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“Hey, Bittle. I owe you an apology.”

“Do you, Jack? And why might that be?”

“I swear I’ve put on six pounds of muscle since I started training with the Falcs. But I’ve never been faster.”

“You think you’re ready for your first game?”

“I hope so. I know it’s only preseason stuff for the next couple of weeks but at least it’s competitive. I need to find out how I compare, you know?”

“Yeah. I know.”

“Listen, Bittle, my parents are coming to the game. And I told my Dad you’re one of my coaches.”

“Ha! How’d he like that?”

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It's time again; The Moonday Hangover fic rec list!

How about that episode last night huh? I mean. WOW. We finally have the backstory for the Nogitsune, which was pretty awesome. ALSO Papa Stilinski and Argent and Derek all working together?! YESSSS. THAT IS WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF. Anyways; here’s a fic rec list to get you through the week!

Notches in Your Spine (8741: E)

Stiles is the one who finds them in the first place, Derek’s college applications.

Jinx Removing (6279: E)

Derek wished he would sit down or take his jacket off or something; anything that would indicate he was going to stay for more than a few minutes

Portions for Foxes (1142: T)

The rumours concerning Derek Hale’s ass are surprisingly accurate.

an awful curse (6253: T)

Isaac is asleep in a chair. The angle of his neck makes Derek wince in sympathy.

“Isaac,” Derek says.

Isaac snaps awake immediately.


“Where’s Stiles?”

“Stiles?” Isaac asks.

Jesus. It’s not like they know more than one.

Thank You For My Sex Life (6630: E)

Later that week when Stiles gifts Scott with the biggest chocolate cake he can find - the words thank you for my sex life written across it - he can’t help but think that maybe he should listen to Scott more often.

The Common App (13123: T)

The summer after junior year, Stiles trains to be part of a werewolf pack, comes out, is kissed for the first time, falls in love, then out, and still has nothing to write about for his college application essays.

The Dirtiest Thing You Know (13484: E)

Not to be a girl about it or anything, but Stiles always expected his first time to be something tender and slow. Special, and with someone he cared about. That isn’t how it happened.

Little Lamb (1374: T)

Stiles made it. He’s a college freshman. He’s also rushing a frat party. Chyeah. Oh. And he’s caught the eye of the kind of freaking hot Fraternity president.

Fools Rush in (3320: T)

Stiles drags Scott to rush week. Things go downhill from there.

total system failure (3401: M)

In which Stiles is the world’s most inappropriate entrepreneur, Erica is a menace, and Derek is terrible at his job no matter how hard he tries.

and you’re behind the steering wheel (2196: G)

Normally, Laura is perfectly willing to delicately coach her baby brother through the endless labyrinth of his emotional manpain, but Laura’s dissertation is due in two days and she just flat out doesn’t have the time.