oh comet come down


Listen again, and you’ll hear Adams christian roots through his wonderful track 6 addition to All Things Bright and Beautiful, Kamikaze. I really do love the extended metaphor Adam sets up. It’s so funny because when I first heard that song on his new album, I was like, this sounds SO different!! It was almost weird to me. I had to listen to it a couple of times (more like around 27) but I finally understood the meaning behind his crazy-lunatic-rant scream, “OH COMET, COME DOWN!!”

In the first verse, the “Princess in her flower bed” is Eve, from The Bible and how she brought a disruption of peace to the world by her sin. And the “Cherry bombs staining the blackbirds red,” is her act being an example and almost an invitation to sin to Gods people. I think the people are personified as the blackbirds and the cherry bombs are a blood of some sort. The staining is the tarnishing of non-sinners being willed indirectly by Eve to sin.

I think when he asks the comets to come down he is inviting God to take over his life and guide him through his actions in his daily living and everyday existence. The Holy Spirit makes him “Come alive” with such a zealous feeling that it could almost be described as a “Kamikaze”. Since Adam suffers from insomnia, he may (or may not) talk to the Lord late at night, “My midnight melody,” thus the two grow closer through their talks at an “ungodly hour.” (heh.)

The second verse I found on the internet, trying to decipher the “White horse” personification. Turns out it is a reference to “Revelations 19:11.”

“I saw heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True. With justice he judges and wages war. ”

The Lord is fighting back the terrible force which is sin and temptation, and Adam also says “I’m not afraid to die alone,” exclaiming that he will stand up for his faith and isn’t afraid to stand out, even if he is standing alone.

The last part, well, it’s up to you. I think “Break down the open doors,” and “Go where you want to go,” is a further invitation to invite the Holy Spirit into his personal life, and to truly bust down the doors and completely take over his existence.The Lord can enter any section of his life and truly find a home in his values and thoughts.

Still not sure what an eagle eye.

Maybe Gods hiding something, he may be of the avian variety.

Who knows.

Reblog if you have any ideas to add/think my train of thought has completely derailed?

Hoot hoot.