oh come on they were never going to break up

comfort sentence starters.

“ there, there, it’s okay, don’t cry. ”
“ shhh, it’s okay now, i’m here. ”
“ don’t cry, everything will work out. ”
“ please don’t cry, i’m so sorry. ”
“ i will always be here for you. never forget that. ”
“ don’t you ever forget that i am always here. ”
“ if you ever feel alone, don’t, because i am right here. ”
“ i’m going to be here for you through it all. ”
“ are you okay? do you need a hug? ”
“ come here, give me a hug, it’s going to be okay. ”
“ i will always offer you my shoulder to cry on. ”
“ don’t let anyone break you down, rise up from their antics. ”
“ you deserve so much better, you are a beautiful being. ”
“ stop looking for a reason to die, look for one to live for. ”
“ you never have to be alone again, i promise. ”
“ please don’t make a promise you can’t keep. ”
“ hey, what are friends for, huh? ”
“ have i ever not been there for you? ”
“ i will hold your hand through it all. ”
“ never let anyone bring you down dear. ”
“ oh, you can’t let them win, stop that. ”
“ well, now, what is crying going to do about it? ”
“ you finish crying and stand up and come back ten times harder. ”
“ you can always forgive, but never forget. ”
“ it sucks, i know, but time heals all pain. ”
“ you shouldn’t let them get you down. ”
“ you are such a strong person, you can beat this. ”
“ you will come out on top, standing strong. ”
“ you can’t break someone who is already broken. ”
“ you will survive this because you were built for it. ”
“ it seems rough right now, but just wait, better days do come. ”
“ sometimes you just have to let go and let god. ”
“ show them what you’re made of, screw them. ”
“ when denied, work harder and serve justice. ”
“ you are worthy of so much more, i promise you. ”
“ you’re not all bad so stop acting like it. ”

ok here are the best parts of the bmc boot imo

  • ok More Than Survive was so good and here’s why
  • the choreography, esp the head banging on “is my macbook pro hard drive” and “in how to stay alive”
  • Jeremy’s encounters with the cool kids were so funny
  • Brooke? was just especially great and i can’t pinpoint why but do i really need to?? No
  • Christine doing the Absolute Most for the “Christiiiine” parts
  • Michael
  • the “boyf riends” reveal y'all
  • Michael egging Jeremy on to go sign up for the play
  • the rest of the cast moving all dream-like and then breaking that as soon as Rich says “GAYYYY”
  • the end! was so cool and energetic
  • ok the bit before I Love Play Rehearsal
  • “i’m joking!” “oh!.. well, i’m Jeremy.”
  • Jer hanging his head in shame after that
  • (the virgin jokes. they were funny come on)
  • alright now i liked Play Rehearsal before but seeing the visual has given me So Much More Love for that song
  • Stephanie Hsu is so amazing??? like Wow
  • ((can someone make a video with Play Rehearsal like that one vine with the ted talk but it’s just the guy inhaling))
  • Jeremy just looking dumbfounded and enamored the entire time
  • “there’s also a part of me, that wants to this! *THE THING™* SO I DID!!”
  • she’s literally all over the place i love it
  • and then after when everyone else shows up and the music plays upon their entrance
  • Jake Jake Jake Jake Jake Jake Jake Jake
  • his fist pump when Mr. Reyes mentions the frisbee golf team (and those arms! wow! anyway)
  • Christine Needing A Hug after the Shakespeare thing
  • Jake trying to be all soft and deep when he talks to Christine and doing a Great Job
  • but then, “parting is such sweet…” “…sorrow.” “whatever!”
  • Jeremy’s Lament
  • okokok The Bathroom Encounter
  • Rich’s numerous hip gyrations were a big mood
  • Rich’s Lisp And Voice Cracking!!! idk if the voice cracking was done on purpose or not but either way,, Yes
  • when u heard that “FRESHman year” and u had to restrain urself from singing cause u had to Focus
  • Rich being genuinely sad about how lonely his penis was lol
  • when he was slowly rising from the floor while saying “then then then then then”
  • ((but did anyone else memorize the hand motions for the Squip Explanation part? no one? ok))
  • Jeremy’s high-pitched “what??” after Rich Explains
  • ok but i did not expect Rich to do that knee slide while he said “iiiiIIIT’S FROM JAPAAAAAAN” but honestly i should have
  • the Explanation again but more intense
  • Jer slowly realizing that he wants one of those Better Than Drugs
  • Jeremy repeating the Explanation
  • (i would like to take this moment to state how much i love Will Connolly’s voice!! omg)
  • Michael throwing himself backward/forward when they lost/had to pause
  • “oh. hi Michael.”
  • “will you be too cool for m- … video games?”
  • the Scary Stockboy is my dude tbh
  • “WE’RE SOLD OUT!” “…of shoes?”
  • “right this way, Miss, we just got in a lovely pair of pumps.”
  • what a guy lol
  • Michael getting all excited about crystal pepsi awww
  • Jake getting away with straight-up lying about meeting the rest of the cast bc he’s Jake Dillinger and who can be mad at him? not me, that’s for sure
  • ah, i love The Squip Enters. the way the Squip just *clenches fist* frickin Enters
  • no but fr it’s such a cool sequence man
  • #SaveJeremy
  • the cast going “aah! aah! aah! aah!” really adds to the drama of it all
  • I WAS Afraid the boot would end before the Squip would say “…your Squip.” but it didn’t! Bless
  • that part is so cool cause Jeremy is just like WHAT just happened and the Squip is just standing up there like “hi i’m here to ruin everything”
  • one more Best Part of the boot: ,, its existence. i’m forever grateful omfg

this was so long but feel free to add on!

The Girl Next Door (Ethan Dolan x Reader)

AN: This idea just kind of came to me. Please lemme know what you guys think!!


Ethans POV

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We landed in Jersey 2 days ago and it feels amazing to be home!! I just woke up and walked downstairs to the living room, where everyone was sitting and talking. I walked by the big window that looked out of the house to the neighbours. I stopped in my tracks when I saw a girl who looked my age get out of her Jeep and bring boxes inside. I guess we got a new neighbour. My thoughts were interrupted by Grayson.

“What are you looking at E?” Grayson looked out the window with me.

“Hey mom. Did we recently get new neighbours?” I called over my shoulder without breaking my gaze from outside, just incase she came back.

“What? What are you talking about? It’s still Y/L/N family.” My mom looked at Grayson and I than outside with us. I saw the girl coming back outside. She was wearing a summer dress that hugged her curves and butt. Her hair was light brown, but the sun made it look sun kissed and it was in messy waves. She grabbed another box from her trunk and made her way back into her house.

“You mean her? That’s Y/N. You guys remember her right? I guess she just got home from college.” Mom smiled at us and shrugged her shoulders before walking into the kitchen.

Grayson and I both looked at each other.

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“There’s no way that’s her. Holy shit! She’s grown up!” Grayson said looking back out the window.

There’s no way that’s Y/N. She looks different. She definitely lost her baby weight, and she actually wears make up now. Cameron came running down the stairs and said she was going out. I stopped her just once she got to the front door.

“Cam, where are you going?” I asked my sister

She rolled her eyes at Gray and I and crossed her arms over her chest.

“I’m going next door to see Y/N. I haven’t seen her since she left for college. Plus, I’m the older sibling, why are YOU asking ME where I’m going?” She tried to push passed us to get to the door.

“Oh yeah, I forgot you two were friends even though she’s older than you. Wait for us. We haven’t seen her since we left for LA. We’ll come and say hi.” I looked back out the window to see Y/N leaning up against her Jeep on her phone; taking a break from bringing in boxes.

“Why would you guys do that? You guys and Y/N never got along when you guys were younger so why start now. Wait, no Ethan. You’re not going over there to flirt with her. She’s my friend!” Cameron looked at me and groaned.

“What are you talking about Cam? Who said anything about going over there and flirting? I’m just being a gentleman and going to say hi. You know, to show her I’ve grown and gotten mature.” I defended myself, crossed my arms and looked at my twin and Cam. You could tell Cam wasn’t buying it.

“Grayson, why is he really going out there?” Cameron asked Grayson. He’s my twin, he’ll back me up–

“Yeah, he’s going to go over there and flirt with her.”

Thanks Gray, so much for backing me up. I rolled my eyes and opened the front door. Cameron pushed passed Gray and I. She walked over our lawn that met with Y/N yard.

“Hey Y/N! You’re back!! Why didn’t you tell me you were coming home early?” Cam walked over and gave Y/N a hug. I looked up and our eyes met. She still had the same light green eyes, her olive skin was darker because of the summer, and she was still a good foot shorter than Gray and I. She turned around to close her trunk when Grayson started elbowing me in the stomach. His eyes was wide and I followed his gaze. My eyes grew wider as well when I saw what Grayson was looking at. Y/N was curvy and her butt has definitely become a lot more prominent on her body. I heard Cam clear her throat and stare at Grayson and myself.

“Sorry Y/N, it’s good to see you again.” Grayson said and awkwardly went in for a hug. Y/N and I just made awkward eye contact and nodded at each other.

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“So, this is weird. We never talked as kids and now here we are. The Dolan boys and me. Anyways, how’s L.A guys?” Y/N asked us, like it was forced. We talked about L.A for a bit and YouTube. We found out Y/N went to the University of Toronto, in Canada for Music Therapy and is still playing soccer for the school. I guess that’s where all the baby weight went. God, she looked good. Cameron made us leave so she could spend some time with Y/N.

Grayson and I headed to our backyard and we sat by the pool.

“E, I can’t believe that’s Y/N! She has grown up that’s for sure. Why are we so awkward around girls?” Grayson asked me and laughed.

“Yo E, are you okay? You seem distracted.” He said while looking over at the fence that connected to Y/N yard, where you could hear her and Cam talking and laughing.

“Bro, I don’t know what it is about her. We use to hate each other as kids and now? I actually wanna go over there and talk to her.” Grayson looked at me and smirked.

“Ethan, you gotta go up to her and ask her out, right now. If you won’t, I will.” Grayson smirked at me, and I know he’s serious. He got up and started walking towards the front of the house.

“Okay you know what? Fuck it, I’ll do it.” I grab Grayson by the back of his shirt and pull him back. “But Gray, if I happen to embarrass myself endlessly, I just want you to know it’s your fault.” I turn away from him and start walking towards the fence. I stop and turn around to face Grayson.

“You were never going to ask her out. Were you Gray?”

“Nope, I just wanted to light a fire under your ass.” He laughed at me. I kept walking towards the fence.

“Ethan, where are you going? The front of the house is the other way.” He looked confused as to why I was walking over to the fence.

“I gotta make a Dolan entrance somehow.” I smirked and hopped her fence.

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Here goes nothing.

Trust || Jughead Jones

“Y/N!” A voice calls breaking me out of my thoughts. I turn my head towards the person who had called me.

“Archie?” I question, “What’s up?”

“Where are you going?” He asks falling into step with me. I roll my eyes.

“I’m going to cheer practice,” I gesture down to my Vixens uniform. A soft smile on my face at the thought of the blue uniform that adorned my body.

“Oh, That makes sense,” He trails off, as if he wants to say something else.

“What is it Arch?” I ask stopping and placing my hand carefully on his bicep.

He looks away from me and takes a deep breath before turning to face me, “Can I ask you something?” I nod my head encouraging him to continue. “Where is Jughead?”

I let out a confused laugh, “What?”

“Where is Jughead?”

“Uh. What do you mean?” I stutter. Jughead, the mysterious writer who used to spend all of his time at Pops. My best friend, my boyfriend. The boy who had disappeared.

“Everyone knows that you know where he is,” Archie says crossing his arms over his chest.

“Do you honestly think that I would be here if I knew where my boyfriend was?” I ask placing one of my hands on my hip.

“Where is he?” He tries again.

“I don’t know,” I seethe.

“Y/N,” Archie warns. I roll my eyes, “I have practice to get to. Bye Arch.” I say walking away from him as fast as I can.

After cheer practice, I pick up my pink and black duffle bag. As I lift it to my shoulder my books come tumbling down to the ground. With a huff, I drop to my knees and scramble to pick all of them up. My hand comes into contact with a warm surface. I jump a little.

“It’s just me,” A comforting voice whispers. My eyes snap up to join with the soft green pair that belongs to my best friend.

“Oh thank god,” I say throwing myself forward into his arms. He wraps his arms tightly around my waist squeezing me softly in an attempt to draw me closer. I squeeze my eyes shut tears escaping from my eyes. I bury my face into the crook of his neck and breathe in his intoxicating scent.

“I’ve missed you so much,” Jughead whispers into my ear softly.

“I’ve missed you Juggie,” I breathe, “So so much.”

He pulls away from me, placing his hands on either side of my face. He holds my face, tears falling slowly from my eyes, a few centimeters away from his own. I watch as his green eyes fill with tears and his perfect lips part slightly. I trail my eyes back up to meet his. I feel my lips quiver.

“Please don’t cry anymore,” He says swiping his fingers along my cheeks to get rid of my tears. He brings my body forwards towards his again, wrapping my body up in his.

“I’ve just missed you so much,” I say choking back tears.

“I’m here now Y/N, I’m not going anywhere again,” He says pressing his lips to the side of my head.

“Where were you?” I ask pulling away from him slightly.

He takes a deep breath, “I went to see my mum.” A stray tear falls from his eye.

“For a week? Without telling anyone? I thought you were dead Jughead.” I pull myself out of his arms, but he catches my hand. I leave it in his.

“I needed to see her Y/N,” He says softly.

“I know,” I say lacing my fingers with his, “Small towns talk Jug, You know that. Everyone was convinced that I hid you because you did something bad.”

Jughead takes a step towards me, “They’ve hurt you, haven’t they?” He asks placing his free hand on my jaw.

“Yeah,” I say honestly, “As much as they thought that we were in love and that I was protecting you, I was convinced that you hated me and that rather than breaking up with me you were just skipping town. Our friends, YOUR friends more rather, all thought that I was keeping you to myself, or that I had hurt you.”

“Oh baby,” He says pulling me into his chest once more, “I never meant for any of this to happen to you. I just wanted to see Mum and then come home, as if I never left.”

“But that’s not what happened Jug,” I say softly. I take both of his hands in mine. “How are we going to fix things?”

“I don’t know Y/N, But I’m not leaving you ever again,” He says tugging his hands away from my grasp, then pulling me into his chest.

A cough erupts from behind us. I spin around fast eyes meeting two girls. Veronica and Betty.

“You’re back Jughead,” Veronica says clasping her hands together under her chin, “We’re sorry that we ruined your moment but we were worried when we didn’t see Y/N come out of practice.” The girls walk over and smile at the two of us sweetly.

“Why would you care anyway?” I ask them stepping towards them and away from Jughead.

“Y/N,” Betty sighs, “You need to understand that no one was against you. We just thought that Jug might have ended up like Jason.”

“We love you, Y/N/N,” Veronica reasons softly.

“Then why hasn’t it felt like it? Why did Archie corner me? Why didn’t either of you talks to me? I mean it was my boyfriend that went missing, none of you thought that I would be upset by that?” I sob tears falling from my eyes freely. I feel Jughead’s hand intertwine itself with mine.

“Y/N, I don’t know what to tell you,” Betty says calmly, voice even. “We treated you like crap, and it was wrong. But it’s happened and we can’t change that now.”

“I want you to know that none of us spoke all that much either,” Ronnie says taking a step so that I’m within arms reach of her. “Please forgive me. Please forgive us.”

“How do I know you aren’t going to leave me again?” I ask them eyes shifting between the two.

“You don’t,” Veronica says simply, “But I can promise that as long as I’m living and breathing, my arms are always open for you.”

I take a step towards her and embrace her in a hug gripping her tightly, as tears fall from my eyes and into her hair. I feel small arms wrap around us both and Betty’s blonde hair seep into my blurry vision.

After a few moments, I pull away from the girls and turn to Jughead.

I let out a deep and shakey breath, “Let’s go get some food yeah?” I ask him cocking my head to the side a soft smile on my face holding my hand out to him.  

“Yeah, Let’s go,” He says linking his fingers through mine. Before we exit the gym I turn my head over my shoulder.

“I forgive you,” I say smiling at the girls softly.

Interruptions ( Lin x Reader )

Request: okay, reader gets pregnant and is about to tell lin, but then something bad happens in lins life and he rants to reader, so shes like “okay, maybe i’ll put this off a little bit longer. no problem.” and so they try again, but there’s another problem, and there’s just always something preventing her from telling him and the bump is starting to show up and she’s getting more and more impatient and then finally there’s just like “LISTEN ! THIS EGGO IS PREGGO" -Anon

Warnings: curse words, pregnancy(?), vomiting.

Word count: 1,146

a/n: I took a break from writing after that week long write-a-thon haha. Anyways, I am back with MORE FICS. The next part of A Lovely Situation should be coming out sooooon. Enjoy this, and request anything!



You stared at the little stick that you held in your hands. Two lines. Positive. Oh my god. You couldn’t believe it, you and Lin had been trying for months, and all the tests were always negative. You never thought this day would actually come. You were actually, pregnant! How were you going to tell Lin? You stood up from the bathtub, ran to the kitchen and rummaged through the clutter on the counter, looking for your phone. Eventually, you found it and began to call Lin within a second, after 2 rings, he picked up.

“Hello, hello, hello honey. To what do I owe the pleasure?” Lin always sang that whenever you called him, and every time it made you giggle.

“Heya Lin, where are you right now?” You questioned, you couldn’t wait to find him and tell him to good news.

“I’m at the Richard Rodgers rehearsing. Whyyy?”

“Well I’m going to pop by!”

“Can you get me a snack? Please please please baby.” He whined in a playful tone.

“Of course, I love you.”

“I love you more.”

With that, you threw on a jacket and headed out to Lin’s favourite cafe. You smiled to every stranger you saw. You were pregnant, and you wanted to tell everybody. After a few minutes of waking, you reached the cafe and ordered a coffee with one cream, five sugars and a cheese toasty that Lin seemed to like.

When you arrived at the Richard Rodgers, the cast was just finishing one of your favourite songs, Yorktown.

“The world turned upside down!”

You squealed in excitement and clapped your hands.

“Ha! (Y/N) you look like a little kid!” Shouted Oak.

“Oak! Quit teasing her!” Lin tapped Oak and ran over to you, embracing you in a warm, tight hug. He loosened the hug and gave you a sweet peck on the lips.

“Hey honey.” His nose was touching yours.

“Hey Lin.” You smiled as the cast were shouting at the pair of you.

“Get a room you two!” Pippa exclaimed as she ran to her dressing room.

Lin realised you were still holding his coffee and toasty and took them out of your hands before kissing your cheek to thank you.

“Yes! Cheese Toasty!”

You glanced behind you to the stage and saw that it was empty. Taking a deep breath you held Lin’s free hand. He tilted his head and looked at you curiously, taking a bite of the food.

“Lin, I have to tell you somethi-”

Before you could tell him, you were rudely interrupted by Daveed.

“Hey Lin! Jav needs something from you!” He shouted.

“Oh okay I’m coming. Oh (Y/N) what were you going to say?” Lin asked you as he took another bite of his toasty.

“It can wait,” you told him as you realised maybe this wasn’t the right time to tell him.

“I love you, I’ll see you in a bit.”

You sat there and beamed a smile at him as he went over to the dressing rooms. Swiftly, you walked onto the stage, admiring the set as you looked up to the ceiling. Renée surprised you by walking up to you.

“Beautiful, right?”

Nodding your head you looked at your watch and it was 05:27PM and an idea popped into your head. “Hey, can you tell Lin I’m heading back home to cook some dinner?”

“Sure! I’ll see you soon (Y/N).”

“You too!” You said as quickly made your way home.

You arrived at the homely apartment you shared with Lin and you knew exactly how you were going to tell him. You started off by preparing his favourite food, chicken nuggets and potato chips. After an hour of slaving in the kitchen, all the food was laid out on the table with a few candles to set the mood. You heard Lin’s keys jingle at the door so in excitement you ran towards him as he came through. You put your arms around his neck and his arms were around your waist.

Lin gasped. “Chicken nuggets? Really baby? Oh I love you so much right now.”

“So you’re saying you don’t love me so much all the time?” You replied smirking

“Such a smart ass.” He laughed. “I can’t wait to eat the chi-”

The ringing of his phone interrupted him, causing him to flinch and grab his phone from his pocket, giving off an apologetic look on his face.

“Hello Alex!”
“A new addition?”
“You want me to hear it now?”
“Are you sure?”
“Fine fine.”

Lin hung up the phone, a sad expression took over his face.

“I gotta meet up with Alex, sorry baby for ruining our special dinner.”

Instead of frowning you grinned. “It’s okay! You can have it for lunch tomorrow!”

“Bye (Y/N)!”

As soon as Lin walked out the door a weird feeling hit your stomach. Oh fuck. You ran to the bathroom quickly and kneeled in front of the toilet as you hurled. This was one of the things you didn’t want to experience during your pregnancy. Ever. Yet again, another interruption was made, denying you from telling Lin about the baby you both had created. You stood up, flushed the toilet and went over to the sink to splash some water on your face. You suddenly didn’t feel like eating anymore so you put all the food in the fridge and went to bed. Your tummy still feeling weird.

The next morning, you opened your eyes as the morning sun was rising. You breathed out and smiled, you knew today would be a good day. Lin was by your side, facing you as his arms were wrapped around you. Maybe you would tell him when he woke up. You moved a little and Lin instantly woke up, you knew this meant that he didn’t get that much sleep.

“Heyo Old man Miranda.”

He laughed at this. “Mornin’ love of my life. What time is it?”

You raised your head up to look at the clock on the wall.

“It’s quarter past seven, so quite early.”

Lin bolted up and ran to the wardrobe which shook you. “Shit I’m gonna be late”
he shouted as he put his clothes on.

You took a deep breath and shouted “LISTEN. THIS EGGO, IS PREGGO!”

He stopped in his tracks and turned his body to face you, wide eyed. “No. No!NO fucking way. S-Screw the interview!” He uttered as he jumped onto the bed beside you and hugged you. Tears of sheer joy were brimming his eyes. “I-I’m going to be a daddy! You’re going to be a mommy!” His face was close to yours now.

“We’re going to be parents Lin.” You said as your voice broke.

You let go of you and put his face to your stomach, lifting your shirt up.

“Our legacy” he whispered.

“Our legacy” you repeated.

Why are you leaving me?

So this is for @winchesters-favorite-girl 1 year celebration. I chose the prompt. “You’ll always have me.” And i know its not great but im just happy i finally managed to get something out. And Happy one year to you Katie!

Originally posted by disneylandwheredreamscometrue

JJ just has to reach a little bit farther to reach the monkey bar. Hanging from one arm she reaches to grab the other monkey bar, missing it she falls to the sand covered ground of the park. Wiping her hands off on her shorts she feels someone poke her in the shoulder.

“You’re it.” Turning around she sees one of her best friends, Olivia smiling at her.

“That isn’t fair, you sneaked up on me,” She grumbles.

“Is to fair. I can tag anyone that isn’t on the playground.”

They continue to argue, until they hear their teacher Mrs. Jones call the kids back into class for lunch. Grabbing their lunch boxes they sit down at their favorite table with their other friends.

“What do you have for lunch JJ?” Olivia asked, looking into her lunch box.

“My daddy is home, so he packed me lunch.” Pulling out a bag of chips, a yogurt tube, m&ms, a fruit juice, a cookie and a PB&J cut to look like a horse. “That means all good stuff.” The kids at her table stare in jealousy at the food she had, most of them having some type of sandwich (not shaped like a horse) a fruit box and some kind of fruit.

“Wow I wish my Dad would give me food like that.” Matt said as he reached for her m&ms. All the kids agreeing with Matt.

“Yeah my dad’s pretty cool, I just wish he was around more so he could always make me lunches.” She muttered as she grabbed her food from Matt.

“Hey JJ do you think we could have a sleepover party tomorrow? My momma said we could if yours said yes.” Olivia asked hoping to cheer her friend up a bit, from thinking about her dad. JJ nodded her head in agreement, the two of them had been friends since the first ever day of school, often spending night over at each others houses.

Daneel Ackles was one of the best moms out there, JJ knew that she wouldn’t have a problem with letting her go over to her friends house. Arriving home JJ runs into the living room, looking for her mom. “Momma, Olivia ask me if i could sleep at her house tomorrow. Can I please?” She asks jumping up on the couch with her mom.

“Of course you can. Me or Dad can take you over after your sister’s party.”

JJ grabs onto her mom’s arms as she lifts her up. “Party? What for, is it like my birthday party?”

Daneel chuckles, “No it’s for your sister because she’s got into the college she wanted.”

Three months ago you had applied to five different colleges, but there was one in particular that you wanted to go to more than the rest. Then last week you had opened the mailbox to see a letter from the college, you spent ten minutes trying to gather the courage to open it. Finally your mom and dad helped you open it up, skipping right to the bottom to see if you got in. You danced around with them, your dad picked you up and spun you around while your mom went to go check on the twins.

Daneel had wanted to do a party for you, as a congratulations and as a going away party. You had told JJ that you had gotten into the college you wanted when she walked into the kitchen to see you all dancing. Assuming that she understood what that meant. The only problem with the college is that it was in a different state, meaning you had to move into a dorm and you wouldn’t be able to see them every day.

“Are you talking about your favorite sister.” You said, as you walked into the house. JJ squirmed in Daneel’s arms wanting to go over to you. You laughed as she collided into your legs, wrapping her arms around them.

“Oh wow I see, no one cares about dad hugh.” Jensen said as he walked in behind you.

JJ giggled at her Dad, “I love you Daddy,” Daneel awed. “Just not as much as Y/n” You snorted trying to hold in your laughter, one look at your dad though made you double over with laughter.

“I taught you well, youngling.” Picking her up, you headed to your bedroom with her. “Come on you can help me with some homework.” Turning around you stuck your tongue out at him.

As you were leaving the room you heard your dad say, “My two oldest have turned against me.”

Running down the stairs in her party dress, JJ headed straight for the cake table. Reaching for a plate she felt someone pick her up. “What do you think you’re doing huh. Who said you could have cake?” You laughed as she struggled trying to get some cake.

“I said i could have cake,” she crossed her arms, pretending to be mad.

“Well i guess since you said you could have cake,” Putting her down, you grabbed her a plate and a fork. “There you go, just make sure you don’t get it all over your dress.” She nodded her head, already shoving spoonfuls in her mouth.

“Come on JJ, we gotta go now if we want to get to your friends house before dark.” Jensen yelled from across the room. JJ walked over to him, eating her last bit of cake. “Do you have all your stuff.”

“Momma put it in the car.”

“Alright let’s go then.”

Jensen walked JJ to the front door, Olivia’s mom opens the door for them.

“I’ll be back tomorrow morning to pick her up, if you need me to come get her before then just call.” Jensen says, giving Olivia’s mom JJ’s sleeping bag. Kneeling down to JJ he tells her to be good and not cause any trouble, before watching her run into the house looking for Olivia.

Even though they saw each other at school a few hours ago, they were still bouncy and giggly when they saw each other. Heading into Olivia’s room they grabbed as many dolls and action figures as they could find, before continuing the game they played last sleepover. An hour later Olivia’s Mom calls them to come eat. “Well JJ don’t you look adorable in your dress.”

“Thank you Mrs. Olivia’s mom. We had a party for my sissy, cause she got into the collage.”

“Oh really how exciting.” She replies, before the girls grab their dinner and head into the dining room.

“I remember when my brother got to go to college, he didn’t come back for ever. I missed him really bad, but he came for christmas and my birthday.”

JJ looked puzzled, “What do you mean, he didn’t come back?”

“Last year he moved out and lived at college, he only came during the holidays. But the good thing I got to put toys in his room. I’m gonna get juice.” Olivia left leaving JJ to wonder why her sister was leaving.

The rest of the night JJ couldn’t find it in herself to be happy, she couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that her sister was leaving.

In the morning you decided to pick up JJ, letting your parents sleep in. Mrs. Porter opened up the door for you letting you in. “The girls should be down in a minute, they were up late last night. So i heard you got into college.”

“Yup I leave in two weeks.”

“That will be such a good experience, i remember how Matt was when he moved out.”

Olivia and JJ walk into the kitchen where you were talking to Mrs. Porter. “Got everything JJ?” She nodded her head, not meeting your eyes. “Alright let’s get going i have some stuff i have to get done, thank you for letting her stay over.” Walking out of the house JJ walked a couple feet behind, scuffing her shoes against the ground.

Pulling into the garage you turn off the car, JJ gets out of the car before you could turn around to talk to her. “What in the world.” you mumble to yourself, wondering what could have made her act like that. Ever since she was born you two had been best friends, even though you were thirteen years older than her. 

“Hey did you see JJ come in?” You ask your dad as you lock the door behind you.

“Yea, she went up to her room. She okay, she looked angry.”

“I don’t know, she hasn’t said a word to me since the party last night.” Concerned that something had happened to her at her friend’s house you headed upstairs to check on her. Knocking on the door, you opened it slowly. “Hey you in here?” Noticing a lump on her bed you sat down next to it.

“Go away.” She moved as far away as she could get from you.

“Hey, what’s wrong? You don’t get to be angry at me, and then tell me to go away.” Trying to pull down the covers she grabbed on to them, not allowing them to move. “Did something happen at the sleepover? JJ you know you can tell me anything.” Finally she ripped the covers down.

“Why are you leaving me?” She cried out.

“Leaving you? JJ what do you mean?” She sat up, crossing her arms and glaring at you.

“Olivia said her brother left because of collage. And you’re going to collage, meaning you’re gonna leave too. And we had a party for you. Why are you leaving me.” This whole time you assumed that JJ understood that you were leaving, and that she was fine with it. Now you realized how wrong you were, her confession breaking your heart.

“Oh JJ I’m so sorry.” You said pulling her into your arms. “I thought you knew, i guess i never told you though. Baby just because I’m going to college doesn’t mean that we can’t talk everyday.”

She looks up at you, “What do you mean?”

“Well we can skype everyday, and  i promise i will come back to visit as many times as i can. And just think every time i visit i’ll bring you a present.” She smiles at the mention of presents. “JJ i know it’s hard because we won’t be living in the same house anymore, but i promise you’ll always have me.” Reaching up she wraps her arms around your neck, hugging you tight.

“You promise.” Patting her on her back you say, “I promise, now why don’t you head downstairs, I hear that there’s a ton of leftover cake.” Bouncing out off the bed and out of the room, you follow behind her.

“That was sweet.” Your dad stood by the twins room. “I was checking on them when i heard you two talking.” Walking over to you he leaned down and pulled you into a hug. “And i think it’s something i needed to hear too.”

Pulling away you stare at him, “What do you mean?”

“It’s just hard knowing that soon you’ll be a couple states away, living by yourself. I mean just yesterday you were the same age as JJ, and now. And in no time JJ will be gone too.”

“Dad…” You didn’t know how to respond to that, because he was gone most of the year you figured it would be like any other day. “It’s alright, like i told JJ i’ll be back as much as i can.”

He nods and sniffles, “Alright no chick flick moments.” You  chuckle at that. “Now did i hear something about cake?”

“Yeah but you might want to hurry, I think JJ might have eaten all by now.”

You laugh as he bolts down the stairs, before realizing that there would be no cake for you once he got down there.

The Genetics Game - Part Two

Summery: After discovering an abnormality in your genes you work on finding a solution working along side Tony Stark and Bruce Banner to fix the problem. When Bucky Barnes ultimately discovers your secret he doesn’t exactly help.

Pairing: Bucky x Mutant!Reader

Word Count: 1,586

Warnings: Swearing and some fluff

A/N: This story is actually turning out better then I thought it would so go me haha. Let me know if you wanna join any tag list, I’d be delighted to add you. Happy Readings!

Part One

Originally posted by sithlordalice

*gif creds to owner*

“Isn’t this suppose to be a date?”

“A work date yeah.”

“Is a burger joint the right place for a ‘work date?’”

“Do you not like burgers Mr. Gloomy?”

“Burgers are fine Mrs. Brainiac, but honestly I pegged you for a salad kind of girl.”

Bucky’s comment made you scoff. “You sexist little asshole!”

“Let’s get this over with lab rat.”

You led Bucky inside and made sure to order the monster burger otherwise known as biggest messiest burger for yourself. “Ambitious,” Bucky commented.

“Jealous? Bet you couldn’t handle a burger like that.” Your teasing voice made his glare harden. 

“Challenge accepted Miss Y/L/N.”

You grabbed a table for Bucky and you and waited for him to return with your monster burgers. His back was facing you and you took the time to check him out again.

He had a black leather jacket on with a red shirt underneath. His dark wash jeans hugged his muscular thighs perfectly. Bucky was also wearing gloves which was weird. Was he going to eat with those on?

Bucky was the definition of sexy but you would never admit that out loud. His asshole personality ruined his handsome looks and personality was not something you could just overlook. Though he would be a good lay…

You stopped that train of thought immediately. You needed to focus, the experiment was your main priority not the subject. You had to make a pact with yourself now to not get distracted. You were going to fix Bucky and yourself, not have sex with him.

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Akira, Ryuji, Makoto and Anne having a closeted gay S/O

Warning! Angst and mentions of homophobia and abuse from parents

•Akira would understand why their S/O kept their relationship a secret
•He wouldn’t push things to far, when at S/O place he wouldn’t get affectionate and act just like friends
•he knew how S/O’s parents were and didn’t want to put S/O in danger
•but sadly secrets and stay hidden forever
•turns out S/O’s father saw them when they were on the train together
•his father saw them kiss goodbye and waited till they got home to say something
•Akira got worried when S/O didn’t reply to any of his texts later that night
•his heart was thumping against his chest as he made his way towards S/O’s place
•he had just gotten out of the station when Akira caught sight of his boyfriend
•his heart stoped when he saw the state of S/O
•the black eye and split lip stood out the most
•before Akira could even say anything his boyfriend spoke
•"they found out about us…“
•that one sentence filled Akira with rage, his own parents did this to him? How could someone do that to their own son
•"I need to break up with you, they said I have to” by now his S/O his sobbing into his hands
•Akira couldn’t seem to speak, all he could do was pull his S/O into his arms and hold them tight
•"I don’t want to break up Akira! I love you! I love you so much!“
•That was the last straw for Akira, there was no way in hell that he would let S/O go back
•"Your coming back with me… Sojiro will understand”
•he doesn’t let his S/O argue. He holds his hand the whole way back to the cafe
•the whole way back to the cafe Akira is planning, he knows he can’t talk to S/O’s parents but… he might just be able to change their hearts

•Ryuji knew about his S/O’s parents
•He knew they disagreed hence why his S/O kept their relationship a secret
•Ryuji does take some more risks then Akira does though
•when they are at his boyfriends place he does so subtle things
•they’ll hold hand under the table, sit closer together stuff like that
•but one day Ryuji got a call from his boyfriend asking to meet up
•he knew something was wrong the minute he heard S/O’s voice
•they meet at the park, the place where they had countless dates
•Ryuji’s breath hitched when he saw S/O leaning against a tree
•his lip was cut and his nose looked as if it was broken
•"S/O! Who did this to you! I swear if I find them!“
•S/O is quick to cut him off
•"my parents found out… t-they saw us when we were in my room yesterday”
•Ryuji’s blood ran cold when he heard that
•his parents did this? He knew what it felt like to have shitty parent thanks to his dad but this? Why would they hurt such a perfect son?
•"I have to break up with you Ryuji, they’ll hurt you if I don’t! I want to protect you!“
•it’s his S/O who needs protecting not him, but Ryuji can’t seem to say that out loud
•"but I can’t! I just can’t! I love you Ryuji…. god I love you so much but I can’t let you get hurt!”
•Ryuji losses it then. He pulls his boyfriend into a higher embrace, hiding his face from them
•he’s crying himself
•"don’t say that, don’t worry about me. I’ll help you. I’ll talk to your parents… stay with me this week, we’ll work something out"
•yeah Ryuji Was going to talk to his parents… he was going to give them a piece of their mind and change their hearts

•Makoto knew her girlfriend was secretive about their relationship but she didn’t know why at first
•when they were at S/O’s place S/O was very unaffectionate
•makoto put two and two together and guess S/O hadn’t come out yet
•it wasn’t confirmed until she got a text telling her to meet up with S/O at the train station
•she never would have expected what would happen next
•she was smiling when she saw her S/O
•well until she saw her tear streaked face and the red mark on her cheek
•"S/O…? Oh my god what happened did someone attack you? Come on we can go to sis and…“
•"We should break up…” that was all S/O said. Her eyes looked dead
“H-huh?” Makoto couldn’t believe what she was hearing
•"My mother… she… one of her friends saw us together and it got back to mother, she put two and two together and" S/O broke down then
•makoto froze, her… her mother did this? How could someone feel so much hate that they would hit their own child?
•"I love you Makoto, I always will but maybe it’s for the best if we stop seeing each other"
•S/O didn’t even get to finish that sentence before Makoto kissed her
•"no! I refuse to accept that! I love you S/O and I swear I’ll protect you at every point including this!“
•Makoto is already leading her back to her apartment before S/O can question what’s happening
•Makoto is stuck between telling Sae and getting legal help or contacting the thieves and changing S/O’s mothers heart
•either way there is no way Makoto will let ANYONE hurt her girlfriend again

•Anne never knew anything about her S/O father
•in fact she has never meet the man
•all that she knows his he’s very traditional and strict
•there are times where she felt nervous for her S/O especially when she’ll suddenly let go of Anne’s hand thinking she saw her dad
•but her worries were confirmed when she got a phone call from S/O in tears asking her to meet at the underground mall
•Anne had never ran so fast in her life
•she found her S/O standing in the corner with her head down
•she froze when her girlfriend raised her head and saw the marks on S/O’s neck
•automatically everything clicked
•S/O’s nerves, her saying her father was traditional everything made sense now
•"S/O… did your… did your father do this?”
•Anne spoke very carefully, almost hesitantly
•"Anne… my Dad found out, he… he doesn’t agree"
•Anne reached for S/O’s hands
•her S/O pulled away “We should break up Anne! This isn’t good! If my dad sees us together again he’ll, he’ll” the tears over flowed by now
•Anne wrapped her arms around her, refusing to let go
•"No, we are not breaking up! You still love me don’t you S/O?“
•her S/O nods against her shoulder
•"Good then we’ll figure this out together, but first your coming home with me, what kind of girlfriend would I be if I let you go home?”
•Anne was very good at hiding her range. Her girlfriend would never know that under her supporting smile was full on anger
•Anne was always planning on what she was going to do once she’s got the phantom thieves together
•she knows that she’ll be changing her S/O’s parents hearts very soon


Lost in Marvel  (Part 6/?)

Avengers x Reader, Tony x Reader (Platonic), Reader x Pietro Maximoff (Slightly)

Word count: 800+

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8 (Coming soon)

(Not my gifs)

It was a quiet morning in the tower, most of the avengers weren’t up making it easy for you to get around without going into fangirl mode and thanks to F.R.I.D.A.Y.’s help you weren’t getting lost like you would normally do. After having some cereal you’d change from your pj’s into something that was suitable for training as you planned to work on your abilities.

Along the way to the training room you had gathered a few objects to help with your telekinesis training, entering the empty training room you set the objects down onto the floor roughly the same distance away from each other on the ground.

“What are you doing up so early?” You turn around to see Pietro leaning against the door frame.

“Training and you?”

“I’m here to help” He says walking into the room “So what kind of intense training are you planning on using this dictionary for?” You let out a small chuckle as you placed the last object onto the ground.

“You know what my abilities are right?” You ask making him think for a few seconds.

“Fury sent me the file but I’m not a fan of reading…a lot” Pietro answers making you raise your brow “You can move things with your mind like Wanda and knock anyone out like Cap, am I right?” He says rubbing the back of his head.

“Yeah and heal like Deadpool” his eyes widen at the mention of the Merc with a mouth.

“That guy is a bit weird but funny, sometimes” You took a few steps away from the items you’d laid down.

“Okay less talking more training?” His face went from sweet to serious within seconds.

“Bring it on (Nickname)!” He says getting into position.

“Really? (Nickname)? Thats like the worst nickname ever?” He then breaks out into laughter.

“I’m not gonna change it! (Nickname), you’d better get used to it because I’m never gonna let it go”

“Fine I’ll just have to come up with a terrible one for you now”

“Good luck"

And with that the two of you had trained for many hours without knowing, you two were actually enjoying yourself, at some point you’d accidentally hit Pietro in the face with the dictionary which made you laugh like there was no tomorrow.

“Oh there you guys are, been looking all over for you” You turn your head to the side to see Steve.

“Oh hey, what’s up?” You answer picking yourself off the ground.

“Wow I’ve never actually seen speedy in the same place for more than a minute, what’s your secret?” Steve says making you laugh.

“Shut up old man” Pietro says from the other side of the training room face first on the ground.

“Oh yeah the reason I came looking for you two was because Stark invited the rookie over so I thought it would be nice if you wanted to meet him”

“Yeah sure” You answered immediately making him smile and then walk away.

“Whose the rookie?” You ask the speedster as you turned around to face him only to catch him taking of his shirt to reveal his welt but chest ‘I’m in Marvel heaven’.

“Not sure, really wants to be an Avenger though- Oh like what you see?” You immediately scoffed and turned around and headed for the exit, you could feel your face heat up. “I’ll see ya later (Nickname)” you simply waved and continued walking towards your room and took a quick shower and changed into something more comfortable. In that time you’d put the pieces together and realised the rookie that Tony had invited was in fact Peter, who else could it be?

Making your way out of your room you spot Sam passing by “Hey Sam, where we are the others?” You ask walking down the corridor and stopping in front of him.

“Hey, they’re downstairs, I was heading there way myself” the two of you made your way to the others in the living room only to see everyone but Tony and the guest. You decided to take a seat next to Natasha who seemed like the most chill person to sit next to.

“Hey Natasha”

“Heya (Name) I heard you kicked speedy’s ass in training” You let out a nervous giggle as she brought up the memories of the training session.

“Well not physically-“

“Pietro was laying flat on the ground, he really did get his ass kicked” You were cut off by Steve and the laughters of the rest of the group.

Language” Tony said as he entered the room with none other than Peter Parker.

“Your really never gonna let the go, are you Tony?” Cap says giggling.

“Never” Tony replied and let out a fake cough to get everyones attention “Oh this is Peter Parker, he’s-“



I’m sorry for the long wait Part 6 is here! Hope you guys liked it! Let me know what you thought about it or if you’d like to be tagged in future parts!

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Show Me Love 2

Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Plot: Sometimes friends help with one’s romantic dilemmas.  Sometimes, they’re just assholes about it.

Warnings: StudentXProfessor relationship (No minors involved, Reader is a Grad student and completely legal at the age of 25), Language (you all know me by now, I mean c’mon), sexual tension, shitty bro talk (I’m bad at it because I’m not a dude, go figure ;P), shitty text images

A/N: Have some Bucky POV!  Also, my love for making Natasha the sassy best friend knows no fucking bounds. I apologize that I couldn’t generate a group text image, but Wanda only texts a couple of times, and I figured they were easy enough to gather that they were hers (She did what??? and anything about Vision lol) Let’s play a game called spot Lena’s crack-ships! ❤️

⬅️⬅️PART 1 ||| PART 3➡️➡️

Originally posted by heartsandwheels

“ ‘I think a woman like you deserves to be worshiped’?”  Steve mocked with uproarious laughter as he handed Bucky a beer. “What the hell?”

“Jesus, man I don’t know!  It just slipped out!”

“That is by far the cheesiest line you’ve ever used.  Sam agrees from his stool at the side of the pool table.

“I don’t know, do you remember the line he used on his last girl?” Steve questions as he lines up his shot.  The three of them usually came here on Monday nights to blow off the beginning of the week steam, seeing as they didn’t have any classes to teach on Tuesdays and could sleep in as late as they needed with no repercussions.

“How could I forget? Good ole’ Dot.” Sam muses and Bucky crinkles his nose.

“Dot was a bitch, man.” Shrugging, Sam puts both hands on his pool cue to support his weight as he leans forward, fixing the brunette with a knowing look.

“True, but you’ve never really had good taste in women.  Dot’s a bitch, this chick’s your student-”

“Oh, come on! She’s a Grad student! Mid-twenties at least, give me a break.”  Bucky’s teeth grind.  He never should’ve told these clowns.  But he couldn’t get the image of Y/N on her knees in front of him out of his head.

“Yeah, sure.”  Sam chuckled, bringing his bottle up to his lips. “Cradle robber.”

“Oh what, cuz I’m the only one who’s been attracted to their student, right?”  Bucky’s eyes roll, knowing for a fact they were going to deny it.

“Yes.” The two men chirped in unison, deadpanning their friend. He snorts, taking his own shot, sinking two balls at once.

“Like hell!  Steve, you couldn’t wait until Sharon graduated so you could get in her pants!”  The blonde blushes slightly, raising his hand to rub at the heat collecting at the back of his skull as he blushes.

“Well…yes.  But I waited! Can you imagine what Stark would’ve done if he found out!”

“What do you mean ‘found out’?” Bucky huffs, throwing his arms in the air.
“You’re engaged!”

“It’s been three years since she graduated, he doesn’t have to know.”

“Do my ears deceive me, or is innocent little Stevie keeping a secret from the President?”  Sam chuckles, standing to shrug out of his leather jacket.

“We’re talking about Bucky here, not me!”  Steve huffs, desperately trying to side step out of the spotlight that has been swung from his best friend to him.

“You’re both full of shit because I know for a fact you’re attracted to Romanoff.” Bucky jabs his finger toward a blank-faced Sam.  He merely smirks.

“Don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I’ve caught you staring.”

“Like you haven’t done it yourself?” Smug bastard thinks he has him.  But he doesn’t, because -

“No, he’s too busy staring at Y/N.” Steve chuckles, taking the words right out of Bucky’s own mind. 

“Suck my dick, Rogers.”

“You sure you wouldn’t rather Y/N do that?” Sam adds on and suddenly Bucky is very tired of being ganged up on.  His lip curls lazily as the Steve and Sam fist bump.

“Look, I never said I would do anything.  I just…she’s smart, y’know?  Insanely.  She’s always engaged in my lectures, always digging up tidbits of her own to tell me after class.  She really cares. And she’s funny, charming, and quick.  Gives Natasha a run for her money, and we all know how sarcastic she is.”  The two men grunt in agreement.  Every professor on campus knew Natasha Romanoff and how she could talk through an entire lecture. Quick little vixen could distract an unwitting teacher for the whole hour if she wanted, and yet somehow made all A’s.  “Not many I know can do that. Doesn’t hurt that she’s stunning.”  He murmurs the last bit, not nearly quietly enough. 

And his friends are smirking at him, big as you please.

“Alright, spit it out.” Bucky sighs.

“Dude.  She wants you too.”  He cocks an eyebrow at Sam’s observation, hoping he doesn’t give his sudden, bubbling excitement away.

“What gives you that idea?”  Yeah, play it cool.  They’ll never know.

“How many people do you know that are as obsessed with war studies as you are?  Hell, how many women do you know like that?  No one would stay after every class to talk to someone as boring as you unless they wanted…” Sam reaches up with a loosely clenched fist and presses his tongue against his cheek in an incredibly obscene gesture before he shrugs.

“So she’s into old farts?”

“Watch it, Rogers, I’m only a year older than you.”

“So does that make me the most eligible Bachelor?” Sam asks, tucking his arms behind his head with a smile.

“That would imply that anyone wants you, man.” Bucky snaps back with a smile, and for once the smaller man remains quiet.  Finishing off his beer, Buck heads to the bar and grabs yet another.  

Tomorrow was going to be a late morning.

You’re just settling in from getting ready to relax for the night, the stress of the day weighing heavily on your shoulders when your phone chirps near your crossed legs on the bed beside you a few moments after you sit down.   Wanda’s name lights up the screen, and with a swipe of your thumb, you’re met with way too many emojis.

You roll your eyes at Natasha’s response and for a moment seriously consider deleting the group texts altogether.

You’re scowling as you type your own responses, rapping against the wall behind your headboard.

Natasha knocks back twice.

It was silent for a few moments and you took the time to open your laptop and type in a search in google.

After a few minutes, you reach for your phone again.


Rolling your eyes, you set your phone down again and return to the search engine you’ve got pulled up.  Clicking on the first link you find, you settle under your covers and bring your laptop up on your lap.

The first is an article, featuring several photos, and different sources on the myth of The Howling Commandos.

“Sexy.”  Natasha’s voice pulls you out several minutes later, referring to the pore strip on your nose and the messy bun your hair is thrown up into.  You instantly snap the laptop shut.  Her eyes narrow suspiciously.  “What the hell were you doing?”

“Nothing.” The stank face you receive lets you know she doesn’t buy it.  Not one bit.

“You’re googling what Dr. Barnes was fangirling over this afternoon, aren’t you?”

“No.” You answered all too quickly.

“No?  Then you wouldn’t have a problem showing me, then?”

“Well, I -”

“Oh my god, Y/N!  You totally were!”  She groans, plopping onto the foot of the bed. 

“So what if I was?  I thought it sounded interesting.”  You shrug simply, opening the browser once more.

“You only thought that because Dr. Barnes finds it interesting.  There are easier ways into a man’s pants, you know?” Red eyebrows wiggle suggestively as Nat shakes her chest at you.

“Yes, I know.  Can I at least try my way, for once?”  You groan, running a hand down your face.

“Whatever you say, babe.  Just don’t come crying to me when you’re single forever and a crazy cat lady.”

“You know you’d be right there beside me, right?”  She snorts unattractively at your jab but nods none the less.

“Yeah, probably.”

Beside you, your phone chimes while Natasha’s vibrates in her pocket.

The two of you giggle loudly, bidding each other a goodnight as Natasha rises to return to her own room.

“Y/N and Bucky sittin’ in a tree,” The pillow you throw is dodged easily, caught, then thrown back at you.  “F-U-C-K-I-N-G!”  She finishes singing as you recover from being pelted in the face from the pillow.

“Goodnight, bitch!”  You call affectionately.

“Night, slut!”

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Nice to meet you - Luke Hemmings

Pairing: Luke x Reader

Word Count: 3,8k

Rating/Warnings: General Audiences, no warnings.

Summary: Luke has the image of the badboy, but what happens when he bumps into you?

A/N: Please leave some constructive feedback to help me improve my writing. Also, don’t forget to request new stuff!

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anonymous asked:

Consider this prompt: prinxiety going on a double date with PTA

**This got insanely long wow**

A double… date. Anxiety already wanted to skip it and go to bed.

At least in bed it was just him… and Prince, on occasion.

He sighed as he applied a layer of concealer under his eyes. He had gotten no sleep last night and the bags under his eyes showed it. He wanted to just curl up and never move, he was so exhausted.

When he was finished, he walked next door to Prince’s door and knocked.

“One moment!”

Said single moment later, the door opened and Prince smiled at Anxiety.

“You know you don’t have to say ‘one moment’ if you’re going to instantly answer the door, right?” Anxiety was grumbling as he pushed past the other and collapsed on Prince’s bed.

“Don’t go to sleep now, we still have the date tonight.”

Anxiety sighed.

“Why do they have to come anyway?”

“Dad said that he wanted a night out, and Logic decided that a double date would be a good idea.”

“Great, Logic decided,” Anxiety rolled his eyes.

“Hey, now,” Prince came over and sat next to his head on the bed and brushed his hair back from his face, “Do you not want to go tonight? You didn’t say anything earlier.”

Of course he didn’t want to go tonight! What could possibly make Prince think that he, socially awkward Anxiety, would want to go on a double date? When he looked up at the other though, he knew he wouldn’t say anything. Prince had been looking forward to this all day, Anxiety wasn’t going to make him back out now.

“It’s fine,” Anxiety turned his head into the mattress, “You have to make hot chocolate for me when we get back, though.”

“Deal,” Prince leaned down and kissed the top of Anxiety’s head.

Just then there was a knock on the door.


“Tell me again, why are we going on a double date with those two?” Dad questioned Logic, who was tying his bow tie in the mirror. He was wearing the pastel blue one per Dad’s request.

“Oh, come on. You’re worried about those two just as much as I am,” Logic accused.

“Of course I am! I just don’t understand how two people so opposite could possibly in a relationship.” Dad pinched the bridge of his nose, “I just want to make sure this isn’t something that isn’t going to backfire majorly in the end.”

“Hey,” Logic came over and grabbed his waist, “it’ll be fine. I think those two get along better than you think.”

“I thought you were worried, too.” Dad pointed out, placing his hands on Logics shoulders.

“I am, but only because they’re so reckless,” He sighed, “They’re bound to get into trouble if left to their own devices.”

Dad nodded, “But, you can’t watch them all the time, you know that?”

Logic rolled his eyes, “Whose side are you on here?”

Dad grinned, “The logical side.”

“Glad to hear it. Now come on, we have to get going soon.”


For the date, they stayed simple and went to the movies. They had pre-bought tickets for Star Wars Rogue One.

“Want anything?” Prince asked Anxiety, but sighed when he realized he had already bought himself food. He wrapped his arms around the other from behind and rested his head on Anxiety’s shoulder,“Come on, you make it impossible to be a gentleman,” He pouted.

Anxiety shrugged him off, “Whatever. If you were a gentlemen you’d be quicker.”

Morality stepped forward, “Wait-”

“I guess I’ll just have to be faster,” Prince snuck a kiss from the others cheek before running to the concessions.

Looks like Dad hadn’t needed to interfere after all.

“What would you like?” Logic stepped up to the counter and looked back at Dad expectantly. He only asked, because he had learned it to be the more polite thing to do, but he already knew what dad would say. A medium popcorn with extra butter and a medium soda, and when Logics back was turned Dad would buy himself two large candy bars.

“Just a medium popcorn with extra butter and a medium soda,” Dad said cooly. Logic smirked, ordered his own snacks along with Dads and sure enough, when he went to go get his soda, Dad ordered a large kitkat and a large chocolate bar.

“I, uh, thought maybe you’d like a candy bar as well,” Dad said as he handed Logic the chocolate bar, “You mentioned you just like plain dark chocolate, right?”

Logic blinked, but took the bar. One thing he could always expect from Morality was the unexpected.

“Come on you two, at this rate you’ll miss the movie!” Prince suddenly appeared at their side, hands on his hips in a scolding manner. Imagine, Prince scolding Dad!


“Come on!” Prince speed walked, practically ran, back to the theatre.

“Lead the way,” Logic motioned for Dad to walk in front of him.

Dad lead the way and Logic admired him. The one thing about Dad that had originally caught his interest- his inexplicable ability to render logic pointless. It was… thrilling.

“Eyes forward, darling,” Dad scolded without looking back.

Logic shook his head and walked forward to mumble to Dad, “Now, how could I not admire you? How illogical is that?”


The movie theatre had upgraded a few months earlier so it now featured Dream Loungers. The seats now reclined and had foot rests, and every two seats had an armrest that raised so two people may lay together. Of course, both couples were pleased with this (on various levels).

Prince and Dad had come prepared and pulled out blankets, (except even Logic couldn’t figure out where they had kept them. They weren’t in Thomas’ mind after all).

Prince sat down first, and Anxiety positioned himself a safe distance away, but was pulled hip to hip in less than five seconds. Logic noted how Anxiety gave the Royal boy an annoyed look, but laid his head on the others shoulder anyways.

Logic and Dad sat down and positioned themselves so Dads footrest was up, but Logic’s wasn’t, and Dad leaned his head against Logics own.

“Ulterior motives aside, “Dad whispered, “I’m glad we were able to come out tonight.”

Logic took Dad’s hand, “Me to-”

“Prince!” They both looked up and over as Anxiety knocked Prince up the back of his head.

“Uh oh,” Dad had a bad feeling about this. Both he and Logic prepared to go and break them up, when Prince laughed and grabbed the other, pulling him into a kiss before they both settled down and got ready to watch the movie.

“I’ll never understand those two.”


Anxiety cast an annoyed look over at Dad and Logic, who were staring at him and Prince.

“What?” He bit back, sharper than intended. He thought that single word always came out harsher than anyone intended.

They both turned their attention away simultaneously.

“Calm down,” Prince murmured.

“Hmph,” Anxiety pouted and looked at the dark movie screen, A.K.A not at Prince.

“Come on,” Prince nudged him. He was glad not even the movie previews were playing yet, otherwise they would be really annoying. “You know you can’t stay mad at me,” He put his face in the crook of Anxiety’s neck and smiled.

“Prince, I am two seconds from pushing you out of your seat,” Anxiety warned.

Prince smiled and kissed his shoulder.

“Prince!” He snapped his hand lightly up the back of the others head, barely ruffling the hair there, and Prince laughed quietly against his shoulder.

Prince looked up at him with a twinkle in his eye and kissed him quickly, enough of a distraction to pull Anxiety back down to sit properly in their seat.

“I thought you said you’d push me out of my seat?” Prince murmured.

Anxiety smirked to himself. “How is it people think think you’re so… Charming?”

“Come on, you think I’m charming, too~” Prince sang in a whisper.

“Oh, go save a Princess,” Anxiety flicked his hand at him.

Prince ignored it and leaned in to kiss his cheek, “But, why would I do that when I have a Prince right here?”

“A little narcissistic, aren’t we Prince?” Anxiety teased.

“I was talking about you,” Prince pouted.

Anxiety bit back a giggle (not well, because Prince definitely heard it) and leaned back as the lights dimmed.


When the movie was over and they were all back home, Dad and Logic bid the others goodnight before retiring to their room.

“I think that went relatively well,” Logic mused as they got ready for the night.

“I’m… surprised,” Morality admitted.

“With?” Though Logic could guess, it always helped Dad to say his thoughts out loud.

“They are… they get along well. A lot better than I would have ever guessed.”

“I told you, they are more compatible than you may think.”

“I still don’t understand how it works.”

“I know,” Logic walked over to Dad and grabbed his hand leading him towards the bed, “But you don’t need to think. Leave that to me.” He realized how rude that sounded after he said it and his cheeks flushed as he grasped the others hand.

“No, I meant- I didn’t mean you weren’t smart! I, uh-”

Dad laughed,”It’s fine, I know what you meant. Come on, it’s been a long night and I’m exhausted.”

“You’re really going to sleep?”

“Haha, no. I’m going to finish binge watching Voltron while you go to sleep.”

Logic shook his head with a sigh.

He could always count on Dad to bring out the illogical side of a situation.


“Anxiety, Love, sit up.”

“Noooo,” Anxiety whined.

“If you want hot chocolate you have to sit up.”

Anxiety sat up faster than Prince thought possible (for such a normally slow boy) and took a long drink of the hot beverage.

“You know what, Pretty boy? If you cuddle as well as you make hot chocolate, than tonight will be perfect.”

Prince’s face flushed a bright red at the nickname and it took him a minute to respond.

“A-Anxiety, you were just cuddling me an hour ago.”

Anxiety smirked, at both Prince’s flushed state and his answer.

“Then I guess tonight will be perfect.”

Sweet Dreams (3)

Rating: T
Pair: Taehyung x Reader x Jungkook (poly relationship)
Word count: 1,380

 Part one ; Part two ; Part four ; Part five ; Part six ; Part sevenPart eight ; Part ninePart ten ; Part eleven 

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The entire walk home was tense for you as you tried to think about what you were going to say to him. If you were being honest with yourself, you had no clue what you were going to say, you didn’t even think there was a good way to go about telling him about this.

So lost in your thoughts, you didn’t even notice you got home until the door cracked open and dark eyes peeked out. “Welcome home jagiyaaa,, ” he said from the other side of the door, knowing he couldn’t open it all the way since nobody knew about you.

You nodded in return and waited for him to back up before walking in and shutting the door behind you, only half surprised when you were pushed against the door with two arms wrapped around your waist, his face nuzzling into your neck.”I missed you.”

When you didn’t respond, he pulled back to look at you with a confused look, his hands still on your sides. You put your hands on his before gently moving them off you. “Tae we need to talk”

A look of worry and fear were quick to spread across his face, and you knew what was about to come out of his mouth, so you decided to clear his worry a bit before he panicked. “I’m not breaking up with you if that’s what you think I’m saying.”

The panic left his eyes before his grin appeared again. “Oh Y/N you scared me. Come on then, let’s go talk.” he dragged you to the living room before sitting down with you next to him, pulling your leg over his own. It never ceased to amaze you how much he loved any form of affection.

You went over the small pieces that you knew you wanted to say in your head before looking at Taehyung, biting your lip. “You know I love you right?” you decided to start, hoping that it would help soften it, at least a little.

Taehyung nodded and patted your leg. “Of course I do. Just like I love you too,” he said, facing you and leaning against the back of the couch.

You took a deep breath before sighing. “But…I don’t think you’re the only one I have feelings for anymore…I think there’s someone else.”

His smile faded again and his brow furrowed as he straightened up. “What…? I thought you said this wasn’t a breakup…” he said quietly. 

You quickly shook your head, hesitantly taking his hand, feeling relieved when he didn’t pull away. “It’s not one, it’s just…I’m kind of lost, if that’s a good way to put it? I haven’t lost my love for you, but he’s working his way into my heart too…” you felt awful as you said it, eyes not leaving your boyfriend, while his eyes no longer landed on you.

There was a long pause before either of you said anything, and when the silence was broken, it was Taehyung that did it. “…Do I know him?”

A lump started to form in your throat, having a bad feeling about how he might feel about the answer. “Tae-”

“Please just answer the question Y/N”

There was another long pause before you slowly nodded your head. “Yes…”

He finally looked down at you, and it felt like his dark eyes were staring into your soul. “Is he in the group…?” he asked.

You didn’t verbally answer, just giving him a small nod.

Taehyung ran a hand through his hair. “Y/N-ah, please tell me that it’s not Jimin hyung. I know he’s handsome and stuff but-”

You cut him off without thinking, looking up at him. “No, it’s Jungkook.”

Silence filled the room, both of you looking shocked at your words. Then, Taehyung..smiled? Why is he smiling?

He ran his hand through his hair again. “Thank god.,.I was worried for a second there,” he said, the relief visible on him.

You didn’t share that relief, more confused by his reaction than anything. “Excuse me…? You’re not worried since you know it’s Jungkook?”

He shook his head and squeezed your hand. “Nope! I like Kookie too,” he said bluntly, bouncing his leg on the floor.

If anything, this made you more confused. “Hold on a second, you like Jungkook and you didn’t tell me?” you asked, pulling your hand away from his, much to his distaste.

He pouted slightly, taking your hand back with both of his. “Yeah, I figured all that was going to happen was that someone was going to get upset or uncomfortable, so I kept it to myself. Besides, I figured that I still have you, so I’m still happy and very lucky. But now I know that you like him too, so now I’m even luckier.” he said, giving you his usual boxy grin.

You didn’t even get the chance to ask him what he meant by that before he got up, saying that he was going to go take a shower since he had a meeting later on.

You’d already had plans with Jungkook for a few days later, so when him and Taehyung had walked into your house after an early morning dance practice, there was definitely a lot of tension.

After the talk with Taehyung about how you both had feeling’s for the maknae, you didn’t really touch on it again, acting like it didn’t happen. However, the moment that the black haired boy was there, .it was obvious that it did. The visit so far had consisted of long, awkward silences, where you and Taehyung would share looks and Jungkook would sit, confused as to what’s going on.

You decided you had enough of the awkward silences and went into the kitchen to get something. Very shortly after, as you were leaning against the counter, you heard the distinct sound of your boyfriend walking into the room.

You turned and looked at him with a small smile. “What’s going on?” you asked.

He gave you a small smile, setting his hands on your hips before kissing your jaw. “Guess what I found out today,” he said, a hint of a playful tone in his voice.

Your eyebrow raised curiously. “Are you about to tell me another one of those stories the rest of the band asks you not to tell anyone?”

He snorted and shook his head. “No, er, at least it’s not a story.” he leaned towards your ear before whispering.”We found out Jungkookie likes 2 people today” 

You pulled back to look at his face, confused.”So…?”

His smile grew wider as he tilted his head slightly. “He said one was a boy and one was a girl.”

That didn’t necessarily clear anything up for you. “Again, so..? Even if it was us that he liked, what would it matter? Me and you are together, so we can’t exactly be with him.”

He stared at you as you moved away to go get something out of the fridge. “So..you’d rather ignore Jungkookie and just date me instead of dating us both?”

You didn’t look up at him as you poured yourself a glass of juice. “Tae what are you talking about?” you asked, looking at him as you put the pitcher back in the fridge.

Taehyung put his hands on the counter, continuing to stare at you. “Jagi…have you never heard of a polyamorous relationship…?”

You’d heard of them before, but you didn’t really know a whole lot about it. You simply decided to shake your head.

He let out a long sigh before leaning against the counter. “So basically, if Jungkook-ah does like us, we could invite him into our relationship. Nothing should change in the relationship at all except that we could also be affectionate with him.”

You nodded slowly, starting to understand what he meant. “So…it wouldn’t ruin our relationship?” he shook his head. “Then I don’t really see a downside in that…”

The brunette nodded and grinned. “See? So now all we have to do is find out if Jungkookie likes us. Oh, we should probably get back in there soon, huh?” he asked. Oh yeah, Jungkook was sitting alone in the living room.

You nodded in agreement before following him back out to continue with a much less awkward visit.

I’m seriously so sorry about how this came out. I’ve been trying to get some other stuff done as well, and because of that, I’ve only really written while tired, and I have no idea how to fix it. I hope it wasn’t too bad, the next one should hopefully be better…


Sighing for the umpteenth time in one evening, both you and your date were growing tired of the constant interruptions. You had tried to have a good time on your time off from Shadowhunter duty, a nice evening out with a potential boyfriend or even a simple one-night stand, but Alec was having none of that. From the moment you met with the guy to an hour later, he hadn’t stopped calling or sending text messages, or emails, asking for your assistance. It was pulling at your last string, annoyed that he couldn’t let you have some fun, and a bit hurt that he was so adamant on making you miserable.

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Animals - Part V

Read previous chapters here

A/N: So, not gonna lie, not entirely pleased with how I’m ending this. I don’t want it to end.  Maybe there will be another chapter. Who knows?  Writer’s block really got the best of me on this one. I hope you guys enjoy it all the same.

warnings: angst, fluff (kinda?), and smut…wow, you guys get all 3 this time!

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anonymous asked:

Hey hey, I love your headcanons! They really make my day ❤ I was wondering if you could do the RFA reacting to an MC who would /like/ to be in a romantic relationship with them, but they're downright terrified of being hurt/something going wrong?

(*♡∀♡) I’m glad I can make a part of your day, or anyone’s day for that matter! I added in V and Unknown because I feel like I owe it to you all to add those clusterfucks in.


  • Yoosung is just like an adorable puppy with you
  • you two have lots of hangouts at his place, study sessions in the library, or lunch in the cafeteria
  • Zen teases Yoosung about how much he dotes on you
  • you started to fall for his boyish charms and his overall preciousness
  • but you could never muster up the courage to say anything about your feelings to him
  • especially since he told you that he’s had offers but he always turned them down
  • like what if he turns you down what then???
  • but it wouldn’t hurt to try??? 
  • he talks about how much he wants to be with someone
  • you have literally told him, “Yeah I want to date you Yoosung wink wonk”
  • and this dense nugget
  • “Oh that’s nice! I wish I had a someone to be with”
  • om was he not listening to you
  • Zen was there in the background in SHOCK with this look like wtf boy
  • and you’re just like ouch bye  (/ˍ・、)
  • Zen has to explain what you were just doing
  • !!!
  • screams into his pillow
    • you blew it bro
  • he manages to muster up the courage to text you later and asking you out on a legit date!
  • hot dog you’re there!


  • why did you have to have feelings for the hard working woman
  • you wanted nothing but to profess your love for her 
    • scream it from the rooftops even
  • but you came up with a whole list of why you couldn’t be with her
    • she doesn’t have time for you, she’s too pretty, she probably thinks you’re immature
    • or the worst one
  • all were valid reasons but you feared for the top of the list
  • you did not want to be verbally friendzoned to your face so you just kept your feelings tight-lipped
  • it was s o o o o hard until you couldn’t take it anymore
  • when Jaehee finally had time off, you just stood in front of her door until she answered
  • at that point you were a nervous wreck so what came out of your mouth was gibberish
  • “Please date we go restaurant good???”
  • she forced you to say it again coherently
  • “Do you…want to grab some lunch?”
  • you express your feelings by keeping the bill away from her hands and paying for everything
  • she starts to get the hint and asks to take you out to dinner to repay for your generosity


  • this marshmallow flirts with you almost every second of the day
  • but you always figured it’s just Zen being Zen
    • you flirted back for poops and giggles
  • but recently you’ve started to really like it when he flirts with you
    • oh no!
  • you completely overthink your situation
    • he’s a well-known actor
    • and you’re a potato
    • he’s the most handsome man you’ve ever set your eyes upon
    • and you’re a potato
  • you convince yourself that no relationship is possible between you two
  • plus he’s a cool friend to have so you just settle on that
  • so you restrain yourself from the flirting
  • but it never crossed your mind that there could be a REASON he’s been flirting with you???
  • it drives him CRAZY that you stopped flirting with him
    • are they bored of me??? what gives???
    • LOVE ME MC!!!
  • he decides to be upfront about it and asked about your sudden change in attitude
  • then you tell him about your recent romantic feelings towards him and how you thought it would never work because of the different dynamics
  • he just sighs in RELIEF and grabs your hands while assuring you that he thinks you’re the most charming person he’s met
    • and doesn’t give two figs about what anyone thinks
  • (つ✧ω✧)つ


  • you freaking hate yourself every second of the day
  • because you caught feels for this donut
  • he’s absolutely the LAST person you thought you would have romantic feelings for and you think you’re probably the last person he would have any feelings for
  • there was just no way that he would ever feel the same way because the two of you practically in two different worlds!
  • regardless if you’re the only other person on this planet that truly understands him
  • the thought of confessing DID cross your mind but you decided against it
    • that man can be brutally honest and if you were being honest with yourself, you weren’t sure you could handle that kind of rejection
  • but this donut basically fucking tells you that he has romantic feelings for you too but it kind of goes over your head
    • talking about that fuzzy feeling he feels when he’s around you
    • and DREAMING about you
  • speaking of dreams  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • during one of the RFA parties Seven, Jumin, and you were talking about dreams
    • Seven talked about a recent dream he had where he was driving in his car at the top speed and he ended up jerking himself awake
  • then Jumin talks about this dream he had with you in it
  • Seven brings up about when you dream about someone else, it means that person was thinking about you before they fell asleep
  • “MC, were you thinking about me yesterday?”
  • *nervously pats sweat*
  • your face was heating up like a toaster while they were waiting for your answer
  • “Yes…In fact, I think about you all the time”
    • go big or go home am I right?
  • when you think the worst he replies, “I do as well. Am I in your dreams?”
  • Seven is there just like  (°o°) as he watches the confession


  • wowie Seven is something else
  • you two were friends for a while before you started to develop feelings for him
  • once you came to terms with it, you were absolutely positively excited
  • come on it’s Seven! 
  • but then it hit you like a truck
  • 〣( ºΔº )〣 !!!
  • and he’s a spy so what if he puts you in danger
  • or what if it just doesn’t work out in the end and now you just lost a friend???
  • you aren’t willing to take that risk, even for Seven!
  • Seven is just a friend that you coincidentally have feelings for
  • no big deal
  • but on the track he’s going
  • you were going to pull your hair out
  • so you decided it was time to confess
  • you sat down with him and for once you’re serious
    • and this scares the living shit out of him
    • because any of his attempts to make you smile wasn’t working
    • are you broken???
  • the confession shook him
  • it takes him a hot second to realize, oh shit I like them too
  • but you make it clear as day for him how scared you are that shit will go wrong, or at least you convince yourself that
  • and even then he doesn’t know what to do because yeah he would totes date you but there’s all this baggage
  • are you even prepared to go to space?
  • in the end he just holds your hand
  • “I don’t care where it leads us. You’re all I need sugar plum.”
  • you’re holding back a smile and Seven is willing to do whatever it takes to get a big smile out of you
  • tickle fight?


  • those feels hit you like a TRUCK
  • you just HAD to like the dude with the most baggage?
  • you sat yourself down in quiet contemplation how disastrous you two would be
  • plus he’s not ready to have a relationship
    • damn that snake
  • so you just stay tight lipped about the situation
  • let V live out his life you know?
  • but you were certainly not expecting how you were going to confess
  • you were just having a casual conversation with V and Jumin
  • your feelings about V was or wasn’t knowledge in the RFA
  • and that donut hoe just CASUALLY says it in conversation
    • maybe he was just giving you that gentle push
    • later he said he was just throwing you in the water
    • but it was more like he was throwing in shark infested waters without a lifesaver
  • “I-is this true?”
  •   \(º □ º l|l)/
  • you fucking PANIC
  • I’m going to slap Jumin with kimchi!
  • *internally screams*
  • you just nod because anything you end up doing is going to just add onto the situation
  • V smiles
  • why is he smiling???
  • “I was hoping you would say something”
  • (ノ*°▽°*)


  • you convinced yourself your feelings for this gumdrop was a result of nightingale syndrome
  • for a long time you thought it was so
  • but even after, your feelings still lingered
  • wtf
  • and you KNOW how much of a clusterfuck the relationship would be
  • those are shark infested waters you weren’t sure is good for either party
  • just overall bad
  • but for months it was killing you slowly
  • so much you couldn’t even be around him
  • aaaghhhhhhhhhh
  • you knew you weren’t going to say anything
  • but one day you were just doing some work on your desk in your room and he comes through your window
    • without breaking lol
  • ???
  • “You answer my texts and calls but you’re not willing to look me in the eyes?”
  • oh shit
  • he’s pretty serious so you just spill the beans
  • all your feels are out in the open including all your doubts
  • he’s silent for a hot minute
  • ok yeah I fucked up aw man
  • but he seems pretty cool with it?
  • he admits he’s had feelings for you too, even with all the brainwashing shit but he never knew if it was real and healthy
  • but he’s willing to take it slow and give it a shot with you
  • ٩(♡ε♡)۶
Are You Sure? (Rogers/Wilson x reader)

Request: Hey there can u pls make a fic based on the song are you sure by connor maynard?  Steve as reader’s BF.

Are You Sure?

Let’s not play
You told me to go and then you put your hands on me
Let’s not play
I can feel your body, baby he remembers me

Is he all that you, all that you need
Oh, come on won’t you please tell me
Who do you love?
Are you sure?

You were warned.  You could never deny that.  

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Boozy Brummie

John Shelby x reader

I was trying to get my creative juices flowing when I wrote this short one but I really liked it so I thought I would post it, let me know if you want me to develop this at all or anything, enjoy!!!

This was your night. You were going to have as much fun and drink as much as you wanted. You had just returned home from university reunited with all your friends, and everyone was out celebrating one of the blinders birthdays. You didn’t really pay attention to who’s it was you were too excited to see your friends and have a good time. You pulled on your new black dress and twirled in the mirror. All the girls liked to pull their hair up in fancy, trendy up do’s but you let yours hang loose with your natural wave. Your makeup, however, was always good, you knew what you were doing when it came to makeup and quite often people asked if you would do theirs, tipping you heavily if you were lucky. You gave yourself a smokey eye and pulled out your kohl eyeliner into a wing whilst applying a dark red lip stain.

The knock on the door snapped your attention back as you ran down to open it. A couple of your friends were standing in front of you, Nancy, held out a bottle of whiskey with a sloppy bow on top.

“We brought you your favourite, Irish.” you pushed them all into the house to continue getting ready and start your wild night.

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Wedding Series #4: Telling the Boys

A/N: Remember to give any ideas or suggestions for this series. Hope you enjoy!


“Thank you hyung for cooking us dinner.” Jimin says as the seven members sit down and dig in. “No problem.”

“What is it?” Yoongi says. “Huh?”

“Why’d you make such a big deal out of this meal? You basically threatened our lives if we didn’t agree to it.” Jin sets down his chopsticks. “Well, I have very important news to tell you guys…Y/N and I are now engaged.” The boys don’t even react. They just keep eating. “Did you hear what I said?”

Taehyung swallows his food. “Yeah, but we saw it coming, so it’s not really that big to us.” Jin sighs, “Why did I even bother with this then?” He picks his chopsticks back up and begins eating.


Yoongi walks into the dance studio the day after he proposed. “How’s y/n?” Namjoon asks. “She’s fine. My fiancee is fine.”

“That’s good-wait fiancee?” All the boys turn their heads. “Yeah. I proposed last night.”

“You’re engaged?” 6 voices ring out around him. “I think you all need your hearing checked because I don’t really feel like repeating myself again.


Seconds after y/n says yes, the door to the studio bursts open. “Yay! I told you she would say yes!”

“You guys were listening?!”

“Well, when we knew you guys would be alone together, we realized he would probably do it now, and we didn’t want to miss out on it.” Jungkook says slowly.

“Get out.” Hoseok points towards the door. “Let us celebrate a little longer.” He wraps his arms around y/n’s waist and pulls her in closer.

“See ya!”

“Bye hyung!”


Namjoon walks into his room at the dorm with a huge smile on his face. “What are you so happy about hyung?” Jungkook asks. “You’d think you’d proposed and she said yes.” Namjoon just looks at him.

“Wait…is that what happened?” Namjoon nods. “Yep. Y/N and I are officially getting married now.”

“Congratulations! Does this mean I’m getting a new brother?”

“Stop saying weird things!”


Jimin and y/n walk into the dorm after their hike and are immediately swarmed by the others. “So did you say yes?” Taehyung says excitedly.

“Guys! You were supposed to not be here so we could have some…privacy.”

“I tried to tell them but they never listen to me!” Jin says. “We’ll be going now.” Namjoon says as he leads the others out, holding onto Jungkook and Taehyung, making sure the left the two alone.


While y/n was in the bathroom, Taehyung pulls out his phone and calls Jimin. “Jiminie! She said yes!”


“Y/N! She said yes when I asked her to marry me! We’re getting married!”

“Congratulations, Tae!” Taehyung sees y/n walking back towards him. “She’s coming back, I gotta go.” He hangs up his phone and acts like he wasn’t doing anything.


Jungkook and y/n were cuddling watching Iron Man for movie night when Taehyung comes in and sits between the two of them, inviting himself in. He gasps and picks up y/n’s hand. “Jungkook! Why do you never give me anything Pokemon related?!”

“Because I’m not marrying you, hyung.” He looks at Jungkook. “What do you mean marriage?” He looks back at the ring. “Is this an engagement ring?”

“No it’s a break up ring.”

“Oh, phew. I thought I was about to have to get Namjoon hyung to give you the talk.” Jungkook smacks him on the back of the head. “Yes, it’s an engagement ring. We’re getting married.”

“Oh! Congratulations!”

amnesiac!Barry/Iris/Cisco + dating without realizing it

Iris sighs, getting up from her perch on the loveseat as Cisco snoozes gently on a corner of the couch.

“Wow,” Barry says quietly. He pokes Cisco on the cheek, first gently then more firmly when Cisco shows absolutely no signs of response. “And he was so excited for movie night, too.”

“This is what we have the guest room for,” she says, turning around and raising an eyebrow when Barry doesn’t immediately follow.

“Oh!” Barry scoops Cisco up in an awkwardly gentle bridal carry and scurries along to follow Iris over to the bedrooms, which of course means he trips over his own two feet.

There’s an awkward moment where Iris isn’t sure whether she’s going to have to attempt a rescue or not, but Barry seems to remember he’s the Flash because there’s a yellow blur of light and suddenly, he’s standing right in front of her, serious, body held in a much more dignified manner that just screams Flash.

Of course, the moment is promptly broken when Barry beams like a puppy. “Man, that is so cool!”

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