby. but it's all good because episode 13 makes you feel warm and fuzzy. but episode 14 tears that away from you.
  • her: you're not making a very good case for it.
  • me: no, no, some of the actors are truly amazing, especially the main character and the future king of france! it's just that it will tear your heart to pieces and leave you out to dry.
  • her: how many plot twists can there be? its history.
  • me: just watch it!
  • her: but you said it will be painful!
  • me: yeah, you'll feel like you're dying inside but you'll also be a bit happy about it!
  • her: dear lord, i'm so done.