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Stained Blue

// alright this it. my first piece on this blog. i’m pretty excited about it, tbh, because Miely’s prompt was pretty hard and i had to write it multiple times to be kind of happy with it.

// PROMPT: Please write something based off the following lyric from Halsey's Colors. “You were red. And you liked me because I was blue. And you touched me, and suddenly, I was a lilac sky. But you decided that purple just wasn’t for you.”

// warning: this prompt screamed angst but i couldn’t go through with it i’m sorry.

// sneak peek: To you, everyone held a story close to their heart, and that story gave off a color to their souls. You often saw a lot of grey – boredom, yellow – either happiness or discomfort, pink – sweet love, or the way you saw your own: blue – melancholy and sadness. Choi Seungcheol was bright red. He screamed passion and love and lust and hastened movements and warmth and everything else you weren’t.

// pairing: seungcheol x reader

// word count: 793

   You met Choi Seungcheol in a small café of your community college. Everything about him screamed passion; the way he walked confidently, in long strides, the loud boom of his voice while he ordered his drink, the fire behind his eyes when they met yours. He was wearing all black, but somehow all you could see when looking at him was red.

   You enjoyed sitting in this café by yourself and looking at people. To you, everyone held a story close to their heart, and that story gave off a color to their souls. You often saw a lot of grey – boredom, yellow – either happiness or discomfort, pink – sweet love, or the way you saw your own: blue – melancholy and sadness. Choi Seungcheol was bright red. He screamed passion and love and lust and hastened movements and warmth and everything else you weren’t. Just looking at him going around various groups around the café, as if he knew all of them, made you dizzy.

   You were a lot different than him. Left alone in a city you didn’t know to attend college to study philosophy, you were often left alone, and you liked it that way. The current world was moving too fast for you, and you’d rather spend days and nights reading and writing than following the pace of those around you. You didn’t have many friends, or went out often, but you liked it that way.

   When your somehow empty gaze met his fiery one, Seungcheol was immediately drawn in. He approached you right there, in this community college café, and offered to buy you a second coffee. Blinded by the color only you could see, you’d agreed silently and even let him sit at your table. He made most of the conversation that day. You learned he was a photograph, an artist. After you’d met, Seungcheol often told you the faraway look in your eyes had drawn him in, as if you longed for another time. He was fascinated by your melancholy and your loneliness, and drew inspiration from it.

   You were brought in by his red, while he fell for your blue. For a while, the colors cohabited well, and you could both go on with your lives quite normally. It didn’t last long, though, as Seungcheol’s colors were so bright, you couldn’t help but bathe in them, let them sink into you and give you life. His passion gave you new eyes, his love a new story. You felt your smiles were brighter, and you went out and spoke up more often. You started to enjoy the life you were given, and you knew your colors were shifting. That day, you’d let Seungcheol reach into your soul, and his red had tainted your deep blue. The red filled your heart and reached into your every veins, making you feel more alive than you’d ever felt.

   When you walked into his studio a few weeks later, you knew something else had shifted. He was sitting on the stool he usually left for his models, only one spot lighting him from the side, and he seemed to be flipping through some photos. He didn’t say anything, just let you approach. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders, and took a peak at his camera. They were pictures of you, from the night before. You sat smiling in your friend’s basement, a red cup placed in your hand. You were smiling, laughing, sometimes leaning on someone else. You looked happy.

   “You changed since you met me.” It was not a question, simply a fact. “I can’t do this anymore, Y/N.”

   You didn’t understand. You let him go, and he turned to face you. He lifted his hand and cupped it around your jaw. You leaned into it out of habit.

   “When I met you, I fell in love with your eyes. They were so empty, and yet so full with sadness and melancholy and beauty. I’d never met someone with such a gaze. But it’s gone now. I don’t know what happened to you, what I did to you, but it’s not there anymore. You’re not the Y/N I met in that café. She’s gone now.”

   His hand dropped to his knee, like your heart dropped to your stomach. The silence grew, and you just stood there until you couldn’t take it anymore. Without saying a word, you turned around, grabbed the bag you had left by the door and left the studio. You expected your steps to be heavier, your soul to go back to its original blue, but they didn’t. If anything, you were lighter on your feet, and you caught a glimpse of your reflection when passing a shopwindow.

   Guess you’d have to find someone who’d appreciate lilac.

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Friendly Fire (epilogue)

pt onept twopt threept fourpt fivept sixpt seven • pt eight

Bucky x Reader

Summary: You were tired and your hair was a mess. All you were doing was putting your hair up, but the hair tie had other plans. Now you’re in this little prank war with Bucky. Who will win, who will lose?

Words: 461

Warnings: None?

Notes: sorry i havent posted in awhile! ever since i came back from vacation, ive had writers block and on top of that, i was sleeping at night?? but now im back to my (terrible) sleep schedule hah. sorry if this little epilogue isnt amazing; its 4:04 am and still have a bit of writers block. anyways, this is hinting at a future one shot heheh any guesses? :p hope you enjoy! ~

It’s been weeks since you called a truce with Bucky, and from that point on, things have calmed down. You snapped back into your routine, with the addition of brief moments with Buck here and there. The both of you were constantly out and about on different missions, making hard to spend time together.

At first it sucked, but with time, you learned to really savour and enjoy those quick but passionate kisses in the hallway. He would catch you heading out on a mission; swiftly grabbing your wrist, pulling you to the side and completely wrapping his arms around you, making sure his lips match yours perfectly.

“Pleeeeaaase, Wanda?”

“Y/N, no way.”

“Come on, he deserves it though! You know that Bucky and I don’t get much time to ourselves…”

You were leaving for a mission with Sam, Clint, and Nat. As you buckled up in the passenger seat, you saw Bucky burst through the door and run over to your window. He signaled you to roll the window down, only to cup your face and give you a last minute kiss.
All of a sudden, your momentum shifts back into the seat and you watch as Bucky nearly stumbles face first to the ground. Sam had put the car in reverse and hit the gas, breaking the kiss for you and Bucky.

After a few more minutes of pouting and begging, Wanda sighed, shaking her head with a soft smile upon her face.

“Fine. How do you even know he’s going to.. Uh… Do it?” she asked, raising a questioning eyebrow.

“Trust me, Bucky said he does his business every morning after breakfast” you replied.

The both of you were sitting on the couch, while the rest of the team was finishing off breakfast. Bucky moved from the table to sit next to you, glancing up at Wilson, ever so often. A few minutes passed by, and Sam got up and started heading to the bathroom.

“Just as planned” you mumbled in Wanda’s direction, “Do your magic, Wand.”

With that, Wanda quickly followed behind Sam, and motioned her fingers in a short motion upwards, once he closed the door. Immediately after, a loud yell came from inside the bathroom along with a string of curse words.

Wanda looked back at you, with a huge grin exposing her teeth. You and Bucky couldn’t hold it in anymore; the both of you bursted into laughter, and high fived in victory. Steve, Vision, Tony, Natasha, and Clint all looked at you three confused, only to revert their gaze up to the bathroom door.

Out stepped Sam, with a towel wrapped around his waist and clearly soaked bottoms.

“Okay, I know for a fact that toilet seat wasn’t up when I sat down”


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  • normal people: *have nightmares about real scary shit*
  • me: *orders throam hardcovers all volumes bc anna green trash and has parents who love reading and nightmares about them picking up throam one day and reading it out of boredom and then kicking me out of the house bc their daughter ordered 80 dollars worth of gay fanfiction in ramadan and i just*

L: Well I am currently sleeping with someone I shouldn’t be. A Hill staffer from the other side of the aisle.
G: Yeah that’s not good
L: We should probably break it off, right?
G: Yeah. Maybe not yet. I want you right now.
L: Where?
G: Anywhere 


Um, excuse me mister. You can’t just say things like that. Nope. Stop. Please.

I Just Like To Imagine

That A Few Years In The Future

When @chongoblog And @knittinggiantbeanies Are Both Super Successful

And They Both Have Their Own Television Shows Or Something Of That Sort

They Will Act Like Alex Hirsch And Justin Roiland

And Leave Little Easter Eggs To Each Others Shows

And Drive Their Fans Mad