oh crap face

This picture has made the rounds on Tumblr once as a photo of the print during the con weekend. I think it originally came from a post made by salmondestiel, so I am here to post my much clearer jpeg! 

If its hard to see, my sign says “Honey, I shrunk the Baby!” I had already bought the car to have J2 sign, and the idea came to me. One of my friends had a Sorry board so I borrowed it for the op, too!

I didn’t tell Jensen to do anything, so this is what just kinda happened. I will say one thing, I knew I wanted to make an ‘oh crap’ face, but I almost lost it when I looked toward them. I needed to look anyway to see what Jensen was going to do but my friend was making the best ‘oh shit’ face behind the board, and I almost laughed instead. 

This is definitely the most creative I have gotten for a photo op and it will NOT be the last. Adam Malin (one of the Creation organizers) was even standing to the side, and he said it was a great photo idea. Creation approved!

The Applebee's $100 marinara shower

Reposting this post of mine here by someone’s suggestions

Once a few years ago, at an applebees, my waitress was bussing a huge tower of dishes (not wanting to make two trips I guess?) which just visually was precarious at best. As she was walking towards me I thought to myself, there is no was she is gonna make it to the kitchen.

Sure enough, once I am in splashing range the tower goes down. Half full glasses of soda hit the floor and send splashes over my sandaled feet, and a full cup of marinara sauce hits the edge of our table and showers me with about a quarter of a cup of marinara sauce in a billion droplets from my hair to my chest. We hadn’t even been served drinks ourselves yet, this was just the start of our meal. So I’m sitting there with sauce literally dripping from my nose, hair, etc.

Waitress makes eye contact with me and sees what she has done, eyerolls and groans “fucking son of a bitch!” I am sitting there frozen like, uh someone help? Husband is saying loudly, can we get some help here? Waitress Walks less than three feet away, snatches up a rag and begins wiping her OWN hands! Deliberately TURNS HER BACK TO ME, another waiter sees this and come over now and is dabbing at my shoulder with a wad of paper napkins. I hear the waitress who dropped all the crap say, “why is this bitch looking at me, now I bet this bitch is gonna give me a problem. I’m not dealing with this shit.” And turns and walks into the back.

At this point I say to the waiter who is trying to dab away this sauce, she isn’t even going to say SORRY? He shrugs and is like, sorry ma'am. I said yeah, thanks, an apology should come from her though and I heard her refer to me as a bitch? I’m sitting here minding my own business and get pelted with sauce and soda head to toe, and I’m a bitch? At this point the anger rightfully built in me, and asked to see the manager.

Manager comes over. By now the spilling waitress has heard I am complaining. She comes over, and stands behind the manager as she and I talk. I explain what happened, and that accidents happens and I’m not even mad over the spill, but I’m mad over being treated like crap after it and being referred to as a bitch. Manager is gushing apologies, our dinner .. a two for twenty we were grabbing.. will be free. Okay, great. Still, I said, this is an area for retraining or something. There needs to be something said to the server, that is not how you treat people. She turns around and sees spilling waitress, and says I’m sure she was coming to apologize right now.

Waitress EYE ROLLS and says nastily, it was just an accident. No apology. Manager is now like oh crap, on her face. I said to waitress, and referring to me as THAT BITCH is an accident too? She says nothing, gives a smirk and crosses her arms. I looked between her and the manager, who is now silent and doesn’t know what to do with this. It ends in a stand off, of the waitress refusing to simply apologize and me seething.

So I think a moment, and said to the manager, so you said our ENTIRE meal tonight will be free? We want to change our order. And we want to keep our same server. No hard feelings, afterall, right? So we changed our two for twenty to the most expensive entrees we could find, with three appetizers and salads and soup first. Dessert after. Tab was well over a hundred bucks. We lingered for as long as we could stand. Needless to say, we stiffed that bitch, and I wrote no hard feelings on a napkin covered in marinara sauce at the table.

Only time I ever stiffed a server, and it was grand.

Studio Pierrot’s huge mistake

Naruto Shippuden episode 495 was a really important day for all true TenTen fans (not counting those who only like their OOC versions of her), those who, no matter what they ship, respect her growth as a character and praise Kishimoto and the novelists for turning her into a strong independent kunoichi with 0 interest in romance we had in Boruto the movie and Konoha Shinden.

Konoha Hiden was the novel that explained TenTen’s deep character to those who didn’t pay attention through the manga or that had doubts about her motives behind certain decisions and life choices. It showed how girls in the Naruverse can choose a different path out of the usual one (becoming wives and mothers) because of their own will or preferences. TenTen was the example of a woman who didn’t need a man to feel complete.

Yet, Studio Pierrot spits this piece of crap on our faces:

And that’s it! No further explanation or character development. The whole thing just dies with TenTen making an “oh crap” funny face. Here you have yet another Naruto girl obsessed with marriage and love, daydreaming with hearts all around her until she suddenly realizes she has no boyfriend, so she can’t get married a live happily ever after.

Wait a second, I need to puke… I’m allergic to japanese single-woman shame.

For those who didn’t read the novels, maybe you didn’t notice but SP dared to change the context of TenTen’s lines from the novel. Here is the original script:

“Marriage, huh… well, it’s a nice thing”

[…] She lived her life without any thoughts for romance or feminity. Hearing about someone close to her getting married suddenly made one disturbing thought fly into TenTen’s mind and refuse to leave: Was it really okay for her to be like this? […] Was it really okay for a young woman to be like that?

From here, the question “Is it really okay for her/a woman to be like that?” is repeated numerous times, nearly once per paragraph. TenTen deals internally with the fact that she isn’t interested in men or love at all, in fact she has never being in her whole life because she finds weapons far more attractive and interesting. TenTen actually fears that she is not normal, that she should force herself to enjoy what others do.

Do you realize the struggle of a girl who just doesn’t feel she has to follow what society tells her it’s right for her gender to do? But no! Pierrot decides to add hearts, skips the whole inner dialogue sbout her doubts/way she feels, and just jumps to the recreation of imaginary people teasing her over giving a present everybody expects. And yeah, this last part was also in the novel, but that doesn’t excuse the lack of respect over TenTen as a complex character with an inner struggle concerning the way she sees life and even her sexuality.

I enjoyed most parts of the episode, of course. As a Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden fan I was happy to see how Pierrot fused both Lee’s and TenTen’s chapters to praise their good old anime spin-off and Kenji Taira; but I missed the dramatic parts of Konoha Hiden, being this the one I wanted to see animated the most.

This wakes an uneasy feeling in me. With the Boruto anime series airing in April… did Studio Pierrot re-wrote this part of the novel on purposse to turn TenTen into Mei 2.0 for the sake of comedy? It’s not the first time Pierrot changes a character’s personality in fillers, including the whole romance issue. I’m really scared.

anonymous asked:

NestaxCassian Nesta is a new librarian, who is quite proud of her Masters in Library and Information Science, at the university Cassian is a Professor at.

Okay, so this turned out longer than I expected…..whoops? Thank you for your submission! I hope you enjoy it <3


Nesta has only been working at this dump of a library for 3 hours and already realized how badly they needed her help. The book arrangements were all wrong and don’t even get her started on the study areas.

All the desks had been facing the wall instead of the giant widow in the opposite direction. Were they trying to make these students depressed?

This wouldn’t do.

She immediately lifted the desk closest to her and began to turn it around when her skirt got caught under one of the desk legs.

When she bent down to free her skirt, her foot slipped on a wooden pencil landing her flat on her ass. “Well shit.”

“Oh my, let me help you.”

Nesta didn’t get the chance to get a look at the kind stranger before hands slipped under her arms and lifted her easily off the ground.

“Thank you fo-“ All the wheels in her mind ceased to turn when she beheld the man in front of her.

He wore a crisp white button up shirt with deep gray pants and shoes that looked Italian. His sleeves were messily rolled up to his elbows, and his hair was pulled back to reveal the tattoos on his neck. He smiled and waved a hand in front of his face. Oh crap, was he talking? He chuckled

“Are you new here?”

“Yes. This is my first day.”

“Well in that case welcome to Valerias University.”

It took her too long to realize he was holding his hand out for her to shake.

“Thanks. I’m Nesta.”

“What a beautiful name.”

“Yea well, I didn’t have any say in it, so I can’t take the credit.”

She hadn’t meant to be funny but the handsome god like man’s smile broadened.

“The names Cassian, but my friends call me Cas.”

“Thank you for your help Cassian.”

“Ouch. Shot down.”

“Excuse me?”

“I was hoping you’d refer to me as Cas so I could say that we’re friends.”

“My friendship is not so easily gained.”

“I accept this challenge.” His smile turned to a smirk.

“Well good luck with that. In the mean time I need to change these desks.”

“Riiiiight because that worked out well for you the first time…”

“One thing you may earn the privilege to know about me is that I don’t give up.”

“I like that in a woman.”

“Do you have some sort of job here, or are you only good for flappin your mouth?”

“Oh, I think you’d rather enjoy the multiple things I can do with my mouth.” All he got was an uninterested glare in return *cough*

“I’m a uh- professor here. I teach science.”

“Of course you do, and I’m guessing you teach anatomy?”

“As a matter of fact I do. I wouldn’t mind giving you a tour of the human body if you’re interested….”

“I know the human body quite well thank you very much.”

“Oh I’m sure you do….listen, I’m gonna be over there in the corner by the modern literature at 5:00pm. If you happen to be in the same area I’d love to take you to dinner.”

Nesta kept a face of disinterest and aloofness

“We shall see.” Nesta began to once again move the desks in the opposite direction which was clearly a dismissal. She didn’t have time for cocky bastards who hit on anything with a pulse, but a girl’s gotta eat right?


Nesta was doing some last minute dusting before closing when she heard footsteps against the wooden floor.

“You’re late.”

“Sorry, did I keep you waiting sweetheart?”

“You’re just lucky I haven’t left yet.”

He took a step closer to her.

“And why didn’t you?”

“Today was my first day. I wanted to make a good impression.”

Two more steps.

“I can assure you that your first impression was more than satisfactory.”

They were less than a foot from each other.

“I’m starving, are you buying me food or not?”

“A woman who gets straight to the point, I like it.”

“What’s the point in wasting time when I can just say what I want?”

He was a breath away now.

“I couldn’t agree more.”

He reached his hand out to brush a strand of hair behind her ear that had fallen loose form her bun.

“May I kiss you Nesta?”

“You barely even know me.”

“I have good instincts….”

She leaned forward in what could be assumed as initiating a kiss.

Their lips one inch from each other.

“You’re going to have to do better than that professor.”

Her lips grazed his cheek as she walked away.

“I’ll meet you outside in five minutes, don’t keep me waiting.”

Cassian shook his head.

He was in deep shit.


Thinking of making a part 2??? Depends on how much attention this gets, so let me know what you think! 

Time After Time

This is a prompt fill for the wonderful @falling-into-vacancies who wanted a Spideypool Soumark AU. Thank you btw for being so patient, I know it took me forever to write this and I hope you like it!

Pairing: Peter Parker/Wade Wilson (first time writing them be gentle)

Length: 7500(ish)

Rating: T

Authors Note: I used Wade’s boxes in this Yellow/White. Also the POV shifts between characters so I hope that isn’t too confusing. Read on AO3.

“This shit is Bananas,” Wade curses as he fiddles with the lock of the second-floor window he is currently trying to break into. Trouble is, his left hand was blasted off by some thug getting a little too kill happy with a shotgun. That had only happened less than thirty minutes ago, so right now his hand was about the size of a nine-month old’s and being less than helpful with stealthily breaking into the closest house he could find while he healed up.

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Title: Tease

 Pairing: Dean x Male!Reader

 Summary: Being Dean’s boyfriend offered you a lot of amazing moments in life, and teasing him, was always one of the best ones.  

 Warnings: Mild Language.  Innuendos.  Hints at sexual acts.

 Masterlist of Fan Fiction 

Originally posted by lookprettyliveclassyplaydirty

 “Baby, can you hand me a wrench?”  Dean asked as he held his hand out from under the car.  

You could only chuckle as you pulled one from his toolbox and handed it to him. You and Dean had been out in the garage for a few hours now, trying to figure out why Baby was making that awful noise.  It was like something was grinding, but neither of you could place it.  

“Any ideas?” You asked Dean when he finally rolled out from under the car.  But the string of curses pretty much gave you your answer.  “Hey, we will figure it out.”  You offered in comfort.  You walked behind Dean and wrapped your arms around his waist, setting your head against his shoulder.  “We always do.”

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Double Life

Prompt: After Work
Fandom: Inuyasha
Characters: Higurashi Kagome, Miroku, Sango, Sesshoumaru
Setting: Modern AU
980 Words

Kagome looked up at the sound of footsteps, then groaned and ducked behind her monitor.

That didn’t save her, of course – the cocky asshole strode in without knocking and didn’t pause until he was looming before Kagome’s desk.

“These expenses you filed last week, Higurashi,” he drawled in a bored tone, “they don’t add up. Are you sure you didn’t miss a receipt?”

“I don’t think I did,” Kagome replied, staring fixedly at her monitor.

“That is not an acceptable answer.”

“Well I don’t know,” Kagome huffed, her temper rising. “What do you want from me?”

“I want you to submit all the necessary receipts when you file your expenses,” came the irritated reply. “Find the receipt or the company won’t reimburse your little computer course.”

With that charming parting comment, he turned on his heels and marched out.

“Asshole,” Kagome muttered under her breath, glaring at his stiff, retreating back.

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I’ve said this like … once before, but now I drew a pic for it so it looks Official - I’m up for doin art trades! With … just abt anyone, honestly!

Things I will draw: 

  • Your OCs
  • Characters from a show you like
  • You, honestly
  • furries
  • gore (but it’ll be posted on my gore blog - I will tag you in it though)

Things I’ll probably draw

  • Two or more people interacting (I’m shit at it though, especially romantic poses, but I’ll at least try)
  • Robots (depends on how complicated the design, if it’s a robot like M/T/T or anything from O//K K//O I definitely will,,, but t//ransformers style robots are hell)
  • That’s honestly it tbh

Things I won’t draw

  • Hate art towards any person/thing/etc,,, why would you ask me to draw that I don’t get it
  • Political cartoon kinda shit,,, I’m a dumb ass 16 year old, if you want someone to give Donald Trump a fursona I’m the wrong clown to ask
  • Full on NSFW - This is less about my skill or lack of comfort around th subject and more about the fact that if I draw that shit and post it here, the feds’ll knock at my door, bc I’m a Babby (vaguely suggestive shit and like,, jokes , are fine though, I’m pretty sure, anyways)

Sorry for th long as post btw ,, just ,, heck

Payback is a Bitch ain’t it Lucifer!?

Guess who’s back, back again, Samantha’s back tell my Tumblr Friends!

Hey-o everyone I’m back! And Lucifer has been sent down to the Cage! @spnfangirlforeversammyrules you’re right he was up shit creek. He is never doing character takeover day again because of this stunt. I would sooner let Gabriel do it and risk getting sent to TV Land again, then let Lucifer do this again. @grellaofasguard thanks for helping out. I saw the stuff he said and oooooooo I’m mad at him. Anyway this is what went down:

*Bust into my house with Team Free Will and take out some Demons*


Lucifer: Oh you got out. That’s a surprise!

Me: You sir are an asshole! Sending me to the Cage!? Like really!?

Lucifer: *shrugs* I thought it was fun.

Sam: Yeah well your fun is over! Give up the laptop and leave her house.

Dean: And no coming back here ever again!

Lucifer: I don’t think so fellas. *eyes glow red*

Me: Then you leave me no choice.

Lucifer: You’ll what stab me with an Angel blade? No try to stab me with an Archangel blade. Wait I got one better then that…Try and deep fry me in holy oil?

Me: Nope, I’ve got something much worse. It’s called sending you back to the Cage.

Lucifer: Good luck with that!

Me: Never underestimate a fangirl with connections.


Lucifer: …You didn’t?

Me: Oh I did!

*Gabriel and Michael are there, but their just sitting down eating popcorn while watching this unfold*

Chuck and Amara: LUCIFER!

Dean: You actually got a hold of them?!

Me: Hells yeah I did!



Chuck: Samantha was being nice and you just throw her into the Cage!? Not cool! You’re going back down there.

Lucifer: WHAT!?

Me: Payback is a bitch ain’t it Luci?

*They send him back*

Me: I don’t know about y'all but it is good to be back! Thanks Chuck you as well Amara.

Chuck: No problem.

Amara: Happy to help.

Me: Hey wanna do a takeover day on the blog some time? You can post about cats and your music!

Chuck: We’ll consider it. ☺

*They leave*

Dean: I say we celebrate!

Me: By the way I almost forgot…who is watching Jack while you guys helped me out?

Team Free Will: …

Me: Is no one watching Jack!?

Dean: No…we just realized who is watching him since Gabe and Michael are here…

Me: Oh my Chuck you didn’t…

Sam: Yeah…