oh dear lord this is gorgeous


Lets get lost,
never to be found,
in the wilderness,
where neither heart nor mind knows no bounds,
my heart longs to be one with the ocean, to this earth i wish to be unbound,
become a drop,
never to be found,
be one with all creation and The Creator, oh! With joy my heart abounds
,let us get lost my friend,
in a crowd of faceless people,
where my lips need not make a sound
,i can stay lost in a sea of strangers,
no one would miss me when i am no longer around.
I want to be lost forever,
Never to be found.


We’ll get lost together
never to be found
because that’s how wandering hearts
connect when we’re darting all around
In the wilderness
and in heaven
where wolves in sheep’s clothing howl
They’ll never know we were there, friend
until we’re taking our last bows
You say you want to disappear
be lost forever in the sphere
of the ocean sea dropping and dripping
Who says you won’t be found gripping
to the pier in absolute delight
or is it fright I spy in your reckless plight?
If it’s one way or the other
You won’t ever have to mutter
Because I’ll be here with hands stretched wide
And catch you when we finally collide.

Jfc were barely at intermission and I’m already crying

This musical is so funny and poignant at all the best parts?? I started sniffling around “That Would Be Enough” and then “Dear Theodosia” killed me!

The musket shots echo and the cannon fire sounds fucking real! Emmy (Angelica) is fuckin gorgeous and talented and her hair is awesome! Burr has the silkiest, smoothest goddamn voice!! Oh lord help me the second act is coming up and I’m going to cry at least five more times!

copper-cable  asked:

Ambrosia, Iris, Verbena and Succulent: how are you today?

  • Ambrosia: last song you listened to?

“Good For You” from Dear Evan Hansen (a musical I am currently very obsessed with. I discovered it yesterday…)

  • Iris: favorite eye color?

Honestly all eye colors are gorgeous but green or really warm brown render me nigh helpless.

  • Verbena: playlist for your life?

Oh geez. Umm. I’ve never really thought of this? But off the top of my head: 

Catch my Breath by Kelly Clarkson (childhood favorite), Write Your Story (Francesca Battestelli), a lot of Lord of the Rings travel montage (bc I moved a lot, and it’s also really nostalgic), maybe…maybe On my Own bc Les Mis was/is also a big part of my life, and also, around that time, I was very lonely. How Far We’ve Come by Matchbox 20. 

(You see, the problem is, about 99% of songs are about love and that’s just been a Confusing Thing for me. so. :/) 

  • Succulent: ask your own🌱

Aww, thanks for asking! I’m okay! Should be going to sleep. I hope you’re doing well, friend!

send in some plant asks!

Ugh I’m so upset about this. It’s like someone over at fox decided to create the cynical, bearded, veteran-catcher character of my dreams and cast Mark Paul fucking Gosselaar to play him. Oh, and then they stuck him in a narrative with a gorgeous, stubborn young protege whom he has to take under his wing, and topped it all off with a good swirl of fairly blatant unresolved sexual tension and a complicated hero-worship/burgeoning-friendship dynamic, and sprinkled it all with some great acting chemistry. What did I do to deserve this dear lord in heaven?