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RapMonster x Wale CHANGE  Lyrics :


Oh, tell me that dark could never win the light
Oh, tell me that wrong could never win the right
Baby, tell me that we gon’ someday stop the fight
And tell me that every, everything gon’ be alright
Oh tell me who’s stupid, baby, is it me or them?
Just tell me who’s insane, baby, is it me or them?
In this crazy world after patience, could we get the pearl?
But this world, which teaches me, preaches me how to curl
Oh, fxxk the school
All we got is mad teachers and some visible classes
Divided spaces, and forever-lastin’ stresses
Everybody’s mad
Kill people with fingers on Twitter
More than a gun, more than a knife
The tip of your tongue just glitter
Would the pain always win you gain? (Nah)
How could you bet? It’s damn checkin’ game (Yeah)
We’re losin’ again, homie, we losin’ too many things
What should we tell our sons?
You know that they will be the men
Like you and me  

If hope is a taste, what’s yours?
What you eat all day? 
(What you eat all day?)
And if your love is a game
Are we losin’, losin’? Oh 

World is gonna change (ooh ooh ooh)  x 4

Ya. Yeah, tell me what is really real?
I’m tryna buy a new Ferrari for my newest deal 
Baby girl say, the world really hate us, huh?
Pray a lot maybe God give you St Laurent 
Wish that I could change the world but they hold back 
When it’s time to go, the people just be mad again 
And what if I could change the world with a pen and pad?  
When it’s time to vote, the people turn to mannequins 
Challenge that. Namjoon, I’m the man too 
I’m out in Chevy Chase the teachers used to lampoon   
I sing songs, haikus, over rap tunes. 
High IQ lookin’ for a Song Hye Kyo, 
Hey cuuutie girl, yeah 
I’m tryna keep it a hunnet 
Got no faith in the government that’s why we need eachother. 
Hey. Laughin to keep from cryin’ 
Folarin’s a rap monster. BTS is the army 
Now it’s on me 
I'mma keep the piece until I see some more peace 
I'mma keep it G, forever keep it lowkey 
Take a trip to south korea with some DCOGs 
Chiefin’ OG
I’m chief in OG 
Hated by alt-rights and racist police   
Say woohoo 
Man, 12 coming 
They make them kids really freeze when they say ‘Freeze!’ Freeze! 

x4 (World is gonna change ,ooh ooh ooh)
x4 (World is gonna change
The world is gonna change
The world is gonna change)

Moonz (Wale’s fans)
Praying for better days for you and I 
I see progress via my daughters eyes 
I think, I think too much now and drink too much now 
And numb it ‘cause I don’t wanna cry 
Praying for a better place for you and I 
I see some grass growin’ the winter’s eyes 
I think, I think too much now And drink too much now 
To numb it ‘cause I don’t wanna die 
I believe that real friends love you to no limit (yeah)
I believe that real change lies in the mirror (yeah)
Since I was a lil one was supposed to get much status 
Now they got their hands up for me like a stick up  
Say, Hands up, hands up like a stick up
Hands up hands up like a stick up 
Since I was a little one Was supposed to get much status 
Got their hands up for me like a stick up 
Take it day by day. night by night 
Its on you and me 
If I’m gon shine,   not stoppin’
Day by day, night by night 
It is on you an I
Moonz and the Army right (my hands up) 

Credit to k-armys / youtube comments / my ears lol
By @mimibtsghost Love U Army!

Just some Favourites...

For one of my favourite ladies! @whydontijustleavethisrighthere  Xoxoxo

Because his Smile

Because that BOOTY

Because sweaty neck curls and OH those arms…

Cause He so PRETTY…..

Because it’s the ONLY nudie booty shot we gonna get….

Because the way that sweat soaked Black Tee CLINGS

Because pretty perfect lips.

Just Because.

Because those gorgeous copper tresses are SO PRETTY

Because Cupcake and I LUFF him.

Because this sort of hotness is not okay.

Because Hhhhhnnnggghhhhh

Because I (we’d) all like to be that guitar please.

Because holy CRAP those lips….

Because he’s beautiful.

And my ALL time favourite….

Because perfect fluffy curls, yummy scruff, BlackTeePorn, black jeans that show off how goddamn delicious his thighs, crotch, hips and ass are, a touch of neck porn and just.  Everything.  Perfection. 

Read “Borrasca” by The_Dalek_Emperor with #sixpenceee’s recommendation

After reading parts 1-3 

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After reading part 4

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ride-the-storm  asked:

can we talk about how good Jason still looks?? I just watched one of his music videos from like 2013 and I was like wtf he still looks the same. there must be some sort of anti-aging perk from joining Metallica lmao

I know right! Like this photo here is from last year and besides a few wrinkles (And better glasses than what he wore in A year and half) He’s still the same old Jace; Even with Shaved off sides included!