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This picture has made the rounds on Tumblr once as a photo of the print during the con weekend. I think it originally came from a post made by salmondestiel, so I am here to post my much clearer jpeg! 

If its hard to see, my sign says “Honey, I shrunk the Baby!” I had already bought the car to have J2 sign, and the idea came to me. One of my friends had a Sorry board so I borrowed it for the op, too!

I didn’t tell Jensen to do anything, so this is what just kinda happened. I will say one thing, I knew I wanted to make an ‘oh crap’ face, but I almost lost it when I looked toward them. I needed to look anyway to see what Jensen was going to do but my friend was making the best ‘oh shit’ face behind the board, and I almost laughed instead. 

This is definitely the most creative I have gotten for a photo op and it will NOT be the last. Adam Malin (one of the Creation organizers) was even standing to the side, and he said it was a great photo idea. Creation approved!


Me: Now don’t be weird, Andrie, just make a post on your main about how excited you are to have a binder!! Write like a paragraph about how happy you are and how you hope your dysphoria in the future will be alleviated! And maybe add a picture if you really want
Me to me: take five selfies of you wearing your binder. and do finger guns in all of them.

Studio Pierrot’s huge mistake

Naruto Shippuden episode 495 was a really important day for all true TenTen fans (not counting those who only like their OOC versions of her), those who, no matter what they ship, respect her growth as a character and praise Kishimoto and the novelists for turning her into a strong independent kunoichi with 0 interest in romance we had in Boruto the movie and Konoha Shinden.

Konoha Hiden was the novel that explained TenTen’s deep character to those who didn’t pay attention through the manga or that had doubts about her motives behind certain decisions and life choices. It showed how girls in the Naruverse can choose a different path out of the usual one (becoming wives and mothers) because of their own will or preferences. TenTen was the example of a woman who didn’t need a man to feel complete.

Yet, Studio Pierrot spits this piece of crap on our faces:

And that’s it! No further explanation or character development. The whole thing just dies with TenTen making an “oh crap” funny face. Here you have yet another Naruto girl obsessed with marriage and love, daydreaming with hearts all around her until she suddenly realizes she has no boyfriend, so she can’t get married a live happily ever after.

Wait a second, I need to puke… I’m allergic to japanese single-woman shame.

For those who didn’t read the novels, maybe you didn’t notice but SP dared to change the context of TenTen’s lines from the novel. Here is the original script:

“Marriage, huh… well, it’s a nice thing”

[…] She lived her life without any thoughts for romance or feminity. Hearing about someone close to her getting married suddenly made one disturbing thought fly into TenTen’s mind and refuse to leave: Was it really okay for her to be like this? […] Was it really okay for a young woman to be like that?

From here, the question “Is it really okay for her/a woman to be like that?” is repeated numerous times, nearly once per paragraph. TenTen deals internally with the fact that she isn’t interested in men or love at all, in fact she has never being in her whole life because she finds weapons far more attractive and interesting. TenTen actually fears that she is not normal, that she should force herself to enjoy what others do.

Do you realize the struggle of a girl who just doesn’t feel she has to follow what society tells her it’s right for her gender to do? But no! Pierrot decides to add hearts, skips the whole inner dialogue sbout her doubts/way she feels, and just jumps to the recreation of imaginary people teasing her over giving a present everybody expects. And yeah, this last part was also in the novel, but that doesn’t excuse the lack of respect over TenTen as a complex character with an inner struggle concerning the way she sees life and even her sexuality.

I enjoyed most parts of the episode, of course. As a Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden fan I was happy to see how Pierrot fused both Lee’s and TenTen’s chapters to praise their good old anime spin-off and Kenji Taira; but I missed the dramatic parts of Konoha Hiden, being this the one I wanted to see animated the most.

This wakes an uneasy feeling in me. With the Boruto anime series airing in April… did Studio Pierrot re-wrote this part of the novel on purposse to turn TenTen into Mei 2.0 for the sake of comedy? It’s not the first time Pierrot changes a character’s personality in fillers, including the whole romance issue. I’m really scared.

Time After Time

This is a prompt fill for the wonderful @falling-into-vacancies who wanted a Spideypool Soumark AU. Thank you btw for being so patient, I know it took me forever to write this and I hope you like it!

Pairing: Peter Parker/Wade Wilson (first time writing them be gentle)

Length: 7500(ish)

Rating: T

Authors Note: I used Wade’s boxes in this Yellow/White. Also the POV shifts between characters so I hope that isn’t too confusing. Read on AO3.

“This shit is Bananas,” Wade curses as he fiddles with the lock of the second-floor window he is currently trying to break into. Trouble is, his left hand was blasted off by some thug getting a little too kill happy with a shotgun. That had only happened less than thirty minutes ago, so right now his hand was about the size of a nine-month old’s and being less than helpful with stealthily breaking into the closest house he could find while he healed up.

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Thoughts about chapter 855

Ok it happened again, when you try to convince yourself that it’s better to write the review after re-reading the chapter couple of times but you’re just so hyped that you simply can’t wait… !

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You and Only You

Requested by @itsnotan-s

Prompt 27: “If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were in love with Batman”

Plot Thingy: Clark’s been spending a lot of time with the Justice League, saving the world and what not. Of course the reader understands, but she can’t help but feel a little lonely.

        It wasn’t like it was his fault. Obviously, he couldn’t control rabid aliens. But still, maybe, once in a while, he could take a break. You missed him. You missed how warm he was, how he light up the room and made you feel better, even when you were in the happiest mood.

       The door handle jiggled, making you perk up from your spot on the couch. You paused the Disney movie you were viewing (and totally not singing along to), as Clark entered the room. Tears littered his costume and a metallic smell that wafted off of him was so strong you could taste it. But that didn’t stop you from tackling him in a death hug, wrapping your arms around his neck and hiding your head in his chest. He buried his face in your hair, taking in the sleepy sent of home.

     You stayed there, taking the presence of being embraced after a month of no loving contact. Then Clark broke the silence.

   “Hello love.” He whispered.

   “Hi.” You murmured back, looking up at him. He smiled at him, teeth and all.     “I missed you.”

    “I missed you too. I would have come home sooner, but Batman…he’s just…paranoid.” Clark thought, pulling out of the embrace to look at you. His eyebrows furrowed as slight annoyance waltzed across his face.

     “I thought he was the best coworker you’d ever worked with?” You smirked and cocked an eyebrow.

      “M’mmm? And when did I say that?” Clark asked skeptically.

      “Well, you’ve implied it several times. “Batman deserves more credit than he gets”, “Batman’s one of the smartest men I know”, “Batman saved the day”.” You put on a false deep voice.
“If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were in love with Batman.” You laughed, walking away from Clark toward the kitchen. He followed you, his footsteps sounded like thunder compared to yours.Well, Clark was like thunder compared to you.

     “But you do know better. You know that I love you.” His voice softened.         

     You smiled as Clark wrapped his arms around your waist. You nodded.

     “I know. I love you too Clark.” You turned in his arms and placed a kiss on his cheek. He turn you around so that you were facing him and kissed you on the lips.

     “You have no idea how much I’ve missed this.” He murmured against your lips. You laughed again, nuzzling your forehead against his own.

    “Surprised you didn’t get enough of it with Batman.”

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Geek. Steve Rogers One-Shot.

Title: Geek.

Pairing; Female Reader x Steve Rogers.

Prompt: Anon:  Can I have a Steve x reader where the reader has a crush on Steve but she’s shy and nerdy and thinks he won’t be into her

Triggers: So much fluff. Awkward shy Reader.

Enjoy :3

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Imagine (Vinny Mauro) (MIW) (Requested on tumblr by anon.) *SMUT*

anonymous asked:

hey darling! can u make a vinny mauro imagine? i know u have a lot of imagines to do so i’ll wait :33 it’s okay. like, u and vinny are bff’s but he has a crush on u so one day he finally tells you about it and u are like “omg i have a crush on u too blablabla” and then…. smut :33. and after idk 1 month, u guys start dating and yay!! thanks ilysm <33 and sorry for my bad english :(((

Vinny ’s POV.
“Thank you for being here, vi ” (Y/N) says from next to me. She has curled up nicely on my side, watching her favorite movie on the TV.  After a long time of crying over that fucking bastard that broke her heart for the millionth time, she is finally calm and curled like a baby kitten.
“No problem, babygirl..” I say, rubbing circles on her side.
“No,  it is a problem. You told me he would end up …” she begins but I place a finger on her lips to shush her.
“Don’t think of that baby. You need to rest. "I say and play with her hair.
"Thank you for being my best friend."she says and gets more comfortable. I simply stare at her:she is so precious, like a newborn baby. She is just perfect, at least to me, she is. Damn, I have to hold myself from spilling out my feeling for her. I want her to know that I am here for her, more than a friend, that I will cherish her, that I will love her with every damn piece of me, that someone will finally treat her decently.  But I can’t : I can’t tell my best friend that I am deeply in love with her, that I fall asleep and wake up with the thought of her, that I dream of how  would it be if we were together. It would screw up our relationship. So I just shut up and watch her while she sleeps, trying to move the least I can in order not to wake her up.

[2 weeks later] [y/n’s POV]
I am sitting on my couch, wearing an oversized T-shirt and ‘cuddling ’ with my laptop, working on my project. Next to me there is a notepad,   with notes scribbled on the yellow pages,  that are supposed to help me with my presentation.  But guess what: they are fucking not. I let out a sigh and try to concentrate on my paper. No matter how hard I try to focus, I can’t.  Partially cause I am tired and worked up. The other part is that Vinny pops in my head out of the blue. I just cant stop thinking of him , thoughts no friend should have for her best friend but I can’t help it. I might be vulnerable right now cause of my break up and my feelings are heightened, but I think I am in love with him. And crap…
With one more sigh I go back to my work, cursing my fucking luck. Not much time passes, before I hear my doorbell ringing … Thank god… I stand up and walk towards it, not giving a single fuck for the fact I am half naked.once I open the door, I find Vinny, with his left cheek and eye bruised up and a few scratches on his hands , arms and chest.
"Vin? Oh my god, how the fuck did you ended up like this? ” I ask him, motioning for him to enter.
“I saw your ex. With this girl he cheated with on you. And I couldn’t control myself. I just went over him and punched him straight in the jaw. He hit me back and we fought.” He says, collapsing on the couch. I go next to him and grab his face to inspect his wounds. classic Vinny, being spontaneous and overprotective.
“You are lucky you don’t need stitches. All of them seem to be superficial.  Let me grab my first aid kit.” I say and get up.
“I am sorry I showed  up unexpectedly. I just really needed to see you. This guy could be here to hurt you. ”
“Vinny, I am fine. I can take care of [y/e/b/n]. And you can show up anytime you want. I am always here for you.” I say and I mean it.
“I was just worried. And I just needed to check on you.” He says as I sit next to him and open my kit, grabbing a cotton ball and betadine.
“This might stink a little.” I say and begin cleaning a scratch on his jaw. He flintches but stays still.
“This was made by her. God, she had the nails of a witch.” He says and I laugh.
“Thank you. Even though there was no need to beat him. It was over long ago. ” I say and he side smiles. God, even wounded up and bruised, he is still so charming.
“I know.  I didn’t do it for you, well, not just for you. I was pissed at that guy. How could he prefer her over you? Is he blind or something? ” he says as I clean a scratch on the side of his lips. I have to lean in closer to him to clean it and I swear, it makes my face warm up and I can already feel my cheeks taking a deep red shade. I stare at his lips, without even realizing it. I raise my gaze and find him staring at my lips too.
“Vinny..” I breathe out, tying to calm myself and my heightened nerves.
“Shshsh.. let me enjoy the moment.” He says and shushes me with a kiss. His lips engulf my lips perfectly, like they are the perfect match. I taste some blood and the betadine on them but I don’t care.  I am far too lost in the kiss to care about petty details.

Without me realizing it, we are on our way to my bedroom, our tongues tangling in a fight for dominance. I walk backwards but trying my hardest to be close to vin. His hands on my neck and thumbs pressed on my jawline help a lot to maintain a skin touching distance. I kick the door open with my heel and guide us on my bed. I fall with my back on it and Vinny lands on top of me. I pull away from the kiss and laugh. But then reality hits me in the face.
“Oh crap, what are we doing…” I whisper. He looks at me
“Did you regret it? Cause if you did,  I can stop and you can forget it ever happened.” He mumbles. His slight accent blurts in: it’s cute that when he is nervous it pops up, even if he wasn’t actually born in Italy.
“It’s not that. I was waiting for far too long to regret it…” I blurts out. I instantly cover my mouth, embarrassed by what I said. Vinny chuckles and removes my hand from my mouth while smiling.
“You know, I’ve waited for it to happen to… for so freaking long that it actually drives me crazy.” He says and crashes our lips. His hands go behind my back and hug my body as his lips make fireworks explode in my dizzy mind. I move my fingers in his hair and he moans as I pull them a bit.
“Fuck, maybe you should welcome me to your home in just a T-shirt more regularly. "He says and slips his hand between my thighs. His fingers rub my core,  feeling the heavy wetness that is coating my slit and panties. I moan loudly: god, this is heavenly.
"I’ll see what I can do. ” I moan again, bucking my hips and rubbing myself against his palm. I need him.
“As much as I love it,  you have to take it off. ” he says and looks into my eyes. I sit up and sadly he removes his hand. I fiddle to find the hem of my T-shirt , due to the fact that I almost cant remember my name. I raise it above my head and reveal my completely naked body.
“No bra, huh?” He asks cockiky. I raise an eyebrow and look at him
“Hey, don’t judge me. I had just returned from work and I had no plans for today. A bra was completely unwelcome. ” I say. He smirks and makes me lay on my back.
“I actually love it.” He says and squeezes my left tit. He pulls my nipples and I moan.
“I can’t hold it anymore. Where do you keep your condoms?” He asks me, making me scream on the inside: it is going to happen…
“Earth to (y/n) .stop fantasizing about sex with me and answer my question.” He says laughing.
“Um, I am sorry. In the cupboard in my bathroom. "I say and he nods.
"I’ll go get one. Don’t go anywhere.” He says and places a kiss on my lips. I smile as he gets up and smack his ass.
“You’d better be naked when you are back. ” I say.
“Yes ma'am. ” he answers as he walks to my bathroom. I shake my head and try to get more comfortable.  Of course I can’t help but question how it is going to be: I better give my best self. But what if he won’t like it? What if I won’t reach my orgasm? I had this problem with my ex… oh my god, he is going to be so disappointed.
“Thinking of me?” I hear vin say from the doorway.  He wears just his boxers and he is so damn sexy. His body is turning me on so bad, even though I’ve seen him half naked before.
“Kinda ” I say as he approaches me. He smiles and ghosts above me with his elbows next to every side of my head. He kisses me again, a full kiss with tongue and all. His lips are so soft,that I could melt underneath him just by kissing him.
“Are you ready?” He asks against my lips. I nod and he does too. He takes the foil’s corner between his teeth and pulls it, causing it to tear and reveal the rubber. He removes his briefs and strokes his cock a couple of times before he clothes it with the semi-transparent colored condom. He looks at me and takes a deep breath. His fingers move aside my panties and trace my core up and down.
“Ready to feel the ultimate sex experience with the ultimate Italian lover? ” he jokes and I laugh. I nod and he pushes in his tip, causing me to gasp by the way it stretches my entrance. It’s not painful though: it is just something new, something that I have just to get used to it. He looks at me,  his gaze requesting something.
“You can move,  baby. "I say , earning a smile from him.  He pushes further, causing us both to release a satisfied moan. He goes out and then back in,  with a slow pace. His grunts ring in my ears. His biceps are popping, as he supports his body on his hands to thrust in. His member has just the perfect length: not too painfully big but hell no small.. He is certainly bigger than my ex.
"Vin, faster.” I whisper in his ear. He instantly obeys and picks up on speed and force. He has me a moaning mess underneath him. My hands go to his arms, my nails digging in his shoulder blades. I release moan after moan as he continues to pound into me.
“Goddamn it. You feel so good around me.” He groans. I already breathe heavily, something that gets worse as he finds my g-spot. I release a small scream.
“Fuck, that felt so good. Do that again. ” I scream and he does it again. A jolt of electricity rushes to my spine and a knot makes its way to my stomach. Vinny hits my spot again and I dig harder in his biceps, making him moan.
“Fuck, you are so tight. I am going to cum.” He says through gritted teeth. His index finger already is on my clit, rubbing it in circles. The knot becomes tighter and tighter with every rub and sloppy thrust he makes.
“I can’t take it. I am so close. ” I whimper.
“Cum, baby… ” he says,  pounding on my spot one last tine before I orgasm and fall in a state of euphoria, where everything feels better and seems brighter. He continues his thrusts until he gets off, seconds later after me.
“Shit, that was good. ” he says, collapsing next to me. He brings me to his chest nd places his chin on top of my head, making me smile
“Totally. We should do it again.. if you don’t mind of course.” I mumble and he chuckles.
“Absolutely. Now let’s go get cleaned. ” he says. I lean in and press a kiss to his jaw, before I suck on it to create a beautiful bruise.
“I always wanted to do that.” I exclaim while I get up, wrapping a sheet around my body.

[2 months later / at Josh’s place]
“So, you and Vinny, huh?” Ryan asks teasingly as I help her prepare the guys’ drinks. I blush and shrug my shoulders.
“I don’t know what we are. We are just dating.” I say.
“Just dating? I thought what we did last night was beyond the point of dating.” Vinny says as he wraps his arms around my waist and kisses my earlobe.
“Well, you haven’t cleared up what we are, to be exact.” I mumble, pouring some rum  in a glass.
“What am I going to do with you?” He asks and comes in front of me. He takes my face between his palms and presses his lips to mine. He kneels down and takes my hand in his.
“(Y/f/n) , will you do me the honor of becoming my girlfriend.?” He asks, in a kind of funny tone.
“I thought you’d never ask…” I joke too and kneel down to kiss him.


Title: Tease

 Pairing: Dean x Male!Reader

 Summary: Being Dean’s boyfriend offered you a lot of amazing moments in life, and teasing him, was always one of the best ones.  

 Warnings: Mild Language.  Innuendos.  Hints at sexual acts.

 Masterlist of Fan Fiction 

Originally posted by lookprettyliveclassyplaydirty

 “Baby, can you hand me a wrench?”  Dean asked as he held his hand out from under the car.  

You could only chuckle as you pulled one from his toolbox and handed it to him. You and Dean had been out in the garage for a few hours now, trying to figure out why Baby was making that awful noise.  It was like something was grinding, but neither of you could place it.  

“Any ideas?” You asked Dean when he finally rolled out from under the car.  But the string of curses pretty much gave you your answer.  “Hey, we will figure it out.”  You offered in comfort.  You walked behind Dean and wrapped your arms around his waist, setting your head against his shoulder.  “We always do.”

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Meeting Under Different Circumstances (KBTBB)


It was a Wednesday afternoon. You were finishing up your cleaning in the sitting area of one of the resident rooms. You had been promoted to the penthouse suite just a week ago, and you were quite enjoying it. All that was left was the dusting, which wouldn’t take very long since you cleaned this room nearly every day. You were searching through the objects on your cleaning cart when you heard a thump outside the door. Your shoulders rose slightly and you looked to the door.

… after a couple of seconds, you heard a giggle. You listened carefully but only caught incoherent muffles and whispers. The doorknob rattled a few times before the sound of a metal cling signaled a key being inserted. More giggles…

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Prince Dean’s Castle

Title: Prince Dean’s Castle

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,797

Warnings: Umm….too much cuteness???

A/N: Decided to write some fluff because Dean is adorable with kids :) If you have any ideas of things to write let me know! Also let me know if you ever want to be tagged in things!  Hope you like it! Love you all! <3

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So I'm Convinced Moniwa Is A Playa' And Here's Proof

First off look at this adorable dork:

Seriously see this cute wittle face?:

What girl wouldn’t want to kiss his cheek? He’s as threatening as a teddy bear:

Plus even his “Oh crap” face is adorable. And he’d high-five you during.

But then his face is just neutral and…:

Or he gets invigorated/motivated/fueled and just…:

Boy can go from adorable little teddy bear to raging testosterone, and look good doing it:

Or when he’s being smug, he’s still good-looking:

Or when he’s serious, he’s actually quite good-looking despite being adorable:

In short:

He’s on the hunt,  he’s after you~

His mouth is alive with juices like wine

And he’s hungry like the wolf


MET @thenathanzed & HE SAID ‘DOODLESBYADZIE’!!! we were like old internet buds reuniting!! I’m so happy to have met him!