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CAN I GET SOME DIRTY SMUTTY SLUTTY SINFUL SHIKAMARU NSFW HEADCANONS OR SMUT YOUR CHOICE!! If u want to do a smut can it be jealous or angry sex my GOD I just need some nasty stuff rn pull out everything u goT BITCB IM A HORN DOG FOR THIS SHJT THANKS SO MUCH LOTS OF LOVE ❤️

A/N: Yes my dear you sure can! Okay so lol I didn’t feel like writing a scenario because I’m very tired, so I mixed in what you wanted with a scenario into a headcannon. I hope you like it ;)


▪️Oh my Shika is lazy to begin with and if his S/O gets him angry, say she was getting too “friendly” with this food market guy so he’d give her a discount or something and he was near by to witness. He’d pull her away and sigh deeply giving her specifics on what he was going to do then drag her back to his place.

▪️Lazy as he might be, get him riled up then she’d never see the end of his smirk, especially when he’s cornering his S/O. “Really? _____, you’re so troublesome.”

▪️He’d have her on her knees first, telling her well more like ordering her to kneel. She’d listen, of course. So, expect his S/O to give him a blowjob, Shikamaru would grip her hair and guide her through the whole thing. (Might make her swallow, but won’t force her if she doesn’t wanna. He’s not bad tasting either, great diet)

▪️He’d straddle her right after and tear off whatever article of clothing she was wearing, skirt, pants, dress. It would be torn. “I’m clearly jealous, don’t act so shocked.” His sudden roughness would definitely surprise her.

▪️His hair would be down out that spikey ponytail so his sexiness would skyrocket. He’d have her on her back so she could look at him, also because he wants to see her face when he’s fucking her senseless.

▪️The room would get hot, he’d kiss all over her collar bone and neck, down to her navel. He might leave a bite marks and hickies because he wants her to know that she belongs to him. Oh he would expect her to moan too, his lips are enough to do just that, make her temble and shiver (imagine what his dick does lmao). “You like that don’t you _____.”

▪️Shikamaru would lick over her wet womanhood because he can and also because she wants it. Gah damn he is fantastic at giving head. She’d be in bliss the whole time. Then he’d just stop and sit up looking at her, not even close to brining her to and orgasm but also not far from it.

▪️"You’re going to have to earn it.“ He’d raise a brow and just wait. She’d have to either beg or give him head again and THEN beg. Then he’d finally enter her and fuck her until she got the point that she should NEVER flirt with another guy. Though he’d keep going even after the fact because who says no to multiple orgasms?

▪️It’s safe to say that she’d never do it again unless she wants to upset him, which is probably the only way she won’t get lazy sex from him.

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pls write another au inspired by that one gif of mark with his arm around haechan if you're up for it

sure thing! i had one in mind before this gif but now that it exists it is honestly so perfect????!!!!? for this concept lmao. it’s a bit rushed more this time because all my high school au ideas overlap with each other im sorry if this is repetitive lol ::: (also a lil reminder but since my aus are all just headcanon clutters if anyone wants to actually write a real fic for this pls do i rly want someone to that’s the point of me posting these lol)

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Kaisoo moments


like wtf are you guys smiling and laughing at? GODDAMNIT this makes me so happy tbh. 

look at how attentive kyungsoo is to his boyfriend.  

oh im sorry did you guys forget there are people around? 

kris getting tired of yall shit LOL 

theyre so possesive of each other and they can get enough omfg.. 

do you guys need a room? jesus christ

dear god. i need me some good kaisoo fanfics now. dear god. 

some gifs are mine, some arent~

your cool older sibling: vincent van bro

mustard yellow, potted plants, raincoats, and stationaries: vincent van hoe

getting your flo rida on at your local nightclub: vincent van low

his car was parked too long in front of the pizzaria: vincent van tow

the teacher asks for your homework: vincent van no

rushing before the convention, oh dear god: vincent van sew

vincent, but as a turtle: vincent van slow

all time superstar quarterback: vincent van throw

the monthly menstruation cycle: vincent van flow

your two favorite artists after the marriage: vincent van poe

new hip conversation changer: vincent van so,