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Luke is so damn pretty. 😍 And i decided to add some make up on his beautiful face when i drawing him. I like it tho even if he looks so slutty with it 😄😏

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Slytherin Jimin *.*

Seriously though i’m so down with slytherin!jimin, so so down with it… I can’t express how down with it I am…

Alright first of all let’s not take this too seriously and agree that this classification system ( the four houses …duh) does not define a human’s personality with all the complexities and nuances that go with it , So let’s just suspend our disbelief (… hmm I mean this is fiction so I’m being redundant aren’t I ? … But just in case for the easily offended).

See in every HP au we see Jiminnie portrayed either as a hufflepuff or a gryffondor (mostly the former though)… but a Slytherin Jimin? Imagine all the possibilities he would be like a nightmare dressed like a daydream (I can’t believe I just quoted Taylor swift… whatever this seems weirdly fitting)… The more I think about it the more it makes sense, I mean Slytherins are known to be an ambitious, cunning, resourceful and creative lot (I’m quoting Pottermore here) and our sexy mochi does seem to fit the profile with how he got most of us wrapped around his cute little pinky (and he fucking knows it … this guy is too much for me to handle seriously). Now if we dive into the Harry potter universe the slytherins are mostly portrayed as cold, aloof and arrogant (In the most superficial observation possible), now imagine someone with seemingly hufflepuff traits into the snakes’ pit …daamn he would be unstoppable just give him the world in a platter and be done with it… I really need to read this fanfiction now … this may have gotten out of hand … I didn’t know I was so passionate about slytherin jimin until now … the more you know…If you’ve read this far I applaud you, here is a cookie (…Kookie ? ) you deserve it

….. I’m hilarious

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your tumblr crushes!

*blushes* oh damn anon 

I’ve a lot I mean I’ve a crush on lots of tumblrs for different reasons 

Right okay well ones I can think of are











okay that’s just a few but I mean include all the hp roleplayers/writers/edit makers and coliver writers and every one of my mutuals and followers and that’s basically my tumblr crushes. 

send me sleepover asks! 


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okay so i just read the French ask and its bothering me too,,, as an American who is learning high school French i just looked in my textbook and it says omelette DU fromage.... so either the textbook is super old or an American wrote that book.. i need to report this to my French teacher that he is wrong because he also taught us 'oh la vache' means holy cow! but google translates it to oh damn!

does your textbook literally say ‘omelette du fromage’ or does it say something else with ‘du fromage’?? you can say ‘du fromage’ depending on context but with something like an omelette you use ‘au’

du/de la = vaguely specific quantity (kind of like english ‘some’, ie you wouldn’t say ‘omelette with some cheese’)
au/a la = unspecified quantity, it’s just a cheese omelette dawg

also swears/exclamations can’t translate from language to language literally lol, ‘oh la vache’ literaLLy means ‘oh, the cow’ but the connotation is like ‘o damn’ or ‘oh shit’ or something (to say it means ‘holy cow’ makes more sense literally since it … has the word cow in it …lol especially if you have a high school teacher that can’t swear in class)
other words in french like ‘putain’ and ‘zut’ can also mean damn/shit/etc
(’zut’ is similar to ‘shoot’ in english so it was in my textbook as a kid but my teacher wouldn’t let us say it bc she thought it was more like saying shit … if that makes sense lol)

Elizabeth vs Indura

I didn’t get to know anything about the gate to the goddess realm but oh damn, I got a lot of something different I was curious about and that’s Beth facing off against the Indura. I have been cautious not to be hasty in making a statement but I think I officially like Beth. She’s really cool.

On the sideline we also get some more in-depth information by Mel who’s obviously well informed. So, in fact, the transformation into Indura is indeed a permanent one and they can’t just transform back at will but will continue to fight until they die which is really sad if you think about it. Monspeet and Derieri more or less gave up their lives to fight the Commandments and turned into monsters that can’t even distinguish between friend and foe (because why else would Galand press Fraudrin to run away with him if it weren’t dangerous for them?)
Aaaanyway, we get a very good look at what Beth can actually do. And I see 8 light wings there so… her magic is not to be taken lightly. We still don’t know what exactly her magic power is but I would think dispelling all the darkness that the Indura are made of without hurting the body itself isn’t something anyone could do. Granted, she did receive help from Sariel and Tarmiel in the end, but the power to save them was hers.
Though honestly I didn’t foresee Sariel and Tarmiel switching sides so fast after seeing them in action the last few chapters. Didn’t really look like Beth’s magic but more like Beth’s words reaching their hearts. I always think it’s a bit unrealistic for such a 180° to happen because of a few words buuut let’s just say they realized that their beliefs had no backing at all. She’s absolutely right though. From what I can gather goddesses and demons just hate each other for no apparent reason other than that they’re from different clans that specialize in the opposite kind of magic. Or maybe it’s something different but apart from their magic there really isn’t much that separates them from each other. Goddesses are not “worth” more than demons.
Now, the battle has ended with Monspeet and Derieri ripped off of their darkness and two of the three archangels not all that willing to fight anymore. It ended more peaceful than I expected it to end. We even saw Law, and he did nothing (yet).
It probably isn’t over yet since Gowther and Melascula are still off doing stuff and depending on what they do battles will break out again. The flashback will most likely go on since King and Diane didn’t have any chance to make a choice yet either. But it seems next chapter is a slower one. If they’re able to talk about feelings we can be pretty sure there is no heated battle going on.

I don’t know about you guys but I am very happy with this chapter. It was pretty exciting in its own manner and I liked it a lot!

PS: Whoever Ludociel meant with “He will not forgive you” isn’t actually revealed to be male. It was as gender-neutral as it could be.

This is basically how Dean reacted to his death. Right?

Anyways I was originally going to stream this but I didn’t have time since I needed to focus on the reference sheet. I finally got it done last night though. That was an excellent time to lament how i hate colouring in Netherack because I have no idea how to and it’s ugly. So I just looked for a background and added it using gimp which is something I haven’t done since 2015 with this.

Anyways if you look underneath the cut, I put my attempt there so yeah. That’s all I have to say. Until the next update!

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legitimateluffy replied to your post: hey, could any of you guys point me to your fave…

When he insults Zoro by calling him ‘yontoryuu’ during episode 130

PFFF THAT MOMENT IS LIKE MY FAVE.  idk if i wanna use it for this gifset tho since kinda the whole joke of it is that it’s not actually a rude/mean thing to say lol, whereas everything else i’m using is more legitimately rude :’D

mad-phlegmatic replied to your posthey, could any of you guys point me to your fave…

When he ignores Nami after before the Usopp fight

oh damn, that’s a more serious one.  ty!!

newgates replied to your posthey, could any of you guys point me to your fave…


ahaha yess i actually was considering this moment, but i wasn’t sure if i wanted to include two moments from the same ep….(since i’m including luffy insulting coby) but i might idk.  thank you!!

monkeydluffs replied to your posthey, could any of you guys point me to your fave…

When he rudely throws the booger in zoro’s drink and/ or when he throws a booger on chopper’s hurt body

bahaha i forgot about the booger throwing.  that’s perfect, thanks!!!

paradoxii replied to your posthey, could any of you guys point me to your fave…

When he tells hancock he won’t marry her

shishiswordsman replied to your post: hey, could any of you guys point me to your fave…

That time he laughed at pica :’D Or when he denied the alliance after defeating Doffy!

those are all great omg.  thank you guys so much, you’re so helpful!!

sbs gayo daejun: EXO x NCT Special Stage, GD x CL x BewhY x Okasian Collab, 10cm x Chanyeol x Rosé x Jihyo collab stage (+Chanyeol and Rosé playing the guitar), Taemin x Jinyoung x Yugyeom x Ten x Lisa x Seulgi x YooA x Eunjin Street Dance collab stage, Jimin x Mina x Momo x N x Cheng Xiao x Yein Ballet & Modern Dance collab stage, T.O.P x Uhm Jung Hwa collab stage, Special Collab of 91 idols, and literally EVERY ARTIST WHO HAD A COMEBACK/DEBUT THIS YEAR WILL ATTEND AND PERFORM and way more to come



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