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Prompt: Imagine that you’re Ed’s neighbour and former assasin. One day you walk into him when he’s carrying wounded Oswald to his apartment.

Pairings: Edward Nygma x Reader (platonically)

Warnings: references to murder (just your normal Gotham stuff)


‘Jesus, is he alright?’, you asked when you noticed the unconscious raven-haired man being carried by your neighbour Edward right outside your door.

You didn’t mean to spy on him. It was just that this damn building had very thin walls, and the sounds coming from outside your door triggered your curiosity. What you found didn’t disappointed you at all, but rather left you puzzled.

Why on Earth was Edward Nygma carrying the infamous Penguin on his shoulder like a sack of beans?

'Miss [Name]! Oh, dear! I- this…’, Ed was startled by your voice and tried his best to remain calm.

He cleared his throat and knelt to put the little man down on the floor, carefully letting his head rest against the hallway’s wall.

'I can explain’.

'Don’t’, you sighed and stepped out of your apartment, closing the door shut after. 'Let me help you’

He stood up, trying to hide Oswald’s body with his own.

'I-I appreciate your corcern but it’s not necessary’, his hands were frantically searching for his keys inside his pockets. 'My friend just passed out because we were out drinking and there was a party-’ the words spluttered out of his mouth. He probably hadn’t had time to rehearse a proper lie.

You squatted next to Nygma’s unconsious guest. He was place and sweaty. Soon you noticed the blood on his clothes. A big stain spread across his arm and became darker at his shoulder. He’d been shot.

You arched an eyebrow.

'It must have been quite the party…’

'Y-yes…’, he finally managed to open the door to his apartment and turned around to carry Penguim inside. That’s when he saw you checking his wound. 'What do you think you’re doing?’

'He’s going to need clean bandages and something to help him fight the infection.’, without asking for permission, you Penguin’s good arm around your shoulder and used your body to lift him up.

Ed stared at you. His brown eyes wide open, mouth agape. You rolled your eyes while trying to balance the Penguin’s weight against your body.

'Are you planning on just watch or will you help me carry him inside?’, you asked. Ed grabbed Oswald from the other side and the two of you carried him to his apartment.

Ed didn’t say another word until you finished up patching Penguins wounds and changed him into more comfortable clothes. Edward injected something onto Penguin’s arm after you two lay him on the bed.

You watched him curiously.

'What is that?’

'This is a diluted dose of painkillers. It should keep him sleeping for at least another hour’.

'That’s good. He needs the rest’

'Miss [Name]’

You rolled your eyes.

'Drop the Miss. You’re making me feel old’, you said, walking pass him. 'By the way, I’m starving. Do you mind if I make myself a sandwich with whatever’s on your fridge?’


He wasn’t sure what to do now. He didn’t want you going to the police and telling them about this. Mr. Penguin being here and all… You’d helped him, but he didn’t trust you. So far he’d learned the only way to keep a secret between two people was if one of them was dead. There was no other way, he would have to kill you.

He carefully watched you stroll across his kitchen. When he realized you were honest about making a sandwich, he went back to his drawers to get another dose of that sedative he’d given to Penguin. But this time not diluted.

'Do you have any peanut butter, Nygma?’

Your voice startled him.

'There should be some in the top shelf’ he replied, quickly preparing the syringe.

'Found it!’ You sang. 'Oh, by the way…’

Ed walked towards the kitchen. The needle hidden behind his back when he reached you.


'I got rid of that bloody coat you left on the alley the other night’

Ed stopped abruptly. He wasn’t sure if he heard you correctly.

'I beg your pardon?’

'A word of advice from one neighbour to another’, you turned around with the butter knife in your hand. You didn’t look remotely surprised of finding him standing so close to you. 'If your clothes get stained, burn them, don’t try to hide them in a trash can’.

Edward was perplexed at the sudden revelation. He took a step back, and accidentally dropped the needle. It rolled to your feet. After a short glance you knew what it was, so you picked it up and emptied its content on the sink.

'Also…’, you turned around and handed him the depleted syringe. 'Don’t inject your friends behind their backs. It’s a little rude’

He glanced at his hand and then back at you. Words caught up in his throat, but after a moment of soundless mouthing, he nodded.

'I-I’m sorry. I though you- I didn’t know you…’, Ed cleared his throat and took of his glasses to clean them with his shirt. He looked flustered and it was kind of adorable.

You couldn’t help but smile.

'You okay, friend?’

He put his glasses back on and glanced at the floor.

'Yes. Thank you for your advice, Miss [Name]’.

'Glad to be of help’, you replied. 'Don’t you want a sandwich too?’

'No, thank you. I ate a while ago’

'Before or after you buried your girlfriend?’

Edward gasped.

'How do you-?!’

You chuckled at his panicking face.

'How do I know you have a girlfriend or that you killed her?’


You shrugged.

'Wall’s are thin’, you simply replied. 'I heard Penguin was planning on taking down Mayor Galavan a few nights ago. I guess it didn’t’ go smoothly. People are even saying he was killed by the GCPD.’

Ed frowned.

'Wait. You know who he is too?’ He inquiried. This was too much information he was obtaining from you in one single night.

“Yeah. I used to work for his former boss.’ you replied, munching on your sandwich. 'Don Falcone. Have you heard of him? He retired to the country side a few months ago’.

While you kept talking, Ed couldn’t avert his gaze from you. You were not at all what he was expecting. All those times when you exchanged trivial “good morning’s” on your way to the elevator, when you crossed paths on the hallway, or while taking out the trash. He always wondered why you wrapped yours in three plastic bags, well… Now he could get an pretty good idea what was in those bags. This was far better that he imagined! It was like christmass.

'Miss [Name]?’


A wide smile spread across his face when you looked back at him.

'Do you believe in fate?’


Reader struggles with an eating disorder and Ed finds out


A/n– I understand what it’s like to have an eating disorder and I promise it will get better

Warning-  Eating disorder




You had always pushed your ‘little problem’ to the back of your mind. You weren’t anorexic. Sometimes you just weren’t hungry. Right? I mean you could afford to not eat a meal or two. These thoughts ran through your head as you and Ed had lunch at his apartment. He had been so busy with work, Ed hadn’t noticed you just pushing your food around on your plate. You studied Ed with his tall handsome figure. You sighed and adjusted the napkin on your lap, repulsed by the way your thighs look sitting down. Yes, this was for the best. You had to take action. “Oh, dear!” Ed said suddenly, pulling you out of your thoughts. “I best be going.” He exclaimed glancing at his watch. “I’ll be home for dinner love. I’ll make grilled cheese. Your favorite. ” He kissed you on the cheek and headed out the door, paying no attention to your full plate and empty gaze.

The rest of the afternoon passed quickly. Before you knew it, Ed was home, humming away, cooking dinner. “Soup’s on!” Ed chuckled cheerfully, putting bowls of tomato soup on the table , following with grilled cheese sandwiches. He sat down across from you and immediately dug in. “…and guess what we found in his body? Just like the wife said- Y/n are you okay?” Ed halted his rambles of his work adventures through bites of sandwich. “You haven’t touched your food. In fact,” he frowned, “ You haven’t been eating right for a while. Are you sick or something?”

You stayed silent, your chin wobbling. He pushed his chair back and knelt down besides you. Tears threatened to spill down your cheeks as you opened your mouth to speak. “I..I… Ed!” You sob and launch yourself into his arms. “Ed, I’m sorry! I just… it’s been like this for awhile and it was a problem when I was a teen and now I’m with you it started again and it’s not your fault it’s all me…” You trail off, now hyperventilating. Ed’s body suddenly became stiff. “What are you saying? Are you not eating on purpose?” He stood up, ripping himself from your grasp. “How could you do this to yourself?” His eyes flashed dangerously and the bitterness in his voice shocked you. You let out a squeak and looked at him disbelieving.

“Oh Y/n I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to yell at you.” He reached out tentatively and held you in his arms again. “I just don’t understand why you would do this to yourself. You are perfect.” He held you as your tears stopped and your breathing returned to normal. “It’s okay. You’ll be okay. We can get you help. I’ll help you. I love you so much y/n and all I want is for you to be better.” And there you were, sitting in your kitchen floor, in the arms of your soulmate, finally realizing you could get through this. You would get better.

  • Ed: Heh, you know what I just realized? "Oy" is the funniest word in the entire world.
  • Isabel: Hmm.
  • Ed: I mean think about it, you never hear the word "oy" and not smile. Impossible. Funny, funny word.
  • Grandpa: Oh dear God.
  • Ed: "Poodle" is another funny word.
  • Grandpa: Eat your food, Ed.
  • Ed: In fact, if you put "oy" and "poodle" together, in the same sentence, you'd have a great new catchphrase, you know? Like, "Oy with the poodles already."
  • Isabel: -laughs-
  • Ed: So from now on, when the perfect circumstances arise, we will use our favorite new catchphrase:
  • Isabel: Oy with the poodles already.
  • Ed: I'm telling you, it's knocking "Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Willis?" right out of first place.

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Imagine drunk!ed and drunk!reader together

Drunken Love

I slump on my couch beat from the day at the GCPD. Sure I signed up to be a Forensic Pathologist, but having a dead body on the table every day wasn’t expected. Also given this is Gotham we’re talking about there are probably plenty more body’s hidden in people’s closest then in the lab. I sigh and turn on the tv trying to relax as well as I could.

3rd person POV

As (y/n) try’s to let off some steam by laying on the couch her down the hall neighbor is pacing around the room thinking about what to do.

“You knew the plan! Why didn’t you just ask her!” Edward’s darker self asks in anger. “Because I was nervous! You know how I get around her!” “Oh I know. You shut down. Your hands get clammy, and you say stupid things. She thinks you’re such a dork.” “Don’t call me that!” “I’m only saying the truth. Take a look at her last boyfriend. Tall, handsome, dark. She likes bad boys. Hm you know what? Sounds a lot like me.” Dark Ed says smirking.

“No. You may hurt her. I don’t trust you.” “Oh I’ll hurt her. I’ll hurt in the way she can’t walk for a week.” “You can’t do that. She thinks to highly of me for that.” “And a woman like her has needs. Needs we can fulfill. What do you say? Take me out for a test drive, and if I don’t succeed then we can go back to the pathetic friend zone. Deal?” Edward looks at the offered hand in suspicion. “Deal.” Edward says, and immediately his posture changes. “Alright (y/n). Here I come.”

(Y/n) POV:

I poor myself another glass of wine and sink back into my couch. Suddenly I hear a knock on the door and internally groan.

I stand up and open my door. “Ed. What are you doing here? I almost didn’t recognize you. You’re not wearing your glasses.” I laugh and invite my friend in.

“Oh nothing impertinent beautiful. Just wanted to see you. Maybe get some dinner.” He says walking to me with a determined look. As he walks forward I walk back eventually hitting the wall. “Dinner? I-I’m not that hungry.” Ed smirks and traps me with his arms.

“Well I’m starving.” Ed lowers his head to my neck and slowly starts kissing down. He bits softly causing me to lightly moan. Ed laughs and pulls away slightly.

I go under his arms and to my couch. “You want a drink?” I ask biting my lip. “Of course baby.” He says and walks to me as I fill his glass.

6 more glasses in and we’re off our rocker. Ed pushes my hair off my shoulder and dips his head down to kiss me I push him back slightly. “Eddie are you okay? You’re not acting normal.” I say looking into his drunken eyes.

He laughs and backs away only a little. “I see the way you look at him beautiful. At us. You blush when he stammers over his words, or makes a joke about the dead body. You like him. He of course likes you too. We like you.” I furrow my eyebrows. “Him?”

Ed places his hand on my face and one arm around my waist pulling me to him. “God you’re so beautiful.” He leans down to me and presses his lips to mine. I melt into him gripping the collar of his shirt. He pushes me down on the couch and continues kissing me.

Edward starts to kiss down my body and moves his hands under my shirt squeezing my breast over my bra. I sigh in pleasure. “Edward.” I sit up and pull his lips to mine again. Suddenly he pulls away completely trying to stand up but falls on the ground as he cant get his balance.

“Oh dear.” Ed looks at his hands with a tiny hidden smile. “Ed?” “Oh (y/n). Are you okay? Did he hurt you?” He asks in a rush looking over my body.

I laugh and grab his face. “No Edward. He was actually very helpful. He told me somethings that I was to afraid to ask.” “What do you-” I cut him off by placing my lips to his again. He goes stiff, but soon melts just like I did.

“So h-he told you my feelings?” I nod smiling. “And you feel the same?” He asks placing his hands on top of mine. “Yes Ed.” I laugh and miss him again. “Am I impaired?” Edward says confused. “Yes Eddie you certainly are.” We both laugh and enjoy the rest of the night in each other arms with occasional drunken kisses.

Lost & Found.

Request: can i have an edward nygma imagine (since you love him so much and i do too) of him finding you on the streets of Gotham and nursing you back to health??????

Requested by: @itstheemcat

Word Count: 1,926

Warnings: Violence toward a woman.

Author’s Note: Another one that’s been sitting in my inbox for months. I’m the worst. Under a read more because it got so freaking long, holy shit. Might do a part two if anyone wants it, but????? ENJOY.

You’d be alone on the streets for years, ever since your parents left you for a quiet life alone together. It hadn’t been so bad. You learned to fend for yourself, and though the stealing and the lying and the running got to you sometimes, you knew you were only doing what you had to to survive. That night, the night you had been saved by Mr. Edward Nygma, had been the hardest one yet.

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Nygmobblepot Drabbles: #3 Contact

Takes place during Oswald’s stay at Ed’s apartment in Season Two. 

Read on AO3

Thank you to Kris & Sarah for beta reading!

“Are you insane?! No way!” Oswald yells, his green eyes flashing viciously at Ed, who cringes and quickly holds his hands up in an appeasing gesture.

“Mr. Penguin, I understand your need for…space. But as I already told you, we’ve been sharing a bed for the past two nights. You’ve only been too unconscious to notice-”

“I don’t care!” Oswald screams with his fists hammering down onto the mattress. “I will not share a bed with you, you freak!”

Ed inhales sharply, whole body growing tense.

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I Loved You First // Nygmobblepot Angst

The sounds of gunshots and breaking glass accosted Edward’s ears as he rushed through the hallway. Tears melted down his face, heart racing at the thoughts of the terrible images he’d seen on the television just minutes earlier during what might once have been a pleasant evening.

Gunshots. Oswald. The lunatic they were calling the mad hatter. The last thing Edward had seen was the gun pointed inches from Oswald’s face before the connection had broken and the television screen clicked to gray noise.

Edward had already begun to run when his phone ringed. It was Oswald’s number, but upon answering there was only the noise of muffled screams and gunshots.

Ed flew through the building, starting to push and shove against the stream of fleeing bodies as he drew closer.

“Oswald!” Ed wailed, tears running and face red from the feverish horror of not knowing.

The way these people rushed and shoved, the way Oswald’s limp hindered his movement, a part of Ed knew he was not one of the people in the fleeing crowd. He wailed and barked Oswald’s name in spite of his logic, unable to accept the idea of Oswald being left behind.

Finally the crowd was behind him, and Ed burst through the door to the quiet dining room. It was littered with motionless bodies and blood and broken glass, and Edward’s heart shattered in dismay.

“Ed…,” a broken voice croaked quietly.

Edward’s heart skipped a beat. He turned immediately to the sound as it repeated itself. Ed’s hands flew to cover his gaping mouth, jaw drooping in horror.

Oswald lay on the dining table, a mess of blood and broken things littered all around him. He’d struggled. The contents of the dinner were piled up behind him, the table runner bunched beneath his body. He’d been thrown onto it in the midst of a messy, bloody scuffle, and now Oswald lay there, mouth agape to reach for air. A trail of blood led to the window - Jervis was long gone by now.

Ed drew closer, horrified and panicked. A part of him felt relief that Oswald was even alive, until he saw the bloody blotch on Oswald’s vest. Half-concealed by the dark fabric, it almost went unnoticed until the light caught the glistening maroon stain. Oswald really had been shot, after all. Now, a pool of blood slowly radiated out from beneath him.

“Oh dear,” Ed rushed, horrified and panicking. He reached for his phone, dialed for the police, and broke into hysterics. “Oh god, please help,” he started, somehow taking care not to mention his name, in the event the police refused to respond to the cop-killer Ed was. “Please send help. He’s been shot, please. The mayor, he’s been…please….”

Trembling, Ed’s hand released his phone. It fell to the floor, and through blinding tears Edward could barely make out the agonized face of the one he really loved.

“Where were you?” Ed hissed at himself. He wasn’t sure if he heard his own voice in his ears or only in his mind, but hear it he did. “Where were you?!?”

Selfish. Stupid. Pathetic. His mind raced with the agonizing thoughts breaking him down into a million pieces.

“Ed…,” Oswald murmured, reaching a shaking arm to find him. “My…Ed….”

Edward stopped, paralyzed, to stare down at Oswald. Their eyes met, finally, and the reality finally struck him. If an ambulance was even coming, it wouldn’t come soon enough.

“Oswald, I’m so sorry.” Tears crashed down to the table, assimilated into the layer of blood collecting beneath him. “I should have…I….”

“Stop,” Oswald wheezed through labored breaths. “It doesn’t matter anymore. Ed, I…need to tell you….“ Ed cringed through the tears and took Oswald’s hand, fighting desperately to silence his own whimpers. "My…dear Ed. I…I have fallen…so hopelessly in love with you.”

Such a pitiful sound it was…such a bittersweet confession. His poor and broken Oswald had no more fight left in him. As Ed stared into his wavering blue eyes, he could see the once-concealed pain there clear as day. Here, his beautiful Oswald looked into the face of death with open arms.

Finally, Oswald’s grip on Ed’s hand loosened. Blue eyes stared into dead space, and Edward’s heart broke at the sound of Oswald releasing one long, final breath.

“Oswald,” he whimpered, bringing his hand to nudge Oswald slightly, to no avail. “No, Oswald…Oswald please….”

The sound of car sirens crescendoed in the distance, but the ambulance was already too late.

“Oswald!” Ed screamed, breaking down and burying his face in Oswald’s chest. There he stayed as his sobs slowly grew quiet, and, knowing he would go unheard, he whimpered through his tears: “I loved you first.”

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“-Well, friends, I suppose that the fun it’s just starting, yay!-he unfolded his knife and turned to his guests- so, anybody wanna go first?” -Oswald Cobblepot.

“Ed turned to his backpack looking for his pocket knife, but stopped because of the smell of burnt hair.

-Oh dear-whispered Ed in disbelief. The sac was in flames.“ -Edward Nygma

Hogwarts AU: http://archiveofourown.org/works/11736642/chapters/26447001

have some more domestic nygmobblepot headcanons b/c wHY THE FUCK NOT??

  • ed sitting behind oswald on the couch and wrapping his legs around oswald’s waist and giving him a shoulder massage to calm him down after a stressful day of mayoral duties
  • oswald sitting on the couch and making ed sitting on the floor in front of him to do paperwork so he can run his hands through ed’s hair
  • oswald not being tol enough to kiss ed properly so he just settles for neck kisses that make ed shiver and catch his breath b/c goddamn neck kisses
  • ed overhearing oswald say “i assure you sir” or something equally pompous to someone and not letting it go for weeks. every time he tries to convince oswald of anything he says “i assure you sir” in a teasing voice
  • oswald overhearing ed mutter “oh dear” and affectionately teasing him for it b/c he thinks it’s the most adorable thing he’s ever heard. every time anything goes wrong, oswald just grins at ed and says “oh dear, right ed?”
  • ed sneaking up on oswald and whispering a riddle into his ear and oswald being like “oh ew go away you nerd” but really he’s frantically trying to work out the answer so he can impress ed
  • ed finding out that oswald’s middle name is chesterfield so he just calls him “oswald CHESTERFIELD cobblepot” for days every single time he addresses him until oswald tells him to shut up
  • oswald owning a piano somewhere in his ridiculously huge mansion and disappearing for hours on end to practice beautiful pieces of music so he can play them to ed

Your Chief of Staff

(Because I’m sick and tired of Ed not realizing. Enjoy.)

“To the fall of Penguin!”

The champagne splashed, but Ed had eyes only for the television set where Oswald’s latest interview was airing. He was on very thin ice now; the whistleblower campaign was working like a charm.

“Ed, come on, celebrate, this is all thanks to you!” Babs called him over gleefully.

Ed looked up to perfunctorily nod and raise his glass before his attention was absorbed in the television again. Oswald snapped at every question, his political cool slipping under the barrage of charges. Almost all of them were true, to make matters worse. Ed knew all his little secrets, he knew what strings to pull to make him fall apart; he’d helped tie them up, after all.

“What of your chief of staff?”

Ed froze, posture tightening.

Oswald just stared at the reporter, silent for seconds on end. “Mr. Nygma, is on… um… a temporary leave of absence due to his health,” Oswald recovered shakily, “we hope to have him back very soon.” His lips widened but the set of his teeth didn’t show a real smile.

“That doesn’t sit with-”

“I’m sorry, no more questions on Mr. Nygma, please. He’s watching this at home and I wouldn’t want to upset him.”

Ed swallowed, exhaling for the first time since the questions turned to him. He turned away from the screen, blocking it out with his shoulders, and stepped towards the party.

“Everything going as planned?” Tabitha leaned her head around Butch, pleased enough to be civil with him today.

“No problems. He’s in over his head,” Ed reassured her, pulling the smile that seemed to be acceptable to everyone here. Tabitha nodded assent and Ed made a break for the door.

“Hey, Nygma,” Butch jumped in before Ed could escape. Ed turned back to him reluctantly, trying not to grimace too obviously.

“I haven’t forgiven you and I still think you’re a punk-ass kid who needs a good lesson in respect… but nice job on Penguin. You’ve come through for us, so… I’ll forego beating you into the ground,” Butch smiled.

Ed’s lips quirked. “A compliment from you, Butch, is almost above an insult,” he said, bowing his head and walking out to the sounds of “Did he just insult me for being nice to him…?”

Ed broke for the stairs, thundering up them as fast as his long legs could carry him until he reached the safety of his room. He really wasn’t in the mood for a party and was glad to be out of the festive atmosphere. Something about the frivolity just… didn’t sit right with him.

Ed leaned back against his door, loosening his tie, then completely undoing it and tossing it on his desk. He opened a button on his collar and sighed. This was supposed to be his moment of triumph, his victory. He’d done it, he’d won, Oswald was finished. Why then did he have the distinct symptoms of indigestion?

His eyes traveled to the little paper penguin he’d left on his desk. He’d made dozens in Arkham, he remembered the pattern by heart. His room just felt more home-like with the memento. He walked over and picked up the little fellow.

“I miss you,” he told it, “more than I expected to. Some days it’s… almost unbearable without you. No one understands.” He heaved a sigh. It was such a relief to say it out loud, to acknowledge those moments when he felt so alone and yet knew, if Oswald were here, somehow he wouldn’t anymore.

Ed walked around his room, carrying the little paper penguin with him. He flipped on his own TV at the foot of his bed, tuning it to the news station covering the mayor’s disgrace. Oswald’s harried, cringing face appeared on screen as he waved off the photographers, ducking into the sanctity of his office. Ed winced, watching.

“A mounting effort for a recall… new evidence come to light on Mayor Cobblepot’s criminal dealings which may not entirely be in the past… suspicion thrown on election night itself… is Oswald Out?”

Ed shut off the TV again, swallowing. No, this is what he wanted. He wanted Oswald in tatters, his name and reputation destroyed, his very life ripped from him… well, not his life. Never his life.

Is Oswald Out?

The phrase stuck in Ed’s mind. The… permanence of it, the abrupt reality of his success and what it would mean.

“I don’t… want you gone,” Ed muttered out loud, “That’s not what I wanted. I know I said I wanted you destroyed, but this is… these past few months without you. I don’t think I want more of that.”

Ed picked up the little penguin again and hugged it close. “Where would I be… without you?” Ed murmured down at its blank, beaky face.

He threw the penguin back down on the bed. “But you murdered Isabella! That’s… unforgivable,” Ed ground his teeth, leaping into action and pacing the room in wide strides.

“She was my everything and you took her from me. I can’t just overlook that. But I miss you so much at the same time, and I just…!” Ed threw his hands in his hair, pulling at his scalp, “Why, why couldn’t you have just told me how you felt? Why didn’t you…”

All of his motion came to a sudden stop. That day… the day he met Isabella, the dinner… the thing Oswald wouldn’t say. “You… were going to. You tried… oh.” Ed reached for his chair and collapsed into it. His mouth felt parched, his chest felt hot and twisted, like some mild form of cardiac arrest, although he was perfectly aware of his heart continuing to beat, even harder than usual.

“If I hadn’t… oh dear,” Ed breathed, “oh dear, oh dear.” Several seconds passed as he gulped huge breaths. He swallowed, “By then it was too late… oh, Oswald.” Ed bit his lip, the sharpness of the pain clarifying his whirling thoughts.

“This… hurts, this hurts so much,” Ed hugged himself close on his chair, resting his chin miserably on his knee, “Because you still murdered her, but I can’t bear being away from you. When this is all over, I’ll have no reason to be near you again, you’ll be nothing, you’ll have nothing… except me.” Ed swallowed hard, “I can’t… I can’t abandon you. You’re my best friend. And I love you.”

It came like a light switching on. The reason he couldn’t kill Oswald. The reason he wanted to forgive him even though he killed Isabella. The reason he’d done all this. He loved him. The pain in his chest eased, a heavy weight he didn’t know he was carrying lifted off in an instant.

Ed sat there, dazed smile on his face. He loved Oswald Cobblepot. It was plain as the sun. He looked at the little penguin on his bed, flopped over on its side. He reached out and righted it. “I love you, Oswald. I won’t let you go.” Ed told the little penguin tenderly, still smiling. That made everything so much easier.  

Gotham s2e17 - ‘Into the Woods’

As I watched it, and some random summarising here and there:

Previously on Gotham: Oswald has a ‘family’, Babs is awake, Ed is paranoid, Jim was set up! 

As always, long post will be long.  There are likely to be rambling digressions. Gobblepot might sneak in (although I welcome all shippers and non-shippers alike :)).  There will be naked favouritism and naked not-favouritism.  Broader comments at the end on plotlines and parallels and general direction.

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