oh dear he is so cute

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how cute is he 

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the happiest person in the whole wide world 

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I screamed about this for a full day and am still not over it: 

IF you were talking about Niall’s voice appreciation, then I’m very sorry for bombing you with these photos (not really sorry though), so to make up for that, here are some of my fave Niall’s performance moments

(he is also wearing the colours of the Dutch flag, which is totally a bonus for me)

I can’t find the original video of Niall’s performance at the Late Late Show, but this is perfectly fine as well! 

Also this post is great. 

I’ll leave you with it for now, I hope this was somewhat satisfying. 

Don’t ever hesitate screaming about Niall to me, please and thank you x

Love spell scenario

-Akuma that’s opposite of Dark Cupid
-Makes victims fall in love with first person they see
-Oh dear god, mdme bustier and gorilla make a cute couple, kind of random
-Marinette gets hit with the dust/spell before she can transform
-Quickly covers her eyes and Chat takes her to safety
-Ladybug is MIA, so all can do for now is drive the Akuma into hiding
-that means everyone is still under its effects
-Marinette is home. Akuma targets Chat, so she tells him to hideout in her room while he figures out a next course of action
-Has to wear a blindfold, but honestly as this point, is too frustrated to do much besides pout and tell Chat he’s not the person she wants to fall for
-he laughs good naturedly, but is still worried because without ladybug he can’t do anything
-Marinette playfully shoves him, clumsily letting the blindfold slip
-they both scream, expecting her to fall head over heels for him
-turns out the love spell can’t make you fall in love with someone you’re already in love with
-CUE confusion and internal and external screaming

Seventeen reaction to you curling against their body when it’s cold

Could I get a seventeen reaction about you curling up against their body when it’s freezing cold (you aren’t together but he obviously likes you) 

Because Seventeen is such a big group I’m doing this in their units.

Performance Unit


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“Cuddling against me because I’m so hot, right?”


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“Aw Jagi, you’re so cute!”


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“Oh, look at that, I love you~”


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“Ah, you’re cold!” 

*baby needs warmth too*

Vocal Unit


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“Yes, dear, let me warm you up~”

*not in that way u perverts*


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“Here, baby, take my jacket.”

*always and forever the gentleman*


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“Jagi your feet are cold…”

*isn’t a fan of your cold body against his but will try his best to warm both of you*


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*falls asleep while cuddling with you*


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*has only heart-eyes for you*

Hip-Hop Unit


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*pulls you close to warm you up*


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*smiles cutely at you while he grabs extra blankets*


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“Warm drinks will help you get warmer too!”


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“I know a way we can get warm ;)”

  • Boyfriend goes to bed in the morning, takes cat with him.
  • Cat sleeps there for an hour, gets up.
  • Cat begs for food.
  • Cat wants to sit in the courtyard.
  • Cat sits with me on the couch for a while.
  • Cat finds a sunbeam to wash himself in.
  • Cat indulges in a little bird watching.
  • Cat begs me for dinner. Unsuccessful.
  • Cat returns to sleeping in bed with the boyfriend.
  • Boyfriend wakes up an hour later.
  • Boyfriend: Oh Honey, the cat's so cute! He's been curled up with me all day!
  • Me: Yes dear. Sure.

This is Xu Minghao, he’s ½ of the Seventeen’s Chinaline.

His stage name is THE8 which was once paired with “the cool cutie” to which he changed to “infinite possibilities”. 8 is a lucky number in China and when you flip it to the side, its the infinity sign.

He’s an adorable chinese boy who can’t eat cold noodles, isn’t fond of sweets and does b-boy. Any hairstyle fits him, any outfit works on him.

His korean accent is the most heart fluttering thing you’d here and his giggles would make you smile.

He has a side which we call Thughao where the cute side of him takes a break and out comes all the sassiness and the swag and the cool shades, and it all seems surprisingly natural.

He dances with so much style, you’ll be speechless and when he sings (oh dear lord when he sings) its like listening to the gentle wind.

He’s amazing.

This is Xu Minghao and I am madly in love with him.

my heart flutters around him.

O~M~G!!! (^O  [  ]O)^ when i saw @askyuuriandviktor ‘s comic >HERE< which had Yuri dressed in the CUTEST OUTFIT EVER - i saw the version colored by @mermaidstrandedonland >HERE< and ohhhh dear oh dear oh dear it was SO CUTE!!! SO GAWD DAMN CUTEEEEEEE!!!! (> ///3///<) so… (=   w =) i had to draw it myself… cuz… oh dear… he looks way too darling in this outfit! EEP! so thank you to both of you for the inspiration and i hope you like my version <3

Do you ever accidentally write something super fluffy and cute?

And you have to pause when you reread it because “oh my gosh, be still my heart~”

Because I’m rewriting my ghost story and I happened to create this little part where Erik is so amused and slightly embarrassed after he receives a letter from Christine.

Not just because she’s so sweet, but because he’s only ever told her his name once in passing. So poor Christine didn’t know that she should have written “Dear Erik,” instead of “Dear Eric,”.

And Erik is so flustered over that and he doesn’t want to tell her she spelled his name wrong so he’s considering just accepting her new spelling and never mentioning that his name is in fact ‘Erik’ with a K, not ‘Eric’ with a C.


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Do you have some headcanons for dexholders' children?

I guess I don’t really think too much into fanchildren besides franticshipping I suppose hehe. Even then, I don’t think too much into it. As long as their not anything like Ruby personality-wise otherwise (as in headstrong heh) we’ll just have the whole Ruby/Norman incident again. Although Sapphire is really headstrong too so….(oh dear…) Hopefully Ruby has learned his lesson from the whole Mimi incident (I wholeheartedly believe he has).

Maybe two children so there’s no pressure placed on them. Or even just a pretty little girl type, kind of like Coco, Nana and Ruru in human form. But of course she’d be a little rough and strong willed too (cute and tough ^^). She’d be like the perfect balance of Ruby and Sapphire’s personalities pre and post personality switch. Her name would be Garnet or Amethyst or some kind of gemstone.

She’d have black hair like Ruby with his fringe but her sidies (whatever you call that hair :P) would come down more like Sapphire’s but of course she would also have the ahoge. And one fang, gotta have the fang.

She will also be grandpapa’s (Prof Birch’s) little girl and would greet him excitedly everytime. Her Nanna (Ruby’s mother) would also adore her too. It’s actually very convienient that her grandparents live next door to each other so visits are joined ^^.

Ruby would definately be overprotective and a little fussy about her. Meanwhile Sapphire would be all “it’s fine, eating dirt helps to build resitance” and Ruby would be “how about no?”. They’d then bicker about it…

Turns out I do think alot about fanchildren…. ehehe

Imagine Damon having a crush on you. Since you are a witch (which he knows) and know what he is, you wouldn’t let him into your house. So he’d keep standing in front of your door until you agree to let him in.
“You know, I will just wait here until you invite me”
“Oh dear, you will probably still stand here in ten years”
“Well, Y/n, I guess ten years of infinity is an ridiculously short amount of time waiting for a beautiful girl”

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Yuta or Hansol? 😉😏

*loud sighing* There’s no such thing as BrySol and no such thing as YuBry. I only have strong beliefs in YuBrySol I dont know what type of question this is to be honest *louder sigh*

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Yuta’s smile, it brings me life honestly. When I’m down or in stress I’ll watch videos or look at gifs/pictures of his healing smile and it makes me smile he makes me so much better. That. is love. I wont betray this beauty because he’s my japanese flower prince and my world.

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Hansol, Oh dear… He was my bias wrecker at first but I actually started treating him like my ultimate bias alongside Yuta. They’re so different but so alike at the same time~ His little bursts of aegyo and cuteness gets me through life.  He’s my Hentai Lovin’ Hansol and always will be.

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These guys… are my world. I will never pick between them EVER. 

Eddie Redmayne/Newt Scamander

…..I lost to my feelings for him



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Goals, thats all I have to say about this one


And the people that draw good I just want to say thank you

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saves  innoccent creatures, loved by none innocent ones

You save lifes, and kill 

God his a sweetheart

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I just couldn’t keep a hold of myself eheheheheh

Just look at his sweet smile

And then we have this, true perfection. He looks like the cutes frog

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I want him 


And just being overall hot af 

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His face is priceless, just fild with *cant describe it so yea think*

Oh look here we have Eddies wonderful smile AGAIN 

I just absulotly love this picture 

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Dear god help me

Oh look another one thats drawn, WITH A NIFFLER.ON.HIS.HEAD

hush little baby dont say a word, im just gonna stare at your perfection

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I can’t agree with this gif more 

he litterly just looks like the sweetest person

Seriously Eddie, you kill me

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He’s just adorable

I just had to have his cutre little awkward stand, such a cute little huffle he is

iKON reaction to your ex trying to get back with you

Hanbin: ‘’I think someone needs to inform him that he has to rethink his choice…’’

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Bobby: ‘’Oh dear…better signal him that he already failed.’’

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Jinhwan: ‘’What’s so funny??’’-’’How do you mean what…he really thinks he has a chance?’’

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Yunhyeong: ‘’Thinking he can beat this?’’

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Junhoe: ‘’So cute! I would like to see him try…’’

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Donghyuk: ‘’Such confidence! Shame that it will be wasted..’’

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Chanwoo: ‘’If you’re not on his side then we’re good!’’-’’How can I be on his side, Chanwoo WTF?!”-’’I knew he couldn’t compete with me!’’

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Wunibald: 💕 and ☘? (Setting would be.. before s-support with Yves where he doesn't know she likes him back... •//w//• )

💕 IN LOVE (with Yves)

“Oh my, Yves talking some sense to the other allies. It’s amazing how she maintenance being so cute in private and so well respected in her job…”

“Oh dear I talked to myself outloud. Thanks to the dragons nobody heard me…”

☘ HOPEFUL (about Yves)

“Yves asked about me? Really? What exact–nevermind.”

“It got for a moment over my head.”

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nothing makes me happier than you writing smol!shiro and pidge being cute together and being happy after the last chapter, i felt so bad all throughout it, she's trying so hard and shiro is too but he's just a scared little babe! oh god you kill me. that being said, i'm gonna poke along the trend of smol!shiro and pidge doing things together please!! also, you're lovely!

YOU are lovely dear anon! Are you the same smol!shiro-and-pidge-anon I’ve had all day? You’re wonderful either way!

“Tag,” Shiro says, beaming up at her. “You’re it.”

“You’re so not faster than me,” Pidge taunts, and lets Shiro get a head start (he shrieks with laughter all the way down the hall).

(Give me a prompt and I’ll write a three-sentence fic! Help me stay awake!)

Amber telling Carter he’s cute, that face is so…I don’t even know….charming?

Oh, dear… I keep pressing romantic interactions by mistake! How clumsy! ;)      Is it weird that I feel like a third wheel right now?

I’m not even controlling Carter right now, and he’s acting exactly how I hoped he would, finally one thing in the sims works out for me

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what's your favourite thing about shirabu? just wondering, since there's a lot of him on your blog ^_^


(I could rant for 3 hours probably, but you asked for The Favourite Thing so I gave that some thought..)

I think the reason why he stood out to me when I first read the manga: his design combined with his tough and salty attitude.

But what really really gets me is that he is sorta… scary.

He is one of those people who are driven by a spark, have a clear aim in their head, and do everything they can to achieve it. (Just look at those eyes they give me chills all over) He has this obsessive personality that speaks to me, without being corrupt or sly.

He has a pure, real fascination with Ushijima and Volleyball. He doesn’t pride himself as being the most important, he doesn’t strive for attention or praise (he’s seems confident and practical like that; knowing when his plays are good, knowing when he fucked up Big Time) - He plays to see that sort of power happening in front of him, because of him.

And he has a mental strength and discipline that my past self can relate to (that’s a story for Another Time) which leaves a very bittersweet feeling.


Another thing that just won’t let me go: his inner conflict and doubt which was never clearly answered.

“Faced with such amazing raw potential, wouldn’t the setter’s will be superfluous and wholly unnecessary?”

It is a way of showing that he gave up part of himself to get what he wanted. It is a conflict, it is hard, he seems like he is suffering and out of place or nothing special- amongst The Big Guys, the Miracle Boys- where his actual flashy skill is not required.

But he tries to keep up and pushes himself harder, and he is not less important than the others on the team. It is something he wanted, he decided that for himself and did it, and I think there are people who don’t think it is worth it or a good idea. But the reasons for why he chose this could be so multifarious! It makes me want to explore his personality, past and future. This right here is something that fascinates me!

tl;dr Shirabu is complex! And completely underrated~

So @ozhawkauthor, I may have… taken your birthday prompts and sorted them into categories so that one could write a fic using all of them. I’m thinking it sounds very Darcy Lewis/Lance Hunter. There’s a meet-cute, he trains her and takes her on a “fake date” mission, they date, have sex, fight, make up, and happy ending. Ugh but my life is ridiculously busy for the next month. So it may never happen. But I thought you’d like the idea!

i will never forget this new avengers chapter because billy started out as these cute teenage boy and then he was all depressed and literally tried to kill himself thinking “I wish I was someone better” and now look at him all “I love you you big goof” and doing the dishes and having a family and stil being like before all ‘i have anxiety and i hate myself” and they sitll stayed together

and teddy, because the fandom and the AUTHORS forget about him, Teddy who has so much responsibility on his shoulders now being KING OF SPACE and Teddy who lost his whole family, a prince without anyone to turn to
still dating Billy nd having a family of his own

that is so impowering for a tiny depressive self-loathing person like me, because they had so many problems and they had their rocky parts  but they stay together and they get better

they get a happy ending and it makes me think

you know, rena, you might get one,too

and that’s why representation matters

and theycalled their daughter KATIE oh gosh, oh gosh