oh come on gtfo of here

The Signs being Teased
  • Aries: fiGHT ME
  • Taurus: 😑
  • Gemini: .... Listen, bitch. You say that one more time I'm ripping your throat out. No, I'm serious. That's the last straw. I DONT WANT YOU HERE ANY MORE. No one does. No one even likes you and you have no right to say that and tease me like it's funny or ANYTHING like that. Just shut up! Leave!
  • Cancer: !!
  • Leo: okay gtfo of my face
  • Virgo: excuse me.
  • Libra: huh ok
  • Scorpio: *comes to your house**stabs you in your sleep**kidnaps your cat*
  • Sagittarius: if you say so
  • Capricorn: *actually doesn't care*
  • Aquarius: *brings a crew of aliens to whip ur ass*
  • Pisces: oh man ohhh shit stop that now plz
  • Aries: Wtf u talkin to me for just kiddin hai
  • Taurus: Oh hai!
  • Gemini: haha wait u a pisces oh hai mk bai
  • Leo: Hi. Wait is my hair okay you starin at it bruh...-runs to bathroom-
  • Virgo: Hai! Oh u hair so cleen omg lets compare hair sheen
  • Libra: Didn't sees chu! Omg -starts ranting about that guy across the street-
  • Scorpio: Oh. Ok. Um. Hi. -3 hours later- WANNA FUCK
  • Sagittarius: TF bruh gtfo mah face -3 hours later- OMG THERE YOU AERE I HAVE AMAZING NEWS LOL BESTIE COME HERE
  • Capricorn: TF u come from bitch come'ere lol look at these pistachios dancing on Utoob
  • Aquarius: -starts screaming and jumping- OMG HAI HIHIHI
  • Pisces: Omg -starts screaming and jumping- Hai! BEEN SO FUCKING LONG YOU BITCH -seen them like 2 hours ago-