oh david you are the best haha

The Camp Camp holiday special was the best thing I’ve seen ever so here’s another one of my ‘best things about’ things where I list the best moments from stuff.


-Max saying ‘what the fuck!’ Just. I cannot. I was dead.

-The new outfits were so cute especially Gwen’s.

-Max has been waiting to use 👏🏾 his 👏🏾 hood 👏🏾 haha I am alive!!!

-THERE WAS A SONG! I was hoping for a song thank you Santa!

-Max growing impatient at Nikki

-Max usuing his hoodie and his hair wouldn’t fit because I feel you man

-Christmas David is best David

-David calling the kids Kiddos because Uh that’s adorable

-The lady’s face at the store when David said the goggles were for him not Max

-David thinking of what Max would want and was immediately like ‘oh a b.b him Max would love this’

-Neil is Jewish and they don’t just gloss over it

-Harrison and the snowman was hilarious i was in class and I had to hold back my laughter

-Preston. Just ‘Why would I be cold when the fire of theatre runs through my veins’ because literally me

-Nurf didn’t throw a snowball at Nikki (cause she’s a girl?) but it was kinda sweet

-Max knows Santa is bullshit

-Santa vs Amazon, The battle begins

-David making a mess of things and Nikki reassuring him

-Space kid giving Gwen a gift! So pure, such a sweet boy.

-Max gets the BB gun. ‘Aw sweet a bb gun’ David is ready with the goggles.

-The whole climate change ending because I didn’t see it coming at all and it was hilarious

-Just such a great episode definitely a fave of mine.

-Quartermaster is OP goose hunter cannot be stopped

-Max is easily frustrated as we see in this and the episode with Jeremy Farts

-Such a sweet and hilarious episode and over all

nylasoutpost  asked:

Just wanna say your Voltron Lilo and stitch AU Warms my heart and its the best omg. How would Hunk fit in the AU? What if Hunk and Shay were Jumba and pleakley? Lol that would be hilarious It would bring the whole fam together haha Oh wait i think i remember one of your posts saying Hunk would be someone else? Dang oh well your AU still makes my day and I love it and you are amazing <3

I was thinking of that at first but then 

I think Hunk would be David/Puloki (Kumu- Hawaiian for Teacher), but not really in the role where he likes Nani (Allura) but a kind surfer that helps teach kids to surf and Hula dancing~ He also finds himself having a crush on the Grand Councilwomen who arrives to earth to find Gantu (Sendak) and Stitch (Keith).

Everyone is a big happy family<3

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