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Hellooooooo Dr. Fitz

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Bellatrix: Too late *smiles* *drags Narcissa away by her hair*

Narcissa: That hurt.

Bellatrix: PLEASE, if you’re going to cheat on Lucius do it with a man at least.

Narcissa: *pouts* 

Narcissa: OH GOD LOOK AT SIRIUS.  He’s looking damn fine tonight…


Narcissa: You never let me have fun! *pouts again*

Exo Reaction to breaking up with an idol and her coming out with a sexy music video


*would be perfectly fine until he watched the video*
“Oh…. wow… Damn”


*tries to distract himself with food and not think about how jealous and regretful he feels*


*immediately cries, already having a lot of regret in his heart he’d feel almost guilty when he saw the video*


*blushing hard while watching the sexy video, his heart still has feeling for you and it’d be a struggle to watch the whole video*


*watching the video like…(gif)*
“wow… this is really different side of her”


*his heart had still many feeling for you and seeing you, still holding on to the relationship, makes his heart break with regret*


*pouting while watching the video, he was doing his best to move on, but at times like this it was harder. He’d support your work even if it was about him*


*the always supporting unicorn, doesn’t matter if you had broken up on good or bad terms, he’d always support you*


*probably regret all it and come back to you asking you to take him back*


*after the video he’d have many mixed feelings*
“dammit, she’s good and hot”


*dirty deer*
“Oh wow… dear..she looks… date me?”


*comes back to you*
“I know…I’ve been dumb, but take me back?”
*kiss wink*

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guess what?!?!?




I know most of you guys proooobably don’t care, but I have received a few messages about him in the past, and yeah. I am over it this time. 

I have liked him for almost two years, and it has finally, GRADUALLY come to a close. I feel so relieved, and even a little melancholy.

Thanks for being so sweet with your comments guys. Sorry I have not been as active lately. I will be back to posting regularly soon. <3 xx

Love, Gillian

Trust Me

You let the music take over as you started rotating your hips, hands running through your hair. 

“You good Y/N?” a friend asks.

A lazy smile takes residence on your face. You close your eyes and just nod. The alcohol you’ve been drinking swirls in your veins. You lose all your self-consciousness and worries. 

Your friend laughs at you, “You are so drunk,” and walks away. 

Some guy comes up to you and tries to strike up a conversation, obviously just trying to get in your pants. However, you play along and flirt back, hips still swaying. He tries to move in on you, putting one of his free hands on your hip. In his other hand, he takes a swig from his solo cup. 

“You are so damn fine,” he whispers in your ear. 

“Oh yeah?" 

"Yeah,” he says, nuzzling his face into your neck. 

You push him off of you.

“I- I have to go to the bathroom,” you say trying to avoid him and whatever he thinks he’s getting out of you. 

You do go to the bathroom, balancing yourself against the wall. You don’t remember the distance to the bathroom being this long. It probably isn’t really, you’re just in too much of a haze to register what or where you’re actually going. 

You pass a room and hear some people talking about you. You pause just outside of the doorway.

“Y/N is such a drunk. Who invited her anyway? God she’s annoying. Flirting with everything that walks." 

"Anyway! Did you see her with that guy?" 

"That was disgusting. Seriously, is she that desperate?" 

At this point, you’d heard enough of the girls’ trash talk.

"Ha. You guys are fucking assholes,” you waltz in, “Fuck you two. You little bitches. Jokes on you. No guy fucking wants you assholes." 

"Y/N shut the fuck up you little slut,” the one spits. 

“Ha. I’m the slut? Think again you bubble brain." 

"Wow really? Is that supposed to be an insult?" 

"No the insult is that you think that I’m the slut for flirting with a guy while you’re the one that invited every guy you possibly know to come over and get drunk so you could figure out your next victim. Guys only talk to you and pretend to be your friend because you’re easy. So fuck you and fuck you,” you retort, emphasizing each “you” with a pointed finger. 

You dramatically walk out, only to run to the bathroom to cry. You just sit on the cold bathroom tiles while the tears roll down your face. 

You hear a timid knock on the door. “Hey Y/N? I know you’re in there. Is everything okay?”

“Yeah I’m fine,” you manage to croak.

“Can I please come in?” the voice asks. 

You don’t reply, just continue to cry. Within seconds the door is reopened and closed and someone sits next to you, putting their arms around you. “Y/N, please tell me what’s wrong. I don’t like seeing you like this." 

Now you can see who the voice belongs to-it’s Dylan. A guy you don’t really know. He’s honestly just an acquaintance, a friend of a friend. So why does he feel like it’s his duty to help you? 

"Please?” he asks again. 

You try hold back your tears and tell him about the girls. You barely manage to tell him it all before you start sobbing, not able to breathe. 

“Y/N, Y/N, listen to me. You have nothing to worry about. Trust me. You’re a beautiful, smart girl. You’ve been drinking and they’ve been drinking. No ones is in their right mind. I need you to calm down. Please just breathe." 

It takes you several moments before you’re able to get your breathing under control. He finds a tissue and hands it to you. 

"Thanks,” you say, wiping your eyes. 

“Don’t worry about them and what they think. They mean nothing." 

"Yeah it’s just-" 

"Trust me." 

You offer a weak smile, "I’m sorry." 

"For what?”

“For…I don’t know. For you following me in here to check on me. For dealing with me.”

“Don’t you ever worry about it. Hey, do you wanna head out of here? I haven’t drunk anything. I was the guys’ DD. I can get them home and take you wherever you need to go. Or I could take you with everyone and get some waffles or pancakes?”

You nod your head.

He stands up first and then lends you a hand to help you up. He guides you to his car and gets you in the passenger seat. He promises to be back in a few minutes with the rest of his crew. He disappears back into the house. 

A few minutes later he comes back out with two other guys. He gets them situated in the back and then the four of you are off to find some feel-good breakfast foods.


Why is he so damn fine? Oh my goodness, fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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