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pls let whiskey and bitty be gay friends in year 4 thanks

TW: vomiting, hangover, canon typical alcohol abuse, coming out, being closeted in professional sports, implied (but not real) dubious consent of inebriated person

When Whiskey awoke, he immediately turned over and hurled into the waiting trashcan next to the bed. It wasn’t until he’d relieved himself of the meager contents of his stomach that he realized this was not, in fact, his bed at all. 

The room was clean and tidy, decorated to the nines with pop star tour posters and twinkle lights. If that hadn’t been an immediate giveaway, there was also a University of Georgia pennant mounted high on the wall above the desk. Whiskey rubbed at the building pain in his head and desperately tried to remember the previous night. Surely he hadn’t…no, Bittle had a boyfriend, that much was obvious, so even if Conner had tried, in his blacked out state…

The bedroom door creaked open slowly and Bitty stuck his head inside, glancing around. He was already showered and dressed for the day, clearly not at all hungover. When he noticed Whiskey struggling to sit up, he smiled and walked fully into the room, carrying a glass of water and a plate of toast and eggs. 

“Here, thought you could use something after how sick you were last night,” Bitty said softly, placing the food and drink down on the bedside table. “How’re you feeling?” 

Whiskey took the water gratefully and sipped at it, careful not to drink too fast. “Like crap.” He paused, looking towards the open door, then asked, “We didn’t-? Last night…?” 

It took Bitty a minute to grasp his meaning, but when he did he shook his head vehemently. “Oh, Conner, no, you were in a terrible state last night and I don’t care what people might say about me, I would never-”

“I didn’t mean it like that,” Whiskey murmured, cutting Bitty off. “I just thought…if you’d been drunk, too, maybe I would’ve…made a move or something…”

Recognition and a little bit of shock flitted across Bitty’s face. “No, I think you were too busy falling down the stairs to seduce anyone last night.” Well, that explained the soreness of every muscle in Whiskey’s body. “But, um. You were a lot nicer to me last night…”

Whiskey looked down at his lap; he was too sick to have this conversation. “Please don’t tell anyone,” he finally said, stomach churning unpleasantly. “The coaches have been talking about scouts coming to watch me, and I can’t have, like, any rumors about me going around, even here-”

“Conner, Conner-” Bitty interrupted him, eyes wide with concern. “I would never, you have to know that. I’m your captain,” he said, smile a little wry. “And I know the risks. Trust me, I’ve spent enough time around professional athletes to know the risks.” 

Whiskey nodded mutely, taking another sip of water. Later he would blame the hangover for this, but he asked, “Are you dating one of Jack’s teammates?” 

Bitty laughed, loud enough to aggravate Whiskey’s headache. “Oh, Lord, no. If I was, you know I couldn’t tell you all willy-nilly,” he added, a bit more serious. “But no. What an idea…” 

“You sure?” Whiskey prodded, laughing a little himself. “I’ve seen that video of Mashkov carrying you around the Haus. He really likes your jam, huh?” 

“You shut your mouth,” Bitty laughed, shoving at Whiskey’s shoulder. “Tater’s a friend.”

“A very rich, very handsy friend,” Whiskey mused innocently. 

Bitty shook his head and grabbed his book bag off the desk chair. “I’m going to the library. Sleep off your hangover, make sure to hydrate, and tell the Frogs that if they eat all the cookies in the kitchen then they have to buy me dinner. For the next week.” 

“Don’t you have a thesis to write?” Whiskey asked, watching with amusement as Bitty’s face darkened. 

“I hope your hangover lasts all day,” he said petulantly, then waved goodbye and headed out the door. Whiskey sighed and leaned back against the pillow, then started when he felt something press up against his side. 

When he pulled back the covers, Whiskey was surprised to see a plush bunny, clearly old and well-loved, half-hidden by the mess of sheets and blankets that covered Bittle’s bed. He smiled tiredly and pulled the bunny close, feeling warm and content in the knowledge that maybe, against all odds, he and Bittle were becoming friends. 

They’re kind of assholes - Superboy x Reader (Batsis)

This is kind of a part two of “You’re kind of an asshole”, the aftermath of it all. Like now, Conner and the reader (Batman’s daughter) professed their love for each other, and it’s not to everyone’s taste. Not to name anyone but…Bruce and Clark are not ok with this. Anyway, hope you’ll like it : 


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Batman was not happy. Not happy at all.

Superman either actually. 

They were both sitting at a table in the Watchtower’s common room, sulking and brooding (when Diana asked what was happening to Clark, as she was used to Broody Bruce, he just groaned in return and she kinda just understood that this was about you and the boy). With a scoff and a sip of his coffee, your father says : 

-This isn’t going to work.

-I know, it’s too weird. 

-I caught him in her room a few nights ago, God only know what would have happened if I didn’t came in when I did. 

-Oh please, no details. We’re talking about your daughter, whom I consider my dear niece, and my…clone. It’s just too weird ! 

-Yeah well you would be even more weirded out if you had caught them making out on her desk ! 

-Bruce, stop. Seriously. This is making me uncomfortable. 

-And you think I’m comfortable with this ? Because if you do you’re wrong. I hate it. It’s my little girl we’re talking about ! 

Diana, who was coming back from the coffee machine with a warm cup, cannot help herself and has to say : 

-You are aware that you’re daughter is an adult right ? And that when Dick started to date Barbara you didn’t say anything, even though she’s older than him. Or when Jason or Tim st…

-I know she’s an adult ! That’s the problem ! She’s growing up too fast ! And it’s not the same than with the boys…

Diana loses her amused grin, and with a very serious expression, stare at the Bat and says :

-Oh ? And how is it different ? Because she’s a girl you have to protect her more ? Or she can’t go out because of her sex ? By Hades Bruce I thought you were more open minded than that ! 

Your father just looks away and grumbles an answer no one understands. 

He knows it’s ridiculous. He knows he shouldn’t be worried, as he knows that Conner is a good man. He knows you’re an adult and are capable of taking your own decisions but…you’re also his little girl. And he doesn’t actually have a good excuse as to why he wants to protect you more dating wise than his sons…Even though Dick is the one that always end up falling in love way too fast and having his heart broke ! 

In front of him, Clark doesn’t hold Diana’s gaze either (neither him or Bruce would dare to, and besides, when she was annoyed like that, it was better to just look away and shut up), but he has the same thoughts than his friend. He wants to protect you, and for some reasons, deep down, he just can’t find the strength to trust Conner, even though the boy proved himself worthy multiple times…

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Superbatbros AU - Meeting the kids, part 1

(idle thoughts on the Superman-as-Batman’s-brother idea)


Bruce: (showing Dick around the Cave) This is the computer, there’s the med bay, and over here we have-

Clark: (flies in) BRUCE! Alfred called me about your latest case and- (noticing Dick for the first time) …uh…should I just…come back later?

Dick: O.O

Bruce: Don’t bother. (gestures at Clark) And over here we have Superman.

Clark: Hi!

Bruce: You’ll likely be seeing more of him since he lives here sometimes.

Clark: Mostly holidays and the occasional weekend. (smiles)

Dick: ( ✪ ᗜ ✪ )  


Jason: Hey, so about the strange man in the kitchen wearing headphones and eating a whole tub of coconut gelato. Is he your boyfriend, or should I call the cops?

Bruce: …strange man?…oh mY GOD-

Jason: Is that a yes on the cops?

Bruce: (racing down the hall) CLARK, GET YOUR OWN DAMN GELATO!



Clark: I know you don’t like me in Gotham after dark - I swear I was just passing through! Thought I’d drop by and say hi when I found this little guy. (lifts Tim up for inspection)

Clark: He was following you through the Bowery. No comm, no adult, though he did have a camera. And get this! (to Tim) How long have you been following Batman, Tim?

Tim: …seven months.

Clark: (smirks) Seven months, Batman. You spent the last seven months with an eleven year old following you. With a camera. What was it you’re always telling me? About how I should be more aware of my surroundings? How I shouldn’t assume that my senses will catch every interloper?

Bruce: You’re never going to let me live this down, are you?

Clark: Definitely not.


Conner: You live in a mansion?

Clark: No, I live in a condo. My brother lives in a mansion.

Bruce: That closet of yours doesn’t deserve to be called a “condo.”

Clark: Stop shaming my condo, Bruce.

Conner: Well, it is pretty small.

Clark: …

Bruce: Thank you. (to Clark) Don’t worry about this one, I like him already.

Clark: Too late, I’m already worrying.


A compilation post of all my batfam dc ink sketches



Could you do a smutty/sweet Nico one. Idk, I want to see that little SMOL bean in a bed. That’s sounded wrong. You don’t have to, but if ya do, I would absolutely love it. Thank you.

This is long overdue…Still, I hope you enjoy!

Nico didn’t like this feeling. He didn’t like this burning feeling in his stomach, was it his stomach? No it was his heart. It was a wrenching feeling, as if someone reached into his chest with their bare hands and squeezed his heart tight.his breaths were shallow and his hands which were balled into tight fists shook at his sides.
Today was supposed to be relaxing, just you, him, and nothing or no one
else. So when your journey to the lake near the of camp had been deterred by none other than Conner Stoll- The same guy that’s had a crush on you for over a year- he was a little more than frustrated. He watched the way Conner leaned a little too close to your face for comfort, the way Conner would oh so causally rub his hand against yours. He turned his head away from your conversation with the son of Hermes, the smile stretching across your lips was not caused by him and Nico wasn’t too fond of that thought.
Conner pulled out a small yellow Polaroid camera and nudged your side with a hopeful smile, “Can I get a picture with the beautiful model?” He asked with a smirk and a quirk of his eyebrow. You laughed and nodded once and stood close to him as he held out the camera to take the picture, noticing the furious look your boyfriend had sported when Conner wrapped an arm around your waist from the corner of your eye.
Barely after the click of the camera finished Nico had your hand in his hold and was tugging you rather forcefully away from Conner who stood with a dumbfounded look whilst staring after your retreating figures. You pulled and pried at his grip to no avail, his pale hand was locked your small one in a death grip.
Nico tuned out the curses that you shouted at him as he dragged you back to the confines of his dark cabin, ready to show you who you were to him. He pulled you through the door, slamming it with force before he pushed you up against it. You gasped, (e/c) eyes opened wide in shock.
“N-Nico what are you doing?” You squeaked out. It was a stupid question really, he made it quite clear what his intentions were when he squeezed your butt -which earned a yelp from you- and growled for you to jump. You complied without hesitation, wrapping your legs around his waist. He growled and pressed his body against yours, lips locking and tongues tangling.
Nico pulled back from the kiss and moved you over to his bed, dropping you down and making the springs screech before he climbed to hover over you. “Let’s get this off,” he muttered darkly. He pulled off your camp half-blood tee and tossed it somewhere in the room, he immediately leaned down to press kisses to the side of your neck.
You moaned out as he trailed down to your collar bone and breasts, sucking dark bruises to mark you as his.
He reached behind your back to unclasp your bra before sliding it off to gain access to your breasts, licking and flicking each hardened nipple with eagerness and want. You bit your lip and ran your hand through his silky mop of dark hair, “Mm~ Nico~ I want to taste you, baby.”
Nico lifted his head, staring at your saliva clad nipple with lust before meeting your gaze with his own. He nodded before sitting up and pulling his shirt and jeans off, “Come here, baby girl.. I need your pretty mouth,”
He leaned back against his headboard with a lust filled look.
You smirked and made your way over to him and leaned over his crotch, licking your lips and peeling away his boxers. His member sprung up and smacked his stomach. Grasping his length and spreading the pre-cum across the head of his thick length, kissing the tip before closing your lips around him. Nico hissed and rested his head against the headboard, “Oh gods..”
You took as much as you could into your mouth, grasping the rest in your hands and began to pump his member. Nico groaned out and let a few curses slip out, “Shit… Y/n~”
You pulled your mouth off of him with a pop, instead you replace your mouth with your tongue, teasing him was always something you adored.
You traced the vein on the back of his member with your tongue, slowly dragging it to the tip where you teased his slit with the tip of your tongue. He hissed and balled his fists into the black sheets, “Stop teasing. I won’t be able to last if you continue,” he threatened with hooded eyes studying your movements. You smirked and wrapped your mouth around his tip once more before letting him take control.
Oh he took control.
It was like a hungry animal seeking it’s prey. He quickly pinned you down and nearly ripped off your shorts and panties, your core almost embarrassingly dripping wet for him. Nico chuckled darkly while he slid a finger through your slit, “Oh I wonder, who did this to you?” You shivered with anticipation, barely able to form a proper answer,“Y-You did,” You managed to stutter out.
He hummed and pushed your legs apart and over his shoulders so he could get a better angle. He placed sweet, open-mouthed kisses on your inner thighs, returning the teasing you bestowed upon him just minutes ago. He slowly kissed your heat before letting his tongue dip down between your folds, savoring your sweet juices that for him and him alone. He poked his tongue at your entrance, barely letting it trace the rim of it and then licking back up to your clit. You mewled softly as he kitten licked your clit, gazing up at you through hooded eyes while he pleasures you. Your hands threaded through his silky,dark locks while he wrapped his lips around your clit and started to suck gently,“Will you stop teasing? Oh gods…” You whimpered out.
Nico chuckled against your clit, the vibrations sending shivers down your spine. Without any warning, Nico began to insert a finger inside of you while he sucked harshly at your bundle of nerves. His actions made your back arch off the mattress and you to moan his name loudly. He quickly added another finger into the mix, scissoring your opening apart for his member. Your breaths became ragged as you listed for more, “Nico,” you breathed out, “I need you so badly.”
His member was so hard already that it felt almost painful, but he needed you to cum for him. He groaned against your heat and added a third finger, plunging them as far as possible with he ravished your clit with his tongue. You let out a high pitched moan and started to grind on his fingers, the coil in your stomach building up tightly and waiting for release.
“Oh gods, Nico. Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” You yelled out, “I’m gonna cum!” He pushed his face deper into your heat and sped up his fingers, his hair tickling your pelvis.
It felt so good.
You came hard while moaning out his name multiple times and breathing heavily. Nico let you ride out your high while he cleaned you up, you tasted so sweet he simply cannot get enough of you. He lifted up to smirk at you, his beautiful olive tone face was glistening with your juices and he looked so unbelievably hot. He wiped his face off with his hand then leaned down to bring you into a kiss. You could taste yourself on his tongue, he was right, it really was sweet.
Nico began lining himself up with your entrance before easing himself in, letting you adjust to his thickness and length. You took a sharp inhale of breath, he was so… Satisfying. You gave a slight nod, giving him the okay to move; He rammed in and out of you without any hesitation, he was clearly eager to show you that he was the only guy you need.
He alone can satisfy and please you.
You moaned at the pleasure, reaching your hand up to your breast and fondling it gently. Nico took the chance and continued to mark you up with hickeys, there was no way you can hide all of these, and there was no way he wanted you to.
Nico somehow sped up his pace to almost inhumanly possible which felt like absolute bliss. He groaned out your name as his pace became more sloppy and erratic as he reached his high, finally being able to release his load into you after all the waiting he’s done. You came shortly after him just as hard as you did when he was eating you out.
Nico’s face twisted as he slowly reached his high’s end, you coming around him only adding to that pleasure. He didn’t bother to pull out just yet, only burying his face in the crook of your neck, mumbling how much he loves you repeatedly.
“Was someone jealous?” You asked while playing with his messed up hair, his head still in your neck. He leaned up and pulled out of you, you making a whining sound at how empty you felt after he pulled out. He simply rolled his eyes and pulled your sweaty, naked body to his so you two could cuddle, “No. I just know what’s mine is mine.”
You smiled and snuggled closer to him, “Okay you’re not jealous, you’re just territorial.”
“That is correct, my darling.”

The Moons And Their Suns - fic

Characters: The Batfams and The Superfams
Summary: Some call it meddling, others call it helping. Regardless, every Bat has a Super, whether they want one or not. 
A/N: More trash. I just love the relationships of all the bats and supers and how the supers love them so much, waaaah.


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anonymous asked:

Can I get some quality headcannons for Kevin Price’s awkward “I am 100% HETEROSEXUAL and have NO ROMANTIC FEELINGS for Elder McKinley whatsoever” phase (PS I love your account sm)

AhhAGH i’m glad you like the account, here’s some good “i’m totally not gay” kevin headcanons for the good sweet anon, there’s not as many as usual but ive been tired lately sorry :0

•it took kevin 5 months after he realized he liked conner to finally say something and all he said was “hi date me”
•kevin used to get a sick gross feeling when he thought about conner because all he wanted was to hug and kiss him but he knew he couldn’t
•kevin gets really frustrated really easily and this whole conner thing makes him angry
•he probably fucking says no homo whenever he does anything
•like he does the dishes and someone thanks him and he goes “No problem, no homo tho”
•he had that “shit i’m gay” moment, you know that moment
•he had that moment 2 months into his relationship with conner
•denied being gay WHILE DATING CONNER
•he tried to avoid conner but he was really bad at it
•if he ever saw conner he’d try really hard to make it seem like he didn’t realize he was here even if he was looking for conner
•he’d be like “oh shit conner what are YOU doin here” and conner would be like “kevin this is my room ???”
•he would get uncomfortable whenever anything even mildly gay was mentioned
•he probably got sick like really sick during that awkward phase and gueSS WHICH ELDER DECIDED TO CARE FOR HIM
•conner showed up in a lot of hell dreams
•kevin stopped sleeping for a while (or at least he tried)
•conner is naturally touchy, like if he’s talking to you he’ll put his hand on your shoulder shit like that, it’s just the way he is, but when he does this shit to kevin it flustered him so much, kevin turned so red.
•kevin blushes really hard over the littlest things
•kevin can’t stop thinking about how small conners hands are and how much he wants to hold them in a totally no homo (not)


As the party began to wind down and the guests started to leave, Ethan and Conner sat together near one of the fountains, talking about the day. They were both exhausted and happy. And very touched at how hard their family and friends had worked to make their day perfect for them.

Before they got up to head home themselves, Ethan suggested they get a little crazy and play together in the fountain, dressed in their suits, “Come on! It will be fun!”

“Since when do you like to do silly things like this?”

“Since now. Today was absolutely amazing and I’m feeling good. Let’s be silly just this once.”

“As you wish,” Conner replied, pulling Ethan up from his seat. “But you go first. I don’t trust you to not to try and splash me.”

“Oh, I’m going to!”

“I’d like to see you try!”

Once the two of them had exhausted themselves laughing and dancing in the fountain, they both got out and attempted to shake some of the water off. But when that proved useless, they decided they would just have to drive home soaking wet. And they both didn’t care one bit. ♥♥♥

I Love You!

For the lovely @connorxxmurphy This is from your sappy prompt list and it is because I love you! Hope you enjoy! It a Conner x Evan paring with a side of sassy Jared. Along with Zoe and Alana who wish Conner and Evan finally get there acts together! I again I do not own!
Onwards we shall march!

Evan knew that Conner only saw him has a friend. For awhile Conner was just that a friend. Between the phone calls and eating lunch together it evolved into love for Evan.

Evan saw Conner in a new light. Not that kid who was angry and temperamental but a kind soul. Surprising Evan knew but it was true.

Conner would do anything to protect his friends and family. Going as far as labeling friends and family the same if he felt you deserve it. Conner has a protective strike a mile wide when it came to Zoe. Unfortunly due to Conner’s temper and the belief he did not need any help. It pushed people away and the ones who cared about Conner to be drained almost constantly from fighting with him.

At first it had scared Evan but slowly he grew accustomed to it. Actually becoming friends exactly as that crazy story Evan spun previously.

Evan loved how Conner actually stood up to him. Helped him through his anxiety and aided in projects that required that you speak in front of people. Miraculously it helped. Slowly mind you but Evan found he was not so nervous to speak in front of people as he used to be. However it had to be a small group and completely silent but for Evan that was progress. Looking back Evan remembered when he actually realized he loved Conner.

~Five Month Previously~
“Conner t-than you so mu-much for helping me. It really helped I got a 76 on the oral presentation.”

At the grade that he heard Evan had gotten. Conner’s eyes had lit up with joy. A strangely uncharacteristically trait of Conner’s. That only Evan was every truly privileged to see. Slinging his arm around Evan’s shoulder. Conner gently shook the shorter male.

“I knew you could do it! Come on Ev let’s go get lunch and then get ice cream! You deserve! Zoe and Alana are going to be so happy and you mom so proud!”

Evan felt his heart flutter and then he froze. Finally managing to put together how he felt about Conner. Evan Platt Hansen was completely at utterly in love with one Conner Faist Murphy and that was a fact.

~present day~
Jarred from his thoughts by Jared brushing up against him. Evan felt his best friend lean into him.

“Your taking Conner’s cloths off with your eyes again and looking at that girl dancing with him like she told you your mother died. Go up there and tell him how you feel!”

“I c-can’t d-do t-th-that Jared! Yo-you kn-know t-that!”

Evan tries to sound mad but he can’t. After all he is Evan he didn’t get mad. Rolling his eyes Jared put his hands on his hips and stared talking again.

“One day Evan! I will give you one day to tell Conner how you feel. If you do not. I will take matters into my own hands!”

Jared’s tone was not harsh per say but it had that no nonsense tone to it. Evan wasn’t quite sure why Jared had that tone because he knew that Evan knew he would do it. No tone necessary. Zoe and Alana thankfully noticing his distressed look had made there way over.

“Is Jared being a moron Evan? Don’t listen to him why don’t you go and talk with my brother?”

Zoe kindly asked him but Evan knew she and Alana where going to have words with Jared. Taking a deep breath Evan braced himself and walked over to Jared. Hearing Jared say.

“Damnit Alana that fucking hurt! Zoe control your girlfriend!”

Feeling a genuine smile grave his lips Evan shook his head. Who would have thought that a teen with some serious anxiety would have three…. four really good friend. Evan hastily reminded himself when his brain tried to put Conner in the boyfriend section. Evan’s day plummeted when he heard the girl dancing with Conner mention him.

“Why don’t you just stop hanging out with Evan, Con. Everybody thinks your dating. I know you feel pity but it has to stop. I mean everybody knows how pathetic Evan is.”

Evan didn’t even stick around to hear Conner’s response before he was bolting from the club. With it feeling far to stifling for how taste. Bolting into the street he cried when he realized he had came with Jared. Shaking Evan bolted down the street. To end the already terrible night. It started raining. Wailing Evan tripped over himself to get home. Fumbling for his keys Evan cried harder. His mother thankfully opened the door. Half a sleep she woke up when she saw Evan’s distressed face. Eyes softening she pulled him into a hug and coaxed him inside. Soft words of comfort leaving her lips that only a mother could share.

After awhile and several cups of hot chocolate later. Evan was out of his soaked cloths and fast a sleep on the couch. When she was sure her son was a sleep Heidi’s face changed to snarl. She was going to kill Conner Murphy! Assuming his mother didn’t get to him first that is. Heidi was generally a pretty cool person but when you hurt her baby boy? All hell would break loss and she would destroy you. Picking up get phone she called Cynthia Murphy.

“Heidi? What is the matter? Are the kids alright?!”

“Conner made Evan cry. Do you have any idea why? I am not accusing you of anything but I would like to know why my son ran home soaked from the rain. Saying Conner’s name over and over.”

Cynthia was quite for the longest time before she spoke. When she did it was frigid.

“I have no clue why Heidi but I assure you I will find out and Conner will be in major trouble. Please tell Evan to feel better and I will try to come over.”

“Thank you.”

Heidi found herself murmuring back to the other woman. The worry of her son crashing into her like a wave.

“It is no problem Heidi. Get some rest you and Evan will need it.”

“Of course good night.”

“Good night you and Evan stay safe.”

Hanging up Heidi rested her head on top of her son and feel into a restless nights sleep. Her baby boys breathing finally calm and eased. Mother and son slept through the night both in each other’s comforting embrace.

Conner watched on in mute horror when he saw Evan flee after Amy’s comments. He wanted to be mad at her and scream but he couldn’t. Worry for Evan the main concern for him right now.

Oh dear God Evan! The boy who managed to worm his way into Conner’s heart. Who made Conner bond with his family and actually get friends. Evan his first true friend who was not his sister. Evan who Conner had full intentions of asking out tonight before Amy stepped in. Conner had gotten Alana, Zoe and Hell, even Jared recruited to help him. Until some damn brunette who felt like she had a chance with Conner again ruined it! Conner didn’t even need to turn to her know because Alana had slapped Amy across the face. Raging at her for what she said about Evan and how she was going to make Amy’s life hell. Jared and Zoe chiming in what they thought every so often.

Jumping when he felt Jared touch his shoulder. He half expected it to be Zoe and braced himself to restrain from punching Jared.

“Go after him Conner. Evan really does like you. Me and the ladies will deal with this woman!”

“Your not an idiot when it comes to helping your friends are you?”

Smirking Jared slightly shrugged his shoulders.

“Go Prince Charming! Go after your Cinderella!”

Maybe Conner had spoken to soon about Jared not being an idiot. However, the damn idiot did have a point. Conner had to find Evan! Running down the street Conner searched for Evan before heading to Evan’s house. Stopping outside the door Conner awkwardly held the stuffed tree in his hands. He had wanted to get flowers but what flower shop was open at 11 at night on a Friday nonetheless? None not in Conner’s experience at least. That and he had no clue what flower who would have gotten Evan. After all Evan was the botanist out of all of them. He knew flowers and there meanings perfectly. Maybe Conner was biased but Evan was good at knowing plants. Heidi opened the door and rounded on him.

“Get off my damn porch! Now!”

So she had heard what happened. Holding the bear up as a peace offering she glared at him suspiciously.

“Please Mrs.Hansen. I need to talk to Evan there was misunderstanding I love him!”

Her eyes softened but she was still tense.

“Fifteen minute Conner! That’s that! And if he starts crying all bets are off!”

Nodding his head Conner agreed to the terms. Only a few woman scared him when he was mad. His sister, his mother and his grandmothers. To name a few but Heidi Hansen was quickly making her way on the list. Stopping at how peaceful Evan looked. Conner pushed Evan’s hair out of his face. Evan looked so peaceful and even more beautiful then Conner believed possible.

Blearily Evan looked up a froze in terror.

“Shh… Evan. Amy is a moron. I will not leave actually.”

Pausing Conner swallowed thickly and pushed the tree plush into Evan’s hand.

“Look I understand if you want me to leave but.. but I love you. I should get going know before your mother kills me.”

Leaning forward Evan captured Conner’s lips into a kiss. Conner froze before gently pulling Evan forward to him. After awhile the broke apart for air. Heads pressed together in comfortable silence. Evan curled up into Conner and the tree plush was thrown to the side. Evan murmured something.

“Conner… I-I love you to. I d-d-don’t know when it started but I love you. I just realized when it was different the way I felt around you.”

“Shh.. shhh. Evan it is okay we will talk later let’s just sleep please. Shh.”

Nodding his head Evan feel back to sleep. Feeling a sequel stuck in her throat. Heidi looked on to the two boys. Thrilled that they had found each other. Cynthia had called her and told her what Zoe, Heidi and Jared had told them about the event. Pulling out her phone she snapped several pictures of the two boys. Sending them all to Cynthia who had responded with a happy face emoji. Oh Conner and Evan still had several battles to fight and hills to climb but they had there friends with them. As boyfriend and Zoe, Alana and Jared who would not let them got through this alone. Right now that was all a mother could ask for.

A/N: So that started out more angsty than I would have liked. Besides that I am thrilled with it. If you have any questions PM. Like I said to the wonderful connerxxmurphy. Also
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I just imagine the heroes of Tim’s generation (and team) just being really weird and eccentric as they get older.

Like I can imagine Kon when talking to younger League members being all “Oh you think things are bad now, try having Lex Luthor and Superman for parents and Red Robin for a husband with Penguin trying to crash your anniversary party. Pretty sure the scorch marks still haven’t been gotten rid of in Gotham.”

Or even I can imagine all sorts of rumors going on in the League among the younger members about Blue Beetle being two people and how one of them is absolutely terrifying, and one of the younger League members asking Bart about it and Bart being all, “Oh, him? Nah, you’ve got nothing to worry about. The blood comes out of the carpet pretty easily when you know what to do.”

And just poor Tim like, “Guys, stop. You’re scaring the kids. This is why other League members think my family and friends are all psychopaths.”

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8 + timkon ?

8. “Wanna bet?”

When Tim finally got back to his apartment, it was midnight. He hadn’t eaten since noon and he was exhausted. He was also filthy and in extreme need of a shower, which was what worried him the most.

Closing the door behind him, he listened to see if a certain someone was in his apartment, again. He definitely heard the shower running, and the bathroom light was on.

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