oh cool bro

lance: (on a wikipedia page clicking spree) oh cool, ghost stories

hunk: bro don’t do it

lance: … click!

(the next day; hunk and lance look exhausted)

pidge: are you.. guys okay?

hunk: no. we stayed up all night cause lance started reading ghost stories and got scared, so then he started reading them outloud to me and then i got scared, and then we kept thinking the castle was haunted again so we stayed up all night cuddling and keeping watch in shifts

lance: i’d say that i’m ready to ‘drop dead’ but i know. i know that the devils are here. even in space. and they are listening

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that moment when you were expecting something goofy like All Star for the Jojo part 4 and got hit with an explosion of sensual and Savage Garden instead


Ghost Stories: Liam Dunbar (Pack Mom)

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Hey guys! So this is for my sweet anon! I hope this is good for you! I’m absolutely shattered so it may be a bit crap but I hope you enjoy anyway! Let me know Xxxxx 

It amazes me how well this pack can just…brush things off. Like “Oh yeah, last night this guy try to attack me but I totally cracked him.” “Oh right, cool bro did you see the new Star Wars movie?”

I swear that was an actual conversation I heard between Scott and Stiles, I swear.

“So who has an actual scary story to tell?” Scott asked, after listening to Malia’s long and very gruesomely detailed story of how she caught a deer and ate it in the woods once. Too which Stiles turned on her with big reproachful eyes and said, “So it was you who killed Bambi’s mother!”

“If you want to tell a horror story, let’s just talk about Dumbo!” Stiles muttered, stuffing a handful of popcorn in his mouth.

Picking up a handful of brightly coloured Skittles I fire three at Stiles head before sniffing, “We do not speak of Dumbo!”

Stiles laughs as he brings up a blanket over himself, tying it like a cape around his throat and ignoring Liam’s sniggers.

“Well I think we need to set the mood first.” Lydia said, standing up and going round the room, blowing out candles and switching off the big lamp.

“See? Much more spooky.” Lydia says before lugging over a mirror that was propped against the wall and sitting it in the centre of the misshapen semi-circle everyone was sitting in.

3 rounds of Bloody Mary and things were starting to get weird. The light from Kira’s phone flashlight kept flickering. Scott and Malia kept flashing their werewolf eyes that kept making the rest of us jump.

“Hello? Is anybody home?” Stiles said to the glass mirror, knocking on it with his knuckles. “Am I literally getting rejected by a ghost girl?”

Everyone burst out laughing and I looked at their laughing faces. Before realising one was missing.

I frowned, squinting round the dimly lit room before finding Liam, curled up in a ball, behind the side of the couch. His hands were clamped firmly over his ears and his eyes were screwed shut.

And now I could see the fear written plainly on his face and I’m sure he was shaking.

I crawled out of the circle, unnoticed by the rest and sit down next to Liam before pulling him onto my lap. He gasps in shock but quickly buries his head into the crook of my neck.

“Hey sweetheart you okay?” I breathed into his ear, but despite how quiet I was Scott’s werewolf hearing picked up on it and his head snapped in our direction.

“Shush.” I mouth fiercely at him and he nods before, “What’s up with him?”

God damnit Stiles.

I hug Liam closer to my chest, kissing the top of his head and I hear some people snigger, though I couldn’t make out who through the dark.

“Aww, is ‘wittle Wiam fwightened?” Yet I couldn’t mistake Stiles’ taunting voice for anyone else.

“Shut it, Stilinski,” I defend, subconsciously hugging Liam tighter.

“Continue with your story.” I wave vaguely in their direction, unsure about whose turn it was.

“You’re okay.” I whisper soothingly into Liam’s hair which was softly tickling my chin. He didn’t say anything, just simply sighed into my neck.

Everything was going good. I was really getting into Kira’s story about the creepy grave girl before sudden loud piercing shout of “Boo!” was screamed in my ear.

Liam and I flipped out, both screaming really loudly in fright as Stiles and the rest of the pack howled with laughter.

“You guys are cruel!” I scold, throwing multiple cushions at the direction of the laughter whilst putting one arm round Liam.

“Cruel.” I muttered under my breath, pressing a kiss to Liam’s temple, surprised to find how hard he was shaking.

“Come on guys, time to sleep.” Lydia said, shifting the cushions and pillows around so that they were spread out evenly.

“Night guys.” Kira yawned, snuggling into a blanket and everyone mumbled out a “Goodnight” before settling down.

I went to move and let Liam lie down himself but he simply held on tighter to my shirt. Smiling fondly I ran my hands through his hair and shifted around till I was comfortable.

I was already half-asleep until I felt myself being gently shaken awake. I moaned but slid my eyes open and jumped awake when I was met with Liam’s bright glowing ones.

“I’m scared.” He whined and instantly my arms wrapped tighter round him, hushing him.

“I hate the dark.” He muttered into my hair and I pulled back. Setting him gently to the side I pull myself up and switch on the bright light.

Instantly loud groans filled the room and Stiles looked at me like I killed someone. “Turn it off!” He yelled, throwing a pillow in what he thought was my direction. Turned out he was about 7ft off.

“No, this is payback for earlier.” I smirk evilly, sliding back into the cocoon of duvets I was sharing with Liam.

“Better baby?” I asked him softly and he nods, finally closing his eyes as he drifts off to sleep.

Straight White Boy Problem #710

Me: hey bro you should totally up my yak

Bro: haha ok which one is it

Me: it’s the one that says, “icarly’s plot was amazing but victorious had more hot girls so the two canceled out”

Bro: haha dude you are so funny haha. Where is your yak I can’t find it

Me: *grabs bros phone aggressively* it’s right there. I just upped it

Bro: oh cool dude. Sam on icarly was pretty hot tho! I saw her nudes dude!

Me: no way! Show me!!

Bro: i dont have them any more dude I had to delete them…

Me: wow. …Gay

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why do people say Louis and Harry tattoos are couple tattoos Louis has always wanted tattoos. he just likes them. they just so happen to go together. doesnt mean they are together

INT: “Do you like tattoos?”
LOUIS:”Not on me, no. On others yes.”

“Bro our first words. Let’s get them tattooed”

“Hey bro. I got a ship. You should get a compass. So we can always find out way home…into each other’s arms. No homo tho”

“Mate. My good old pal. I saw this cute tattoo idea. I get the butterfly you get the quote”

“Hey boyfriend. I mean, bro. Mate. Lad. What if you got the anchor and I got the rope. Cute, innit?”

“Lover- um I mean lovely laddy bro pal of mine. I have a heart. You get an arrow. Because cupid’s aim was shit and I’m totally not in love with you”

“Birds don’t even have eyebrows mate”
“But bro. They look like us”

“I’m just joking lol it means nothing. But check out my new tattoo.”

“Oh cool bro check out mine.”

“Wait what is that?”

“It’s a dagger”

“Oh. To match my rose. Wow. I love you too. Totally homo. I love our matching tattoos and when you kiss me.”