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Just Like Broken Glass To Me

I had a funny idea and accidentally made it lowkey angsty (bc of @ctrlpunk) and then I couldnt figure out what to do with it, so here, have this

“Zimbonni! Come here!”

When Jack saw Tater, Marty and Thirdy all gathered around Taters laptop,  he immediately felt unsettled and worried. That feeling only increased when he saw Bitty on the screen.

“What are you watching?” Jack said, coming up behind them.

“Vlogs.” Marty smirked. “Did you know that your boyfriend has a pretty extensive backlog of vlogs?”

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Natural Beauty

Pairing: Philip Hamilton x Reader (Modern)
Word Count: 2,384ish
T/W: Smut, Kinks 
A/N: (Requests open) So I’m currently taking a college summer semester which means I go to class every week day. It’s a “physical education” class, so we work out everyday and that’s how I got this idea. 
Side note: Am I the only one who sees Philip as Anthony Lee Medina?…

“Yes! That’s a new time!” you exclaimed.

“Yeah…by like…two minutes!!…” your best friend, Theodosia, panted, as she bent over, resting her hands on her knees. 

The two of you made a pact to run together the whole summer, until school started again. After all it was going to be your senior year of college, you simply had to look your best. Though running in the middle of summer did make you sweat like no tomorrow.

“That’s a lot Theo!!” you squinted up as you tried to calmed your breathing. 

“Uh-huh, yeah…well it’s got me sweating like a pig!” Theo stood up and pulled at her t-shirt which had sweat spots scattered across it.

“I told you to wear a tank top!” you gestured to yourself smirking.

“Yeah, well I’m sure, Philip will love it!” She winked, eyes trailing down to your chest. 

“Oh come on! I know he’s “innocent”, but he’s seen my boobs before…”

“I’m just sayin’…with them all glistening and perky-”

“Dear Lord, Theo! He’s not even supposed to be home, he said he was going to visit his Dad.” you shrugged, “Though I kinda wish he was more assertive, ya know? I’m usually starting stuff. I know he always wants to make sure I’m in the mood, but honestly I’d love to see him be in the mood first…”

“Maybe you gotta find what really does it for him? Some guys are like that you know? There’s that one thing that just makes them go crazy!” Theo looked at her watch, “I better get home, I’m having family dinner tonight.”

“Okay, well have fun girl!” You hugging her before unlocking the apartment door and jogging up the stairs until you reached your floor. Turning the key and opening the door you find Philip sitting by the counter typing on his laptop. Probably writing something for the summer poetry class he was taking in grad school.  

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Based on a true story my older sister watching zootopia for the first time

The stuff she said about the movie😂
My older sister:
•Oh my gosh the bun is so cute
•Dude is it me or is that fox in overalls rude I wanna punch him
•is that shakira?
•Dear lord why is that other red fox hot
•I should not be attracted to such a voice and looks
•Yo just watch the sheep is gonna be bad
•(at the sky tram)oh my gosh there falling in love bruh there cute otp
•oh wait the sheep is helping them
•oh nevermind its the mayor dude
•Whoa did not see that coming
•Omg why would she say that
•oh she found him,He kept the pen omg he’s in love
•Now kiss
•see I told you the sheep was bad
•he became a cop oh my gosh there a couple
•"you know you love me" bitch he can’t just say that and not kiss her
•I’d kiss him what who said that!
•….I’m zootopia trash now no turning back

thatjasperfan  asked:

Oh dear sweet lord I love these babies I loVE THEM- Why can't my Diamond gemlings be that precious oh my god they're so good floofs

Awww, no worries dear, the secret is just to draw the faces as innocent, harmless and chubby as u can XD

tho, even as a gemling YD was PRETTY feisty XD

My opinions about New Girl's Season Finale

• JESSICA KNIGHT IS IN HIS BOOK AND SHE’S THE REASON PEPEPPERWOOD GETS OUT OF BED EVERY MORNING!!! Now tell me, why couldn’t Nick’s book be the catalyst during the entire S6 instead Reagan and instead of being used for Ness’ good only in the finale? WHYYY? This would’ve been perfect. It would show Nick’s feelings without actually making him admit them or fully realize them just yet.

• Schmidt and Cece are so cute together!! I loved all their scenes in this episode, together and apart and I loved how they wrote the pregnancy thing BUT I don’t know if I love the idea of a baby on the show and that Cece’s simply pregnant (a callback to “Eggs” before she actually got pregnant would’ve been nice for her character), and okay, call me bitter, maybe I am, but I don’t like that Schmidt and Cece get all these beautiful things for a couple while the producers can’t even guarantee to us that they won’t mess with Nick and Jess again. Seems unfair. It’s not that Schmece cannot get all the great things in the world, but why Nick and Jess can’t have anything at all? And I don’t even mean a baby, could be something else.

• Winston and Aly. I always sound repetitive when I talk about them but I just love them so much, I have nothing to add. Aly is the best addition this show has ever done! Better than Coach, WAY better than Reagan. I love that she’s the new loft-mate! She’s funny, Nasim’s great, her chemistry with Winston is fantastic, they really bring out the best on each other, her character is a badass with a sometimes deadpan humor who doesn’t come off as arrogant or nonchalant, she’s always awesome.

• I was so glad the theories about Nick not reacting at first were totally wrong, and also the ones who said that he might say something stupid that would scare Jess before she even got to tell him. He didn’t say anything stupid. He say what he felt. He thought Pepperwood and Jessica Knight, aka he and Jess, would never get back together because he didn’t think she would want him again. Recently she wasn’t even picking up his calls, and he kept calling her all the time. For the first time Nick was oblivious but not in a annoying, unnatural way! He was oblivious about her feelings but we could finally see something from him, his side of the story, how he thinks and how he feels even know he didn’t immediately realized it. I loved that Schmidt and that publisher helped him realize that.

• The little call backs to past seasons were perfect. Perfect! Also the callback of Nick looking at Jess struggling to enter the building from the window of her room, like he said he did when he first met her BUT OH DEAR LORD I WAS AGONIZING WHEN THEY FAILED TO MEET BETWEEN ALL THAT ELEVATOR/STAIRS MESS and at the same time I loved it LOL. When they finally met, I’m not gonna lie, I was a liiittle disappointed that we only saw them smiling while the elevator doors closed and then less than 5 seconds of their kiss. I think we deserved more, especially since the build up to this episode was weak, even though the build up in the actual episode was great, but yeah I STILL LOVED IT ANYWAYS! I mean… FINALLY!

• NOW CMON! I need a season 7!!!! And, please, one that Baer and Finkel don’t ruin NESS!

Happy 200th birthday, Serena!

My dearest baby Serena da Silva has her birthday today, October 17th, and it’s not just any birthday - today marks the day she was born 200 years ago! EEEP how exciting is that? You only get to celebrate an anniversary like that once in your lifetime!

If you’re unfamiliar with Serena, she is my character from my book project series for Amnesia: The Dark Descent, in which she plays a major role. She’s probably the character nearest and dearest to my heart, and she tends to be a fan favourite among readers as well, so I wanted to do something extra special for this particular anniversary.

So here comes: a birthday feature! In which I display all the amazing gifts Serena has received today.

First of all, I want to show the wip of what I had planned to do for Serena, which unfortunately I couldn’t finish in time since my laptop screen broke at the WORST. TIMING. EVER. I meant to have this artwork ready for today, but since I won’t be able to finish it until later, I’ll share a wip of the clean sketch:

I must admit, I’m quite proud of it! It’s the first time I experiment with perspective and interiors for real, and I also usually suck at drawing animals, but Cleo (Serena’s cat) came out quite okay here, so I’m happy! I hope I’ll be able to finish it sooner rather than later.

And now, let’s get into the amazing gifts my baby has received today AAAHHH!


If you’ve been following me for a while, you might know that @juliajm15 is an art goddess who’s been making amazing beautiful fanart of my characters for the past couple years. She always goes so above and beyond for me, and that can be seen by LOOKING AT THIS GORGEOUS PIECE OF SERANIEL FANART.



I just had to mention that.

OMG I die over how perfect and cute and romantic this is, it just completely captures the essence and emotion of that scene in my book! I feel so blessed and privileged, how am I ever gonna recover from this perfection?

But not only did she do this amazing gorgeous romantic piece for me, she also did a complete remake of Serena’s character portrait and DAMN SHE LOOKS GORGEOUS.

HOW does she always manage to capture Serena so perfectly? Ugh I honestly just can’t with this perfection, I just can’t. That expression, that hair, those LIPS. Okay, I’m gonna move on because I could literally gush about Serena’s face all day, but then we’d miss out on all the other amazing gifts she received today! Just, thank you so much @juliajm15 my darling, you’re such a generous and ultra skilled human being, thank you so much for being in my life and supporting me always


So meme and aesthetics queen @shaelinwrites totally disarmed me today when she sent me THIS GORGEOUS MOODBOARD FOR SERENA OH MY LORD.

LOOK AT THAT GORGEOUS WINTER AESTHETIC. OMG LOOK, CLEO MADE A CAMEO ON THE BOTTOM LEFT. Omg these colours are just too beautiful I CAN’T. The art supplies, the gesture and expression of this girl, it’s all SO Serena. The whole feel of this moodboard is just so romantic and cosy and wintery and ugh, the nightgown, the long dark hair. I’m aware I’m just rambling and gushing throughout this post DEAL WITH IT.

And @shaelinwrites didn’t stop there, no, as any good bae, she knew how important the bae is. HAVE SOME MORE SERANIEL, THIS TIME BLACK AND WHITE SEXY EDITION.


All of this is literally just so accurate. Like, it’s so friggin’ hard to find good stock images that can embody a fictional character, BUT MY BAE DID IT *CRIES*. Thank you so much bae, omg this surprise was such a highlight today!!


Another dear friend of mine (who’s a total cinnamon roll btw), @coffeeandcalligraphy, also went above and beyond for my character’s birthday because LOOK AT THIS:

I swear, everyone remembers the bae Baeniel. Eeeeeveryone.


I actually can’t??? Like how do I have so many talented af friends??? I must be a talent MAGNET I’m telling ya.

Oh and Rachel had the same idea as Baelin and went the sexy Black and White edition with the OTP as well:

BECAUSE CAN WE EVER HAVE TOO MUCH SEXINESS? I THINK NOT. Thank you so much @coffeeandcalligraphy I swear your art just blows me away, you’re improving at such a rapid pace, slow down, I can’t keep up


Also @sarahkelsiwrites is a close friend of mine, and actually @coffeeandcalligraphy‘s twin sister (gotta collect the whole pack amirite), and as part of her inktober challenge she did THIS GORGEOUS INKED PORTRAIT OF SERENA:

LIKE OMG OKAY SO the Victorian aesthetic is on POINT here, and OMG I love that her Hispanic features are soooo visible here. ALSO DAMN, THE DETAIL ON THE JEWELLERY. THE INKING OF THIS IS ALSO SO GREAT, LIKE, DO YOU SEE THE LINES IN HER HAIR???? I’m sorry, I’m an artist, I have to appreciate it when I see good craft, okay? I also gotta note that I’m living for how everyone always remembers Serena’s choker because girl never goes without one

Ugh HER EYES AND LIPS okay I gotta stop. I mention the eyes and lips every time, when will I switch it up. NEVER. Okay, glad we got that settled.

(Yes, I’m a dork, but only when I’m overwhelmed with this much love and beauty, I swear.)

Also omg THE SONG LYRICS, THOSE ARE SELENA GOMEZ LYRICS, AND IT’S STARS DANCE, AND I LOVE THAT SONG, AND IT’S SO RELEVANT, AND I’M ACTUALLY SHOOK. LORD thank you so much @sarahkelsiwrites god I just can’t believe how friggin’ talented and generous and thoughtful all of you are, I will never get over it.


So I’ve not mentioned this, but not too long ago I was totally taken by surprise and utterly *shook* when I received a private message on the site where I have Memoirs posted. This long message came from an angel named Constance, who registered a profile just to tell me how much she adored my story, give me fanart, and TELL ME SHE’S TRANSLATING THE ENTIRE THING TO FRENCH BRUH.

So if any of you out there are speaking French and not super comfortable with English, but still interested in reading Memoirs, it’s Constance you wanna hit up. She’s got you covered.

But back to the FANART.

Constance is working on this GORGEOUS Serena fanart for me, and while it’s not all finished yet, she said I could still post it for the birthday feature! (I’m going to update the post with the finished piece once it’s ready)

LOOK HOW CUTE AND PRETTY AND YOUNG MY SERENA IS HERE. THIS DRESS IS SO PRETTY, I DIE. OMG SHE HAS THE LOCKET. I realise like 90% of this post is all caps, but WHO CAN BLAME ME? I’m so #blessedyouknow right.

All I wanted in my life is Serena in a pink pretty dress. Thank you for realising my dreams, Constance *cries* and thank you so much for the endless support and this generosity! Seeing other people getting so invested in my story and characters really moves me so much, it’s all that I could hope for waaahh.

2k17 - Birthday One Shot

Okay, so I know how I said I couldn’t finish my artwork for Serena in time as I had intended, which made me very, very Sad™, BUT. I came up with something else.

So this was actually SUPER spontaneous and I usually NEVER do something like this, but I took a chance, and you know what? It worked out. I just wanna say thank you so much to my bae @shaelinwrites who pushed and motivated me to do this, I dunno what happened, but you must’ve transferred some of your writing machine abilities to me, because I actually managed to finish an entire one shot in JUST ONE DAY. (Are you as shook as I am? Cuz I can never seem to finish a chapter so I’m shook.)

Since I couldn’t finish my artwork for Serena like I planned, I decided to write a short fluffy non-canon one shot for her birthday. It was super spontaneous and unplanned, but it actually came surprisingly easy to write! I’ve not written in first person in many, many years, so this was really a leap of faith LOL, but I like the end result! A major thanks to @shaelinwrites, who encouraged me and critiqued the short before publication, and @coffeeandcalligraphy, @sarahkelsiwrites and @juliajm15 for giving it a read and telling me their thoughts as well! I hope you all enjoy this little piece of fluff; since I’m taking so long to write my book, maybe this can keep y’all entertained meanwhile

Thank you so much to everyone who’s supported me and celebrated Serena’s birthday with me, even just in spirit! It makes the long journey all worth it, knowing there are people out there who care (’:

(short story starts under the cut!)

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I’m Gonna Shoot You Down, Jesse James

Written for: @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid and @kitchenwitchsuperwhovian’s Divas of Storytelling Challenge

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Song: Just Like Jesse James by Cher

Characters: Reader (Hey, that’s you!), Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester

Warnings: Language, ugh, can’t think of anything else now except maybe subpar writing…

Summary: A brokenhearted witch decides to kill those who have dumped their significant other. You need to find her and gank her before anyone else dies. Too bad Dean is being an overprotective bitch.

Tagging: @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @kitchenwitchsuperwhovian @lyndsay88 @thewhiterabbit42 @sdavid09 @lucis-unicorn

** Do Not Post/Copy/Share Anywhere, On Any Other Platforms, Without My Permission**

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domino-doodles  asked:

ahhhhh <3 I love the s/o goes missing scenario! How would the sans' react to find out they were kidnapped and held for ransom and what they would to when the met the gang to see s/o badly injured / unconscious. Sorry I love Angst 'X3

oh hun your fine angst is awesome! 

UT Sans

Oh dear lord when he gets the call his eye sockets are completely black. He slowly gets what the gang wants and meets up where they told him, the whole time a very dangerous vibe is coming off of him. When he finally sees them drag his s/o out all bruised and bloody he just blacks out and when he comes to his s/o is in his arms and the gang is all unconscious.

US Sans 

Blue is in tears when he gets the call, and wails loud enough that Papy and Alphys run over to see whats wrong. When they find out its actually Papy and Alphys who go to save his s/o, while they force him to stay home with Undyne while they go out to save his lovely s/o. When Pap and Alphys get back with them, Blue is practically all over them hugging, kissing, and making sure their alright. They are not leaving his side for a few weeks.

UF Sans

…….Um as soon as he gets the call he gos berserk, even Boss is kinda scared when Red grabs him by his scarf and practically drags him to the area he was told to meet them at. Lets just say the ones who took you are nothing but ashes as soon as Red saw your condition. 

(I’m sorry I am being slow with my questions I’ve been procrastinating alot)

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gettoknowkiribaku  asked:

kiribaku & tododenks

Send me a ship, and I’ll tell you…


  • who’s the werewolf and who’s the hunter

Kirishima is the werewolf, and Bakugou is the hunter. He’s been trying to hunt Kirishima down, but I can’t fucking believe you made me your mate, shitty wolf.

  • who’s the mermaid and who’s the fisherman

Bakugou is the mermaid…er man, and Kirishima is the fisherman. Bakugou had been trying to drown Kirishima with his songs, but it just doesn’t work. I actually have an AU of this here if anyone is interested.

  • who’s the witch and who’s the familiar

Kirishima is the witch, and Bakugou is the familiar. Kirishima fails at being a witch though. He forgets all the spells, mixes up potions, and just messes up in general. Bakugou has to do everything. Seriously. Why is he the fucking familiar?

  • who’s the barista and who’s the coffee addict

Bakugou is the barista, and Kirishima is (not) the coffee addict. He just goes twice a day to see Bakugou. He also likes the way Bakugou writes his name on the cups okay. Bakugou’s handwriting is manly!

  • who’s the professor and who’s the TA

Bakugou is the professor, and Kirishima is the TA who only striven to become the TA because Bakugou is totally hot, and oh dear lord, are those reading glasses?

  • who’s the knight and who’s the prince(ss)

Kirishima is the knight in shining (red) armor, and Bakugou is the prince who (does not) need saving. Kirishima is tasked to guard Bakugou, but Bakugou really doesn’t need a guard; he can totally take care of himself. Except that time when he almost agreed to marry an ogre without knowing it which totally didn’t happen, shut the fuck up, shitty hair.

  • who’s the teacher and who’s the single parent

Bakugou is the teacher (he tries not to curse in front of the kids, he really does TRY), Kirishima is the single parent with his sweet daughter, and Hotaru, my beautiful wonderful child, don’t you have another parent-teacher meeting soon? I sort of kinda want to see your teacher and ask him out on date-I mean about your progress at school?

  • who’s the writer and who’s the editor

Kirishima is the writer, and Bakugou is the editor. Kirishima always submits his manuscripts like one day before it’s due, and omfg shitty hair, how many times do I have to edit out your confessions to me in your manuscripts, but for the record, I fucking love you too. Now can you please fucking stop writing i love you on the paper, and just tell me. We’re literally MARRIED. FOR TWO YEARS.



  • who’s the werewolf and who’s the hunter

Denki is the hunter; Todoroki is the werewolf, but it’s going to end in a different kind of hunting where the hunter becomes the hunted, and now Denki is getting eaten. If you know what I mean.

  • who’s the mermaid and who’s the fisherman

(part of my merman AU but actually isn’t written in that AU i linked here) Todoroki is the merman, and Denki is the fisherman, and uhm, you’ve been staring at me for five minutes, so I’m thinking you’re not planning to drown me? Can you please help me back to my boat? I’m kind of getting tired here.

  • who’s the witch and who’s the familiar

Denki is the witch; Todoroki is the familiar. Denki always almost ends up cursing himself with his spells; Todoroki needs to make sure the witch isn’t going to end up turning himself into a toad later.

  • who’s the barista and who’s the coffee addict

Denki is the barista, and Todoroki is the coffee addict who’s always at the coffee shop and well Denki always also ends up making him his coffee, and oh my god, Bakugou that guy had been staring at me. I don’t think he likes the coffee I made, what do I do?

  • who’s the professor and who’s the TA

Denki is the professor, and Todoroki  is the TA. Denki always forgets his lessons; Todoroki is always there to remind him and bring his lessons, and maybe I should discuss this lesson?

  • who’s the knight and who’s the prince(ss)

Todoroki is the prince, Denki is the knight. Uhm I’m sorry your highness, but I’m supposed to save you ??? Not the other way round???

  • who’s the teacher and who’s the single parent

Denki is the teacher, and Todoroki is the (hot) single parent. Oh you’re Shiro’s parent? You’re hot. I mean I like your hair uhm.. I mean the floor is… white?

“You mean Shiro is doing good academically?”

“That’s what I meant, be quiet Bakugou.”

  • who’s the writer and who’s the editor

Denki is the writer, and Todoroki is the editor, and why are there doodles he- oh is this me? Denki just about dies because he forget to erase those. Dear lord, save him.

I’ll Always Be Right There - (Young)Severus Snape Imagine

A/N: I got another request! :D Ok, first, I want to make clear that I have never written about this themes before and the last thing I want to do is offend anyone… so, I tried my best and I hope I did a good job! 

Anonymous said:can you do a Snape imagine where you’re friends and are both in slytherin andn he finds out you self harm because of bullies from all houses 

So, here it is! hope you guys like it :)

Warnings: Mentions of self-harm.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter!

Your name: submit What is this?

I’ll Always Be Right There

(Y/N) tried really hard not to listen to them. She really tried to just focus on her Potions book. But they had to be there. They were always there. The group of girls that taunt her every single day just happened to be at the Library at the same time she was. She didn’t even remember when this started. No, that was a lie. She remembered exactly when it had started; when she was sorted into Slytherin. This specifical group of girls used to be her friends once. Before she was placed in Slytherin and they were placed in Ravenclaw. She knew that Slytherin was not the favorite house in the school, but she still got teased about it. Usually, she would ignore it or brush it off. But today she was right on the edge. And that’s why Severus Snape found her crying all alone sitting on a bench.

“(Y/N)” he said worriedly sitting down next to the girl. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I’m fine” she said between sobs.

“So… you’re just crying for no reason?” he asked trying to make her laugh a little but not succeeding. “(Y/N)” he said again making her look at him. He noticed her eyes were red when she turned to him. “Please, talk to me” he begged. “What happened?”

“The same thing that always happens” she said crying once more. “Why can’t they just leave me alone? I’ve never done anything to them” she said looking at Severus. “Is not my fault that I was placed in Slytherin! That is literally the only reason why they hate me! Because they think that makes me an evil, heartless bitch!”

“But you know you’re not that” Severus tried to cheer her up. “You know you were placed in Slytherin because you’re determined and cunning and ambitious and there’s nothing wrong with that!”

“Is not just them” she said looking down again. “People in Hufflepuff and Gryffindor also hate me” she told him.

“Well, they’ve always hated Slytherin” he said shrugging it off. “But you shouldn’t take it personally” he advised her.

“I know and I usually don’t care but…” she bit her lip before she continued.

“But what?”

“But today, m-my brother was sitting with a group of Ravenclaws and th-they were mocking m-me and he-“ she stopped letting more tears out. “He just s-sat there and laughed along with them” she said as Severus wrapped his arms around her.

“I’m sorry” was really everything he could say. “But don’t listen to them-”

“Well, look what we have here?” Severus cursed himself when he heard that familiar voice that he knew she hated. James Potter and Sirius Black made their way over to the pair. “Look, Pads, Snivelly found himself a girlfriend” he said smirking.

“Oh, how sweet” Sirius said with an identical smirk. “A couple of Death Eaters” he said laughing.

“Shut up, Black!” Severus said getting up and facing the two boys.

“Whoa, look who decided to be all brave standing up for his Death Eater girlfriend” James said laughing.

“Leave her alone! What has she ever done to you?” Severus said when he saw how upset they were making (Y/N).

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Howdy, kiddos! So @imageneralweeeee has had a kinda bad day today, and because this was a lil fic idea she gave me a while back, I figured today is the perfect day for it. I hope this brightens your night even just a lil, Charleigh, and know that even tho you’re an ocean away, I’m sending you lots of love and I hope tomorrow is a much, much better day for you! <333

Prompt: Washington supporting Alex, Laf, John, and Herc at their first Pride Festival. Washington gets a little… intense… about his show of support.

Alexander was in the back of the Washington’s car, squashed between Lafayette and Hercules, who were making googly eyes at each other over the top of the smaller boy’s head.

“Why didn’t you two just sit next to each other?” he muttered, arms crossed.

“Mon ami, you are keeping us, how you say, civil, in the company of others,” Laf said.

“Oh my god, Laf, TMI!” John said, turning around from the passenger’s seat. He shot Alex an apologetic look. “Sorry, babe,” he said with a wink.

Alex grumbled something incoherent and lightly banged his head against the headrest. Laf pulled his adoptive brother into his chest.

“Ahh, mon ami, shhh, Hercules and I will, how you say, stop.”

“Oh my god you know how to stay ‘stop,’ Laf!” Alexander groaned. He could feel Laf smiling. Despite his squabble with Laf, Alex was content with resting his head against his adoptive brother’s chest until the car came to a halt.

“Okay, boys, we’re here!” George exclaimed.

“Mmm?” Alex mumbled. He’d half fallen asleep for the last leg of the ride.

Lafayette laughed. “Come on, mon ami, up! Your John is awaiting you.”

Alexander looked up and sure enough, John had the car door open and his hand outstretched, waiting for Alex’s to fill it.

Alexander grinned and climbed over Laf to get out. Laf grumbled a bit, but he mostly chuckled.

Soon Alex’s hand was in John’s, right where it belonged, and Laf’s was in Herc’s and Alexander was no longer between the two of them, thank god.

Washington led them toward the festival, first ushering them over to a booth selling various flags. “Okay, boys, I want each of you to pick one out,” he said way too seriously for someone who was just buying flags.

But Laf just shrugged in response, a grin on his face, as he chose the pan flag. Herc did the same. Alexander grabbed a tiny bi flag right away, and Laurens a gay one. Washington beamed at them all as he held up a flag of his own. It read: Proud Parent of a LGBTQ Youth!

Alex blushed and Laf laughed, Herc joining his boyfriend in a round of laughter that was so intense, neither of them could talk for a few minutes. Laurens shook his head in amazement. Alex reached out and gave his hand a squeeze as the cashier rung the flags up. Alex was slightly worried that maybe this brought back unpleasant memories, or made John jealous, but his boyfriend’s face revealed no signs of that. He just seemed content.

Washington set the boys loose to explore the festival. Alex raced toward the cotton candy booth, John in tow, while Laf dragged Herc to the slushies one. Once they’d all gotten their respective treats, they walked up and down the lane of vendors together, checking out each booth on their way.

“I wanna get a tattoo,” Herc said, pointing to a booth that had various LGTBQ+ tattoo designs on display.

“Your parents would, how you say, murder you,” Laf deadpanned.

Herc stuck his tongue out at his boyfriend. “I’ll get it someday. Maybe after college.”

Even though it was the summer before they left for college, it still seemed so far away. But it was creeping closer and closer, making Alex enjoy and appreciate their time together even more than he had before. He never wanted it to end.

There was only ten minutes til the live music was to start, so the boys set off to find George again, just to check-in. They were shocked by the state they found him in.

There was George Washington, the usually reserved, cool, and collected state senator, with rainbow suspenders, a rainbow bow-tie, and three flags painted on his face–– the pan one on one cheek, bi on the other, gay on his forehead. He was walking down the rows of booths proudly waving the flag he’d purchased before.

“Oh my god,” Laf said, covering his mouth with his hands.

“Dear lord,” Alex murmured, secretly impressed and grateful.

Herc was full-on grinning, pumping his fist in the air. “Ya-hoo, Senator Washington!” he shouted.

Laurens was crying. Alex turned to him quickly. “Babe, you okay?” He pressed his forehead up against his boyfriend’s.

“Your dad is so… so amazing,” he said with a sniffle. “I love him.”

“And he loves you,” Alex said, pulling John in for a hug. “And so do I.”

John’s eyes widened. This was the first time love had come up between them.

“John Laurens, I love you.” Alex said firmly.

“Alexander Hamilton, I love you,” John whispered back.

They kissed in the middle of the sidewalk, Laf and Herc cheering, George clapping and dancing around in a way that would’ve been so embarrassing had it not also been so supportive and wonderful and unexpected from the man.

When the boys pulled away, the first singer had just taken the stage. They turned their attention his way as his opening line echoed throughout the festival: “Let’s fill the world with music, love, and pride!”


it starts as a rumour but soon, every damn person on base knows that jyn and cassian got married and they’re all a little in awe. bc who the hell can keep up a relationship when fighting a war??? wHOA they must be so wise and knowledgable bout love…….

so jyn keeps getting asked for relationship advice, oh dear lord. bc UR MARRIED U KNOW WHAT I SHOULD DO ??? SHOULD I TELL HIM I LIKE HIM??? HOW DO I GET OVER HER??? ARE WE MOVING TOO FAST????? hELP ??????

and the only answer jyn can ever give is

“……..kill em”

‘What it is to Yearn’ Chapter 3: A Love Most Ardent

The final chapter is here, y’all! I’m so happy you’ve all enjoyed it!

Thank you to @mychakk for prompting this lovely story to flow from my fingertips!

Songs That Inspired This Chapter:

               John Watson looked on as Molly and Sherlock examined the corpse upon the slab. He could not deny that they have always worked incredibly well together, but something was different in their interactions now. Sherlock never chastised her as he used to long before their courtship and eventual marriage. He remembered when his best friend first spoke of courting the petite pathologist.

               “I have decided to embark in a courtship with Doctor Hooper,” Sherlock informed him.

               “I thought you were never venturing down that road, Holmes,” John replied in shock.

               “It is the only logical decision to help us both out,” Sherlock explained. “She will be able to keep her position at the hospital and I won’t have to deal with Irene’s advances or my parents’ complaints ever again.”

               “Ah, you’re a romantic then,” John remarked sarcastically.

               “Hardly,” Sherlock responded. “Besides, if I were to choose a wife, Doctor Hooper is well suited to my tastes. She can hold an intelligent conversation, her career choice intertwines with my own and we get along well enough.” John only sighed. There was no chance that Molly would accept this offer without any amount of fondness involved.

               “It is in fact poison, dearest husband,” Molly informed Sherlock a bit smugly. “Here, you can see the points of entry from the needle. The gruesome mutilation of this man was only to cover up how he truly died.”

               “There is always one thing,” Sherlock muttered to himself in frustration at having overlooked that. He blamed it on his wife, of course, for he could not stop looking at her in awe as she finished up the autopsy. Things he noticed about her in complete concentration was how focused her deep brown eyes were and the way she bit her bottom lip when studying the cadaver closely. During this time, Sherlock was supposed to be scanning the corpse for any clues. Sherlock mentally scolded himself for letting such a thing slip away from him. Which thing he did not know; whether it was that he allowed her presence to be a distraction or the fact that he never truly noticed how lovely his wife is. He decided on both.

               “Ready to leave, Sherlock? We must meet Lestrade,” John asked.

               “Yes,” Sherlock replied, shaking the thoughts from his head. He began to follow John out of the morgue, but upon realization, turned around and pressed a kiss upon his wife’s cheek. He noticed how his heart beat wildly in his chest, the only conclusion coming to his mind of a truth that has been around for a long time; much longer than he realized. “I will see you at Baker Street, my darling.” With that, he swept out of the morgue, leaving Molly in utter surprise.

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i cant answer this ask cus im dead

“Don’t do it.” was all John said. He didn’t give any clarification, nothing. It made Molly frown and turn away from the coffee table and from Sherlock who was, quite cheerfully, setting up a board game.

“What?” she asked, not understanding why she shouldn’t comply to Sherlock’s request. Yes, request. He didn’t demand. He asked quite nicely. He even said please.

“He cheats.”

The answer made Sherlock look at his friend sharply, “I do no such thing. I deduce. You got angry because you lost, and then refused to play it ever again.”

“I got angry cause you disregarded the basic rules. The victim couldn’t have done it.”

Molly tilted her head, thinking about his words, before pointing out, “Technically speaking, the victim can end up being the killer. It’s called suicide.”

“See!” the consulting detective pointed in is girlfriend’s direction, “Molly agrees with me!”

John sighed. Those two were so perfect for each other. And to think he once teased Sherlock about Irene Adler. He should have known his friend better than that. Why wold he want a dominatrix who prefers playing mind games when he can have a pathologist who will honestly speak her mind?

“Oh dear Lord…” escaped Mycroft’s lips as he entered the flat and noticed the board game on the table, “I thought you preferred Operation these days, brother mine.”

Sherlock smiled widely at his older brother, a truly odd thing to do, before casually informing him, “When Molly and I play doctor it is usually in the bedroom.”

While Mycroft shook his head at Sherlock’s quip, being used to his brother trying to shock him, John groaned. Some things he didn’t want to know. Sherlock Holmes’ love life was all of them.

  • He’s a hopeless romantic. 
  • He’s always needing some sort of physical contact, which almost always consists in holding your hand. If your fingers are not intertwined, his hand is either on the small of your back or holding you by the waist. 
  • You love to go to the bar near the uni together. 
  • Teaching him how to play pool. 
  • “Come on, posh boy. Show me what you got.” 
  • He’s not the type to leave hickeys, but you… dear lord. With a jawline like his, it’s not like you can resist leaving love bites all over it. 
  • Miles loves it when you leave hickeys on his jaw. 
  • “I wear them with pride, baby.” 
  • He once told you how his parents came up with his name and you can’t forget it, you love to tease him about it.
  • “Oh, just let it go.” “It’s too funny, babe.”
  • He loves to help you with your schoolwork. 
  • Having study dates at the library. 
  • He’s such a gentleman. 
  • “You sure know how to charm a lady, Milo.”
  • Being a bit weary when he joins the club.
  • “I don’t think they can be trusted, that’s all.” 
  • The boys at the club constantly telling him how attractive you are, which annoys him to no end. 
  • Miles being protective of you. 
  • Being the person he trusts the most. 
  • Hearing him going on and on about how much he dislikes Alistair. 
  • Knowing exactly how to calm him down when he’s worked up. 
  • “Just let go.”
  • Miles would be so gentle when you first have sex. 
  • He becomes rougher as time passes by. 
  • You end up finding out that he’s a kinky son of a bitch. 
  • He’s a sucker for after-sex cuddles.
  • Stealing his grey sweater and wearing it all.the.damn.time. 
  • He pretends to be annoyed by it at first, but then admits how much he likes it when you wear it. 
  • “You look better in it than me, anyways.”
  • He’s the type to come up with the simplest date ideas, like going out for a coffee, which you deeply appreciate. 
  • Miles is constantly reminding you of how much he loves you. 
  • You constantly assuring him that you love him just as much.

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thoughts on deckerstar?

Anon you don’t even knOW what you got yourself into with this ask. 

Okay so let’s talk about Actual Miracle Chloe Jane Decker and Literal Devil Lucifer Morningstar. I am so invested in this ship I would sell my soul for it. There is literally so much I could say about them but I’ll just bring up a few main points:

The Sass:

The sass is REAL. And I do mean that in a literal sense. See most on-screen ships lack this element of friendship. Sure other couples bicker and maybe they fight, but deckerstar is different. Where other ships it seems forced or plot-centric, but with deckerstar it rolls off the tongue in a way that only people who are comfortable with each other can pull off. 

And this type of friendship is so important! I do mean friendship. You can’t have a relationship built entirely on lust, it just won’t work. That’s why deckerstar is such a breath of fresh air. Lucifer and Chloe are friends and that’s so important. That’s what makes them them. That’s what I like about their relationship. It’s believable. Which leads me to my next point.

The Tension: 

The tension works so well for them. Seriously how neither of them are hot and bothered by the time one of their bicker sessions is over is beyond me. Like damn, nobody should be able to have that much tension in one room. 

It also keeps things interesting between them. Like okay that ONE SCENE in 2x12, yeah you know the one. The one where sexually reserved Chloe Decker smacks Lucifer Morningstar’s ass and he kinda liked it? Yeah that one. I’ve never seen a ship pull that level of cheesiness off in film or TV and make it work. But that’s the weird part is that it works for them. I can believe it from them and its extremely entertaining to watch. Which is why this next point is a bag of mixed feelings.

The Slow Burn:

THE SLOW BURN OH DEAR LORD GIVE ME STRENGTH. Usually I’m bittersweet about slow burns. If they’re done well I love them, but if they’re drug out ugh. That’s why deckerstar is such a jumbled mess of feels for me.

I’ve never been this invested in a slow burn outside of some fanfic before. With their tension and their banter I want them together so bad, but watching them skirt around each other is so satisfying. The writers do such a great job giving you a crumb of deckerstar and getting you to beg for the whole cake. 

Final Thoughts:

To sum it up: I love deckerstar for the fact that they respect each other and the credibility of their relationship. I am heRE and camping outside for when their ship finally sails!