oh darlin' when i see your face

Forbidden Ecstasy - Chapter Three

Pairing: NeganxReader

Chapter Warnings: swearing (Negan style), mentions of rape (again very little), maybe some angst?, and finally the moment you’ve all been waiting for… *drum roll* P IN V LADIES AND GENTS. P. IN. V. ENJOY.

Chapter Summary: Negan deals with a problematic Savior. Meanwhile, we learn some shocking news from the reader.

Word Count: 2,343

A/N: Woooooooooooooow okay so this one ruined me yep pretty sure im dead i have no pulse. It’s weird how this worked out. It just kinda fell into place lol. I used a couple lines from the show bc they just fit. Thank you for all your support with this series! I hope you guys enjoy :* 
A/N2: Lemme know what you guys thought! :) Requests are open

Chapter One
Chapter Two

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1. your latest works with Reyes, and Mccree are pure gold! please don't stop writing them because they are just way too good. <3 + 2. Can I request one where the reader is a caucasian sniper woman, with low self esteem (but is in reality kind of hot) and Mccree acknowledging her beauty?

Ah, thank you, I love that you enjoy reading them! Of course, it is short but I hope you enjoy reading!

- - - - - - - -

You closed one eye and looked through the scope. Your body was flat on the gravel top of a grungy motel, hidden in the shadows behind flashing neon lights. The stones were uncomfortable to lie on, especially when all you were wearing was a skintight black body suit to slip into the darkness. You had no use for armour, as the fight was never brought to you.

You could see the target you were assigned to maim - not kill; more than a shock to show how valuable they were and not waste their life away more than anything. The brief was incredibly specific. They were just standing there, hip struck out as their weight was passed to one side. A cigarrette hung from the corner of their mouth and the smoke drifted up infrequently, the light from their holopad ominously lighting up their face. You slightly moved your sight down, focusing in between the hip and the thigh.

You squeezed the trigger and the shot rang out. Chaos ensued with people screaming and glass breaking, confused to what was happening. The target dropped to the floor, clutching their side and shouting for help amongs the commotion. A smile ghosted across your lips.

Mission complete.

“Well done, dollface.” A southern drawl sounded over your earpiece.
“Just packing up, be at the rendezvous in approximately seven minutes.”
“Right at'cha, sweetheart.”

Will he ever cease with his pet names? You rolled your eyes to yourself, precisely packing your sniper away into what appeared to be a saxophone case in it’s previous life, as not draw suspicion.

Hooking the strap of the case over your shoulder, you slid down the rungs of the fire escape ladder until your feet lightly hit the the floor. You pulled your black scarf to cover the bottom half of your face. Your skin was so pale it would no doubt reflect any light shone at you, and that isn’t what you wanted at this time. Black covered every inch of your body, from the flats you wore on your feet to the beanie that sat atop your long locks.

A few minutes of fast paced walking and you had arrived at the meeting point. McCree was facing the other way from you, looking up at the stars no doubt appreciating their beauty. That was one good thing of being so far away from a city was that there was no light pollution and you could just see for miles.

“They are.” You agreed.

Jesse span around, his signature cigar hanging from his lips and his thumbs in his belt buckles. You had to admit, working in Blackwatch had its advantages, and working with the one and only Jesse McCree was one of them.

“I was talkin’ ‘bout you.”

Your brows furrowed. You and Jesse had been in a constant back and forth the past month or so. To say you had low self-esteem was an understatement, and to then be constantly paired with this confident piece of shit every mission didn’t help. He was lovely, but his ego was bigger than that ridiculous belt buckle he still wore.

“Not now. We need to debrief.”
“I mean, you could'a said earlier..” He made his way to start unzipping his trousers, a wolfish grin plastered on his face.
“I’m just playin’. I don’t understand ya, doll.” He stalked his way over to you, you following his dance and stepping back.
“Good.” You said bluntly.

Your back hit the solid front of a tree, your head now tilted up to look at the figure looming over you.

“You wear this kinda shit on missions,’ he said, plucking the beanie off of your head and pulling the scarf down from your face, ‘and don’t expect me to get even a little-”

“Funnily enough I don’t dress like this for you.” You snapped before he could finish what he saying. “I dress like this because it’s uniform and so I don’t have my cover blown.”

He sighed. Taking your hands he gently removed the finger of each glove and slowly pulled them off. He rolled the wrists together and gave the pair back to you.

“I don’t understand why ya cover up.”
“Like I said-”
“No. That’s for missions. Even at base you still don’t show a lot off.”
“Maybe because I don’t have a lot to show off.” You mumbled, dropping your head to look at the earthy ground.

McCree put his finger under your chin and forced you to look at him. His eyebrows were crossed, a concerned look in his eyes.

“You do realise you’re beautiful, right?”
You shook your head. You had always felt plain in comparison to the other women at the Overwatch headquarters. People like Angela and Captain Amari were on another level, and if little Fareeha grew up to look anything like her mother then wow.

“I don’t know why you hide everything away.” His hand had trailed to cup your cheek. “Why do you think we were always together on missions?”

Bastard. Of course it was him.

“I only thought you were a pretty face, but seeing you complete a job and complete it well? Oh boy.” A light dusting of pink scattered his cheeks. “Does more t'a man than you can imagine.”

“I- just.. Seeing how Overwatch ever seems to hire supermodels these days, I was surprised to be even be shortlisted..”

He looked taken aback, as though he was offended.

“Darlin’, Overwatch hires people for their skill. When I heard a sniper was joining Blackwatch I was mighty excited. Then to see it was you?” He put his hands on his hips and exaggerated a huff, making you chuckle. “Brains 'nd talent are far more respectable than just what'cha look like. As long as you put 'n the effort, no one can ever doubt ya. One day, I will make you see that. For now all I’ll do is call ya pretty and hope you agree with me.” He ended with a hat tilt and a cheeky smirk.

His hands cupped your cheeks and he pressed his lips gently to your forehead.

“Until we become more, that’s all I can do f'ya.”
“Until we become more?” You questioned, eyebrow raising.“
“Of course, honey. One day we’re g'na settle down in a nice 'lil cottage with a red front door and a white picket fence..” he trailed off, resting his head on top of yours.

You weren’t even a couple before tonight, but things may have now changed. You smiled gratefully, leaning into his embrace.

“Jesse, I hate to interrupt-”
“And we can get two dogs-”

He took your hand, leading you over to the dropship, no intention of stopping this fantasy of his.

“One can be called-”
He looked at you, eyes wide from realising he’d been rambling.

“Thank you.”

He smiled, pulling you into an embrace.

“Anytime, doll.”

truce | alfie solomons/shelby!reader

@collecting-stories let’s talk about our feelings, everyone, and eat ice cream


A grunt came from across the room.




He sighed this time but gave no other reply besides a harsher scratch against the paper.


“What? What do you want, woman?”

“Ok first, don’t refer to me as woman” you rolled onto your side to stare him down from where he was sat at the desk, scowling at you over his glasses, “and second, I’m bored”.

“I’m working”

“Yes, I know, you’ve been at it for hours now. When are we going to have some fun?”

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Why’m I floating, why’m I floating?
Feeling broken hearted
Broken darlin’
Why’m I floating, why’m I floating?
Feeling broken hearted

[Verse 1]
When you walk
I’m jealous of the floor
The way you smile
I’ve never seen before

I’ve never even met you darlin’
Why’m I feelin’ broken hearted?
I’ve been waitin’ for
Waitin’ for a girl like you
Oh, Oh

Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh
Baby, take a chance with me
And let me, show, show
Show you all that we could be
Why’m I floating, why’m I floating?
Feeling broken hearted

[Verse 2]
Take my hand
There’s nothing left to lose
I’m just a man
A man, that’s needing you
Needing you baby

Have you been feelin’ tired lately
Runnin’ through my mind, please save me
I’ve been waitin’ for
Waitin’ for a girl like you
Oh, Oh

Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh
Baby, take a chance with me
And let me, show, show
Show you all that we could be
Why’m I floating, why’m I floating?
Feeling broken hearted
Broken darlin’
Why’m I floating, why’m I floating?
Feeling broken hearted

[Verse 3]
This oxygen is leavin’ me
When I see your face
No camouflage no tatted
Runner hideaway
I can’t deny what’s goin’ on
Inside of me
It’s killin’ me to keep it in
So honestly

Your lips, they taste like poison
It’s running through my veins
Are you the widow, break me
I’ve never felt this way
Damn, you come down from heaven
God must’ve felt my praying
What are you doing to me, yeah

Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh
Baby, take a chance with me
And let me, show, show
Show you all that we could be (x2)
Why’m I floating, why’m I floating?
Feeling broken hearted
Broken darlin’

FaceTime *Finn Balor Imagine*

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*First post on Tumblr let me know what ya think!

The card slot flashed green, granting me access into my hotel room. Sighing heavily I tossed my luggage near the door and shed my jacket muffling a yawn as I stretched my arms above my head successfully hearing a couple pops from my back. It felt that with every pop more exhaustion was leaking into my body.  I fell face forward into the bed toeing off my sneakers as I adjusted my head on a pillow.

After a long workday and even longer drive my body craved just to relax and fall into the sweet surrender of sleep. Working as a WWE trainer was incredible. I was able to travel the world and work with some of the best talent in the world not only in wrestling but in the medical field as well. However, the scheduling was grueling. Just after returning from a European tour I was thrown right back into the hustle of the weekly tapings, house shows and paper-views accompanied with the hours and hours of driving.

Just as the heaviness of my eyes became too much to bear and I could feel my body relaxing into the embrace of the mattress. I felt a vibration erupt from my pocket and I felt tears prick my eyes in frustration. I was just so tired. Groaning loudly I pulled my phone from my pocket and had to blink repeatedly for my vision to clear enough to read off the name and register the face smiling at me from the screen. I felt a smile pull at my lips and my fatigue subside a bit.


“hey baby” I yawned into the phone.

“There’s my girl” his cheery, Irish accent filled my ear. I could practically see the smile he was wearing. “Did you get in a’right?”

“yeah I just got in just a few minutes ago.” I sighed softly readjusting on the bed to get more comfortable. “I wish you were here Finn. I miss traveling with you and having this bed to myself is way overrated.”

I heard him chuckle softly. “I know what you mean, love. Its been hell with you not being here. I miss seeing yer face.”

“Well we could fix that.” I chuckled. “Facetime?”

“Absolutely love. Give me about 20, I’m heading back from therapy.”

With enough time to spare I raced through a shower to clean away the grime of hours on the road and threw one of Finn’s tshirts over my head. Within a few moments I had my phone charging at bedside and my Ipad pulled into my lap waiting for the call to connect.  Suddenly the screen came to life and the face of my loving boyfriend appeared. His dark hair was tousled atop his head and his bright blue eyes squinting as his dazzlingly, devastating smile shone at me. I noticed that his beard was a little thicker and that he was lacking a shirt.

“There she is” Finn drawled at me. “my beautiful girl.”

I rolled my eyes “You need your eyes checked Devitt I look like death warmed over. These bags under my eyes are not designer.”

“Don’t play naïve you know you’re gorgeous.”

I scoffed feeling my cheeks heat up. “How was therapy?”

“Great! No more arm sling!” Finn exclaimed happily.

“That’s great baby! I’m so proud of you.”

Finn’s smile widened at my praise. “One step closer to getting back on the road with you, sweetheart.”

“I can’t wait” I smiled leaning in closer to the screen as if it would bring me even closer to him.

Finn’s eyes squinted in focus before he chuckled. “Are you wearing one of my shirts?”

I sat back and looked down at it. “Yeah it smells like your cologne and it helps me fall asleep.”

“Dear God you know how much I love you in my clothes.” Finn chuckled and I smiled back at him. “But I think they would look even better off of you.”

I felt my eyes widen as I choked out his name in shock.  The farthest we had gone was phone sex and a few suggestive pictures never had we video chatted. I felt anxiety and nerves crawl through my spine trailed by a lingering feeling of excitement.

“We don’t have to if it makes you uncomfortable. Just a thou-“

“Do you want to?” I asked shyly the thought sounding more tempting the more I thought about it. God I had missed him.

Finn’s face had taken on a dark blush as he stumbled over his words.

“It’s ok” I said softly the sultriness of my voice surprising even me. “Tell me what you want me to do.”

Finn’s eyes widened slightly as shock washed over him before he quickly recovered.

“Take off my shirt love. Slowly.” Finn’s voice was rough and deep as the blue in his eyes flashed something primal sending a shiver down my spine and a throbbing in my core.

I straightened up and reached for the hem of the oversized shirt slowly pulling it up. I heard Finn suck in a rush of breath and glanced at the Ipad to see him covering his mouth with a hand his eyes fixed intently on me. Once I removed the shirt, my damp hair falling around me I tossed it to the floor.  The coolness of the hotel room making my breast harden into peaks.

“Fuck” Finn shuddered a breath dragging his hand down his beard. “God I love ya tits”

I leaned back into the pillows I had propped up and let my hands fall to my breasts gently massaging them and twisting my hardened nipples as soft sighs and mewls fell from my lips. Finn had always loved my breasts always being sure to pay special attention to them during sex. His favorite is when we would cuddle and he would use my chest as his own personal pillow. I tried to mimic the way his hands would jump into action, imagine my hands were his as they explored, massaged and tweaked .

“Dats it baby” Finn growled biting his lip eyes locked on me. “Imagine me sucking on ya tits biting as I blow a breath on them.” I felt a shudder run through my body at his description. “ I’ll run my hands up and down your sides, trace over your stomach…” I whimpered and looked at the screen. I could see the muscles of his bicep flexing as his hand disappeared below the screen.

“I want to see you Finn.” I whispered. “I want to see all of you.”

Suddenly the screen shifted as Finn adjusted his screen to the side of him where I could see the length of his torso. His chiseled frame was reclined against pillows and I recognized he was settled in our bedroom. A hand was wrapped around his hard dick pumping slowly spreading a thin layer of precum along his shaft.  God I was a lucky woman.

“I expect the same courtesy darlin’ “

I used the case my Ipad was in and teepeed it beside me in bed like Finn had done positioning it so he could see my torso up to my face.

“Shit. No panties sweetheart?” Finn growled. “So fuckin’ sexy.”

I hummed my approval of his accented words, my hand trailing down my body as the other continued to play with my breast. My fingers swirled in the slick wetness between my thighs a whimper falling out of my lips. With Finn out on injury sex had been hard to come by, Finn hadn’t even been cleared for physical activity like sex until a couple weeks ago and with my traveling finding time for intimacy was hard.

I rest my head on the pillow and watched Finn as his hand pumped his dick. I matched his rhythm and speed as my fingers slipped inside of me with ease the cry leaving my lips one of ecstasy.

“oh God Finn” I whined throwing my back into the pillows arching myself further into my hand.

“Fuck I love hearing ya moan my name sweetheart. God I want to be inside ya darlin’ buried deep in you. I’d pull ya on top of me and let you ride me so I could touch ya tits and see your face. God ya look so beautiful when I make ya cum.” Finn threw his head back, veins popping across his neck as he groaned in pleasure.

I moaned feeling the familiar pleasure lick at the pit of my stomach. I urged my fingers faster and harder.

“Oh God Fin” I moaned “Im gonna cum”

“Dats it baby” Finn cooed “Come with me. Feel my dick thrustin’ in and out of ya.”

I squeezed my eyes tight feeling Finn’s words wash over me as my fingers worked myself over the edge and I felt the bubble burst.

“Oh Finn fuck! Mmm” I cried out as I reached my high, my body arched off the bed and my hair tossed around me as my mouth fell open gasping as the orgasm washed over me.

“Shit darlin’!” Finn grunted shortly after and I opened my eyes in time to see Finn give himself a few more good strokes before cum shot from his dick coating his stomach in pearly splatters.

I hummed softly content as my chest rose and fall rapidly as my high began to decrease. Finn was in a similar state his chest rising and falling as he reached for the Ipad and brought it back closer to his face giving me a lopsided grin. I retrieved my Ipad as well.

“That was great” Finn laughed running a hand through his hair.  “Thank God fer facetime.”

“Mm” I hummed sucking my fingers, still coated in my juices, into my mouth. 

“Fuck ya killin’ me” Finn groaned out but gave me a blinding grin as he dropped his head onto the pillow. I smiled as he reminding me of a giddy school boy.

“Well I don’t wanna do that” I cooed “cause no matter how good that was It will never beat the real thing.”

“I love you sweetheart.”

“I love you Finn.”


Reader X Tommy Shelby

(GIFs not mine, credit goes to the creators)

The Peaky Blinders warn you that this imagine contains strong language.

There was nothing you could do as you watched in slow motion as May Carleton’s hand collided with your face. You had half expected it to come to this when Tommy told you he had ended his fling with the beautiful but fiery horse trainer, he could no longer waste his life with someone he had no feelings for knowing the woman he had fallen in love with works beside him day in and day out in the office. You may have only been a secretary but you had won the heart of the second eldest Shelby brother.

“You bitch! How dare you take Tommy away from me. Goodness knows why he chose you of all people, I don’t suppose you’ve got a penny to your name. I could’ve given him so much more.” May spat as she stuck her nose up in the air.

You froze in complete shock as you held your throbbing face. Once you had gained composure you immediately kicked yourself for not fighting your corner, however it was too late as Tommy rushed in between you both as he began forcefully guiding May out of the office.

“Come on May we’ve already discussed this, leave (Y/N) out of it, if it’s anybody’s fault it’s mine. Now let me get someone to drive you home.” Tommy said through gritted teeth.

“Don’t bother! I have a driver waiting for me, you’ll regret this Thomas Shelby. Don’t think I’ll let you off with this so lightly.” May sneered as she got into the backseat of her car and was driven off.

Tommy walked back in to see you helping yourself to a shot of his whiskey that he kept in the drawer of his desk.

“Are you ok darlin’? I swear to God (Y/N) I never thought she’d do anything like that, I knew she was feisty but…..” Tommy stopped mid sentence as he zoned in on your face.

“Shit are you bleeding?” He asked, worry written all over is face as he hurried over to you.

You brought your hand to your face when you felt blood beginning to trickle down from a cut on your cheek.

“Oh it’s nothing, it’s only a little cut, I’ve had worse.” You smiled as Tommy reached into his pocket producing a handkerchief and began dabbing at your wound.

“That’s my girl, tough as old boots. You’re definitely Shelby marriage material.” He chuckled as kissed the end of your nose.

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Omg this is so amazing, and your english is impeccable by the way :). I was wondering if you could do headcanons for what the horsemen would do if they walked in on their s/o crying?

Thank you! I hope all this help me improve anyway ;A;

-“Oh, dear! What’s wrong?”
-She embrace you and caress your back while listening you patiently
-Uses her thumbs for wipe the tears of your face
-“Do not worry, everything will be better tomorrow. You’ll see”

-When you explain him the situation, he sits and takes you in his lap
-He kisses the top of your head and cheeks, and tickle your sides to make you laugh
-“I’m here, darlin’. I’ll never let anyone to hurt you again, I swear”

-He stop at the moment he sees you, unsure about what to do next
-Then he sits at your side and don’t says a single word, but you understand that you can cry on his shoulder if you want
-If you want to talk about it, he’d be willing to listen but it’s ok if you don’t want to
-He stays until he is sure that you feel better

-He sighs when sees you and gives you an one arm embrace
-Strokes your back and simply lets you cry
-Once you finish, he asks what make you feel that bad in the first place
-He passes that night in your home, taking care of you

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Sorry I forgot to add cute to the number 6 with mccree or reaper

Haha it’s all good hon!

Cute/6 - We got locked in this closet together. + McCree + Reaper

Send me a section/number for a short drabble!

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V is for Visual Impairment (22/26)

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS/TOS)
Prompt: Fic 22 of 26 in the CMO’s Log – A to Z series.  Click here for a listing of all the fics in this series!  V is for Visual Impairment.
Word Count: 4597.
vision loss, anxiety, surgical procedures.
Rating:  Teen+.
Author’s Note: Requested by my cinnamon roll @fandomheadrush – this fic got away from me.  I just started writing and couldn’t stop.  A lot of it is written from personal experience (word to the wise: don’t ever detach a retina if you can help it, it really effing blows), and I’ve left the procedure very much the same as the way it’s performed today just because from what little I know about physics and lasers, even 200 years from now we’re not going to have the kind of technology required to close a large retinal tear without invasive surgery.

V is for Visual Impairment

Your head is still reeling as you swing your legs over the edge of the bio bed you’ve been lying on for the better part of the afternoon and your ears are still ringing.  You’d been involved in an explosion on an away mission, and while you’d been armored well enough that you’d avoided shrapnel injuries, you’d been close enough to the epicenter of the blast that you’d been knocked on your face by the shockwave that followed the detonation.

As soon as you’d been beamed back up onto the ship, you’d been rushed to medical with the rest of the team and thoroughly checked over.  After looking over your scans and monitoring your condition for a while, Dr. McCoy had finally pronounced you fit to leave medical, and you’d jumped at the chance.

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The Devil’s Angel

The Devil’s Angel // Negan Oneshot

REQUESTED BY @prettyepiic : ohhh if I may I would love to request a oneshot with Negan… in his sexy room… on the outside I’m acting as though his hunger for me is something I’m nt interested in but on the inside my hormones are exploding with total captivation and arousal… I feel as though I might have to give into temptation :)

WARNINGS: swearing, smut

Working wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be when I agreed to join this group. The kitchen was a familiar place to me before the apocalypse started, though I never thought I’d be able to cook like I used to due to the lack of ingredients out there in the middle of nowhere fighting off walkers. I almost feel a sense of home here with being a Savior, but something about Negan just rubs me the wrong way. The way he controls every human here, how he mindfucks everyone who disagrees with him or tries to leave, the list goes on. Though, what bothers me the most is how I find him so goddamn attractive. I basically hate his guts, but that fucking salt and pepper beard gets me every time.

I continue making dinner in the main kitchen, preparing the rack of chicken breasts to be put in the oven. I bend down, sliding the tray into the oven when I hear the floor crack lightly behind me. Casually, I glance over my shoulder to find Negan sitting at the island counter, smirking down at me. I jump at his sudden presence, my back slamming against the oven door and closing it abruptly.

“Now what is a damn fine woman like you slaving in this kitchen when you could be sittin’ pretty as one of my wives?” Negan calmly asks, cockiness oozing from his voice.

My face reddens against my will, slightly embarrassed that I was just thinking filthy thoughts of this terrible man who now sits in front of me. My hand that clutched my heart now nervously glides down, returning to my hip.
“Not every woman is willing to throw themselves at your feet and beg for you to take them,” I boldly state, my chest still rising and falling heavy.

Negan chuckles, throwing his head back and all. “Oh, darlin’… I’d love to see you try and keep that word.”

I roll my eyes, even though I’m scared as hell of him. His tongue shoots out slowly to graze over his lips, and I curse myself at the way it turns me on. I bite my lip hard trying to contain my arousal inside me.

He slides off the stool, making his way around the counter towards me. Instantly I freeze up, holding my ground in front of the hot oven. He takes advantage of this, placing both hands on the counter on either side of me, trapping me in front of him.

Negan leans in to kiss my lips when I slap him involuntarily. I stun myself, the action only done out of instinct. He, however, just smirks, touching his slapped cheek lightly before returning to his stance enclosing me.
“You’re gonna have to do better than that, sweetheart,”
At his words, I ram my lips onto his, my hands clutching at his white t-shirt desperately. Fuck fuck fuck…

Negan’s clearly thrown off at my kiss, almost as thrown off as I am, but quickly catches up to me, grabbing ahold of my lower back and literally smashing my body against his. My hands trail up inside his shirt, raking his abs and chest while his hands lower over my ass, giving it a good smack. I yelp, and Negan takes that to his advantage to bite on my lower lip, my panties already soaking. Before I can hesitate, he already works my leggings off me, tossing them carelessly over his shoulder.

Suddenly he lifts me up onto the counter, his body separating my thighs along with his hands helping him keep me apart.

I gasp at his actions, not sure if here’s a great place to fuck, and also not sure if this is me taking control or if it’s my arousal. “Negan, we’re in public–”

He tears off my shirt before I can finish my sentence, leaving me speechless. “Guess we’ll have to be quiet, babygirl. You a screamer? If not, I’ll gladly make you one.”

Instantly Negan presses hard on my clit with his middle finger, drawing endless circles on it furiously. I nearly lose my balance on the counter, clawing his shoulders achingly. My moans are stifled yet so loud, falling completely into his simple touch. I thrust my hips along with his quick rhythm, but suddenly he pulls his hand away, grinning.

“Na ah ah, angel,” Negan scolds, watching me squirm at his lack of touch. “You don’t move unless I fucking tell you so. You’re gonna be daddy’s little toy, and if you don’t listen, you’re gonna get punished.”

I groan at his filthy words, desperate for his touch again. Bad thoughts run across my mind, whispering to me what a terrible person I am to cave into such a bad man like this. Negan lowers his face to my heat, only blowing his cold breath all over my wetness that I flinch at the sensation.

I hold back his shoulders. “We shouldn’t do this,” I tell him, my conscience getting the best of me even in this vulnerable state.

“You sure?” he then licks a thick stripe up my heat, maintaining eye contact with me the whole time.

Just watching him between my thighs drains all the worry and regrets out of my system, no matter how hard I tried to fight it. His stubble scratches against my inner thighs as he smashes his mouth onto my clit, sending me up the wall with pleasure. I grab the back of his head, holding him there against me. I clearly remember him telling me not to move, but looks like he’s too caught up in the moment to realize.

“Ugh, fuck!” I whimper, my climax nearing by just the touch of his tongue on me.
My walls twitch involuntarily, and Negan notices. He cunningly takes his mouth off me, blowing cold air onto my sensitive area, knowin exactly what he’s doing to me.

“I swear if you keep teasing me I’m going to fucking kill you,” the words slip out of my mouth before I can stop them, the irritation of being teased getting the best of me.

“Well, I guess you could say I’m a dead man,” and with that, he flips me onto my stomach on the counter, holding me there with a strong grip. “And don’t think I didn’t notice you acting up.”

Negan brings down his open palm hard onto my ass, the slapping sound echoing through the vast kitchen. I yelp out of surprise and pain, sighing at the sting it leaves on my skin.

Negan gets close to my ear, still holding me down. “Keep quiet and count.”

Another slap on my ass makes me jolt again, turning me on with every touch. “Two,” I grunt out, a whimper escaping my lips.

The third slap comes quickly after, his hand lingering on my reddened skin to soothe the pain. “Ah, three!”

The fourth is even harder, and he takes a handful of my ass and squeezes, a groan coming from deep within his throat. “Fuck! Four…”

“Mmm, darlin’ you’re being so good for me…” Negan’s hand slides down from my sore ass to my wetness, realizing I’m soaked and dripping onto the counter. “Damn, look at you… you’re fucking soaking!”

Negan chuckles darkly as he slides past my underwear and begins vigorously thrusting two fingers inside me, catching me off guard. He flips me back over on my back, fingers still thrusting at full speed, and holds my hips down with his other arm. My moans are breathy and high-pitched, still attempting to stifle them under Negan’s orders.

My peak is nearing though I know he’s going to stop himself, wanting me to cum on his cock instead. But when my walls twitch, his eyes bore into mine, going faster and harder, loving the view of me in such pleasure under his touch. I scream out, having nothing to brace myself onto when I finally burst, my juices flowing out onto his hand that continues to fuck me through my orgasm. The sound of his palm smacking against my juices encourages him on, his cock trapped in his jeans practically begging to be freed from its tight confinement.
Suddenly he lifts me off the counter and tosses me over his shoulder, heading to the stairs. My high dies down, though I still breathe heavily against him. He slams open the door to what I assume to be his bedroom.

He throws me on his bed lustfully, coming at me instantly. He forces my legs wide, teasing my entrance with his cock for the first time. A groan of anticipation escapes past my lips, looking down to see his massive length about to be shoved inside me. He surprisingly pushes himself in antagonizingly slow. A satisfied sigh forces itself out of me, loving the feeling of his full, thick length filling me completely up.

Negan holds himself there, balls-deep. “You don’t even know what you’re gettin’ yourself into, angel.”

Negan looks me dead in the eyes, his hand reaching down to grab my throat as he began pounding into me furiously. I scream out, clutching his black sheets desperately. His grip is tight on my throat, using it to thrust harder and faster into me. My hands trail to his hand, finding him turning me on that he’s even violent in the bedroom, too. My breasts bob as he continues to pound into me, and he latches his mouth onto my chest, leaving me open-mouthed kisses and bites.
The moans that escape Negan’s throat only pushed me further to my climax. His groans were gravelly and deep,  making me not want to ever hear any other sound besides that for the rest of my days. He made me feel pure heaven, even as a man who was truly hell. He could convince me to do anything at his beck and call. It’s nearly embarrassing how easily I could cave into him, especially when I claim I hate him. Negan was the devil, and I was his Eve, corrupted by his evil, devious voice.

His grip on my throat suddenly got stronger, pulling me out of my trance. “Fuckin’ look at you, darlin’. Taking my cock while I choke you, my dirty fuckin’ girl.”

His filthy mouth sends me over the edge. I let out a high-piched squeal, meeting his thrusts as I continue my high. Negan twitches inside me, but pulls out just in time, flipping me over and cumming all over my ass. His thick liquid hitting my skin makes me sigh, my body resting lazily on his now ruined sheets.
“Fuck, babygirl. You look so damn hot all sprawled out on my bed,” Negan grunts, coming down from his climax. He leans down to whisper hot in my ear. “And I don’t let just any woman into my bedroom like this, darlin’.”

With his words, he gives me a sharp slap on the ass, making me groan into his bed sheets.

“Get yourself cleaned up, angel. But don’t think that’ll be the last of what I’ve got for ya,” Negan chuckles as he exits. closing the door and leaving you still panting on his bed.

Goddamn, this devil is going to be the utter end of me…
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Imagine if you were at a party with Chibs, getting comfy on the couch.

Just another full in swing SAMCRO bash, nothing out of the ordinary here, and the naked crow eaters are just of the norm. But they are of no concern to your old man, Chibs had his eyes on you all night, and you couldn’t stop yourself from blushing under his gaze. 

You were at the bar, chatting it up with all the other old ladies and the couple of brave crow eaters that stuck around. Chibs was outside with his brothers, most likely showing off his new Dyna that you have already had the pleasure to ride upon, in more way than others. 

The ladies banter and gossip lost your interest right about the moment Chibs and most of his brothers came piling into the clubhouse, loud and in a cloud of smoke. Immediately walking up to you, leaning down to place a tender kiss on your neck, knowing all too well what that certain spot does to you, he stepped back, giving you a cheeky shit of a smile. It took all you had to not give out a small moan, not like anyone would have heard it anyways, but Chibs would have known, and you didn’t want to give him that satisfaction…yet. He, on the other hand, made his way over to the couch on the other side of the room, eyebrow arched high, enticing you to play along and follow him. As if you need a formal invitation.

Not noticing all the ladies staring, you left them to their stories, almost eagerly making your way to the sofa. Chibs patted the spot besides him, you looked at it and smirked, deciding to take the next best seat, his lap. That caught him by surprise, as it did the ladies, for that was their queue to politely mind their own business now. 

You turned to face him, not really wanting to go for the whole stripper tease routine at the moment, and grabbed his neck softly, leaning in to kiss that playful smirk off his face. As he deepened your kiss, he grabbed onto your thighs, pulling you closer into him, your chest now against his. 

“Jesus christ,” he moaned as you pulled away, “I don’t know what’s gotten into you darlin’, but I love it.”

You chuckled lightly, reaching up and running your fingers through his hair. Having had pulled you into another kiss right when the rest of the guys had came crashing loudly back into the clubhouse, stopping short when they see one of their brothers getting frisky with his old lady in front of everyone. Hollers and whistling erupted throughout the room.

“Get a room!” They all yelled. 

You couldn’t help but blush as you tried to hide your face in Chibs cut,

“Oh hush the lot of ye’!” 

You turned back around, remaining on Chibs lap, but facing forward towards the rest now. Music blared out the speakers outside and the melodic Led Zepplin song filled the room. Everyone hoot and hollered as they sang along, drink in one hand, old lady in the other. You smiled as you sang along, moving your hips to the rhythm, knowing all too well what this was doing to your old man, as you were still indeed on his lap. He wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into his chest, playfully biting you shoulder,

“Just you wait until I get you home.”

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how about a shy fem so with McCree and he has a thing for her how would she react to his flirting and how would he react to her being all cute and shy

This is so cute omg(*^▽^*)


-would flirt on a daily basis

-wouldn’t always make it obvious though sometimes just little comments on your outfit or hair

-“my, oh my. Don’ you look pretty today.”

-when he sees you blush though

-he loses all his mind trying not to squeal at how cute you are

-since your shy he makes sure when he flirts he doesn’t make you too embarrassed

-but sometimes he can make you blush like crazy without trying and it makes you cover your face

-“aw, no darlin’. Don’t cover that pretty face. I think its cute when you blush.”

-will love hugging you whenever you don’t see each other for a while

-when he cracks a joke around the team he looks for you and your precious smile and smiles like idiot himself

-this man loves you too much for his own good

-he will make you blush when your alone like crazy because he loves it SO MUCH

I Love You

A/N- If you don’t know about the tragedy that is Gabriel’s life then please don’t read! This idea occurred to me a while ago and well… I’m sorry… Tell me what you think! x)

Prompt- The reader has an unspecified incurable disease. Their boyfriend, Gabriel, though he can’t cure them, finds a way to keep them alive for as long as he is alive. One day he meets the Winchester and faces his brother Lucifer.

Gabriel x Reader

Word Count- 1411

Warning- Characters death

It was dark. All around you was pitch black. Your entire body was illuminated by a soft light. Then you started to hear his voice echo all around you. It was just as soft and full of love as you remembered it being.

Don’t worry…


I’ll take care of you…


I’ll always take care of you…


Even if I’m not here with you…


I’ll take care of you…


As long as I’m around…


You’ll live…


You’ll live… with me…


Forever if you want…


“Of course I want that Gabe… But” you say just as you had the day it actually happened. Though this was just a memory within a dream. “To be with you forever… but… I’m… and… You’re an angel. I won’t be able to live… as long as you,” you added while avoiding his gaze, but he took your hand in his. You looked up and he was smiling confidently. You hadn’t even realized when his image appeared before you.


I know…


I know you’re sick…


“It’s not something you can heal Gabriel. Even if you’re an amazing angel. You can’t cure me. I wouldn’t want you to… I just… When I die… I want you to just move on,” you tell him. He smiled sadly


If I were to die… would you like it if I asked you to move on?


You shook your head, “Of course not. How can I ever move one from you?”


Exactly. I feel the same way. Plus… I may not be able to cure you but I have second best solution.


He was so excited. “Gabe…” you say with a sigh. You had given up hope many- many years ago. Gabriel only made your remaining life happy and fun.


Look just humor me okay?


You nodded slowly, “Okay.”


There’s a spell. It will connect your life span to mine, by giving you some of my grace, but… You’ll still feel a bit sick at times. You up for it?


“Gabe that… that sounds dangerous… For you I mean. If I die… won’t you die too?” you questioned.


No- no It’s the other way around. If I die, you will die too… But you don’t have to worry about that. I’ll never die. We can be together forever.


You sighed, but, for the first time you felt the slightest sliver of that bright light called hope. “I can… be with you… forever? Can I really be alive with you by myside for years and years? You won’t… You won’t get tired of a plain human like me?”


Of course not. I love you. If I’m gonna live an eternity then, as cheesy as it is, I wouldn’t want to live with anyone else besides you.


Tears welled up in your eyes and you couldn’t contain them even if you wanted to.


Is that a yes?


“Of course!” you responded.


Great! We can get married too. Maybe even have a little squirt or two. Or adopt, I wouldn’t mind. Of course we’re going to need a dog, unless you want a cat then we could have both. A pet dragon would be amazing and-


“Gabe! Gabe! Calm down. We’ll… get there when we get there. We don’t even know if this spell thing works,” you said.


Of course it will work! You gotta have a little faith.


A few minutes and several strange words later, he pulled an orb of light from within him. He slowly placed it in you, and though it hurt more than you let on, you felt better almost immediately. Not only were you somewhat healed, but you were able to see Gabriel’s wings.

Then you woke up.

You sighed, “I’ve been having that dream all week… I hope Gabe is alright,” you whisper to yourself.

It was a week ago that Gabriel told you he wouldn’t be around for a while. Saying that he had to help some Winchester boys and fight his brother Lucifer. It all seemed so scary to you and you were strongly opposed to him doing anything dangerous since he no longer had all his grace. It was years since that day. He was used to his shortened grace, but you, you didn’t even know how much of his grace he actually gave you. He had told you a small chunk size, but the fact of the matter was that he gave you a little more than half. He knew that, had you known, you would decline the offer entirely, and he was right.

‘Babe? Thinking about me again?’ you heard his voice in your head.

“Huh? How’d you know?” you questioned.

He chuckled, ‘I’m an angel darlin’ I can sense your longing,’ he responded.

You covered your face out of sheer embarrassment. “Oh sorry about that. Um… but… I have this bad feeling… Well it isn’t so much as a bad feeling but… I guess…” you start but let your words fall.

‘Miss me?’ he asked, and you shook your head as if he could see. ‘I miss you too babe. Don’t worry your pretty little head. We’re almost done here. Just gotta meet some gods, they’re havin some meeting. It should be fine. I’ll tell you all about it when I come back to you alright?’

“You will come back to me right?” you question.

‘Of course I will. You gotta have a little faith,” he said. ‘I gotta go now alright. Hang tight a little bit longer and I’ll be there before you can say Gabriel is the best angel in all the world and I love him more than anything in the world. OKAY! I really have to go-’

“Okay… be careful” you whisper before sighing. You closed your eyes, “Gabriel is the best angel in all the world and I love him more than anything in the world…” Slowly opening your eyes, you were sad that he wasn’t there. You shouldn’t have thought he’d actually be there after saying it.


“Oh I’m loyal… to them-” Gabriel told his brother, angel blade in hand.

“Who? These so called gods?” Lucifer questioned.

“To people Lucifer,” Gabriel answered, as if it hadn’t been obvious before.

Lucifer scoffed, almost smiling at his answer. “So you’re willing to die for a pile of cockroaches, why?”

“Because Dad was right… They are better than us,” Gabriel responded, with more conviction than he had ever had in his life. He was thinking of you. He thought you were better than anyone, angels included.

“They are broken, flawed, abortions-” Lucifer almost shouted.

“Damn right they’re flawed,” Gabriel said, pausing a little before continuing, “But a lot of them try.” Again. He thought of you. All he could think about is you. Why was he here facing off his brother? If he died here, you would die with him. He didn’t want that but, if he ran away now, and went back to you. You’d be angry that he did. He was doing this for you.

They continued to talk as Gabriel stalled for the real version of himself to sneak behind his brother and finish him off.

“But I know where your heart truly lays,” Lucifer said.

Gabriel, for a second, feared that Lucifer knew about you. Gabriel swung his arm down, but Lucifer turned around and forced it into him.

“Here,” Lucifer whispered.

Gabriel was shocked and gasped, looking from the blade back to his brother.

“Y/N I love you,” he said softly, though it was inaudible to his brother before him.

Lucifer twisted the blade and Gabriel was lit in a bright light as he screamed in agony. Leaving behind an imprint of two wings.

At the same time~

You were making or trying to make homemade chocolates for Gabriel. You didn’t even know if he was coming back that day but it was good to be ready just in case. You held the bowl against your hip as you mixed the chocolate, and read over the recipe in case you missed something.

That’s when you felt a sharp unbearable pain on your stomach. You screamed and dropped the chocolate as you were engulfed by the same bright light. Before you fell to the ground you whispered, “I love you Gabe,” knowing in the back of your mind that Gabriel was gone. But, because Gabriel have you some of his grace, you also left an imprint of wings on the ground. The wings Gabriel was initially missing. He had given them to you. Willingly so.

He knew you were more angel than any angel could ever be.

Hope you liked it!