oh dean baby


“Now I just want you to know,” he said as he picked up his queue, “that I’m not the best at this game.” 

“I’m not so good either,” you laughed walking around the table, eying the rack on the table.

“Really?” he responded glancing at you. “Because from the looks of it, you know what you’re doing.”

“Oh,” you said waving him off. “No. This is like my third game in my life?” The lie came easy, and you twirled your hair through your fingers and leaned your head to one side trying to sell it. “I just play for fun sometimes, when my opponent is cute enough.”

Dean, or his name might have been Dan…smiled at you, and you couldn’t help but notice that his ears flushed a slight pink at your not-so-subtle flirtation. He stuck his hand in his pocket and pulled out a crumpled bill.

“How about we make this more interesting? A twenty to whoever wins?” 

You eyed the money, catching the twinkle in his eye as he watched you, and you nodded once. “I could do twenty,” you agreed. 

“Alright!” he said happily, slapping the money on the edge of the pool table and he pointed at you as he walked towards the opposite side of the table. “Ladies first.” 




I found this on Misha’s twitter account.
They finally did it.
Someone turn Destiel, in this case Casdean in to a human form….
Oh! the therapy this child will have to endure if he joins tumblr one day find the tag Casdean, or even if he enters his name in it: Castiel Dean.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, we have at least one occurrence in real life that this pair can be tougher…. Forever… As a baby’s name.
Blessed be this new soul

Oh Baby!

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Words: 1,674

Forever Tag List: @thesalsafic, @bummblebeeblue, @sarbear429, @bea789, @xtina2191, @evyiione, @cal-hood96, @lovethefandomsuniverse

Request: Can you write a deanxreader one shot where Y/N gives birth in the back seat of the inpala(to a girl?) and maybe they wrap her in one of deans shirts but then Y/N loses too much blood and almost dies but then cas gets her to the hospital just in time and it’s really really super fluffy. Sorry if his is too specific - Anonymous

Author’s Note: Nah, specific stuff is great! I hope you all like it. If it seems kinda rushed, it is because I waited til the last minute to do this because I suck. I actually remember to add the forever tag list to this one! If you wanna be added, just shoot me an ask. – Haley xx

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It all happened so fast, I couldn’t remember what actually happened first. Maybe it was me screaming about my water breaking in the backseat of the impala or Dean slamming on the breaks as he pulled onto the shoulder, making the tires squeal.

I laid in the backseat with head in Sam’s lap and holding onto his hand. I thought I could go with them on their hunt to Overland Park, not that far from Lebanon, just a few hours. Dean hadn’t been taking a lot of hunts the past few weeks and had been staying with me. I’m thirty-four weeks pregnant with our first child and every time Dean would leave for a hunt, I’d break down sobbing because I thought I would never see him again.

So I begged Dean to let me go. I’ll do all the research, I told him. I won’t get myself involved; I just wanted to be near him. The fear of him dying on a hunt and our unborn child not ever meeting their dad overtook me when Dean would leave. And that leads us to where we are now, my water breaking while on a Kansas backroad.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered. Sam pushed my hair back off my forehead.

“Y/N, you don’t have to be sorry,” Sam said, softly. “No one knew your water would break.”

“I know, but Dean’s pissed off,” I said.

When Dean pulled over, Sam got into the back with me, helping me get comfortable for whatever might happen. Dean, walked off, saying he was going to find some place on this sonofabitch road that had cellphone service. Whenever Dean did finally come back, he was even more pissed off than before.

“I can’t get anything,” Dean huffed, leaning through the back window across from me. “How are you feeling, baby?”

Tears pricked my eyes and escaped down my face, causing Dean’s face to soften. A sharp pain hit me right in the lower abdomen. I gasped lowly and squeezed my eyes shut.

“Are you having a contraction?” Sam asked.

“I think,” I groaned out. I felt Sam’s hand tightened around mine. I opened my eyes again and saw Dean had pulled open the door he was leaning through.

“Y/N, do you…?” Dean asked. “Um…. I should…”

“What Dean?” I snapped.

“Check. Should I check you?”

I was so glad that I decided to throw on a maxi dress instead of trying to work myself into some leggings. I nodded my head and lifted up my ass to shimmy down my underwear. Sam looked away and I pulled up the dress around my knees.

“No baby yet,” Dean said.

A few hours later and I was covered in a light film of sweat. I had soaked through my dress and probably the leather seat as well. My contractions had started becoming thirty minutes apart and I was more uncomfortable than before. Sam had moved from his spot and Dean had sat with me now; my back against Dean’s chest.

“Can we just go?” I whined, leaning my head on Dean’s shoulder. “I’m burning the hell up.”

“I don’t know where the closet hospital is at,” Dean said, “or I would, trust me Y/N, I would get you to one.”

“And there’s no damn service out here,” Sam said, from the front seat.

“Cas!” I said, sitting up so fast I felt dizzy. “Why haven’t you idiots prayed to Cas?”

“Cas is pretty busy, Y/N,” Sam said.

“And?” I asked him. “I’m having a baby. I’m more important. Everyone pray. He’ll hear them and find us.”

Dean sighed from behind me and I looked at him. “Do you really want Cas here?”

“I’m pregnant and hot,” I said, wiping the sweat off my forehead with the back of my hand. “I don’t want him here; I need him here.”

The sun was started to set, but the temperature increased. We all prayed to Cas, but he never showed up. My contractions were getting closer together and each one of them more painful than the next. Dean and Sam had switches spots again because when this baby comes, I don’t Sam to be the one looking at me down there.

“Why did you all decide not to know the sex?” Sam asked. He would hold my hand during the contractions and ask me questions to distract me from the pain.

“I don’t know,” I gritted out. “We just did.”

“Have you thought about any names?”

“Mary for a girl,” Dean said. The car door was still opened and he was leaning against it. Dean looked into the car and gave me a smile, “Right, baby?”

“Don’t call me baby,” I retorted. The contraction slowly ended and I laid my forehead against the seat. “I want this child out of me. I think it’s trying to kill me.”

“What about for a boy?” Sam asked, trying to get the pain of my mind.

“We haven’t decided – Cas!” Dean exclaimed, standing straight and taking off.

“I’m not naming my baby after that son of a bitch,” I mumbled, sitting up a bit. “He never showed up.”

Sam laughed, “No, Y/N, Cas is here.”

“I don’t care,” I whined. “I’m so uncomfortable. Sam, move or something. I can’t sit like this anymore.”

Sam pressed his back against the door, with one leg between me and the seat. I scooted between his legs and rested against his chest. If anyone had drove one by, which no one had in the past few hours, they would have seen Sam and I covered in sweat while also the seat being slick from sweat as well, my underwear laying in the floor, and now me basically laying on Sam’s chest. Well, they probably would have thought Sam and I had some rough sex.

Which, I won’t lie, that’s how I got pregnant. Dean and I were on a case during our third anniversary together and while we dropped Sam off at the motel to do some research, I made Dean pull over on the side of some road and pulled him into the backseat with me. Then a few weeks after that I found out I was pregnant and the rest is history.

“Y/N, Cas is here,” Dean said, crouching in front of the door.

Cas poked his head inside. “Hello, Y/N. I am sorry I couldn’t show up fast enough. I heard all of your prayers.”

“Cas, I’m going to have to shove this baby out of me,” I said. “Apologize later, I might I actually care then.”

Cas glanced over me and looked down at the watch on his wrist. “When was your last contraction?”

“A few minutes ago. Why?” Cas snapped his fingers and the contraction pain I had been feeling hit me like a ton of bricks. “What the hell was that for?”

This pain was stronger than before, it was not only in my lower abdomen, but everywhere else on my body. “It’s time,” Cas said.

“Now!?” I screamed as the pained waved over me again. “Holy shit, Cas, what the hell did you do?”

“You had a few more hours added to your labor. I increased the time so you would have your baby now.”

I groaned and Dean stood up. “Let me see.” I pulled up my dress and Dean gasped. “I see the head.”

Another wave of pain hit me and I cried out. Sam grabbed both of my hands into his and whispered, “You’re going to have to push, Y/N.”

Dean peeled off his flannel and helped me move one leg to the top of the front seat. My nails dug into Sam’s hands as I pushed. I was concentrating on pushing my baby out that I couldn’t hear Dean saw he could see the shoulders and body, or the words of encouragement Sam was giving me.

I was in so much pain I could have thrown up right there, but suddenly it was all over. I saw the baby in Dean’s arm, wrapped in his flannel. I felt the slickness of the blood on my thighs, but the world was hazy and dizzy and when I closed my eyes, I couldn’t open them again.

I heard a baby cry and my eyes slowly opened. I saw Dean sitting in a rocking chair, holding a pink blanket. “Dean?” I called out, softly.

His head jerked up and he smiled. Dean stood up slowly, the crying got louder as Dean got closer. “Hey, baby, how you feelin’?”

“Where am I?” I asked, sitting up.

“Where in a hospital. You fainted after giving birth from the lack of blood. Cas zapped us over here when we noticed you weren’t waking up,” he said, sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Is that her?” I asked.

“Sure is,” Dean said. “She’s been wanting you ever since.” Dean scooted closer and I reached out and slowly took the baby from him. Our baby. “Our little Mary.”

Tears filled my eyes as Mary looked up at me. She stopped crying. “Hello, little one,” I whispered, kissing her head. “Jesus, she looks like Sam. I didn’t give birth to you in a car for you to look like your uncle Sam.”

Mary blew raspberries up at me and I smiled. “She’s absolutely gorgeous, though,” Dean said. “I’m sorry I thought taking this job was alright. I should have stayed home with you.”

“I’m sorry my water broke in the car,” I said. “And that I bled out in it as well.”

“Eh, Cas snapped it clean,” Dean said and I rolled my eyes. He leaned over Mary and gave me a gentle kiss. “I love you so much.”

“I love you more,” I said. “Even when I was uncomfortable and hot and snappy. I love you so much, but I’m never having another kid.”

Dean chuckled, “Fair enough. But will you do one thing for me?”

I sighed and looked down at Mary. Her eyes were close and she was snoozing away. “What?”

“Will you marry me?”

Regarding Dean- L&W’s Commentary
  • OH MY GOD. Dean crashing Baby.
  • Dean eating waffles is amazing
  • Dory. He loves Dory.
  • Protective Sammy looking for Dean
  • “You were… amazing
  • Dean regretting not remembering his night with her
  • Dean being psyched to be a hunter
  • “Our best friend’s an angel. Whaaaaat??”
  • Damn hipster witches
  • He’s like a puppy and I am so in love- this is not helping my crisis
  • “Dean WInchester is going to die.” “Sucks for that guy”
  • Worried Sam- my heartttt
  • Rowena kinda complementing Dean
  • “God and his sister…” Dean’s face oh gah
  • I will never not love sleepy!dean
  • Rowena backstory- I AM LOVIN’ IT
  • “NO!” on the grenade launcher loveee
  • THe lil thumbs up my heart oh gah Dean
  • “Not funny” The relief under all of it
  • Sam’s smoulder at Rowena whoo boy

Feelin’ very slighted by these Riverdale promos. DO NOT WANT.

Cas would be Falcon.

Not My Father’s Son: Chapter 2

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Pairing: Dean x Reader

Prompt: AU- Non-Supernatural Verse: Dean meets a women named Y/N and tries to be something more than what people expect of him. 

Warnings: AU, self-doubt/hate (from Dean but what’s new), John’s an ass

Words: 2096

Note: Idk where this came from but I really like it. I sort of want this to be mainly about Dean.

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You’re Just Good With Babies (Part 11)

               You stared at Lucifer as he paced around the hotel room, two tall dark haired men stood by the door. A few stood behind you, you were tied to a chair and you hadn’t been to sleep in quite a while. You wanted to scream, and you had even begun to until they taped your mouth shut. “So tell me, oh…well…just nod then.” Lucifer said with a smirk as he popped down on a chair in front of you. “Do you know that you are carrying two of the greatest gifts to earth inside you at this very moment?” he asked reaching out to rub the sides of your belly. You visibly flinched and tried to move away. “Oh don’t worry; I don’t plan on hurting you, while you’re pregnant with the two miracles at least” he smirked before getting up and walking away.

               You prayed to whoever could hear you to help you. There was no way you were going to let Lucifer take your children. He told the guards at the door something, whispering as he glanced at you. You held your head high, even though you were in pain. ‘Cas …I’m not sure you can hear me….but if you can….please help me…he wants the twins….I don’t know what for, but he might hurt all three of us. Cas please help’

               Castiel stood back a ways as the guys searched through the truck, there was no trace that anyone had even been in there. “There’s nothing even coming up on the EMF.” Sam sighed through gritted teeth, before launching the EMF across the garage with an outraged yell. He ran his hands through his hair staring at the ground. Castiel heard your prayer, getting weak signals from your location. “You guys…shes praying” he said causing both of their heads to snap in his direction. “Shes alive?! Where is she Cas! Where!” Sam yelled walking toward him before Dean stepped between them. “I’m….its fuzzy…shes asking for help, he wants the twins…shes afraid he will hurt the three of them. I’m going to go search for her, stay here in case I find anything” he said before zapping away.

               Dean looked at Sam as he backed off and stormed into the bunker, a month. It had been a month since that son of a bitch took you, and there still was no trace of you what so ever. Sam hadn’t slept, and Dean could barely shut his eyes because of the worry that filled them for his brother and yours safety. Lucifer was up to something, but god…What! He couldn’t start the apocalypse without his true vessel which of course was Sam. “Sam! Sammy!” Dean shouted running in the bunker, “Sam! SAM!” he shouted louder, searching around the bunker for him only to find him researching books in his room.

               When you woke up, you were lying on the bed, on your side with your arms untied. “I had them do that…I’ve slept tied up before…uncomfortable as hell….well….nothing is as uncomfortable as hell….well you understand” he flashed you a grin and it made you visibly shudder. “Will you let me go now? Look, I’m not sure I understand what you want with my children, but like I told you in the car, Sam and I are over. I’m done with all of this” you said pushing yourself up. “Oh no, you see, I don’t need Sam anymore…I have the babies!” he grinned throwing his hands up.

               You stared at him, shaking your head. “You can’t have them! I won’t let you!” you yelled at him. Two guards grabbed your arms holding them behind you when there was a yell and suddenly the hotel door opened. “Let. Her. Go.” Castiel said standing there, anger written on his face. “Cas!” You grinned seeing him, finally a small piece of safety washed over you. “oh look at the pretty little angel here to save Y/N. What, Sammy to busy?” Lucifer remarked grinning at Castiel. “I have something for you to give to the brothers…” he snapped his fingers and a sonogram picture appeared in his hand. “Michael and I…we no longer need Sam and Dean….two new Winchester brothers are about to be born. And when they are….we’ll get them” he smirked.

               Castiel stared at him, snatching the picture quickly. “You won’t be getting your hands on any children of the Winchesters. Ever.” He said staring at Lucifer when the two guards dropped from beside me. Suddenly, Gabriel appeared and stood beside me, somewhat shielding me from Lucifer’s vision. “well isn’t this cute…father would be proud” he spat, glaring at both Cas and Gabriel. “Leave the girl be, she hasn’t done anything and shes not part of yours and Michaels fight.” Gabriel said staring daggers at him. “You see, I don’t need her. In fact the moment I get my hands on the boys, I’ll kill her. She’ll be no longer any good to me” Lucifer said holding his hands out a smile on his face. “You should be proud Y/N. your children will be warriors.” You visibly shuddered again and shrunk behind Gabriel, “I don’t feel very good” you whispered. Gabriel shot something at Lucifer, which froze him for a moment. “Cas, you know how to handle this one right?” he asked as Castiel nodded “I’ll take her back to the bunker though…you clean up this mess.” Cas said moving toward you as Gabriel walked over to Lucifer and placed a hand on the frozen figure. “Y/N….I’ll be sending a gift for your new family in a few days” he smiled and then was gone; you looked up at Cas who grabbed your hands and zapped you back to the bunker.

               You stood in the library looking around, it was wrecked, there were books and papers everywhere. “Sit down here and I’ll go get them okay?” he spoke softly placing you in a chair; you nodded and watched him leave. Your stomach felt weird; there was a sharp pain in it. “Ow…” you groaned holding your lower abdomen. When Cas returned, he brought Dean in and then Sam. Sam ran over and knelt in front of you, his eyes full of fear, sorrow, anger, pain, and love. “Y/N?? oh thank god…” he cupped your cheeks and kissed you passionately. “I’m so sorry, I was possessed I didn’t say any of those things” he whispered leaning his forehead against yours.

               You went to speak, tell him how badly you missed him when you gasped winching at the pain in your stomach again. “What’s the matter?!” he asked panicked some. “I….Ow…” you felt the tears on your eyes, threatening to spill over. “I think I gotta pee…” you took Sam’s hands and let him pull you up. “Do you want me to-.” He didn’t get to finish his sentence; there at your feet was a puddle. “oh gross” Dean whispered slightly. Sam nodded “Ill clean this up…” he went to walk away when you squeezed his hand. “I didn’t have to pee….that wasn’t pee!” you looked scared, panic filled your eyes.

“my water just broke!”

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