oh comfy bed

while ashton was on tour, his little girl learned how to use facetime. they talked whenever they could, even though there was a time difference so ashton would sometimes stay awake until the middle of the night to talk to his daughter. one night, little irwin was hearing noises while she was trying to sleep, so she snuck your phone out of your room and facetimed ashton. “hey baby, aren’t you supposed to be sleeping?” he asked. she told him that she was scared of the monsters in her room, and ashton frowned because he couldn’t stand seeing his little girl so upset. “put the phone under the bed and i’ll check it out for you,” he told her. when she did, he made sure to be very loud when he told the monsters to stay away. when he saw his daughter’s face again, she had a tiny smile on her face. “did you scare them away?” she asked him. ashton smiled back, wishing that he could be there to hold her and make sure that she was happy, to make sure that she was never scared of the things that weren’t real. “yeah,” he said, “they’re gone. so, do you wanna hear a bedtime story?”
and so his baby girl tucked herself back in and fell asleep to her dad telling her the plot of star wars. when ashton heard her start snoring, he whispered “i love you, baby” and hung up the call, crossing off another day on his countdown until he got to go home to her.

oftd featuring. tezri propie