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Season 4 anyone? :P

Today I hit 5000 followers so I smashed my face into a cake like I promised. This blog has been a wild ride and I want to thank all of you for embracing Aunt Tanya and her family and laughing at my jokes. I love you. Stay classy. Don’t forget your roots. More celebration to come soon.

Looking for SPN blogs to follow

it would be cool if you could you reblog this post if you run an active blog with little or no wank,
+ are generally spn positive
(towards all actors & their families, characters, ships, seasons etc.)

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looking for anime blogs!

now that I’ve got loads of free time, I’ve noticed that my dash is a lot more dead than I would like it to be. I’ll be following pretty much anyone that reblogs! please reblog if your blog matches some of these animes! thank you!

  • fairy tail 
  • magi
  • hunter x hunter
  • noragami
  • haikyuu!!
  • boku no hero academia
  • fullmetal alchemist
  • shoujo manga
  • seasonal animes
  • tagging system 

please, PLEASE, please, do not mistake the choice of writing a character heterosexual as the mun being a CLOSED MINDED person. this is a personal choice regarding portrayal and one’s own personal view on said character, and it should be obvious that choosing to do so is NOT an attack on your or anyone’s beliefs or sexuality. do not get all huffy puffy if you see that someone’s rules states their character is heterosexual. if you disagree with this choice, please move along. it was not meant to insult you, rather to prevent any confusion.

Dash: How did you learn Ghost Speak? Was it difficult?

Danny: Oh, it wasn’t too hard. I mean, all I really had to do was disregard any and all safety precautions set by my parents, follow my inflated ego into an unknown contraption into another world, and you know, turn it on while inside in order to fry my brain with the power of a thousand suns. Normal stuff.

“I love you, Dean.”

The words come easily to Castiel, naturally, and he smiles to himself as he curls up against Dean’s side, resting his head against Dean’s shoulder. For an angel who doesn’t require sleep, Castiel sure spends a lot of time in Dean Winchester’s bed. Dean’s hand, previously fumbling with Castiel’s hair, freezes when Castiel speaks.

He hears Dean’s breathing stutter before it picks up its pace, can feel Dean’s heart beating faster against his palm where his hand is resting on Dean’s chest. Castiel knows; Dean will always be afraid to say it out loud. And Cas doesn’t mind, because he knows that Dean not saying it, doesn’t mean that he isn’t feeling it. Still, he can sense the guilt coming off of Dean in waves whenever those three simple words are being said to him. But Castiel can’t stop himself from saying them at any given chance anyway, because they’re true.

Lifting his chin a little, the angel sees how soft green eyes are blankly staring up at the ceiling, afraid to look at Castiel.

“It’s alright… We’ve talked about this, you know I understand.” Castiel soothes him, brushing his lips against Dean’s jaw.

Dean lets out a breath, and two arms are suddenly pulling Castiel in, warm and safe. Castiel kisses Dean’s bare shoulder, and Dean gradually relaxes, nuzzling Castiel’s hair.

Castiel doesn’t expect Dean to speak, and Dean doesn’t. He suspects that Dean is about to doze off, when out of the blue, he feels it. An intense wave of longing, taking him by surprise, tugging at his grace, as if desperately begging him to understand something.

Dean is praying, much to Castiel’s confusion. The angel is still recovering from the impact of Dean’s soul calling out to him from that close, when words start tumbling around in his head, until he receives a message, loud and clear.

‘Cas I… I’m always gonna need you and I… I love you. So much that it scares me.’

This time, it’s Castiel who can’t speak out loud, a lump in his throat, his eyes prickling. He feels how Dean’s grip on him gets even tighter when he uses their connection to send Dean a silent message in return, carefully whispering the words in Dean’s mind.

‘I know, Dean… I’ve always known.’

I can’t believe my first MM ‘art’ was a shitty vent doodle at 3am.

Soon enough I’ll draw proper fanart!!I swear!!! 
It’ll probably be of my generic mc being cute with Jaehee though haha;;

i think i just saw actual child porn on my dash oh my gof oh my god oh my god
@ some of you trauma blogs out there: please please please stop reblogging sexual looking things w actual children in them, even worse, child pornography
im gonna throw up